Saturday, May 1, 1971

Looked out of the kitchen window today + saw Jack + Dick unloading a slot machine from the back of the truck. It got set up in the kitchen next to the pictures of the homestead (!?) Jack got it running after prolonged tinkering Joyce with him. They’d been in the bar next to the store and the owner was getting rid of the machine so Dick bought it (company – money) I wasn’t too happy with the drinking part of it but I think it’s a kick to have our own machine and it was a peace offering. Dick had gone to see the trailer + John had done nothing to fix it up. It’s pretty disillusioning. We went to the market in the afternoon + got a leg of lamb and some nickels. Once again Dick prepared it and it was delicious. Watched TV, played our slot machine + went to bed. Armando hit 777 but it only pays a dollar (the rest is “paid by the attendant”) + he put it all back in.

Friday, April 30, 1971

Jack + Joyce came to dinner tonight – Dick bought Lobster tails + fixed them. Poker afterward + Dick got very vociferous on the god damned welfare speeches – the blacks etc. I finally just left the table + went to bed in the guestroom. It wasn’t called for and hadn’t been instigated by Jack + Joyce either.

John Painter left today – is going to work in Iowa. Another costly acquaintance.

Thursday, April 29, 1971

I had a hangover today. Alice called, meeting Monday A.M. Called Jim Fleming in N.Y. and somebody else was on the line and very strange + frightening. A really rather unsettling experience. Went to Juvenile complex at one – Annabel too had a hangover so it was a grandly productive afternoon. We talked with Linda Tarr + placed nobody. Signed our report “nothing accomplished – A.M + P.M.” –

Wednesday, April 28, 1971

Mother’s Birthday

Wrote Mrs. Sullivan and Virginia Martindale. Called Timmy who’d backed out of his appt. with Doug. Called Leon for some addresses – Shirley called + suggested trying to call Alan Morehead – Placed the call to Hawaii and found it was 7 am there so decided to try again. His local bank acct has been closed and he’d promised the money by April 20th. Went to the Bank of Nevada + got a statement about our installment collection acct. Took it over to Investor’s Mortgage and then went to Keno Lane Post office and mailed everything. Next stop the Castaways where I played 21 and couldn’t win. Tried to call the office several times + kept getting busy signals. [crossed out word] Finally managed to call from the Enco pay station Played the slot machine at the Safeway and won $25.00 so maybe there’s some justice. Came home just before Dick. Very nice note from David Dworski – except that they’re signing Susan Tyrrell for the part of Oma. Funny letter from Scott. Stuffed Peppers and 3 bottles of wine for dinner – one too many We watched Jeffrey while Ana + Armando went to Elda Muir’s to return the TV set – ugly scene evidently. Paco has a room down the street.

Tuesday, April 27,*1971

A good + comparatively productive day. Up at 7 – Saw Jack + Dick off – caught up diary – left house at 9:30 for Juvenile. Went to Child Haven. Saw Linda + Ken Dalton + new guy whom I liked although I don’t know his name. Childrens’ games – Lucy Foley playing piano. Went to Alice’s + picked up info on Dean Coffin. Had nice visit with Alice. Went to office to get copies made of Dean’s press clippings. John Painter in – wish to God he’d make a car payment or something. Bought a couple of books at Dana McKay’s. Went to bank and deposited Izzy’s check. Saw Daisy at W.O.W. Went to Safeway for groceries + M.O. for Ana. Had eggs + bacon there. Was very strict today on diet. Got home about 3. Wrapped book for Hil + Jim with note + clippings. Made pkge for Daddy. Wrapped Cotton’s poster + wrote note with very late B’day check. Paid Phone Co. Aftra dues, Smith dues, filled out Equity ballot + Smith ballot. Dick home at 5:45. We watched TV and I wrote a couple of notes to Bill Tregoe, Magda + Scott with pictures of the night at Leon’s. We watched a Magnificent Hallmark Hall of Fame Show – Peter Ustinov playing an elderly Jew and a remarkable little black kid named N’gai Dixon. A real tear jerker. Bed soon after. Weight down.

Monday, April 26,*1971

Woke around 10 – had coffee + lolled + read. Gorgeous day. We called Sue + June to say Good bye. Left about 12 with Leon’s suitcase full of health food + our own. Drove out to the airport which is very attractive. Dick turned in the car while I tried to get our tickets straightened out. [crossed out letters] A $4.50 refund due! Had a very poor lunch and then went + sat + waited. The flight was smooth + fast + we were home at 3 o’clock. Nothing very significant appears to have happened in our absence except that I weighed 130 lbs tonight + Dick was back to 180. No mail of interest + no messages. We didn’t have anything to drink today at all and it was a very nice day. Was glad to have gone + was glad to be back. Tomorrow I have Child Haven in the morning but I’m going to get started working in the library. Armando laid a threshold in front of the kitchen door Spoke with Alice who said I’d been brought up as recordning secretary + she’d said I was too busy. Thank God. How awful that would be!

Sunday, April 25,*1971

We got to the Colonial Hotel at 3:30 am in La Jolla. One stop en route at San Juan Capistrano. Clerk showed us into the room + none of us could find the bed. A murphy, it developed. have complete kitchen which is lovely. Went to sleep 1 woke about 9:30. Dick went out + got coffee. We called Sue who said she’d love to see us around two + we called June + said we’d see her around 5:30. We went to have lunch at Anthony’s + found ourselves fighting some awesome oysters. But good. As we were leaving – who should appear but Alice + Annabel + Jack. Had completely forgotten they were coming + was stunned to see them. Really funny. Jack told Dick to call him Tuesday about a pool. Went + bought 2 bottles of Bristol creme Sherry for Sue + some little goodies. Back to the room + called Leon who was “completely confused” first thought we were joking. Drove into San Diego + spent about 3 hours with Sue who looks very well + who is as dear as ever. Dick was very impressed, I think and I think Sue liked him. Was so glad we’d made the trip. She said it had done her a world of good and I think maybe it did – We had some sherry + some bourbon there + all sorts of little snacks. Left and called June. Went to her apartment to take her out to dinner + had several drinks there We went to Rudy’s for dinner. Nice place + good food. Joined later by Ida Mazzanti and a girl named Anita. We bowed out around 8:30 or nine. Stopped + bought some coffee + an old fashioned in a bottle + went back to the room. Lights out by 9:30 – As Dick said – It was more relaxing being with Sue than with June.

Saturday, April 24, 1971

Up at 7. Had bacon + coffee + eggs sent to room. Decided to let Dick sleep + went out to Calabassis myself. George growing a beard. Good haircut + good to see him. They’ve bought a new house + I told him we could help him through the furniture mart. Back at the hotel by 11 or so. Read for a bit Dick shaved + dressed + off we went to see Sheldon Andelson. I had on my see-thru blouse + he was flatteringly rattled. I’ve been wearing it so much I hadn’t given it a thought. Funny. He thinks we should have a deal next week. he mentioned the possibility of a Black having a harder time with a loan + I said – if only he could have had the courtesy to give me a couple of weeks warning. (Sheldon said he thought Jim was fairly hostile) none of this would have happened. Stopped to see Tony Melia who was not in. Went over to the Egg + the Eye for lunch Dick didn’t like his omelet but the wine helped + he did like the place. We went to the La Brea tar pits and over to the county museum. Stayed until after five + then back to the hotel for a nap. Went to Leon’s, found he’d set 4 places + we called Scott. Baby Roast beef + Spinach for dinner and alot of drinks. I made a list of the things I must do next week – write Dean Coffin, Virginia etc. Leon so grateful for the money + has so many possibilities – if only 2 or 3 would come through, he’ll be in the clear. As we left I said to Dick I’d like to go to San Diego + see Sue. He said tomorrow. Went back to the hotel. Leon called + we said we were fine + then we packed up, checked out + drove to San Diego.

Friday, April 23, 1971

Hungover – naturally – but Dick’s promise reiterated – Man from Clark County Electric came + put new soap assembly in the dishwasher but seemed to think it was a combination of hard water + insufficient pressure causing the spotting. I went over to the International + played 21 for a couple of hours + won $20.00. Not really worth it but had planned to play the slot machine + would have lost $50 so I guess I was way ahead. Picked up the plane tickets + came home. No sign of Dick About 4 I called the office. Shirley said he’d left. At 4:30 She called to say he’d been in again + was now on his way home I did what packing I could. At 4:50 Dick came home – drunk + spent the next 5 minutes in the garage John. I was really angry + told him so. After all the fuss he’s been making about getting away. I think what he really needs is to get away from himself but he can’t. We got to the airport + on the plane with only a few minutes to spare. Dick slept through the drink period + I let him. Got the car + the baggage, stopped + picked up some booze for Timmy and drove straight in to his place. He’d fixed his baked chicken + God it was good Looked over “Button’s” last letter to him written 2 months ago + I felt it would be just as well if he didn’t go see her after all. She sounds pretty mixed up + no one is more vulnerable than Timmy. He might be able to get a beach house instead + that would be heavenly. We had a nice evening despite the stormy prologue + checked in to the Roosevelt about 10:15 –

Thursday, April 22, 1971

Called Leon. Spoke with Alice who was off to La Jolla today. Shirley called several times. I went over to Breakfast at the Blvd. The boa still not found altho now the pet shop owner is trying to say somebody stole it. I went + bought a birthday card for Cotton – two weeks late. Went to Wonder World + played the slot machine very briefly. Came back + got Ana + took her + Jeffrey to the Charleston Plaza. Left them + went to the Juvenile Complex. Was joined later by Norma Laub. Don’t really know what we got accomplished but I volunteered to help Lucy Foley next Tuesday. We got Dan Sparkman to help out [crossed out letters] on Saturday and interviewed a new man named Albert Gonzales + he’s going on the next nature walk at Child Haven – Was there til about 3:30. Came back + got Ana who’d done the shopping + took her home. Had a letter from Izzy with a check for $200.00. Which couldn’t have come at a better time – as always, God bless her. Called Clark county electric + was too late Dick home crocked + I was really angry. I’ve had it + I told him so. After dinner he went in + took a shower + came back remarkably (if deceptively) refreshed + Armando went out for another pint We talked some of all this over + Dick said he was coming home tomorrow at three + promised no drinks tomorrow til the plane. We called Izzy to thank her.

Wednesday, April 21, 1971

Wind – wind – wind

Slept til almost nine – up, bathed, washed hair. Ana put the pies in the car – couldn’t find my name tag but left without – the luncheon disorganized but I guess a success despite jamming up, running out of food, defective sound system etc. The raffle disorganized too but great for my team. Ann Hall won, Elaine, won the Floater Loafer, Shirley had 3 winning tickets + shared with Mary Kay + Pat Garrett Saw Helen Chuvris there – We played bridge for about an hour – not more Mary Kay + I won. I stole back one of my pies + gave it to Shirley. They all left about three and I stayed on to help clean up. Was really a little beat by the time I left at 4:30. Got home to find Sheldon had called so I called back + spoke with his brother Arlan. His advice was to wait. He seemed to think that Jim Brown had been trying for the loan etc. etc. Some chance of it going through on Monday. Made an appt to see them on Saturday at 12:45. Also made appt with Geo. Spicer for 9:30 Sat and made reservation with Dazey for tomorrow night. Called Mary + Les to say there was still no word. Dinner date tomorrow Friday night with Timmy + [crossed out letters] Sat. with Leon. made reservations through Scott at the Roosevelt. [crossed out words]

Tuesday, April 20, 1971


Up early. Wrote a letter to David Dworksi – not a masterpiece but at least I wrote it. Made 4 apple pies and read about Rich Ware’s grandfather. Called Sheldon who said he’d not been able to get a hold of Jim Brown but would be in touch tomorrow. Went to the Garretts to get a new box for their hanging candle. Went to the store to get the floater-loafer chair – Took the stuff to Norma Laub’s. She has a very attractive daughter who helped me out with it. Left ticket money. Got groceries + went to the Blvd. High spot of day. Went to see Anne Hall + she + Elaine were together. Big news is that a Boa constrictor is loose in the Boulevard!! 5′ long. A monkey let him out of his cage on Sunday + he can’t be found Incidental intelligence – if being crushed by a boa constrictor break a twig or a pencil or small piece of wood + he will let go as the snap makes him think he’s broken your spine, Elaine treated me to some fresh apple juice. Dick home + had large headstart in the drink department. TV. Chop suey + bed.

Monday, April 19, 1971

Diary – Wind blowing fiercely. Dick had a talk with Armando at about 5:30 AM. Armando didn’t go to work this morning as he felt pretty badly. I went grocery shopping with Ana early. Bought some veal to fix veal parmiagianna (sp?) for Dick Couldn’t get settled at anything. Am waiting for some word about the house. Great feeling of unease. Also unhappy with the Ana-Armando set up. couldn’t stay in the house. Went over to see Daisy at Wonder World and put my money in the slots machine + lost it. Went over to the Landmark and played 21 without any luck. Came home + Dick was drunk – had stopped with Jack at the bar next door. I fixed the veal Parmi – for dinner + he ate most of it. Les called + I told him there had been no word. Leon called + wanted me to get on to that letter to Dave I said I would. I will try. Watched some good TV + went to bed. Had a long conversation with Timmy this Am. He’s in a difficult – in between type mood. Suggested he make an appt with Doug as I think alot of it is caused by uncertainty.

Sunday, April 18, 1971

Day began with a 6 am call for Ana from Paco. He + Armando both drunk in Bill’s trailer. Dick furious + Ana upset. Dick planning a heart to heart talk w/Armando as he does nothing around the place. We lay around + made love + looked at the papers. Dick made me an omelet for breakfast that was delicious. We went down to the store around noon. A very interesting day – the English couple from St. Louis Ave. came in – Ron + Joyce Davison except their real name is Praeger + he’s a diamond cutter. A Mrs. Apollon + husband Dave who’s a musician + who sat + talked with us for a long time. We exchanged an umbrella + base + a pot for a painting from Ben Isham – a deaf painter who was set up just outside the store. I selected the painting for a gift to Jack + Joyce as his style really wouldn’t go with our decor. The Plaza was pretty crowded. We did reasonable business but most of the day was just meeting nice people. We went to Jack + Joyce’s for dinner. Shirley’s horse is there in the corral they built for it. We had good dinner (except Dick wouldn’t eat) + played poker + drank. Joyce has started the low carbohydrate diet. Dick got a little drunk because of not eating + our evening ended on a faintly sour note but not too bad.

Liza called this am which was a lovely surprise.

Saturday, April 17, 1971

Wild, wild wind.

Went over to the Boulevard + got my polaroid enlargements. Not too happy with them really. Looked at the needle work section in the Broadway. Some very attractive pieces. Got my special Delivery letter from Leon this AM with David Devorski’s address. Went to Wonder World + played the slot machine for almost 2 hours. Went way down + then hit a $50 + by the time I left I was ahead 2 or 3 dollars + Daisy had $7 in tips. Went to the Pant Tree + got another pr. of slacks and a blouse. Went to laundry and Safeway. Crazy story there about a lady who’d stood in line with a stocking over her head + robbed the cashier at the checkout stand. Got away with over $300.00! Came back the next night + tried the same thing but was caught. Nobody in the checkout line thought the stocking was odd!!!! Dick home + once more the chef. Barbecued ribs tonight. The first batch burned to a cinder (threatening the garbage at the same time) + he had to go get some more. Jack + Joyce came for dinner. We played poker first while the ribs cooked + then again after the dinner which was great. Dick + I were the big winners for a change. Armando didn’t come home again tonight.


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