Tuesday, June 19, 1973

No entry.


Monday, June 18, 1973

Up + off by 6:30 – Got gas en route. Flo Williams already washing – She + her husband are off on vacation. The washers were nicely washed this time. busy morning – Lucille in with more dry cleaning + brought a friend. She suggested I call Jans Carmani about Mae Dixon. I went to the bank + got change for the change machine, deposited 96.55 and cashed a check for Dick when I got back he was wrestling with a drop bundle – all sheets – we did them together + they looked pretty bad! We did quite a bit of cleaning (4 or 5 loads) – Shirley had to go to court on the D.W.I. (unexpectedly) reduced to reckless driving with $100 fine but she was very upset. Don Fair came in.  And Stan Salonic + Dale Fox. George in at 4 and stayed to close up. We were home at 5 + could have had a really pleasant evening except that Dick got all upset about Nordstrom + his prices – total cost 715.00 And wouldn’t get off the subject. He called him + said he didn’t want him to do the valve in the back for the trees. (after I’d told him to go ahead) Bed early which was a nice change. Letter from Charles Fitzsimons –

Sunday, June 17, 1973

Dick off at 6:30 and I followed shortly. Left the alarm on for Susan. Took off the register for last night. Took in about 17.50 George took a draw of 25.00 + also hit a jackpot. He + Little Richard in about 7:30 or so + I got Richard to help me wash down the machines Came + got Susan at 9:00. Put her stuff in the car. She took some pictures of the Washboard which I hope come out. We ate at Sambo’s + Dick got 1/2 off for Father’s day. He hit 12.50 on our 25¢ machine + I blacked out. The United Coin guy came out + put $9.00 in the grudger from the cash bucket + Evidently it had all gone straight thru. I took Susan to the airport after she called Newcomb (I talked to him too) Ran out of gas in the truck but rolled to a service station. Dick + I went home. Lay in the sun. Swam, made love + slept – hamburger dinner + back to the Washboard at 9 – stayed til 1:30 while they waxed the floor + cleaned the windows Wrote with $ – Leon, Timmy, Annie + Hennings. Home, soup + bed.

Saturday, June 16, 1973

Up at 6 – fixed coffee etc. Dick off at 6:30 – I called Jimmy – nice chat with Hil too Then at 8 – I called Timmy who sounded more so. There is nothing I can do to alleviate his aches. His brother Peter died + he has great pangs but hadn’t been in touch with him since W.W.II! How weird. Wrote 2 days diary or something – I haven’t touched it in 3 weeks! Susan up about 8 and we went to the drugstore where I bought vitamins + a contac lens case for S. + some film Mr. Nordstrom having his troubles – Many of which he told me this a.m. Paid him 295.00 + there will be another couple of hundred due I fear. Susan + I ate at Sambo’s after giving Peggy a goodbye gift of a cosmetic bag $10.00. Then went to the mini-mall – a new shopping center on the strip complete with wax museum. (Susan treated) Next stop Circus-Circus. Were there for four hrs. Played fascination + did all sorts of gay things. I didn’t gamble. Came + got Dick Went home + slept + then went to dinner at the Top of the Mint – very elegant + alot of fun. Home at 12:30. Susan won 24 coupons at fascination + bought gifts for all the family!!

Friday, June 15, 1973

Lucille Brown came by the Washboard. liked it.

H.H.M. Anti Crime called. Alarm on + Dick rushed over. I got up + fixed a pot of coffee. He was home at 5 – Too late to go back to sleep so we played a Game of yahtzee + sat in the therapy pool. Dick off at 6:30. I pottered about – then went to the bank (45 minutes in the Drive in line) Got [crossed out letters] some money for Susan’s visit. Mary Curtis there. Had to go to Doctor. It later developed she can’t work til the 1st of July. George suggested his wife again but I’m not sure. In a way she seems too elegant. Hard to put in words. I deposited $369.50 in the bank and as of today we’re going to try to keep things really straight. Went  + picked up Susan at 2:30 – Her plane a little late. All my resentment melted at the sight of her. She’s a darling girl. Came with a tote bag filled with Diet Dr. Pepper. a huge duffel bag + a foot locker? Brought her to the laundromat – then home for rest + sun – Went to Jungle Club. Back to Washboard for close up. Had alot of slot play. Susan vaccuumed + helped clean Home – therapy pool – bed. Nordstrom doing a huge task on trees.

Thursday, June 14, 1973

Weeks total – $501 including slots. Dick stayed home + slept for alot of the day. Left the washboard about 11 and got about 4 hours. I came home at 4:30 + we both slept for a while. Had a nice veal parmiagian dinner.

Wednesday, June 13, 1973

Went over to Wonderworld + got some brushes etc. Had gone to see Dave first about West Electric + how to pay them. He says we can cash Harold’s checks if we want + then pay West with them. Also he gave me some clothes to clean. Bob from United Coin arrived late about 1:45 – the take from the slots was alot more than I’d anticipated – $190.00 from the quarter machine!! and about $56 apiece on the nickel machines. We divided up the $100 jackpot and our net take was $101. I owed Dick $10 + he gave me a roll of quarters to play instead. Got 1 cherry! We had a fair amount of dry cleaning today. George came in + did most of it.