Monday, January 22, 1973

No entry.


Tuesday, January 16, 1973

Called Harold in the A.M. + told him to send back my stuff. I was tearful + pretty dreary. He said he’d get off his ass + do something about the things I told him I was depressed as hell + needed some encouragement. My ass hurt but was a shade better than yesterday. I wrote in diary. Went to Airport + mailed cashwords. Safeway + bought pot roast. Sprouse Reitz + got envelopes + frames and a few odds + ends. Came home. Nice card from Newcomb with dear picture of the family. It depressed me. I don’t have much to show for my life. Note from Mary who’d seen Scotty’s play. Dick home + drunk altho first he said he hadn’t had anything. Then fell off his chair. Ate two bites of his dinner + said he was going gambling. I said I might not be here when he got back. Made no impression. Said I’m never hear anyway. Called Ed + he came over to try to dissuade him. Pointless so he took him to the Aladdin. I called Hartley who went out to look for him “If Dr. Welby can do it why can’t I?” I had a couple of drinks with Ed + Casey. Hartley found Dick at Franks’s + brought him home. Had coffee with us. evening over around midnight.

Monday, January 15, 1973

Geo. Ritter called + he cancelled music lesson –

Awful day hemmorhoids killing me. Dick in foul humor. Went to laundry + Savon drug where I bought camera + card for Alice. Had lunch w/ Ann Hall + we worked on cashword. I doubt if we’re even close. Went to see Hartley + bitched for an hour. Dick is always irritable these days + I don’t feel so hot myself. Went to Alice’s + played spite ‘n malice. She loved the camera – the first in her whole life! She had no upper plate + looked little + old. Leaves tomorrow. Gave me box of candy to bring Dick Came home. Letter from Daddy. Still without date + letter from Liza who doesn’t have time for the illustrations. Depressed me beyond reason. Also she’s no longer AA – I agree she was never an alcoholic but I didn’t read that part out loud. Dick had taken 2 sleeping pills + didn’t want dinner. We had soup later + watched TV in bed. I took a sleeping pill too + wished it were about 100 of them.

Sunday, January 14, 1973

I did laundry most of the day. My hemmorhoids seem to be acting up + hurt like hell. Eddie + Casey Kulick came over to watch the Super Bowl Game. Casey asked us over for a roast but Dick said no. Casey asked me over to look at the Roast + as soon as we were out the door asked me if I wanted a drink! I said no but she poured herself a triple shot. The Miami Dolphins won and it turned out Dick had bet $220 on the Redskins! I told him I was sorry they’d lost but he was upset and still feeling sick I called Ann Hall about the Cash word. We’re going to try again. Made date for lunch tomorrow. Alice called. She leaves Tuesday + I said I’d come by tomorrow after the Doctor. Bed early + then wakened + watched a little TV.

Saturday, January 13,*1973

Home all day. Dick in foul humor. I wrote thank you notes to Harriet, Mary Jean and Mary. I know Dick’s been sick + still isn’t feeling well but Christ! it’s too much to live with right now. I can’t do anything right. Art III called + I gave him the message from the registrar. Dick came home + there was a knock at the door + I thought it was Art but it was Ana + Armando + Jeffrey. I was horrified because of Dick but he was all right Thank God. They both look well + they brought us some hammocks and a wonderful knitted poncho for me. Art arrived shortly after + Dick locked himself in the study with him. I explained a little to Ana – they hadn’t gotten my letter but I was happy to see them + they’ll call as soon as they have an apt. Art stayed on for almost 3 hours + we chatted in the kitchen. When he left, Dick yelled from the living room Is the fucking party over? I heated the meatloaf but he said it was cold + wouldn’t eat it. Bed early.

Friday, January 12,*1973

Up early. Took Newcomb to the airport at 8 o’clock. Frost on the windshields – he forgot his book so came back + wrapped it and paid a few bills. Waited for Mr. Fernandez who didn’t come til just before noon. After he left I took the stuff to mail to the airport + then went to the Valley Bank + gave Jack the signed papers for Nugent and deposited $1200 in the saving acct. then went to the [crossed out letters] Bank of Nevada + put $180 (Mr. Chan’s) in saving acct and the rest in my checking acct. Went to Wonderworld + saw Daisy + put a few dollars in the slot machine. Had a cup of coffee. Went to the store + was home by 2:20 – Dick in bed + furious Where the hell had I been. blah blah blah. I’d been out 2 hours + 20 minutes. I made a cherry pie and meatloaf but he wouldn’t eat dinner. Something’s going to give soon! I’d say this has been an unrelievedly crummy year so far. Wrote Gladys + Mr. Bailliere

Thursday, January 11,*1973

Cancelled Music lesson.

Took Newcomb to Breakfast at the Boulevard. Introduced him to Ann + Eddie + Ruth Hazard + Elaine + Marilyn. Ann gave me 2 fruitcakes for Dick. After we went to the Vegas Valley Convalescent Hospital and I took Mr. Chan his electric razor. He’s had flu too so I didn’t stay but a few minutes. Next stop George + Pat Garretts Newcomb came in with me. Agreed to new fabric + heard George call the guy + put a “rush” on it – we’ll see. Went to the bank + Newcomb cashed a check too. Took him to see the laundromat site and then went + mailed our airport parking ticket + called Dick to say we were going to the Landmark. We played about 4 hours interrupted by lunch + had a good time. I lost about $23 and Newcomb maybe a hundred. Came home + got steaks at the Safeway. Dick in bad humor but Newcomb managed to jolly him out of it + he joined us for dinner + then we all played yahtzee. Newcomb won one + Dick the other bed at 11:00 – rec’d money gram