Monday, May 29, 1972

We didn’t touch the pool today. Slept lateish. Dick went out + bought a trimmer (electric) for the yard. I wrote Timmy w/pictures and Bill Tregoe. Sent him the certification for Country Girl. I made pkges of Margie’s books (One with the encyclopedia must way 20 lbs at least) and Colby’s shirt I dusted in the office and [crossed out letters] swept and washed the kitchen floor We made love + later lay around. Mary called + had spoken with Margie. Evidently she was so happy about our proposed assistance that she almost cried. College has been on her mind and she wants to go with all her heart. That was wonderful news to me because I’d begun to fear she didn’t care right now. Dick + I played yahtzee – loser to vaccuum. Dick vaccuumed the living room + I cleaned up the dishes and dusted everything in the livingroom. Then he fixed chicken livers – not too great as he went wild with the wine vinegar I told him I thought he was grooming me to take over the chicken liver detail We had a very nice evening. Kept thinking we were going to have guests but we didn’t. Just a wrong hunch. TV + knitted. Couldn’t eat anything after midnite because of lab tests tomorrow – Didn’t really want to but the the thought I couldn’t set up a craving!

Sunday, May 28, 1972

Up fairly early (six) wrote Winnie + David – Called Hilary about how to arrange the book money – learned that David had only applied to Middlebury College where he didn’t make it. Has now applied to Dartmouth + UNH. Word from Mary (via James of course) was that David “didn’t get accepted anywhere.” Rather a different story. Sent a check to the Bookshelf to Hilary and a check to Mather. (wrote Winnie I was sending it – so feel fairly sure that will work out. We went out to work on the pool about 9 am. I carried bricks – made stacks of them inside the wall. Figured I moved about 150 which is quite a few. We worked very hard + were both knocked out by noon when we called it quits. Came in + lay down and ate a little, read a little + watched TV. I knitted on my runner and sewed pieces together and suddenly it was 5 o’clock and time to work again. I felt sick + dizzy and of course Dick is sick (tho not Dizzy) so we did not get too much done. What was done, Dick did. Little flareup of temper on my part. Ate piecemeal dinner. Leon called which was nice. Watched TV and read a mystery by George Bagley. Bed – exhausted.

Saturday, May 27, 1972

We slept a little late. I wrote Rae a note and I finished a very long letter to Margie. Told her I’d help her Mother with her college. Then called Mary + told her the same thing – it would be a pity to waste a brain like Margie’s. I also (quick second call to Mary) told her the only strings attached should be no word getting back to Allen – I could just see the twins’ education being thrust on our family. Blah Blah Blah. Sent Mary a twofer for Country Girl that I picked up at the Hallmark + forgot to give her. Dick mixed a batch of mud about 11:30 – Ed + Casey came over mid-way + we took time out + listened to one side of Peter Ustinov’s “Grand Prix du Rock” – then back to work until 3:30. I didn’t do too much but helped as best I could while Dick worked like a dog. Came in at 3:30 and lay down. I went for groceries an hour later. $42 worth and didn’t even get that much. Got a rug needle at Sprouse Reitz and vitamins + photos at Savon + some mysteries. Came home and put leg of lamb in the oven. Jim Daniels called to say he couldn’t come for dinner as his blood pressure was up. Sorry about the reason but just as glad to eat alone. Druscilla sent me a long (5″ too long) yellow Mexican embroidered dress – Very pretty and I’ll wear it alot. We called her + she was just as pleased with the blanket. Nice talk I worked on my bureau scarf (bureau rug I should call it) We watched TV and had a really good dinner. I finished Eleanor Duse by Jean Stubbs – loved it. Sad though – especially her death in Pittsburgh – weird love affair with Gabriel D’Annunzio – a Shitheel of a man.

Friday, May 26, 1972

Sort of a lost day for me. I took stuff to the Salvation Army early + then left the car at Earl’s auto at 8:30. They said to be back at 4:30. I walked to Pantry Pride and got some groceries and then took them to Mr. Chan. So unused to walking it was like being in a different city. Mr. Chan is, frail and lonely and not at all well. Still hasn’t heard from his sister whom I wrote two weeks ago. I stayed + visited maybe an hour. Said I’d come back next Tuesday after the lab work at Bentley’s Went walking about + window shopping. Looked for something nice to send Annie but came up with nothing Saw a lawyer’s sign named Grazia dei (Thank God) bought a pocket edition of Duse by Jean Stubbs and the new New Yorker. Had something to eat at Foxy’s. Finally wound up at the Sahara – had had some weird idea of writing notes while playing Keno. Not possible Couldn’t concentrate So played 21. Dick paged me and the car was ready. Went to get it and left my shopping bag in the Casino! So had to go back for it. New white roof looks very nice. All the office stuff moved in and looks fine. Dick cancelled Hartley today with an hours notice and is seeing him Tuesday for the last time as the insurance doesn’t cover any more. Of course it’s his decision and he’s alot better but I think it’s a worthwhile expense for a while. Dick a fixed dinner which was a treat and we watched TV – a couple of gruesome shows but fun. Dick gave me a ring – very daintily gold carved letters LOVE – the opposite side in similar lettering FUCK it’s a shocker but funny. We called Harold Stern + the board meeting in Boston is on Tuesday So fingers crossed

Thursday, May 25, 1972

Had planned to go to the Blvd for Breakfast but didn’t make it. Jimmy + Dick + I cleaned out the garage in the early a.m. Jimmy asked if he could stay here while we’re gone this summer + if he’s able it might work out very well. I fixed him some sandwiches to take along + eggs etc + Dick sent a cooler can out with Joyce who brought a load of cartons from the office. Jerry stacked everything neatly + numerically in the garage. I spent all morning cleaning the laundry, the bathroom and the workshop Vaccuumed + washed + dusted and it still doesn’t look too great. Called Earl’s auto + have a roof appt. tomorrow. Lab work for Bentley next Tuesday. Called Anti-crime people and they’re waiting to hear from their rug man. Got Leon’s telegram with the mail today + called Dorothy to tell her. She had a ghastly tale to tell about Western Union – her father’s death + her subsequent disinheritance. I paid Sewer Service for Bonita, Publishers’ clearing house and wrote Daddy, Mrs. Sullivan and a thank you note to Bill Ray at the Tropicana. Never left the house. In the evening after dinner we shifted the furniture around in the addition to make room for the office furniture And we unloaded the stuff in Dick’s truck. Both tired but oddly hopped up

Wednesday, May 24, 1972

Got present from Annie, check from Daddy, letter from Doug and card from M.J.

Up early – made bed, did several loads of laundry did a little ironing – Dick went out to work on the brick wall about 8:30 – Wasn’t in too grand a humor I left about nine + went to the show boat was lucky on both 21 and the slot machines + won $155.00 Came home for the garden guy and Dick was here – exhausted. The guy showed up about 1:15 – Jim something. Seemed very pleasant – young, [crossed out letters] long-haired good impression. I looked all over for our insurance check – finally found it in Dick’s sock drawer. [crossed out word] Jimmy Judge stopped by and we asked him for dinner. I went to the Valley Bank + deposited $487.50 to our account and thence to Bank of Nevada where I deposited $100 in my acct and $50.00 in the “Ana Savings” Mailed Scott’s pkge at the Post office and went to Dana McKay’s – everything selling at 50% because they’re going out of business (so’s Rings’n’things so that end of the mall will be empty) Bought about $45 worth of books – Mostly for Margie’s graduation. An encyclopedia (Columbia – one volume $22.50) Some poetry a book of quotations, Bullfinch’s Mythology etc. Went over to see Shirley who was packing boxes all neatly numbered + labeled. Got her a coke, went to the Safeway + came home (met nice dealer from Lowell, Mass – the one at whose table I was sitting when I won the keno ticket at the internat’l) Dick slept for a while and I wrote Colby + asked her if we could stay in Riverdale this summer – also wished her a happy Birthday. Wrote Bisy a birthday card w/$10 and wrote Bert + Barbara Remsen. We had Roast/potatos and rolls + string beans. Jimmy always a pleasure as a dinner guest. He left the operation in California “a factoring Co” – Scam all the way. He’s on his way to Alabama + then to see his parents – Spent the night. I called Leon who’d sent a telegram I never got – hmm.

Tuesday, May 23, 1972

My 41st birthday –

This one not as bad as last year – I don’t know why but I liked it from beginning to end. Got alot done Dick left earlyish and I made pkges for Drue + The Pigotts. Sent the Lion is Busy to Bert Remsen’s two daughters, Kerry + Ann. Wrote Cotton + sent her a Xerox copy of The Beetle, The Worm + the Snail”. Paid phone bill ($187) and B. Dalton’s. Called Anti Crime, Earl’s Auto Trim + Pet Town. Opened presents – lovely blouse from Jack + Joyce and absolutely gorgeous sweater coat from Mary. Just beautiful and fits perfectly! Made bed cleaned the johns and generally futzed about. Newcomb called to wish me a Happy and so did Annie – nice long talk. She’ll be in Lemitar in another week. Didn’t leave the house til one o’clock. Went to the Airport P.O. + mailed pkges + letters. Thence to the Landmark where after several hours I won $75.00. Went to the Xerox place and got paper and “toner” – then to the office where I missed Dick by 15 minutes. Xeroxed 100 copies of Scotty’s resumé. Shopped at Thrifty + went to pick up the dogs. Shiny clean and so happy to see me. Home before six. Heavenly flowers from Dick and some orchids from Mom, Cassie + George – Wow! Cards from Philadelphia and Lyle Druscilla called – she goes in the hospital on the 14th for 9 days. We had a steak dinner + watched TV and the only thing to mar the day was me burning a hole in our rug. Cigarette rolled off the ashtray. Hell! Daddy wrote me a nice letter which came yesterday but forgot my birthday! He’ll remember I guess soon enough. I also burned the vegetables + pot – left them on after dinner – was glad it was my birthday as Dick was very nice about it!!! Nice day

Monday, May 22, 1972

Woke early – Dick fixed coffee – pottered about + napped again – Got up for real about 8:30. Packed + dressed in my new outfit which I love Dick bathed + we checked out at 10 o’clock. Got to Leon’s and Dorothy still all pleased with her birthday flowers. We went out to see Virginia Martindale – took her a bottle of Cold Duck (red dog) and then met Merle Abeles now McLaughlin next door. Had a very good feeling about it and think there’s a chance of a job there. Drove over to 20th and saw Bert Remsen who later joined us for lunch at the commissary – Leon’s going to give him “Fit to be Tied” and told him I’d send copies of “The Lion is Busy to Ann + Kerry. Lovely day. Got Leon back to the office by 2 o’clock – a little after said goodbye to Dorothy + dear Leon + headed out to Mary’s – picked up 3 bottles of wine for them. Nobody there when we arrived. Dick went to sleep and I rearranged Scott’s resume on Les’ typewriter but not happy with the type. Called Scott and am going to look into a local childrens’ theater in Las Vegas (Equity) Mary home about 4:30 – cancelled on her Dentist Gave me a beautifully wrapped birthday present and by the time I left a mixed bouquet from her garden talked about Susan and all sorts of things. They drove us to the airport Nice [crossed out word] flight – sat next to a woman who is very ill with cirrhosis and half a stomach and ulcers + when we left the plane I gave her Mary’s flowers because she liked them + I thought she needed them. Home and Dick ironed while I retyped Scotty’s resumé. Had a message from Harold Stern + when I called it seems they’re on the brink of buying the Boston Traveler. I hope it comes through. Nice to be home. Am excited about my birthday tomorrow. Silly!

Sunday, May 21, 1972

Very quiet day so far. (It’s now 4:30 pm)  we’ve lain around all morning + afternoon, made love + slept. I caught up 4 days of diary and talked on the phone with Virginia Martindale We’d planned to go over + say hello but something came up for her so we’ll try to see her tomorrow talked with Leon and Scotty. I’m going to re-type his resumé for him + Dick will Xerox it. We made reservations home tomorrow at 7 pm. Called Mary + left a message with the service. Leon is going to take me on a few rounds tomorrow + then we’ll have lunch together + part company. We’re about to go meet Timmy – Dick has a little water in his legs today so we’ll make it an early evening——–//

We stopped + bought some vodka + bourbon for Timmy + some orange juice + instant coffee for us + a bottle of cold duck for Virginia. Got to Timmy’s about 5:20. A mighty hollyhock has fallen across the drive. Timmy looks well – better than when he was in L.V. and I thought, despite Scotty’s warning that he seemed in fairly good spirits – or if not he was making an effort and he ended up having a good time at any rate – we had a very nice evening. Went to L’auberge for a delicious dinner + then back to the apt which is still looking nice – listened to some tapes and talked at length We came home at 10:30 – Read + watched TV. Mary called us at Timmy’s + won’t be home til six tomorrow so we’re not going to have much of a visit.

Saturday, May 20, 1972

Woke early + lazed around. Called the coffee shop for a large pot of coffee and juice and sweet rolls. Called Timmy and made date for tomorrow night. Called George who said he could take me at 12:30. Called Scotty. I wrote a note to David + Debbie + then went to the Post Office + sent it along with the money orders for Ana. Dick gave me a $100 bill when I left. George cut my hair for nothing (this once we agreed) and then I went over to the shopping center to buy a stole. Ended up with a lovely one plus 2 slack suits and a blouse $96.47!!! but the suits (identical – one in a blue jean blue + the other in charcoal gray) are the greatest!! Picked up a little pair of cheapie shoes to go with the outfit + had brunch at Cathie’s Pantry. Got back to the hotel at 3:15. Scotty + Dick had had lunch together + a good time. I told Dick about Ana’s call and that I’d sent some money – we didn’t go into any of it at all deeply. We napped + didn’t wake til after 5:30. Dressed (I wore Leon’s blouse with the charcoal outfit – size 8 incidentally!!!) + Dick looked marvelous in his houndstooth jacket. Scotty already at Leon’s + Bill Tregoe came a little after us – silly funny time. Everybody drinking but us and it didn’t make the least bit of difference. Caro Jones came about 8 o’clock + we all had dinner. A beautiful potroast Really good. Scotty + I cleaned up. I think we all had a good time. Came home about 11:30. Dick turned on the TV but after reading a little I conked out. Scotty gave me a photo of a painting of Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth for my Birthday.

Friday, May 19, 1972

Slept late (Dick slept right through the night!) Coffee at 8:30 – Dick worked for a while with Jack. I left the house about 10:00. Mailed $400 to Leuse and $10 to Susan Cleveland (late b’day gift) and wrote Ana. Took the puppies to [crossed out word] Pet Town, very forlorn when I left them. Then went to the Castaways and after losing a little I won $135.00. Went to the Safeway and got 2 money orders totaling $200 to send Ana. Came home and packed + put out the garbage and cleaned up a little. Not much time to spare Dick back at 1:30. Got to the plane with out much leeway Got to L.A. + discovered it’s cold. Had packed bathing suits + sunback dresses!! 60° ! We took a cab to Mary’s. Atmosphere a little strained at first and I thought it was going to be grim but it turned out to be a very pleasant dinner + visit Mary’s garden is unbelievably beautiful. She can make anything grow. We borrowed an opal and left their house around 8 o’clock stopped + got some groceries + called Leon. Went + saw him for about an hour + then came to the Hallmark Hotel. Very nice room complete with kitchen. Turned on the heat + went to bed Dick watched a little TV. Leon gave me a really gorgeous white blouse Something I would never have chosen but that looks just great on me!

Thursday, May 18, 1972

Today was a day and a half. In the early A.M. watered the lawn + set the timer to do the chores at the same time. Called Joyce up + asked her over around 10 o’clock. Was vaccuuming + dusting when the phone rang “Is this Mrs Meeshells?” I said “Michels” rather frostily and then heard Ana’s voice “allo, Mrs. Patience” – She was crying through the whole call and it was all a little confusing but as I understand, everything has gone very badly – no work, they’re about to lose their house, the war, and Jeffrey is very sick. She wants me to send a letter for their papers and I told her to get someone who writes good english to write me + let me know exactly what is required. I told her I’d pay for the letter writer – She also said “one time, you say that you would like to have Jeffrey” – I told her I would write her + that we were going to L.A. for 10 days (not true but I need time to sort things out) Joyce came over + I talked it all out with her I can’t believe Ana really wants to give up Jeffrey – I think she’s just desperate for money. If only Armando had done more around the place Dick wouldn’t feel so strongly against him. We can’t have them back in the house. I wouldn’t like that either and it’s too expensive – blah blah blah Joyce loved her Marblehead Sailor’s blouse + some sandals + lobster. We went to the 7-11 for some icees for Dick + each won a jackpot (Joyce won 3!) We rested a little in the late afternoon + then went to the Tropicana for the dinner show. Marvelous seats + nice neighbors and a great show. We stuck around for the drawing for the race horse (or $8,000) + that was a crowded mess. Didn’t get home til midnight + had splitting headaches!

Wednesday, May 17, 1972

My horoscope said I was going to be very lucky – went to the bank + then to Wonder World to see Daisy. Put $20 in the slot machines. Could have left ahead but didn’t. Went to the International + promptly lost a hundred dollars. Went to FNB to clear out the $421 from the savings acct + then stopped at the Frontier, Had only been there once before ever + that time just for dinner. Changed a hundred dollar bill + lost rather consistently though not very much – was playing our $6 keno ticket at the same time Some very poor players joined the table so I moved to a five dollar table + started to win – kept winning. Even won a little at keno. Left about $550.00 ahead for the whole day (made up the $120 too) Sat next to a Mr. Goldberg from Berlin, N.H. Who knew Jimmy + Harriet’s brothers. By the time I cashed in the chips I was shaking – gave the parking attendant a $5 chip – Big spender. Went to Dazey’s travel service + called home. Bought our tickets to L.A. and also our tickets to Philadelphia + back [crossed out letters] all from this week’s winnings. Still had alot left over. Came home + went to look at Dick’s brick work. Walked on the coping + knocked 2 bricks loose. Dick hit the ceiling when I told him, but after an hours nap (while I stayed out of his way + fixed dinner) he said I’m sorry I yelled at you, Punkin!” Of course I was overcome. Pleasant evening + we’re both happy about the tickets The deck men still haven’t shown up but Dick + Jack are getting alot of the Brick work done.

Tuesday, May 16,*1972

Dick had appt. with Hartley that seems to be going well and there is perceptible change in him and his attitudes. I went to the Landmark and got way ahead + then lost most of it back. Left a few dollars ahead. Saw Lee + had a nice visit. Took car for gas + they told me there was a leak in the gas tank but I don’t believe it as the gauge said more than full + I think they put too much in it. Went to the knit shop + had a funny chat with the ladies there – went to Sprouse Reitz for some rug yarn, dropped the laundry and went to the Safeway. Home about 4 – 4:30. Forgot to put the garbage out. Dick + Jack had been working all day on the pool – it’s coming very slowly but the work is beautiful – A couple came by the house to inquire about the lot next door. Poor Dick had had to run back to the bedroom as he only had his undershorts on so I was a little brief with them. Nice chicken dinner – early to bed + then TV.

Monday, May 15,*1972

Governor Wallace shot while making a Speech.

In the early AM watered lawn + ran around dusting + changing sheets + cleaning things up. Jerry working in the garage first then when Jack came all three worked on the pool. Dick went for a compressor I left about 12 o’clock. Later than I’d planned. Went to the Tropicana and played 21 for 5 hours. Came out ahead by $75.00 Bill Ray used to be a dealer + is now a pit boss. Made reservations for us for the show Thursday night At about 2:30 or so The word went around that Gov. Wallace had been shot while making a speech in a shopping center in Maryland. For a long time no word on his condition. At night we learned there were 5 bullets in him four of which have been removed. Three others were wounded – one seriously The would be assassin a 21 year old caucasian – Odd there have been no black assassins in major political shootings here in recent years at least. Or, if not odd at least Thank God there haven’t been. Dick knocked out by a hard day’s work but ate a good dinner. I think he’s beginning to recognize his limitations physically. I started another blanket – LA plans may be shifting. And so to bed.