Slept like a rock. up about 7:30 or so. Dick brought me coffee. Wrote diary + thought a little about Liza’s game Don’t see any way of making it too workable. Liza + the children down about 8:30 and we all had breakfast together. Susie over to watch the kids. Liza going over to New London, Conn. this a.m. to register for classes this fall. She’s going to try for a B.A. + then on thru the Masters to a doctorate to become a primal therapist – plans on it taking 15 years. but at the moment is set on it and I wish her every success. We parted company on route 95 – What a good time + lovely visit. Left Liza’s at 10:25 and were on the other side of Boston a little after noon. We stopped for lunch at Nashua and by blind good luck landed at the Green Ridge Turkey farm. [crossed out letters] The parking lot was crowded + I was sure we’d have to wait but it was a huge place, good service excellent food and very reasonable Sold postcards in the lobby. And we got a carton of cigarettes across the street. I drove the rest of the way. [crossed out word] Very overcast + spatters of rain around Concord turning into a down pour further along. Headlights on got to New London about 3 o’clock. Ethel had flowers in our room and Daddy was delighted to see us. We sat + talked for an hour after taking our things upstairs and then went over to Alaria. Co + Russell napping but we woke them up (alas for them) Colby delighted with her raft. She’s selling 2 blankets at the handicraft place for $50 each (total price $68.50) My God – I’d charge 4 or 5 hundred. Cotten over + Anth + a friend Kent Allen. We looked at pictures of Jess’s wedding. beautiful. Gave Cotten a ride home: She’s running a play school this summer. Hilary + Jim + Little Susan over for a drink before dinner. Dick gave Susan her boat and I gave Jim his campaign button. They were having a party after but we couldn’t make it. Great dinner + then to bed at 8:30.