Gorgeous day.

Up around 7:30 for coffee (Dick brought it up) he slept a little more and I wrote diary and a few postcards Scott, Shirley, Annie, Mary, Jim Daniels + Pigotts. Breakfast with Daddy. Ann Merrill here (“nicotine withdrawal symptoms”) We went down town for a gold Bond catalgue and then to a new yarn shop past Homan’s corner + back to the Handcraft place to see Colby’s blankets Got the address + number of the girl who works there – she’s a handweaver. Sarah Haskell. Home Dick napped + I looked around the house for ideas to use the stamps New rug in the entry hall a must a new canopener for the kitchen etc. Dick napped Lunch at 12:30 Dick had only cookies + milk. Went over to Alaria and lay in the sun. Went swimming a little. The lake rough. Went out very briefly in the canoe. Colby + I played spite + malice. I won handily which Dick said was a bad omen for our poker prowess. Daddy over around 5:30 the Red Sox lost this game (making 3 out of 4 with Oakland so far) another game tonight + one tomorrow. Came home + had a good dinner. Afterwards Daddy said he didn’t want to go out + see Mary – Evidently Hilary in a rare moment of indiscretion told him [crossed out word] Mary had said “Daddy hates me” when all that jewelry hassle had come up. Later in the same conversation I found that Newcomb had told Daddy Mary had lost the jewelry at Phoenix. That really upset me – I thought it was frankly unfair of Newcomb. Dick no help in the discussion. Stayed determinedly out of it. Went over to Alaria – hilarious evening Colby the big winner. Dick ahead $2 and I was down $6.00 when we left at one. Pouring rain + mist rising eerily from the ground all the way home – Hairy drive – bed at 2 –