Sunday, April 21, 1974

Washboard at 7 – very slow morning both on the machines + behind the counter I knitted on George’s sweater + by the end of the day finished it all except the ends + then washing + blocking. Left at 12:45 came home + made an apple pie + while it was baking fixed salad to take to Jack + Joyces. Dick back about 1:30. We went to J + J’s a little [crossed out letters] after 2 – J, J + Danny (now called Dave) had gotten a real head start and it was hard to come in with things at that level. Did have a nice chat with Margi + Shirley + Carl. I’m not overly fond of “Dave” Drank 3 or 4 beers too fast. Mary called from the Washboard about 3 + we left. Dick had eaten a large plate of ham + beans etc. as well as the beers. so wasn’t hungry. He had another 6 pack after we got home. (I had one beer + he went + got 1 more later) We called the W.B. + Gen + Lucille were there so we chatted a little, napped + read. My insides in a turmoil. Have been constipated for days. Blah, Blah Blah. Had a piecemeal dinner [crossed out words] The phillies played Chicago again today but couldn’t get the results.


Saturday, April 20, 1974

Worked around the house all day. Etta came a little before 8 and started in at the back while I [crossed out word] futzed about in the kitchen + back hall closet. Cleared out the closet, + cleaned all the drawers + cupboards in the kitchen – Still have the 2 kitchen closets to go but really did do alot. Dick at the W.B. entire day until after 5. Ana + Armando came at 2:30 with a huge + beautiful bouquet of roses from their garden including a lavender rose!!! Ed + Casey over briefly to say hello. After A+A came, Lucille Brown came by with Jen Millar to see the house + exchange greetings. They’re coming over to the Washboard tomorrow. Electric bill came $174 which isn’t bad and a master charge bill for the Animal Inn. Had stuffed peppers for dinner. Watched TV, Bathed, knitted, bed –

Good day.

Jen said something about Jimmy considering being president of New Hampshire University??

Friday, April 19, 1974

Paid bills + renewed subscriptions – N.Y.May Am. Heritage + Argus Champion. Watered lawn etc. Called Crowell publishing in N.Y. + sent off an order + a check for 4 copies of Blueberry Hill cookbook + 2 each of the Blueberry Hill Kitchen notebook + menu cookbook + $10 extra to cover postage Got to W.B. at 10:15. Timmy called just as I was leaving + I’m afraid I was very short with him as he was asking about a check I’d sent a month ago. Finally discovered he had deposited it but I was very edgy by then. Went to the bank + got change + made deposit – then to the Blvd to meet Joyce. Half hr. wait during which I got a pin put in my watch bracelet. She was all excited about her class + is going to try to get me in. I think I’d like it. I went to the “sale” at the B’way – a few things marked down here + there + did find a nice shirt. Then to Skaggs where Joyce bought the liquor for a party they’re giving and over to the Landmark. Got too many cards + had to give some away. After I played the slots + I ate a heavy tuna sandwich + read the New Yorker. back to Skaggs for groceries + a backgammon game. Home Joyce came by + took our plastic glasses. Napped. Dick fixed ham for dinner ate late. TV knitted etc. Got money today from Doug Gilberts check. Played yahtzee The Phillies beat Chicago + are only 1 game out of first. Montreal is the team to beat.

Thursday, April 18, 1974

Finished letter to Drue – called her but we couldn’t talk. Decided to mail her my copy of Blueberry Hill cookbook + kitchen notebook. Took a bath, shaved legs + washed hair. Went to bank + deposited McKelveys checks. Stopped at WB + then went to Bank of Nevada + deposited my check + Dick’s. Met him at Penneys for [crossed out letters] breakfast. Saw Rudy + Charlotte, Ruth Hazard, Eddie Hall + Greg. Dick had shoes shined + I went to B. Dalton to order Blueberry Hill books. 6-8 weeks. I left. We went to Sears + Dick left my watch + I went to see about crochet class but it was full up. Went to Dana McKays who were alot more helpful + gave me the number + address of the publisher in N.Y. Went to Avatar. Long time there today. Dave talked alot about his early days. Didn’t get to the hypnosis til after one. Left at two. Went to the Airport P.O. + mailed books + letter. Home + made cream puffs – then took long nap. Dick in rather sour humor. Had 4 beers. That’s not bad but it’s a gradual inching back up. Made chop suey for dinner. Watched TV – Dick went to bed early. I sewed sweater seams + started in on neck – should finish by the end of the week – Called Joyce + will meet her after the class tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 17, 1974

Yippee – great day. Watered lawn in the a.m. and wrote more on the letter to Drue. Took clothes to be cleaned. Made deposits at Valley Bank – business + household. Went to Bank of Nevada and made 2 Xmas club payments + put $50 in my acct. Safeway for groceries. In + out of laundromat. The boiler broken + Dick labored mightily to fix it. I visited with Dolly – Stayed while Bob VanderHeuvel counted the slot take and then went for dimes + came home. Nice note from Cotton. Called Ana + Armando will paint Dick’s truck Sat. + bring back the sledge hammer I took a nap + was awakened by Etta McKelvey who’d come to look at the pool stuff in the garage. She went home + came back with Bill + before they left Dick came home + they ended up taking a whole lot of stuff including 11 boxes of tile for $100 and the old bottles that I’d wrapped + put away. It totaled out at $425.00. They got a good deal + we got a good deal as it could have sat there forever. Dick’s taking $175 for his own acct + I’m taking $100 for my own acct + we’re putting 150.00 in the hsehld acct. which gives us a comfortable backlog. I’d been worried a little because I’d sent Harold another 350.00 + I have a balance now of only $100 in my N.Y. acct til next month. This way we’re in good good shape. Callooh-Callay. Jimmy Judge here for dinner. Pretty hairy tales of the “good old days” – left about nine bed + TV.

Tuesday, April 16, 1974

Dick off early. I sent $150 to M.P.S. to complete pledge and the rent for Larrabee. I wrote Timmy with A.A. + a longish letter to Harold with another $350 which I have to assume he needs as there has been no good news of any sort from that quarter. I watered the lawn + the trees. Went to Sprouse Reitz for a mirror for Dick + some envelopes + wool. Stopped at the store + cashed a check, then went to the Race Book (sports) + placed a $40 bet on the Phillies. Had only planned to put down $20 + also $20 on Boston but there were no odds on the latter + the Phillies to win their division were only 15 to 1. Went to Blue chip stamp place + got a very nice watch for 9 books + then Skaggs where I got some vitamins + ledgers for the store. Stopped to see Daisy + then back to the laundromat. Dick bought me a sandwich at the bakery + we sat outside joined by Dolly + Brenda + later Carl. I think he’d a bit of a drag. Nice visit with Rosemary Masek in W.B. Came home + wrote Margaret and then started a letter to Drue + Dick. Jimmy Judge came by + I invited him to dinner tomorrow night. He + Lorraine have split up + he’s torn between being broken up + thinking it’s the best thing that ever happened. Letter from Newcomb – same as our phone conversation. Dick had maybe 4 beers today. Only 2 at home but he came in smelling of beer + is in the habit of drinking one in the truck. We had a good dinner + watched TV til 11:30 The Phillies beat the Cards – 10-8!! their 5th straight

Monday, April 15, 1974

Wrote Eddie Royce

Woke too early – Back to sleep + woke too late! But got over to Washboard by 6:45. Ilena came in at 7 (Dick had told her not to come til 9) But it’s lucky she did as the place was jammed. And so were most of the coin chutes!!! Dick called the manufacturers in Georgia + called Stan too – It’s really a mess + customers who’ve accepted the raised price, will not accept the jammed chutes The machines came to $750 for 6 days + we had $550 to deposit from 3 days of counter. We paid off Shirley for her tax work, made a loan payment, paid Richway, Deluxe + Van Waters + still have a balance of $500 plus. We had breakfast at Bob’s Big Boy. I called Dave to cancel out Ann’s appt. am sorry I ever even tried. Came home + napped + then made a pumpkin pie for Dick. He didn’t get home til 5 o’clock or after. Worked all that time. He said he had a beer in the garage + was going to drink it. Don’t know if he did or not but, if so, it was the only beer he had all day and the difference is enormous. [crossed out letters] I called Mom, Cassie + George – nice chat. George went back to work today. Had a very good letter from Margie. Was glad I’d written as I had also a note from Annie which must have crossed mine. TV til eleven or so + bed. Good Day.

Sunday, April 14, 1974

Dick had no beers today – Said he’s going to quit and I can think of nothing that would make me happier. It was a really lovely day – The sun bright + warm + no wind. Newcomb called to wish us a happy Easter + to see if we were planning on going back for Winifred’s wedding. Said we might – he’d like us to come by way of Tulsa + go on back with him + Bisy. Told him we’d think about it. I wrote Izzy, Cass + George, sending them all the fable and wrote a letter to Mom. We called Dad about 4 o’clock his time – he sounded a little smashed after the festivities at Barn View. We watched the Masters’ golf tournament Gary Player the winner. I napped + lay around all day. Made veal parmiagian for dinner – Dick feeling a little rotten do didn’t eat much. For me a lovely, lovely day.

Saturday, April 13, 1974

Cool + sunny day – Did not accomplish much of anything. Went out for groceries about 10 – Met a nice English lady – Mrs. Warren (?) in the produce dept + she’s going to stop by the house sometime + show me how to plant something (I bought what I think is a hydrangea) anyway it’s very pretty. Came home + watched Boston trim Detroit 9-1. Rather a dull game really. Rainy there + cold + the stands empty. The laundromat busy + Dick stuck over there til 3 o’clock. I offered to go over but not needed. Called Ann about Tuesday + she decided not to see Dave – Tried to call him and it was too late. I’m sorry because now I’ve got him all hung up and can’t reach him til Tuesday. I guess I’ll change my appt. so he won’t lose the time. Saw Eddie briefly + gave him + Casey a copy of the Swallow. Dick not hungry + neither was I so we pieced dinner. I made another low cal apple pie. Watched man in the Iron Mask on TV and the very end of the Greatest Story ever Told – Am reading a wild book “The Late Great Creature” by Brock Bower. Story of a journalist’s story on a monster movie idol. Knitted alot on George’s sweater. should finish it in a week. Bed late-ish. 11:30 or so.

Friday, April 12, 1974

Dick to W.B. about 9:00. Ilene snowed. I spent the morning making an apple crumb pie for Ann Hall + a low calorie apple pie for Dick. Did 3 loads of wash, watered the lawn, cleaned up the kitchen and wrote notes to both Timmy + Scott. Went to the airport around 10:40 to see Co + Russell before they left. Don’t think they had a really good time this trip but could be wrong. Left at 1:15 to go to Blue Chip Stamp center for a watch + it was closed because of good Friday (couldn’t even get properly angry!) Went to Ann’s with pie + 2 copies of swallow story. We had a good visit and talked in some depth about alot of things – including Dave + whether or not she’s really ready It was left that I’d call her tomorrow – very interesting story of her former involvement with horse racing + handicapping + “a covenant with God” that she made. I got home about 3:30 – a high wind still blowing sand in every crack in the house. Long + interesting letter from Drue. Everyone very discouraging about serving food. However I don’t see how they can not serve. (Dick does) Too windy to lie outside After dinner we watched Ben Hur + I knitted furiously to the beat of the galleys master + the horse races. Invitation to Winnie’s wedding + nice note from Jim.

Thursday, April 11, 1974

After Dick left for the Washboard I wrote Daddy, Mary Jean, Liza + Mary sending them all copies of the little Swallow. I called Drue + she said a letter is en route. She saw Priscilla Merritt in Blue Hill [crossed out word] + loved her I told her about Louis’ letter + read her the fable. Went to W.B. + signed checks + to bank to cash them for Dick, Mary + Ilene. Went to Dave’s – had nice visit with Mike first Gave both him + Dave a copy – (i’m giving it to everyone I like) Good session with Dave – Went pretty far out. He’s going to come + see Ann with me + we made appt. for Tuesday which I’m going to clear – Went over to Geo + Pat’s to thank them for the other evening + give them their copy. A great success. Ate downtown at Kenney’s + then took Players guide + my pix + resume to [crossed out word] Sarge Allen. He’s a little pathetic – a real [crossed out letters] “how-it-could-have-been-if-things-had-been-different” type actor. Have the feeling nothing much will come of our directory. Came home + meditated in the sun by the pool. Dick had been at Big John’s and I asked him when he’s going to stop + he said when he’s ready + I said I hoped so as it was beginning to get to him + to me too. I said it pleasantly + it was not a bad thing at all. Co + Russell came for dinner + we had a good time. Played Poker + we won this time. They left at 10:45.

Wednesday, April 10, 1974

Spent early a.m. rewriting or polishing Mae’s story about the little bird + printed out a clean copy. Took it to Kopy Kat + had 50 run off. Roy + Jean made 1 for themselves. I gave Dolly one + she told me about Jai Alai games. Before I got off I locked myself out of the house + Dick had to come get me. Not a day of much accomplishment – overcast + windy. We slept in the afternoon. I called Sarge Allen about the Nevada players Directory. He wants to see a copy of Players’ guide + I said I’d bring one. We had dinner with Co + Russell at the jungle club + then went to the Jai Alai games. I won my first bet and then never another. Down $20 – Dick down about $70 + got a little crocked. It’s not fun to go out when he does. blah blah blah. Home at 12:45 Left before the last game. Letter from Louis today – very nice first part + then definitely a little scathing at the end about the mortgage after the loan has been made!

Tuesday, April 9, 1974

Up at 5 – Washboard at 5:45. I did 4 washes before Eileen got in and before I left we did 8 in all. The wind up – wild + wooly day. Called Co to see if she wanted to go shopping as there was no chance of lying by the pool but she said not really. Joyce came by + we had coffee together. She’s going to a crochet class at Sears on the 19th and I may join her. Went to Vans and got some easter cards. Van is not a very nice person really – Told me about some niggers who came in + were casing the joint. What a bore. Punks are punks in any color. Went to the Blvd market for groceries – got steaks + roast + corn etc. Called Ann Hall – Eddie’s home sick too so she suggested I come later in the week. I’d called Dave earlier + he said he didn’t make house calls but then said “If you want me to I will” and I was deeply touched. I went over to B. Dalton’s to look for “Psycho-therapy East + West” by Alan Watts but couldn’t find it. Instead I bought “The Book: on the taboo against knowing who you are” and “The Wisdom of Insecurity” both by Watts. I started the latter at late lunch at Bob’s big boy. It’s stimulating and now. Home + read some more + then read “The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax.” a delight. Roast, corn + spinach for dinner. Mae’s story of the Little sparrow turned up (I’d lost it) + I’m going to re-copy it + rewrite a little and get a whole slew of prints to send out. We watched TV + I knitted. Dick said “there’s only 1 beer left so I’ll be going to bed soon.” I thought in a far away kind of way that if I were going to get angry that would make me very angry. As it was however, he didn’t go to bed but stayed up 3 more hrs to watch a movie. so I’m glad so many of these things don’t get to me any more.

Monday, April 8, 1974

Hank Aaron hit home run #715 and passed Babe Ruth.

Wrote Cotton in A.M. Her birthday on the 13th. Sent $10. Laundromat at 9 – Paid bills – Shirley finished our taxes + we have over $10,000 coming back. She’s not going to file for $1395.00 until after June 15th. But, 9,000 is being filed for now. $2,000 we’re going to leave with the IRS for estimated tax this year, 2,000 we’ll put in a “bluechip savings acct” for the inevitable audit next year + $5,000 will be ours. That means going back East for Winnie’s wedding, the landscaping, our insurance in August, getting my face done, Dick’s teeth + Hawaii next December. Wow! Shirley’s bill $480.00. Paid her $200 out of account + balance will be next week. No loan payment however. The place terribly busy. I went to the showboat and sat by the pool with Colby. Then we played Bingo + I came home at 4:30. Total expenditure $2.50 no desire to gamble more. Co + Russell are leaving Friday which was a shock. Invited them to dinner Thursday. Dick blew up at a lady with 2 kids who flooded the bathroom. Told her if she came back he’d call the Sheriff!! We watched the NBC Baseball game of the week + saw Henry Aaron beat Babe Ruth’s record with the 715th homer of his career. Whee. Good dinner + very early bed as we set the alarm for 5 – the washes piled up + we decided to get over early. First news letter from Nevada S.A.G.

Sunday, April 7, 1974

Up at 6 – But Dick went over by himself. I watered lawn, meditated, and wrote Timmy enclosing two pictures of him under a flowering tree out back. I haven’t heard from him since sending off the “author’s aid” 3 weeks ago and am beginning to feel I ought to try to find out something. May call Joan Korda this week – or Nicky. Got to the W.B. about 8:45. The place fairly quiet – did quite a bit of dry cleaning but didn’t have any washes Dick cleaned the filters this a.m. A very pleasant guy named Joseph De Nucci came in – he’s opening a leather shop oh Friday, across from the Stardust + asked us to his opening. (12 noon to 12 midnight!!) Mike Moody in too and we asked about the tickets – evidently the invitation itself was the ticket!! very confusing. Told him we wanted to throw a big informal part for Sherry + David Towell late this summer. Home about 1:30 + napped. Still haven’t gotten to afternoon meditation. We went to the Jungle Club for dinner + then took off the machines – $842.00 and about $330 counter so far will have about $1250 to deposit tomorrow + have to pay out almost all immediately – 500 to Goss Jewett + Coca-Cola $130 for a missing order (the Halvensens) + Richway Deluxe etc. Don’t know if we’ll be able to make a loan payment. Also will have to pay Shirley for our taxes. She worked late tonight + they should be ready in the morning. Went to see Last Detail + loved it Stayed for the opening sequence of Save the Tiger (the one I was supposed to read for)