Friday, February 25, 1972

Jessie is engaged to Doug Cole.

Hectic am and I was very tired. Called floor craftsmen. Hammerberg came out with Dick’s key + took a house key to give to Carey. Jack fixed the hot water heater. Timmy called. I had to call him back. He wanted to know if I’d made the reservation back. Hadn’t but did + then called again. Irv Goldstein out to measure the guestroom I chose a lovely carpet + the total price on installation is going to be $285 – (half for us to pay) Called Mr. Addams + that will be okay also they’ll pay to have the carpet cleaned in the hall. I wrote Jim Parker and Jean Enelow who’d somehow understood from my valentine that we were coming back East in the next month. I read a little + fell asleep on our unmade bed. Up with a jump about 3 o’clock. Changed the sheets. Dick home, put out the garbage, + went over to help Jack set some forms. The new carpet is being installed Monday at 8:30 and the pool is going to be dug on Tuesday and I think maybe Timmy should be put in the addition except that it’s chilly there!! Note from Mrs. MacArthur thanking us for gift to Rich + asking about the book which had never arrived. Note from James Enelow bells. We played yahtzee and called Dave – still no word. Rich Stanley [crossed out words] has gone into bankruptcy owing $30,000. We called Mom to say hello. Everything okay there. Phone rang and it was Jessie to tell us she was getting married at the end of April or early May to Doug who’s been upper most in her thoughts now for 2 years. So happy. Spoke with Co + Russell + then made their Showboat reservations + called them back. Spoke with Jess again “Life seems full of infinite possibilities” I felt swept with nostalgia, rue et al.

Thursday, February 24,*1972

Dick + Jack off thru the front door + there in the lock – all my keys including the one to our burglar alarm system. Service with a smile. The Insurance adjustor came and it was Charles Addams again. I do like him. He said they’d pay half the replacement fee for a new carpet and I said I thought I could clean the hall. Gave him a couple of logs to take with him. Washed my hair + found there was no hot water. Oh hell. Called the office and left a garbled message on the memory phone. Went over to Breakfast at the Blvd and saw Eddie + met Peter Oswald who’s in Fiddler on the roof. He gave me the name of two women in the company (one’s the stage manager) who plan to start a legitimate theatre here. Unfortunately Fiddler closes on Feb. 27th so I guess we won’t see it. I went over to the Landmark tower then and played the dime progressive machine. I won $100 – 4 bars – but then I lost it at 21. Got a really splitting headache and left about 4. Called Dick and he was pinned to a chair in the livingroom having jumped over the mat. The anti-crime lab had his key. Bought some groceries + rushed home to disarm the house! Harold Stern had called + Dick told him I’d call back which I did All he wanted was to talk as he’d been in a really blue mood. It made me feel good that somebody wanted to talk to me – I don’t mean that the way it sounds either – “Applause” still hasn’t gotten the money they’ve been counting on and Harold seemed to think the whole thing was going to grind to a halt barring Miracles by next week. We had chinese TV dinners + played yahtzee + I gave Dick a shave in the addition (elements burned out on new heater) He went out for a 9:30 appt and I cut up a pineapple, baked some apples + cleaned up the kitchen Bed at 11:30.

Wednesday, February 23,*1972

Before leaving today Dick told me he was worried about Leon + thought I ought to go see him. I began thinking + decided we could afford the $300 a month we used to give Bill. Called Leon + told him I was mailing a check today + there would be one every month. I wish we could bail him out with a big lump sum but maybe this will work out better. I spoke with Timmy who’s arriving on Saturday at 2:10 at the Stardust + sounded very happy to be coming. Called Mary to thank her for her anniversary card. [crossed out letters] Washed the kitchen floor + waxed it + tottered off to play Spite and malice with Alice. Nice soufflé and a very nice respite. Mailed Leon’s check + B.Dalton + phone bills. Went to Bank of Nevada + deposited another 50 in the Ana savings acct + $100 at Valley in the hsehld acct. Went to cleaners, Sprouse Reitz and Safeway. Then Hadlands for 2 80 lb bags of 1620-0 fertilizer pellets. Home + finished cleaning every inch of the kitchen. Had forgotten to turn on our memory phone. Made pumpkin pie. Note from Timmy. Letter from Immigration dept. we’ll get the $2,000 back [crossed out letters] “within 3 weeks”!!!! Dick home around 6. We had a good dinner + played yahtzee + watched TV and I knitted another square. Gave him a shave after “McCloud” + there was not hot water. Went to bed very tired.


Tuesday, February 22,*1972

our 3rd anniversary

Exhausting day without really accomplishing much of anything. Did 3 loads of wash + some ironing. Some men came about the trees in back and took down two [crossed out words] to make room for the pool. I couldn’t watch. Will miss them from my desk window. First, he was going to do the work in exchange for the above ground pool but then his rig broke and he needs the cash. I made some pie crusts and put heaters out to dry the rug. Mr. Hammerburg came + I paid him $365.00 for installation + first + last month. I vaccumed in the living room Joyce came over with a veronica tree and I told her she was dooming it to certain death. Anything I touch seems to wither + dry. Nice visit though brief. Had meant to do so much more + was knocked out by the little I did do. Got a card from Ana. So glad they’re home safely + it was a lovely card. Sue sent us an anniversary card which I thought was very dear. Spoke with Bill Blackmer who’s not doing lawns any more. Dick home at 4:30 + John Zacker (sp?) came over with our keys + showed us how to arm the alarm system. I do hope we remember the damned thing we both napped a little + then I fixed Chipped beef for Dick + salad + scallops for me. Felt somewhat better afterward. We watched the Nile series + the Harlem globetrotters + I restitched Dick’s blue shirt. It’s hard to believe we’ve been married 3 years. It’s gone so fast I love Dick more now than last year + more last than the year before etc. I think that must be a good marriage

Monday, February 21, 1972

Well – a day and a half. Up early after late bed. So called “legal holiday” so the store was closed. Thank God Ideal plumbing was not. Dick went to get a hot water heater + he + Jack installed it while 3 guys from the Crime lab came to install our system. Mr. Hammerburg (when I told him to call me Patience he said “My name is Henning) came for a quick overlook + we’ve decided against the bedroom switch until the improved sequence [crossed out words] system is ready. People tracking in + out all day + I retreated into a jigsaw puzzle Just couldn’t cope + didn’t know how else to keep out of the way without leaving which I couldn’t. If the house was bad before it’s incredible now!! They all left about 2 – Will be back when the rug dries out. Dick was going to have to go out on a pool but then the gunite people showed up so we took a short nap. Interrupted by man from the phone Co. who came in to install the memory phone we’re really going to be totally equipped when this is all over. Bill Blackmer had been going to come over but we called + left a message then invited J + J to dinner at the Starbord Tack. Went by Brown’s first to look at the gunite job + they hadn’t done anything!! Dinner was fun but very disappointing as I’d had my heart set on a lobster + they serve margerine!! (for $8.00) fortunately I found out before ordering so had a filet mignon came home + collected our messages! And then played Yahtzee + went to bed about 10:30.

Sunday, February 20, 1972

Woke at 4:30 am + 6 am + so on. Felt horrible The house a mess. Called crime Lab to say the carpet was soaked in the hall – one of the spots for a pressure mat. They said they’d come + do what else they could. The johns not working, the kitchen too awful to look at and my head throbbing. Dick took me to the Golden Nugget for lunch + we played a couple of keno tickets (the $10.80) + Dick won $90. I played a little 21 and lost $20. After we left we went by Mario’s pool – the one that’s going to have music piped in. Then we came home + Dick started designing us a pool while I did the dishes. The pool he’s designed is absolutely beautiful. brick coping, a therapy pool and a raised deep end to conform with the slope of the ground. We’ll lose two trees but it will be wonderful to have it. Dick had said something about having to get all our plumbing overhauled before we got a pool and I’d lost hope but now he’s saying they’ll dig it this week!!! We ate a snack meal and played yahtzee and watched TV. Dick stayed up to watch “Shane” at 11:30! We saw all of Citizen Kane without commercials and the 2nd half of the 2nd half of Ben Hur with 2,000 commercials and a 5 minute special report on Nixon arriving in China – we went to sears + montgomery wards to look at water softeners + heaters – ran into Norm of action trenching + learned that Bennie O’Bannion had died of pneumonia while being treated for flu + Rich Stanley is going into bankruptcy.

Saturday, February 19, 1972

Oh Lord what a day. Started out fine – lovely + sunny + Dick helped me hang curtains in the addition. We played Yahtzee + I gave him a shave. Ann Hall called as he was leaving + I told her I’d call her back. Walked barefoot down the hall with Dick + the carpet was wet. For one second I thought it was a dog but then the extent of the moisture became apparent. The guest bathroom soaked. Turned out to be the hot water heater. Dick had a 10 o’clock appt + didn’t go. Turned off the electricity + the water before he left. Discovered alot of his tools missing + blew up about Armando. Ghastly morning. I lay around + read. Couldn’t clean. Couldn’t do a damn thing. Finally decided to go out + gamble + then decided against that, too. Jack + Joyce over + Jack fixed what he could. They’d brought a drink with them + when he’d finished I offered them another + I decided to have one too. Drank vermouth. Dick came home while we were sitting there + I felt shitty. But couldn’t do anything about it. There I was with the booze in front of me. I then [crossed out letters] finished off the gin + fell + broke one of the TV tables. Only positive thing to come out of the afternoon was Joyce saying she’d help me start a garden. Dick was very nice + gave me some aspirins but I felt too horrible to care.

Friday, February 18, 1972

I wrote the Pigotts and I wrote Timmy who comes next Saturday. I’m afraid I’m not really looking forward to his visit. Tried to call him but no answer. Sent commission check to Leon. Called phone co. + are having the “memory phone” installed on Monday. Called answering service to cancel out. Called Caesar’s Palace to find out how long Joan Rivers is going to be here – (March 1st) Called Leon + told him Dick’s reports should have been sent off to Dr. Steinlieb on Tuesday. I started watering our lawn this morning + Dick called Bill Blackmer who’s going to come over on Monday (!along with the phone Co. + the Crime lab) + discuss taking care of it again. The memory phone at the office not working – grand. I made a recording for it. Deposited my residual in Bank of Nevada and stopped to see Daisy who wasn’t on. Visited briefly with June + left. Went to the Landmark + played the slot machine + then 21 – couldn’t do a thing so left. [crossed out words] Got a few groceries + won $25 at the Safeway. Dick had a 6:30 appt. so I transplanted all the little flowers he’d bought me. Two of them I think will do quite well. Fixed a nice dinner but he didn’t want any when he came home We played Yahtzee and Dick won 6 out of 7 Bed about 10:30 –

Thursday, February 17, 1972

Dick slept in a little and we made love + had a leisurely getting up. I wrote “Uncle T.” Willis and then put Mary’s Redwood Information in an envelope and mailed them both off. Did a little around the house, went to Drugstore for last roll of pictures. Pigotts too small + far away. Bought some cards + a lint remover. Went to Sprouse Reitz for a larger curtain rod + the valance, then went over to the Landmark Tower Lee not there got way ahead but stayed all day almost – Lost $50.00 It’s been so long since I played that I felt like playing more instead of leaving. Had a good time. Went to the florist on Tropicana to get some potting soil for the little bonsai tree. Don’t know if it will survive but it’s a sturdy little thing + I hope it will. Dick was in a state when I got home. The Health Department at this late date, turned down the Commercial!!! It’s going to cost us one hell of alot of money to get it fixed + Dick feels that Shirley + Jack are in large degree responsible (morally) for not having told him that Pat Sullivan had designed it. He’s thinking of closing the store next summer + letting Shirley go. If ever it was a provacation for a drink it would have been then but he didn’t. [crossed out word] I fixed fried chicken for dinner but Dick didn’t eat until later. We played Yahtzee + he won 4 straight games in a row which was nice for his morale. Nice letter from Sue Glick, a note from Harriet, a residual for $81.00 and our book on the tower of London. Went to bed about 9:00 but stayed up reading + watching TV.

Wednesday, February 16, 1972

Up at 6 – Wrote a note to Rich Ware + took Daddy coffee at 6:30 or so. After breakfast we took him to the airport. Time to play a slot machine + Dick + I provided him with 5 nickels. He won a jackpot + left with at least 35 nickels or so. He kept laughing + it was a nice little filler. They let Dick take him on the plane but stopped me at the gate. Was just as glad as I felt a little tearful. Came home + rushed around the house. Changed the sheets and cleaned the two bathrooms the guest room and dusted our bedroom. Did a load of wash + the dishes. Went to the Safeway, Drugstore, laundry + Sprouse Reitz where I picked up some curtains, rods + pot holders. Went to Alice’s for lunch but she wasn’t there I went over to Woolco + got some peat moss for our little bonsai tree. Had lunch with Alice + played Spite ‘n’malice. About even by the end of the day. Stopped at the Desert Inn Safeway for some “potting soil” but couldn’t find any. Home by 4:30. Dick in just as I was. We ate early – Dick had his chipped beef and I had scallops. He said about 5:30 or 6:00 – “you know, I miss your Father already!” We looked at a little TV, played a little yahtzee + went to bed. Lights out by 9:30. Dick is reading “many mansions” + I’ve started a new detective story. “The Golden age caper.” Mr. Hammerberg called + they’re going to install the burglar alarm system on Monday.

Tuesday, February 15, 1972

Daddy’s last day here – lovely + sunny + I felt a pang as I went out for the paper. I finished taking notes on his manuscript before he got up for breakfast and then after, I went through them all with him. Spent the morning and afternoon correcting all 3 copies and then before I went to bed I finished typing up the notes in an easy to manage fashion (I think) We left the house around 12:15 for Alice’s. Angie there and we had a very nice time. We ate outside in the sunshine. Afterwards I picked up my films $8.41 for nothing much at all. Very disappointing really except for a few of the show shots in the Redwoods. I called Bill Bentley + he’d forgotten to send Dick’s reports to Dr. Sternlieb but promised to get them out this afternoon. We went to the Landmark tower Prime Rib room for dinner + the food was really delicious. The place has changed – there’s only the one menu at a fixed price. The check came to $13.56 for the three of us plus a lovely bag of goodies for Newman + Little. Came home + Daddy had a night cap while [crossed out letter] Dick + I played 2 out of 3 yahtzee games to see who’d wash the windows. – Dick has the honor. I think Dad’s had a good visit and I’m very happy about it. Bed by 9:30 or ten.

Monday, February 14, 1972

In the early a.m. I made packages of Daddy’s books to be sent home, a pile of books for the Pigotts, Lyles Christmas gift with letter, the “I can Hear it Now album” for Rich Ware + a copy of “The Lion is .. ” for Julia Mullen. Ordered flowers to be sent to Leon for Valentine’s day + to Palm Mortuary for Bennie O’Bannion. Mr. Hammerberg, the Burglar alarm man, came after Breakfast. A fascinating man – Dick came home while he was here + we agreed that we want the system put in. $325 and a $20.00 a month service fee for 5 years at the end of which time it’s all ours. Dick took Daddy out to look at some jobs and I spent about an hour more talking with Mr. Hammerberg. He holds a commission in 3 armies, The Finnish, the Danish + the British. Told me about Denmark etc. Kept wishing Daddy and/or Dick was there to here Went to Mayfair Market, Post Office, Wonderworld + lost some money in the slots but had nice visit with Daisy, + Bank of Nevada where I opened a savings acct with $150. Going to deposit the $50 a week we used to pay for Ana and use the money for household improvements. Valley Bank deposited $100 + then Safeway + home. Daddy back, they’d gone to the Jungle club for lunch. I prepared Beouf Bourgignonne and fixed salad + garlic bread. Finished about 3:45 – Slept for 25 minutes (w/timer) added the thickener to the beef + was about to start working on [crossed out word] Daddy’s mss. when Dick came home. Listened to I can Hear it Now. Exchanged valentines. Dick brought me flowers and I gave him Robert Frost. Got a nice valentine from Margie out of the blue. We all dressed for dinner – Newcomb called + then shortly after Mary who was a little tight. Les hadn’t come home yet + she was saying “Oh Fuck a doo” to Daddy who fortunately couldn’t hear + was saying Happy Valentine’s Day to you dearie.” Got the phone away in time. The Bentley’s came an hour late but we had a really good time + the dinner was great. They left a little after 10, we played some yahtzee + fell in bed.

Sunday, February 13, 1972

Beautiful clear brisk sunny day. I wrote letters to Lyle + Julia + Rae O’Dell + sent a contribution to the Southwest Indian foundation Dick up early to fix the chicken for our picnic. Came in with the obituary column. Bennie O’Bannion died at 46 years of age. I’m sorry [crossed out word] because we both liked him + he was fun. Dick gave Daddy breakfast + I made his bed + fixed sandwiches. We left about 9:45. Daddy warmly dressed – I wasn’t too + was cold later. Got to the marina just as Jack + Joyce were tying up. A really lovely day for the lake although a little cold and their new boat is just perfect We went into “The wishing well” in the canyon + on through into the other lake. clear as glass there. We stopped on a rocky beach for a rest stop for Joyce + me + they got Daddy out (which I’d hoped they wouldn’t) ate on the beach + then went all the way to the temple rocks which neither Dick not I had ever seen. Jack drank some 8 beers and “went potty” over the back of the boat at least as many times. I thought it was a bit much. Joyce was great. She goes back to work tomorrow at the Trop. We were home about 4. Daddy said to me, as I already knew that he hates being unsteady + feebly. It’s a humiliation to someone who’s been such a prime physical speciman. (I sounded like a meat inspector) Dick + I napped like rocks for 2 hours. Leon called + sounded alot better than yesterday Delicious dinner of steak, corn, beans + spinach + ice cream Played 1 side of Edward R. Murrow and then played yahtzee + I won.

Saturday, February 12, 1972

Woke at 6 – made coffee, wrote diary + ironed Dad’s underwear + pajamas. Dick Ravenous so fixed him scrambled eggs + bacon + brought them to him in bed. Daddy up shortly after for the second breakfast sitting. Dick’s going to take him out on Monday to look at some jobs. I made a list for Daddy of all the people he’s met here (he’s asked for it several times.) and I drew up a list of what we’ve done each day (date + main event.) I think it looks pretty full although I heard him say to Ed last night that he’d had a “quiet visit” While Daddy read the paper I wrote valentines to David + Debby + James + Jean We called Joyce + are going out on the lake tomorrow. I sent valentine flowers to Rich Ware. Called Leon + was so glad I did as he sounded just terrible. Really depressed – but to a point I’ve never heard before. It was frightening – We [crossed out word] talked for almost half an hour. In the beginning I did most of the talking but little by little he began to perk up + he did sound better at the end. Was very glad I’d called. Went to Safeway for meat. picked up Dick’s jacket + shirt at Steiners, went to Garwood Vans to pick up the “I can Hear it now” records + one of Robert Frost then we mailed the valentines + picked up Alice for lunch at the Dunes Country club. A very attractive place + nice lunch. Took Daddy home to watch the Bob Hope open and then took Alice home. Played an interrupted game of spite and malice. Went to Safeway for the rest of our groceries + came home just as the open was winding up for the day. Fixed dinner. Made chocolate Banana pie for Dick and worked on Daddy’s mss. Did about 9 or 10 pages today. There’s an awful lot he’s left out I feel. We had a really good dinner. Dick had seconds of meat!!! Then watched All in the family + played a little yahtzee. Long day + went to bed tired.

Friday, February 11, 1972

Up early – did diary – wrote note to Jack. Back to bed + made love – Breakfast, beds + dishes – cleaned up remains of last night’s good party. Dick off about 9:00. Lady called about the above ground pool + then never came out. Sent valentine candygrams to Sue Glick, the Michelses (I feel badly that they’ve never written a note about the blanket) Harriet, Aunt Hope + Estelle Winwood. Western Union operator comes from Fitchburg, Mass + was very nice. I wrote valentines to Winnie + Jessie (who’d left Kenyon) + Margie, Patsy + Abby. Called Casey + asked her + Eddie over for a drink before dinner. Called Mary + caught her just as they were leaving for Palm Springs Glad I did and very nice chat. Took the letters to the P.O. and then went to the old Bonanza country club for lunch. It’s a private club (members only) so we went back to the stardust golf club. Nice lunch. Safeway + home. Set up dinner stuff, did some wash and then worked on Daddy’s mss. Covered 20 pages taking notes. Went over the notes with him + a few of the small ones he took care of immediately. Dick was home about 5 Had some things to paint. A man from Tropical pool service came over for a filter. Ed + Casey came about 5:30 – Stayed for an hour + we had a very nice time with them. Dick in a very good humor. Evidently the appt. with Bentley went very well + there’s vast improvement in his liver. Has to go for blood sugar tests in 2 weeks. Mary sent us all valentines. Nice dinner + early to bed. Tom called Dick for work can’t pay his room rent. Dick told him he was sorry but he blew it when he went with Pat Sullivan and I guess he did at that. I think Dick felt badly about the whole thing. We’re supposed to get O’Donnel’s decision Mon.