Thursday, October 21, 1971

Diet –

We went to bed so early last night we woke at 2 and made love and went back to sleep Up again at 7 – Ed Rakeman the plumber came at 8 o’clock + was fast + thorough. Jeffrey had dropped a recessed closet door handle down the toilet – the cost was $15.30 which given the price of plumbers was very reasonable. His wife is Shirley’s aunt – coincidence! Tried to reach [crossed out letter] Alice + Ruth Hazard to say I couldn’t get to Breakfast at the B. today but missed them both. I finished both of Armando’s socks + crocheted in the the ends. The meter reader came at 11:30. Dick made a mistake the last time but they’d made one originally. The upcoming bill (for 2 months) will be a big one. I wrote Peggy Pope with Check for $5.00 for tickets and I called Druscilla for quick chat. Sent Timmy the A.A. Dick home at one and I gave him a shave He took a nap + I left. Went to bank and got some money – thence to Sears where I got some whiskey colored yarn + looked unsuccessfully for a play pen. Bought Birthday cards at Hallmarks, went to Wonder World + lost some money in the slot machine + saw Daisy. Safeway + home. Have a date tomorrow to play Spite ‘n’ Malice with Alice after C.S.G. (Libby Bargiel called + has a cold!) Dick home drunk + I was very annoyed Had nice dinner, watched TV and went to bed + read Dick says tomorrow he’s going to stop drinking.

Wednesday, October 20, 1971


Well – a poor sort of day although it started out well. Dick + I went over near the Hughes air terminal to see a demonstration of the “hy-ram” on caliche – nobody got there til about 8 o’clock (we were there at 7:30) and it was all a bit spit + shoelaces – inadequate tractor etc. But it was overwhelmingly plain that the hammer couldn’t cut it with the caliche. After I went over to the Hacienda and had trouble cashing a check which bugged the hell out of me. Probably would have been better if I couldn’t! Because I cashed + lost a hundred dollars in dreary up + down type playing. Then went to the Tropicana + lost some more. I know why too – because at the moment I really want to win. Dave has told Dick that for $300 he can get Armando off completely. (as it is his case has been postponed til January.) They got news last night in a special delivery from Ana’s mother that their residency papers have been processed + that they’ll be eligible in April. Dick received his check from Daddy today (“one dollar only”) to pay his “just debts” I had a nice letter from Cordy Richards – her cousin is going to be the new Episcopal (I presume) minister in New London. We had a nice meatloaf for dinner and went to bed + read for a while at seven o’clock!! To think I was [crossed out letters] once a “N.Y. Actress” who never saw dawn before 10:30 or 11 am!

Tuesday, October 19, 1971

Up early + did some desk work. Paid Dr. Richman (1250!!!) and American Express + M.P.S. Went to Bank of Nevada and deposited my ris check + bought a $400 check for Luise. Deposited $200 in our savings acct at Valley Bank. Went to the Safeway for a leg of lamb + other groceries and to the Post office to register a letter + buy stamps. Home about 1:30. Called Power Co. + the Meter reader is coming out on Thursday. There’s been a real mixup on the bill. About 2:30 or 3:00 I went over to the thunderbird and left a note for Les. Played 21 and lost about $60 over a period of time. Les came out of his meeting to say he’d be late + I borrowed $50 from him. Won that back at least. Called Dick to say we’d be home late. Got here around 5:45 with a wine stop at the 7-11. (Gallo Hearty Burgundy was the best they had.) Had a pleasant visit with Les and a very good dinner. We called Mary + she reminded me of Sunday’s call in which she’d told me she’d heard that Doug + Joan Forde were getting a divorce. Not verified but oh dear I hope it’s not true. If ever there was a man who deserved some happiness it’s Doug. We took Les to the airport, stopped briefly at the Valley Bar + came home. Glass of wine + bed.

Monday, October 18, 1971

Day began with hangover + memory of the C.S.G. luncheon. Dick in a bad humor. He took the VW to work as Armando was staying home. Les called from the airport around 9:30. Evidently I’d promised to meet him. How simply grand. I gave myself a facial + washed my hair. Called Alice to say I’d meet her at the Plaza hotel. Got my self put together + drove downtown. The luncheon being held in the UP room. Asked one of the change girls where that was + she got hysterical. Thought I wanted the ladies room. Finally got there. Alice’s table full but I sat with Helen Willis, Genevieve Lunnis + Mabel Isetta. Very pleasant. Saw Annabel + Inman + Stella + Lucille Brown + Angie + lots of other people Met Elizabeth Waldthausen who lives near us + [crossed out letters] whose father at 92 is a retired orthopdeic surgeon who has just been named “Dr. of the century.” We exchanged father’s names + addresses + phone numbers. Jim Carmany, Judge Mendoza, Ken Dalton, + Linda Tarr all spoke + it was a very good + interesting meeting. The new model of Child Haven very impressive. After I played a little 21 and won a hundred dollars Came home via the office. Pat Fiedike, the acct. there + I invited him to dinner. Went shopping + came home. Dick was stiff + sore (he’d gone horseback riding at J + J’s yesterday) and went to bed. [crossed out letter] Pat came at 6 + we had a good talk. He thinks everything is in order but that the books must be brought up to date + we must get out of the retail business. After he left, Dick got up + had his dinner. Bed early.

Sunday, October 17,*1971

Pittsburgh won today – 2-1 + won the series.

Day began with Dick reminding me that Armando was in jail. I’d forgotten. Then the phone rang + it was Armando. His car had been totaled out on the freeway and he was hurt. Dick was furious with the policeman from last night who’d neglected to mention anything about Armando’s being hurt. It’s one of the reasons so many people get so angry with the police [crossed out letters] + it’s a pity when they turn even their supporters against them by such behavior. Dick called Jack to go with him + Ana + I waited. I told Ana not to be angry with Armando whatever happened + so had Dick and so did Nelda. It took Dick + Jack almost 2 hrs. to get him out + see to the car. Dick said it was a miracle Armando is alive. There’s nothing left to the car. A rear tire flew off on the f’way + the car flipped over several times. Armando had been drinking with Paco but not very much according to Paco + the officer had given him no tests. He was badly bruised and bloody + clothes all torn + shoes missing. Probably a few cracked ribs. Dick + I went over to J + J’s to watch the final game of the series. Tom there and Joyce’s nephew Wade Morgan – What a game Clemente hit a home run with nobody on. What a series he’s had! And the pirates won 2-1. Dick called Daddy who said he’d send the dollar. We had 3 or 4 drinks there and came home + demolished the rest of Sunday.

Saturday, October 16,*1971

Baltimore won 3-2. Series tied

Slept late. Watched baseball game – Baltimore won – alas, alack, but very close game. I started knitting some musical squares for the Michels blanket and thought they looked pretty nice. Dick had some pool plans to draw up so I went down to the store with him + knitted + read an Agatha Chrisite while he worked. Debbie Fletcher a perfectly nice girl but woefully unenthusiastic type the Mall dead as always. Came home at 5 + went over to Ed + Casey’s for drinks and dinner. Got pretty smashed + never did play pool although later, Dale + Clark Isom Jr. came by + they + Dick + Eddie played. When we came home a policeman called Dick + told him Armando was in jail for drunk driving. That’s all he told him + hung up. Dick decided to leave him there to sleep it off + told Ana not to worry.

Friday, October 15,*1971

Dick off by 6:45 – I called Annie Sullivan + got tickets for Carl + Shirley on the 26th – The tickets for James + Jean were free – Whee! She leaves before Shirley gets there – said she’d call from Denver. Called Harold – Still no money and it looks as though the whole thing might fold if it doesn’t come through in the next few days. Said he’d call. Wants a story on Virginia O’Brien. Next I called Peggy Pope and she’s getting tickets for Shirley + Carl on the 28th + said she’d see them afterwards We had nice chat – she’s going to Druscilla’s opening next week. Went to Juvenile Court – Angie + Bill Fain had seen “Smith Family” – worked on the football party. Libby Bargiel came in to be trained and  – My God – she was so efficient she could have trained me in a minute. She asked to “have a try” at doing things so as a result did everything. Was happy to let her. Next stop the Showboat as per agreement with Dick. Sat there for 3 1/2 hours and won about $4.00 but met a nice lady, Dolores Henley who has a “stop + go on Desert Inn + Sandhill. Checked in with Dick several times + made arrangements to pick up Alice at 6:30. Left at 4:30 – stopped at Safeway + came home. Called Druscilla – Mary Jean had sent her $20 of her winnings which was pretty damn nice of her + had raved about Dick + our house + the dogs + me. Called Shirley + gave her the theatre details. She seemed very pleased. Dick home just before six a trifle worse for wear. Gave him a shave + we went to pick up Alice. Took her to the Jungle Club + thence to Dr. Zhivago – the place was jammed + Alice ended up in the back + we sat in the 5th row. God what a gorgeous movie. We all cried, got together at intermission, went back + cried again. Took Alice home + had some wine with her. Home at 1:30.

Thursday, October 14,*1971

Pittsburgh won 4-0 Ho Ho Ho.

Woke stiff + sore but a little better Called Jimmy at his office about Shirley. He’s got 40 women coming from New Hampshire at the same time but said he’d be glad to see her. Went to Breakfast at the Blvd. Nice time with Alice, Ruth Hazard, Vera Ward (?) + Lucy Scott. [crossed out words] Ruth presented Ann with an “Ann Hall Fan Club” folder with many signatures. Had left a place on top for me + Alice to sign which we both thought was very gracious. It turned out at the end that Lucy Scott had been Betty Davis’ hairdresser at Warners + had worked for Warners 40 years! She was telling Alice what to do about thinning hair when I left. Heard Bob Robertson’s of the Pirates hit a home run in the first inning as I drove home. Went back to bed with Dick + we watched the game. Pittsburgh could do no wrong and won 4-0. The orioles could do no right. We called Daddy twice. Made love to celebrate, [crossed out word] Pat Sullivan called to say his key wouldn’t fit + Dick explained. Pat denied Dick off about 1:15 and I left shortly after. Went to Safeway + got an M.O. for Armandos IRS payment + mailed it. Bought groceries + took laundry. Next stop the International. Won $100 minus a few tips + one keno ticket. Home before Dick. Called the Graysons nice chat with Neva who’s going to send back the mysteries I gave her by mistake. We had a good steak dinner (Dick ate next to nothing) and watched TV. Ana + Armando went to “The Late Show” sale at the Blvd. We went to bed pretty early. We’ve invited Alice to go see Dr. Zhivago with us tomorrow night.

Wednesday, October 13, 1971

Pittsburgh won 4-3. First night game of the World Series in history!

Thoroughly lost day. Must have fallen down last night because my left hip + leg were almost unbelievably immobilized. Pain, Pain, Pain. Dick pretty nice about it however (+ when he came home in the afternoon was sober so maybe it served a purpose). I spent the day in bed reading + from time to time drinking something cold. Spoke with Alice + am meeting her tomorrow. She’d called at nine and I didn’t remember  a word I’d said so had to call her back + say so. Wally Pinjuv called + I explained about the Graysons + told him to bring the check by the house. Tried to reach Neva + Herman without success. My top came from the College Sportshop. Dick home about 4:30. He’d learned from Danny Henderson that Pat Sullivan had approached 4 or 5 subcontractors + was planning to go into business himself. I agree with Dick that Danny has no axes to grind + is as honest as the day etc. Dick ordered the locks changed + that’s that. I spoke with Shirley who was as surprised as I. (not that either of us love Pat.) We called Daddy to tell him I was on TV [crossed out letters] tonight but also not to bother because of the ball game. He said maybe Dick was going to come into some wealth they’ve got a dollar bet on this game. And what a game it was. It started out terribly with Baltimore getting 3 runs in the top of the first They changed pitchers + put in a 21 yr old. named Kison who held the Orioles to one hit in 6 1/2 innings. The Pirates went on to win – Whee. Smith Family a hideous anti-climax!

Tuesday, October 12, 1971

Pittsburgh won 5-1

Up early. Baseball game on at 10 o’clock so sat down at my desk + got alot done. Paid Mystery Guild, Profiles, exterminator garbage, College Sportshop. Wrote Carson City for Armando, wrote Rae O’Dell, Pinecraft. Sent money to United Fund. called P+C Construction + called Mary. Last night just a hassle because of the tension of Les’ two jobs. Called Frontier Roseland + ordered flowers to be sent to Les’ grand opening on Saturday. Watched the baseball game. In Pittsburgh this time + glory be – The Pirates won. Everything clicked + it was lovely to see. Mary Jean called to say goodbye at 11. I went out to the Safeway + got groceries + money orders + to Sprouse Reitz for some white wool. Went to Post office to register a letter for Ana + then to the Blvd to pick up my copies of applause from Ann Hall. Mentioned I was going to be on [crossed out letter] “Smith Family” tomorrow + she called up Eddie + he told me to come down + be on his show. Was + he gave me 5 or 6 minutes. Ann came down too. As we were leaving I asked her about the snake + she just laughed. Minutes later as I was turning into B. Dalton’s I heard running feet and it was Ann – The snake (a Python) had been found 15 minutes before sound asleep on a cat walk!!!! Funny visit with Elaine who’s just bought some land – + then home. Dick asleep + drunk in his chair by the record player. I was furious. He asked me to sit on his lap + I said no. He then went off to bed. I read + knitted + ate dinner Alone again (he woke but wouldn’t eat) then he went out. Ana + Armando went to take Alice’s TV back. Dick came back + back to bed + when Ana + Armando came home I got drunk + thoroughly so. Do not remember going to bed. Jack + Joyce back from vacation.

Monday, October 11, 1971

Orioles won – 11-3

Fake Columbus Day. Up pretty early. Dick off about 9 o’clock. I settled in to watch the baseball game. It was a rout and a disaster The Pirates left men on in every inning but didn’t score until Robertson hit a three run homer in the 8th + by then it was too late. I knitted on the Michels blanket (finished 3 sqs. during the day.) Dick home a little drunk about 1:00 – just as I was getting ready to meet Mary Jean. We had a few words. At the moment he’s going through a bad time from both a morale + a health point of view. I paid our mortgage + went to the bank + put $350.00 in our savings acct. Met Mary Jean at the Sahara + we went over to Circus Circus and stayed a couple of hours. Saw 5 acts, had a hot dog + beer + played a couple of keno tickets, then we went over to the Riviera for a last bout of 21. Didn’t have much time but each won $10 so our whole day was paid for. Whee. Signed a composite for her “to the hot shot 21 player from The Big Wig” + said good bye. Went + got some groceries + was home by 5:15. Dick quite drunk + asleep in the chair. Went to bed so I knit + read a new Ngaio Marsh Had nice diet dinner. Dick up + had a hamburger We watched some of Cat on a hot tin roof. Bed about 10:30. Phone rang at 12:30 + it was Mary all upset She + Les going to get a divorce (?) I was so obviously asleep that she said she’d call tomorrow + hung up. Dick made several remarks that kept me awake for another 40 minutes or so –

Sunday, October 10, 1971

ball game rained out

woke earlyish – wrote a few days diary – had a little breakfast + read the Sunday funnies in bed + made love. Mary Jean + John called at eleven. Dick went over to get them and I went to the Safeway for some snappy tom Bloody Mary Mix and a few other items – they really liked our house + M.J. says she’s going to tell Drue she has to come at Christmas time. They were also “very impressed” with how well Little + Newman behave!!! Dick made cheese omelets and a good time was had by all. Several Bloody Marys + then switched to wine coolers. We took them down to see the store and then back to the Sahara for another reception. The ball game was rained out today. We went on to Frank’s + lost $30 on the stupid slot machines. Had one wine cooler there + then began to feel a little sick. We came home + I had some coffee. Watched some TV. I called Leon + also Mary to find out what if anything had happened with Susan yesterday. We went to bed very early + I woke up around 11 pm with a really ghastly hangover. Took alka seltzer + aspirins but nothing helped. Was cranky + miserable + couldn’t get back to sleep. We did some exercises + Dick rubbed my back + finally around one or so I drifted off.

Saturday, October 9, 1971

Pittsburgh lost 3-5

We dawdled around in bed. Had coffee, made love + then the phone rang. It was Mary Jean! Newmont had paid her way – So pleased. Dick had to got out on several jobs so after going over a shopping list with Ana I went to the Sahara to meet M.J. for lunch. Saw the last of the first world Series game in her room. Pittsburgh lost 3-5 John out somewhere so we left a note for him (“at the gaming tables with Patience”) when we finished lunch. I’d given Mary Jean a few pointers about 21 during lunch + said I’d treat her to $10 worth of singles. No $1 table with 2 vacancies however so I sat at a $5.00 table + got a little ahead + put one down for Mary Jean. She never got behind. I did go down $60 but by the time we stopped playing I’d won $135 + M.J. had won $209. She was so excited that it was great. John came in + couldn’t believe it. Made us stop. I’d called Dick + he’d said not to lose the money but also “Stay as long as like, Darling, + have a good time” So when M.J. + John went upstairs I did stay another hour + won $20 more. Home at 5:30 + Dick furious with me. Oh dear. I had not been drinking but he’d had a bottle of wine – Went out to get another. Ana fixed a lovely diet dinner but Dick wouldn’t eat. Although he did cool off + became very pleasant. I paid Ana + put $100 in my desk drawer + still had $120 in my wallet. We called Jimmy Judge + picked up M.J. + John at the Sahara + went over to the Stardust. Dick + John went to the bar + M.J. + I played more 21 + each won about $45. Then Dick took some of my winnings + lost them – went off with M.J. + John + while he was gone I won it all back + then some. Paged him on the house phone + we left $80 richer than when we went. Took a cab home + picked up a bottle of wine – One night cap + bed.

Friday, October 8, 1971

Woke on Mary’s livingroom couch. Saw Sue + Bob (the latter radiating disapproval) before they went out. Had coffee with Mary + long talk. I don’t care for Bob, feel he’s very bad for Sue + has absolutely squelched her personality – no sense of fun or gaiety whatsoever. Mary feels he’s a real repeat on Allen + I agree. They came back + took all their things in the land rover – going over to Joy’s. Mary + I went to the L.A. furniture mart. We covered [crossed out letter] 4 floors or so and I found a few things that I think we could handle beautifully. A line called “[crossed out word] Barrel Craft,” and some real novelty items at a place I asked to send their catalogue. Went by Grumer Monehan + got their rattan + wicker literature We had lunch downstairs + talked at length + then went through about 4 more floors. Really quite a day + with hangovers too. Went back to Leon’s for a nap. Packed + put in some panti-hose + “basis” soap which he’d left out on the table. Did not take the cookies + candies. We went over to Leon’s office to say goodbye. Had to wait for him a while + then it was not an easy process. Got back to Babette a little after six where Les filled us in on the ghastly details of last night. Evidently Susan + Bob came back while Mary + I were sloshing down the wine and [crossed out word] could have heard me saying that I didn’t think their relationship was going to work out. Grand. I’ve really contributed to the success of their visit. Thank God they didn’t come to Las Vegas. I bought Les + Mary dinner at the Hungry Tiger (to “work off some guilt as quickly as possible”) Dick met me at the airport. Told me he’s going to get someone in to audit the books while Shirley’s gone. Sheldon Andelson [crossed out word] sending someone so it won’t be local + Shirley will never know. I hope to God she doesn’t + even more I hope to God nothing turns up. We came home + then went out to Frank’s Lost about $30 in the slot machine + then came back here.

Thursday, October 7, 1971

Up at 6 – washed up a bit, put on a facial, wrote diary etc. Left at 7:00. Leon gave me bread + wine for Mary + Les. Watched Yvonne, Marilyn + Janet in their Las Vegas costumes do the final scene. Like going to see your friends graduate. Nice hair dresser named Ruby who made my short hair look better than I’d have thought possible. Negro Grip named Collins who came over + said Hello – remembered me from last time. Virginia Oldman brought a copy of “Fabulous” – a L.V. Magazine. She’s a funny lady Sang “Ramona” + brought the house down. We started working on our first scene around eleven o’clock. Word? all so good we had to try to be bad. Not that it was that difficult. Ate lunch with Marilyn Hare + Clare Newell. Virginia came by + loved the umbrella. Ed Hartman dropped over + said Hello to all. We didn’t finish shooting until a little after 6 o’clock. Was exhausted Got out to Mary’s a bit after seven. Sue there looking very sweet but exceedingly thin. Bob is an odd guy with as Les later said, alot of reserve hostility. I tried to make some contact but got the feeling very strongly that I was not a useful person fulfilling an important (or even necessary) function. Maybe impart because I had too much wine or what I had went straight to my head. Sue extremely uptight – dropped + broke a salad fork + it was the end of the world. Dick called + we had nice chat before dinner. Dinner was a shrimp salad prepared by Sue. (the shrimps a huge concession to the meat eaters) It was bland + blah. They (Sue + Bob) went out + Mary + I drank pots of wine and the whole end of the evening is a blur dissolving into a blank. I did call Leon to tell him I was spending the night. Met nice character actress Mon? Margetts?