Thursday, August 17, 1972

Up early. Wrote diary + had coffee + then went thru the copy of Bill’s mss. that Chuck Neighbors had sent to me. Total of 858 pages with a few (2) paging errors. (not bad at all). I also cleaned out the guestroom bathroom in the early am + washed mats + towels. Retyped the title page taking off Chuck’s name as agent. Put my own name + address down without specification. Got to the Breakfast club late but not as late as Alice + Marjorie – they couldn’t come for lunch so I stayed the full show. talked with Ann after + we decided to go to”Kiss me Kate” sunday afternoon (tentatively). She’s delighted at the thought of a quilt from Cotton + is going to get stuff together. Picked up a free sample of See’s candys. They’ve just opened up in the Blvd. I took Bill’s mss to All State printing. Decided to get 3 copies. It’s going to cost $200 (minus a few cents.) Called Dick + then went in to Wonder World. Only had $15 + lost it on the slot machine so went over to the Landmark. At first didn’t do too well but in an hour + a half finally got a little lucky + won $80.00. I was betting very cautiously the whole time. Went by Essex to see if Dick was there but he wasn’t. Came home + Dick was furious. I told him I’d [crossed out word] won $65 on a slot machine because he has such a thing about the casinos. But he said “You had your ass plunked at [crossed out letters] a 21 table – that’s where you were.” So I told him yes it was. He hadn’t taken Little for her shot as he was waiting for a call from the nifty nickel ads. So I took Little then came back + cleaned the house some. Dusted + put things away etc. Dick had holed up in the office + stayed there napping (?) until after Alice + Marjorie had come + gone. I heated up the chicken dish from the freezer that Timmy had made and made some rice. Ed Kulick [crossed out word] came over to see Dick which was a good way to break the ice + after he left we had dinner + watched TV. I worked on my afghan + got quite alot done. I should be starting the eagle tomorrow. Bed at 11:30. Jack + Joyce are coming over on Sunday for ribs so that wiped out the Sunday plans for the show with Ann. But I’m very glad that J+J are no longer on the black list so that’s okay –

Wednesday, August 16, 1972

Up around 6:30 – coffee, diary + lists. The guy from Clark County Electric was here nice + early to look at the ice maker It’s going to cost $45-50 to fix! Dick meanwhile was running a snake down the bathroom drain + cleared it out. As he said, saving in one room + spending in another. I called Timmy who sounded in good spirits but a little confused. Thought we weren’t going to keep the apartment! Asked him to send us a key + said we’d be there within the next 10- days or so. I finished a funny murder mystery “Kissing Covens” by Colin Watson, did a little on the bedspread + went out + lay in the sun briefly. Mr. Fernandez came + I bought more laundry soap + honey-glycerine soap + Dick bought some De-greaser. Showed him our pool + he seemed to like it alot. Dick finished ‘Only 3 Died’ mixed reactions. We had a sandwich lunch. Dick took Newman to the vets for a rabies + distemper shot. When he came back I went to So Nevada Memorial Hospital to see Mr. Chan. He’d been transferred to the Vegas Valley [crossed out letters] Convalescent Home. It took some time to find it but finally did + it seems like a pleasant place. I went in + he was asleep + I was going to leave a note but the nurse said “Wake him up they have all the time in the world to sleep + a visit means so much.” So I woke him + we talked + he told me he’d been having bad dreams and he gave me his ex-wife’s address + when I left they gave me his laundry (Which was pretty ghastly) I told him we had his money + would take care of it + that I’d come in on Friday. Came home. Called Alice + invited her + Marjorie to swim + have a sandwich tomorrow. Called Mrs. Sliwerski + said I’d come over to help clean out Mr. Chan’s place on Friday. Ed came over to ask Dick about help with the truck this weekend. Dick lost his keys – big search. We went + had diner at the Jungle Club and then mailed Newman’s rabies certificate + the L.A. rent + went to see “The Candidate” – enjoyably non-violent + some nice funny moments. Too much pop corn. Safeway for a few groceries + home. keys in driveway – whee. Bed about 11 – Leon called – Virginia wants to see me next trip

Tuesday, August 15, 1972

Up at 7:30 + fixed breakfast We left the house about 9 + went over to get the VW. The bill was about $7.00 I bought gas and then went on a long detour to the Post office. Drove around about 25 minutes before I connected! Mailed letters + bought stamps. Then went to see Mr. Chan. No answer when I knocked + finally I went to the landlady’s house Mr. Chan is in Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital. Was horribly sick + she’d found him lying in his own filth after about 36 hours. Called the ambulance + they took him off more dead than alive. She went on + on bewailing the mattress and I gave her a check for a new one after she called Sears + got a price. She told me Mr. Chan is on the “hard stuff” and when I looked skeptical she favored me with a look of pity. Well I don’t know – Dick later pooh poohed it but possibly his Doctor was giving him some kind of morphine (?) She gave me a letter to us from Mr. Chan and I promised to be back in touch with her tomorrow night after seeing Mr. Chan in the hospital. Went to the Tropicana + played 21 for 1 hour. Won $50 + left. Went to the cleaners, Drug store for vitamins + shaving stuff + to the Safeway where I stood in line forever. The cash register broke down (the tape got stuck) + it was one by the time I got home. Changed fast + Dick + I read Mr. Chan’s letter In it was $25 in cash and a pathetic note saying he felt he still owed us that and couldn’t stand the pain any longer. Went to Alice’s – Lucille, Annabel, Pat Moore, Merv Crockett, Ruth Slavin + her daughter Sarah and Alice’s house guest Marjorie Denton – such an attractive lady very pleasant afternoon nice lunch + then cards. One table of bridge + then Alice, Pat, Lucille Merv + I played some new kind of rummy. The puppies very cute. Home at 4:20. Dick got B’day cards from Mom + Cass. Had been napping I called the hospital + Mr. Chan is better Left a message I’d see him tomorrow. We had beautiful steaks for dinner. Watched the final installment of War + Peace + went to bed about 10:30 – Swam before dinner.

Monday, August 14, 1972

Wrote a rather dreary letter to Van Kirk St saying we were back + that Dick didn’t have to have the cataract operation and thank you for the visit – Blah, Blah. We went to the gas station, picked up the VW and took it to be fixed. Then went to Foxys for brunch Dick’s truck wouldn’t start afterwards + Two separate people – a lady + man immediately offered to help. Went to Bank of Nevada + Dick gave me a check for $250 for Jimmy’s campaign and I deposited Cotton’s check for $30 and $52 for a 6th run residual. Dick stopped at the Nifty Nickel + put in an ad for the red truck + the cash register. We saw George Hall’s truck on the street + said hello to him, Rich + Tony. I was glad we stopped. Then Valley Bank [crossed out letters] where we deposited $300 in travelers checks. Mailed bills etc. Stopped with the truck at the Enco station + were there almost an hour getting it fixed – “That okay Richard?” “Yes, Frank, That’s fine” Dick got his name off his shirt + he got Dick’s name off his credit card + they kept using them every third word – Home a little after one – Shirley right after – She went over things with Dick + I went + took a long nap. More rain Paid our insurance, Hayes, and sent off for membership in the Unity Buying Service. It sounds like a good deal. Called Frontier Roseland + sent some flowers to Mrs. Paterson “Late Birthday and an Early Recovery” Called Mary Jean + Dick had left his sweater (as I had) at Joy House. Also talked with Drue who had stayed on an extra week and I’m glad for her that she did. The Olsens didn’t leave until the very last minute on Saturday + then evidently talked about coming back!!! I learned how to vaccuum the pool – it’s hard work but I think I could do it alone. I called Alice + am invited to a lunch party tomorrow at one – cards after. TV dinners + more War + Peace So glad we have this set to see it on. More mistakes on bed spread. More ripping out. Dick had a call about a pool – a Mr. Raspberry!

Sunday, August 13, 1972

More rain + thunder + lightening. In a way it’s nice here because it’s so desperately needed. I was up early + paid some bills, Heron books, Mystery guild, American Express and Bruce – Terminix. Sent in another Reader’s Digest sweepstake too! Dick went out + got the Sunday papers at 7 + then after reading them we dozed off again. Jim Daniels called at 9:30 + we got up + had breakfast. We took turns ironing + then opened all our boxes + put away the china – 2 salad plates broken and 1 bowl and a glass chimney for [crossed out word] a bedside lamp After Jim left Dick went to the store for some watermelon and liverwurst. I cleaned a few more feet of counter space in the kitchen and spent a good part of the day working on the bedspread. I’m into the pattern now and had to rip out several times. I hope the next one will be better and easier! While Dick was out I called the Halls + spoke to Eddie. Ann is in a religious retreat for several days and will be back Tuesday night. We went back to bed in the afternoon + napped. Our timing is still off and we’re going to have to get back on a routine. Called Leon + he said Virginia had been asking for me. I hope it’s true + something comes up. Dick is anxious to get to work on “Only 3 died” Also to go to L.A. (I don’t want to move for a little while unless it’s for something definite) Dick called the Macayo Vegas this a.m. for Judy Rehn + found she hasn’t been working there for 2 months! I guess that clinches it – Goodbye 15 thou! We watched the 2nd installment of War + Peace and then watched a TV movie called Brotherhood of the Bell – Lights out at one am.

Saturday, August 12, 1972

Dick’s birthday

Up early ish but left bed unmade for early return Dick worked on the pool – cleaning + sweeping the patio I gave him his painting + he liked it. Battery dead on the VW so he pushed me to get it started + we left it at the gas station on Russell + Pecos. the [crossed out word] brakes almost completely gone! Scared hell out of me when I slowed to turn in. Went with Dick to Wonder World. I bought him a pair of battery cables for his birthday + an upholstery needle to try + fix the hole in the truck seat. Talked with June about Daisy – they couldn’t find the hernia when she went in to the hospital so they operated on her nose! Met her husband Val who said she’d just come home + was hurting + unrecognizable at the moment. Played + lost $15 on the slot machine. It was raining as we drove home. Stopped at Ed’s to pick up our china packages. Clyde Schreiber came by to visit – Dick gave him two of Jims small beers. He was already pretty drunk, I think. I started the first eagle bedspread. Had to tear it out twice before I got going but I think I’m on the way now. It’s going to be one hell of a long job!! I did several loads of laundry. After Clyde left we played yahtzee and called Daddy who seemed very happy to hear from us. Then we went back to bed + made love with the rain pattering on the roof. After took a nap and slept until [crossed out letters] 5:30 Got up + put on the roast. Watched TV news. Over cooked the roast but it was still good. We watched the first installment of War + Peace – the Russian film – English version. Arthur Hill introduced it 4 nights! Very impressive so far + beautifully filmed. Cost 100 million! Jimmy Whelan called about 11 [crossed out letters] o’clock + told Dick to tell me he was “happy” – oh dear – and I was the only person who wrote him when he was in the hospital” – How sad – Just because Dotti made me write. Went to bed after midnight –

Friday, August 11, 1972

Dick called room service for coffee, English muffins + juice and I wrote Harriet a note to say we couldn’t take advantage of the lovely offer of her apartment We called Mather + Winifred to thank them for the nice time last night and I gave Winifred Margie’s address. Checked out about 10:15. Took the car back to Avis. Total $312.00 not bad. Had to pay an extra $19.00 on our ticket. I bought a couple of little candy goodies for Dick at the SS Pierce gift shop + we picked up “getaway guides” to Paris + London. Were checked at the airplane entrance by metal detector + they went through some had luggage. Thank goodness. Nice flight to Chicago despite several active small children behind us. I crocheted + [crossed out letter] read. Had good lunch. We changed seats at Chicago + went out + walked around. Another full meal served between Chi + L.V. but we just had dessert + coffee + I wrote in my diary. Got to L.V. at 3:25 – 105° at the airport but as usual much hotter. Got a cab home + Little barked at us + didn’t know me but Newman was all over us as soon as he could get under the gate. The house was alot better than I’d expected or hoped for. Jim had had Tina in Monday to vaccuum + it showed. Stacks + stacks of mail but nothing terrible or overly urgent. The mail sent to Maine came back today too so everything just fine! Leon’s book gorgeously (+ very expensively bound) came [crossed out word] too, also a residual. We went through the mail + got most of it sorted. Jim here about 4:20. Had had news of his Father’s death this a.m. (at 91) + seemed to want to be with us for awhile. He + Dick went out + got some fried chicken + though I wasn’t “hungry” I thought I ate 3 pieces. After Jim left we went over + saw Ed + Casey. All our pkges arrived and 1 pkge of yarn (5 doz. skeins) Should be another tomorrow. Thunder + lightening + rain! We played yahtzee + went to bed about 10:30.Tired!

Another pool scandal – Henry Hazard!

Thursday, August 10, 1972

Slept til after 9. I’d left my stole at Alaria so Dick went + picked it up and also some more yarn. Had a letter from Timmy. Now he’s afraid that the pills (Ritalin) are not for him. They’ve had a terrible heat wave in L.A. Scott is back evidently – no work in S.F. although he loved it. Don’t know if he’s back in touch with Leon or not I hope he is. Ann Merrill left us a nice note. Dr. Louis Vaccaro came over a little after 10. I really liked him + liked his attitudes. think Newcomb would be favorably impressed + will write him so. Louis has a friend in L.V. Kelly Naples whom Dick has met + they also own some land there. I’m going to send his daughter a copy of my book + [crossed out word] our address so they can stop + say hello next winter. We packed in turns so as not to make a big thing of it. Grilled cheese again for lunch (Ethel so anxious to please Dick) After we had everything in the car we sat + talked a little. Made plans for a cocktail party next winter when the American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons meets in Las Vegas. Told Daddy to let us know the date as soon as he does and to make a list of the people he’d like to ask. It was a happy subject and helped take our minds off leaving. But as I watched him from the car walking back into the house I began to cry. Stopped by Barn View but nobody there except Cotton + her school. Hil + Joan Kerr had gone up to the Hospital (the operation today). It was 56° as we left New London. Dick drove to Boston + I crocheted. Finished a second place mat. We got lost somehow but had plenty of time so it didn’t make any difference. Got to the airport + Dick put our 2 big bags + the garment bag in a locker. – Then we checked in at the Hilton Inn and called Mather + Winifred. Took a cab over to their place. It’s such a nice apartment. They’re becoming a condominium + the apartments are for sale theirs is up for $54,000 but because they’ve lived there for several years they can have it for $49,000. It seems a horrendous sum but I know nothing about Boston values or condominiums for that matter – Their rent is $420 a month or a little over $5,000 a year. Mather heard today from his doctor that he has an ulcer. no more drinking, smoking etc. I’m glad he went + got checked over. I played one game of spite + malice with Winifred. We went to a rather expensive Hungarian restaurant for dinner. Winifred very international right now. After went back + chatted + visited until about eleven. Then back to the hotel + made love. Didn’t even read I was so tired!

Wednesday, August 9, 1972

Another bad day – weather wise but I was glad as we had our tickets for the show. Blueberries for breakfast – so good. Dad had a good visit yesterday with the Allisons. In the morning a former patient of his + also a former nurse at St. Lukes, Ruth Meineke stopped by the house with her friend Marjorie Swift. Daddy gave them the tour of the house and for the first time I noticed he was very short of breath. Dick who was out in the sun room told me later that he stopped there + sat down saying “this is where I always break the tour for a rest.” Not true of course – the first time. [crossed out word] Dick asked Ethel + she told him she’d only noticed it in the last two weeks or so. Oh dear. Oh dear. Barbara Stiles called from the college + the New president Dr. Vaccaro would like to meet Dad. He talked with her + Dr. V will come over tomorrow morning. Co called + asked us to poker after dinner – agreed happily. Grilled cheese sandwich for Dick who was happy + ground steak hot sandwiches for Daddy + me. Went to the Barn + saw with sinking hearts 2 huge busloads of camp children Brief glimpse of Norman as we went in + never saw him again. The show was marvelous. Absolutely without reservations. I cried through alot of the first act because it was so good and I was so touched + impressed + filled with “heimweh” [German for “homesickness”] and I cried through the second act because it was so sad! Dick loved it too + I’m so glad we missed it in New York! Afterwards went to the hardware store which was closed + the drug store for cigarettes and a couple of paperbacks. Hilary came with Susan for dinner. Called Jimmy from the house + I talked with him. He’d heard from his constituent in Berlin + sent me a copy. Hilary had had a horrible day in Hanover yesterday – 5 hours before Mrs. P. was admitted + it had all been arranged for weeks She’d had her hair done + was wearing the corsage + looked very nice as they came up to the hospital but by the time Hil left her she [crossed out word] looked like an old woman, (it’s her 81st tomorrow) + Hil said it was all too awful Susan was cute + friendly tonight + it was another good evening. We didn’t leave til 9 as Daddy had refrained from any extra drinks just to be with us. Good time with Co + Anth. Dick won again + I lost. We went home after midnite. began really thinking about Daddy + felt so badly.

Tuesday, August 8, 1972

A tornado in Longwood, Mass the second tornado in Mass in 3 weeks!

Good to be here – breakfast with Dad – Dick slept late – I called Hilary but she was out playing tennis – overcast day. Sun in + out briefly. Daddy off to see Hop + Ruth Allison in Keene. Shortly after he left Hilary called + told us she was taking her Mother up to Hanover for her operation. Daddy called later from Barn View – (had taken Mrs. P. a corsage but noone was home + he was late for Keene. Asked me to call Mrs. P in andover which I did + she said she’d stop + pick up the corsage. Then she said how nice it was that Dick + I were here as “I’m afraid your Daddy gets very lonely.” I said something a little dumb like “he must be lonely to be so happy to see us back!” and she said “Exactly!” Served me right! We went to the Inn for lunch and to the yarn shop for some very pretty yarn (I’m going to make some place mats) and then to the Barn + made reservations for the matinee tomorrow – “Man from La Mancha.” Brooks Russell left last week, Dede is in New York, Charlie, Bruce + Norman all not around. Felt sorry I hadn’t stopped before. We went over to Alaria + visited a bit with Anth + then when Colby came back we played Poker. Went home about 5 – Took very brief naps. I dressed for dinner. Daddy so grateful that I’d gotten in touch with Mrs. P. that I felt silly about it. Co over for dinner – Steak + fresh corn – everything delicious nice evening. After Co had gone to listen to the Mets + Daddy had gone to bed we watched TV. Most of the channels devoted to the Democratic “Mini convention to approve Sargent Shriver’s nomination. Annoying to watch as it was really stolen TV time and campaigning for free hot + heavy. We watched the end of the 1st episode of an oriental western called Kung-fu – or something! Very dear letter from Harriet today offering us her apartment in New York! But we’ve gotten our reservations + go back on Friday at 11:45 – Called Jim Daniels + told him

Colby very funny tonight about the fire (we couldn’t have one) etc.

Monday, August 7,*1972

Up about 9 – breakfast – finished packing Called Shirley + found she’d sent out our mail to Little Deer either Friday or Saturday. She was in bed all last week. [crossed out letters] I called Dick Jennings + said we were expecting some mail. In case the post office screwed up I gave him our L.V. address. Told him I thought we’d make things worse by coming over + to say goodbye to Drue for us. We put all our garbage in the back of the car + went over to the post office. Envelope hadn’t come so left our address + off we went. Had lunch in Augusta and called Daddy after. Told him we’d be in New London some time tonight + not to wait up. He was going over to Hil’s + was overjoyed at our return. I drove from Augusta – through terrible rain + really dark skies + snatches of fog. Dick took over again at Alton. Despite the weather + slowed up driving we were in New London by 6 o’clock!! Went to the New London Inn + then found that to get what each of us had in mind meant me sitting in the sandwich shop + Dick in the dining room. A crowd of several adults and 6 very noisy small children clinched it for us + we went down to the Gray House Closed on Mondays! Went to the other end of town to Sugar ‘n spice – closed Mondays. Wound up at McKenna’s! Back to the house – Ethel + Daddy both out. Took our things upstairs + settled in front of the TV. Daddy back at 8:40 and so pleased to see us that it made us both very happy. We watched the Cincinnati Reds blast the Braves and then all went to bed about eleven. Called Colby earlier + asked her for dinner tomorrow night. As I went to sleep I began to feel very sorry about the whole Maine episode in a detached sort of way But especially for Drue and her whole life these days. The wind howling outside

Sunday, August 6,*1972

Up nineish – finished letter to Newcomb – changed towels under the crocheted stuff – it’s going to take forever to dry. Spoke with Dick Jennings + discovered They had the food (after we agreed yesterday, I’d thought) that we were bringing it! On the way over to the boat Dick said “I bet you 50 to 1 that they’re all coming – that they’ll take the other boat + we’ll meet them there. I didn’t bet but I honestly didn’t believe it could happen well – he called it exactly. Worse still little Jeffrey who is a very cute child was in the boat with us while they started the explanations. Dick + I agreed then + there that we’d leave tomorrow. No smoking on the boat – big deal. Got to Crow Island + headed into the landing place where the Olsons were all setting up + bashing around. An Outward Bound boy was on the island too + I remembered the outrage Winnie had felt when her island was “invaded” the island was lovely but the weather was a little chilly + the wind pretty high. I found an undamaged sea urchin shell + some pretty striped stones. Dick helped cook hot dogs + the boys steamed mussels in seaweed and the Outward Bound Boy showed everyone how to eat sea urchins. It was interesting but I didn’t taste the roe. Dick + I explored a little + then lay in the sun. The dinghy sprung a leak + the ride back was funny. Dick Jennings yelling Ho! all the time as we dragged the dinghy through the mounting waves. We announced on the island that we were leaving tomorrow so there couldn’t be 7 different versions. Got back + drove the picnic stuff + Nancy, Jock + Jeffrey to Red Gables. Unloaded + said goodbye Then went down for the others but met them on the road so said goodbye + kept going. Came home + finished vaccuuming + cleaning + then called Mary Jean. Talked for about 1/2 hour + explained the situation with our feelings but didn’t say one bad thing about anybody. I really felt the call was a good one. Tried Shirley but couldn’t get her. Leon called us. Worried about Dick’s cataract operation. Drue called + said “You’re angry at me” – I tried to say no but she insisted + I felt worse after the call than before

Saturday, August 5, 1972*

R. Sargent Shriver was asked to be the VP candidate + has accepted. McGovern spoke and we listened.

Up about 9 – Dick brought me coffee – Pretty day. I brought out the vaccuum + tried it – Heavy but very affective. Called Red gables at 10 Spoke with Jeffrey who called me “Aunt Patience” + asked him to wake Drue. He came back + said she’d call me in a little while. Dick suggested we go out for Breakfast + over to the Haystack school. Finally called Drue again at 10:45. Evidently Dick Jennings was supposed to show “Joy House” (named after previous owners) at 11 o’clock! I said to Drue “My God! Why didn’t you tell us – I’ll make the bed + clean up.” Drue said she thought Nancy had told us but she didn’t think it was necessary to make the bed! Said She didn’t believe in cleaning up a house just to show it! I asked Dick what he thought about that + he said she had to be crazy! Oh well. We put the bed away + did alot of superficial straightening + left the place looking at least as well as when we came in Went to Blue Hill to the Cranberry house for a very good breakfast – blueberries for me + eggs + bacon + then some of Dick’s blueberry hot cakes! There was a fire in town as we sat there + we saw all the volunteers race up to the firehouse + take off. Impressive + rather touching Dick bought me a great Denim hat after lunch then we went to the Country Store + got stuff for the picnic tomorrow. The girl clerk jammed it all in one bag with all the breakables at the bottom! Came home + watched TV. Watched Boston beat the Orioles 6-3. All six runs hit in by Rico Petrocelli who hit a grandslam homer. After the game Dick who’d been napping was in foul humor + seemed to think I was too so maybe I was I gave him a shave + we skirted a fight narrowly. Dick said something about being invited up to go fishing + boating + never being within 2 feet of the water. Well – he’s right. We both took a miltown + watched TV + then had a good dinner of ham + franks + beans. I finished the “runner” + made a hot pad – bed at midnight – vaccuumed the sitting room + TV room.

Friday, August 4, 1972*

Muskie under consideration for V.P. Will answer tomorrow. Humphrey + 4 others have already said NO.

Today was a good day. Up pretty early. I wrote diary + finally wrote Al Grosberg Told him I’d get the manuscripts of Horsemen off as soon as we get back to L.V. wrote cards to Leon + Timmy. Dick went to Dave’s + got some pledge, joy + ajax. Drue + Dick [crossed out words] came to pick us up about noon. We stopped off with 2 chairs at a Mr. Hanscom’s (“a lonely man” – “But his wife seems quite alert” – ) The Hanscoms tottering on the brink of ninety, I’d guess. Mr. Hanscom told Dick Jennings he couldn’t “fix” the chairs. Then as the two Dicks were putting the chairs back in the car Mr Hanscom allowed as how he could “repair” them? We had a very silly ride + lots of fun all the way to Bangor where Dick Michels treated us to lunch. After I went to Grants + got some rug yarn + mailed my letter + cards. Next off to the Bangor International airport to pick up Lorna Livingston. What a nice girl. Nice ride back too. They stopped briefly at Joy house. We watched the news after they left + then around 7 drove over to Red Gables –  the sun in our eyes the whole time. Fortunately Dick took a miltown just before we left. Sat out on the porch + watched the sun set. Dick looked at the toilet tank + the pump. Dick Olson fixed the barbecued chicken we all ate in the dining room – the kids in the living room by the fire. At one point Druscilla + I got the giggles for no good reason – Hysterical unable to control type, Drue wet her pants + I just cried in the kitchen. Meanwhile Dick Olson was talking on geology – his subject + Dick Michels was fascinated by certain aspects – Water tables – caleche formation etc. So it was a pleasant dinner.  After there was a display of Northern Lights – Wildly beautiful although Dick Jennings refused to accept them as such because they weren’t in his North! Dick Olson had been talking of Northern Lights before so it was a beautifully illustrated lecture Home at 11:30 bed at midnight

Thursday, August 3, 1972

Ho Ho – came down about 8 – Drue + Dick in a flap in the kitchen. Trouble with the hot water heater + almost no water. Also Drue had asked the Olsens yesterday to go to Joy House + Nancy had refused! Dick J. took coffee + the heater instructions to Dick in bed. I think Nancy is extremely selfish (as well as exceedingly boring) and I was delighted to get out of the house for those reasons. Dick who likes his comforts was happy for that reason! We went over to Big Deer + had a very nice visit with Priscilla who is just as I remembered + Dick enjoyed her as much as I did. We sat in their kitchen + had coffee while several of the students helped in the kitchen making cakes + preparing the “limited fare” luncheons. We left about noon. Fran out of town but will be back late tonight. We may go over to the school on Saturday. Back to Red Gables. The Olsons had already taken our groceries over to Joy House (That bugged me!) Drue very upset. She + Dick led the way to Sedgewick in the peugot after we’d packed. It’s a 20 minute drive or so. It’s a nice house and has everything except the ocean! Dick Jennings went carefully over all the liquor closet with Dick Michels which infuriated Druscilla – I didn’t think it was any too bright either, frankly. Then he took us to “Dave’s grocery,” where we bought some supplies + met Dave who’s a caretaker. Came back + Drue was on the phone to M.J. who was also furious with the Olsons. Evidently before we’d come up Drue had asked Nancy if she + Dick could have 2 days at the end of their 2 weeks to themselves. Nancy had said it wasn’t possible as she was already “committed”_ to take the boys back to camp. I think her gall is unmitigated. But Drue lets it happen. She + Dick stayed til almost 5. When they left I took a bath + washed my hair – Whee! Watched TV + saw that channel 5 in Bangor is looking for a newsman so we called Dick J. Dick took a bath + we had dinner + then went upstairs to bed. He took the TV set up + rigged an antenna out of knitting needles + copper wire. Lights out around 10 o’clock.