Wednesday, August 5, 1970

Phone dead in morning. Dick + Jack off at 7:30 – I read for a bit then made 2 apple pies + meat loaf. Suddenly about 9 the phone rang – the Telephone Co. Thank God. Gene showed up a little later. Dick had called him. Think I got him straightened out with the dogs. Called the florist for small flower arrangement for Clesse. Called insurance inspector. appt. at 12 – Called Casey + had long chat with her. Interesting . Gene did a lovely job on the garage + back yard + was working on the driveway when I left Dick Mullicich [?] not there as I’d told him I might be late but I signed the insurance forms + talked with very nice woman in the office. Stopped by + said hello to Dave, Mary + Marsha. Thence to office. Dick out. Went to Alice’s next with a pie Tom had called from Calexico in the morning so that’s taken care of. Annabel, Lucille, Pat Moore + Stella there. Met nice couple, Dr. + Mrs. Dale – He’s in medical research + knew of Daddy. Later a Nora Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson a black assemblyman, + her friend Mrs. Hogarde (sp?) The first black teacher in Nevada came by. Nice women. I left a little before 3 – went to the Horseshoe + lost $40 – Came home + Put meat loaf in + then after calling Dick several times decided we better eat later + went down to the shop with his jacket + suit + tie. He + Bill Rehn had been working all day on the plans for Trailer park pool – The Health dept evidently wanted plans also for the bathhouse + laundry even tho – we’re not building them – Went to the Rosary for Clesse at 7:30 at Palm. Sat in front of Harry Levy who never stopped talking until the priest came in. A nice young man who explained the function etc. Back to the shop – Bill still working Home at 9. Got Ed Faucher’s obit on Bill Wellborne – nice but alot of sentimental crap.

Tuesday, August 4, 1970

It rained today + hard. The electricity was off for an hour from 7 to a little after 8. I called Tony + then Gene + asked Gene to call early tomorrow about cleaning up the place. I mended some clothes, made bed, did dishes – blah blah blah. Found out around noon that the phone was out of order. Went to the Horse shoe + won several hundred dollars.  Went shopping for some basic groceries – ice tea instant coffee bread butter, juice + eggs. Took them over to Alice’s. She was just leaving with Annabel + “Dec” Coleman to go see Clesse at the mortuary – asked if I could stay. Lucille + Pat Moore + Prima Sinatra inside. [crossed out letters] I had a cup of coffee. Lucille asked about the snake story but it took another cup of coffee + Stella Arakalian before I could tell it – then the flower shop on [crossed out letters] Spring Street, Mrs. Buongiorno + the rats, the mouse in Mrs. Torre’s kitchen + “She called him a fuckin’ b-A-S-T-A-R-D.” Prima’s a pretty funny lady so it was good to make them all laugh. Left at a little before 5 – Dick had had carpet put in his office + it looks nice. I gave him a hundred dollar bill. Our phone still out of order. Went back to Alice’s on way home. They still haven’t reached Tom. Another pile of work applications – Alice asked Dick + me to the mountains with them on Sunday + I accepted. Came home. phone still dead – NO mail – we went to the flight deck restaurant for dinner. Everything cheaper without booze. Called home + service picked up but phone still dead when we got back. Dick went over to Casey + Ed’s to let them know + called phone company again. I started reading “The [crossed out letters] Valachi Paper” extraordinary. Bed about 10:30 –

Monday, August 3, 1970

Clesse Turner died this a.m.

Dick called shortly after leaving the house to say that Clesse had died this A.M. When he went by the house the front door was open + he saw Jack + Annabel’s car. Alice was up – had been all night. I feel so badly. Called Elaine around 8 to tell her. Waited all morning for the insurance adjustor who never showed. When I called he hadn’t come in so asked him to call tomorrow. Wrote Daddy a long letter. Was very depressed. Went to both banks to deposit money + then went to the Landmark for a while to play 21. Did rather well. Good mindless occupation. Left + ran out of gas. Grand. Got to Alice’s about 3. Lucille there + Pat Moore + Stella Arakalian + Prima Sinatra. Another lady whose name didn’t register. Clesse’s younger brother Earl. They haven’t been able to contact Tom + Pat yet. They’re in Mexico with the children + their boat. Reminded me of trying to reach Daddy + Newcomb when Mother died. Stayed for a half hour or so. Alice still hadn’t slept + was up. Went to office. Seems the $8,000 commercial pool for the trailer park may be in some jeopardy as the zoning hasn’t had final approval. Ritchie hasn’t been in yet with his sales kit. 2 leads came in – George went on one + Marty goes on the other tomorrow. Had some coffee (about 6 cups) + then Dick + I came home. We were both depressed. Life is so short. We sat outside. A storm gathering + the wind high but only a few drops of rain. Had TV dinners outdoors + then went to bed + watched TV. Mary called at 10:30 cold sober with some story of being arrested for felonious drunk driving 4 days ago but they were going to fight it . – a “test case” – Oh Hell. Whatever the case is Mary will never know how incredibly lucky she’s been all through the years on just that count. We watched Samson + Delilah + went to sleep.

Sunday, August 2, 1970

We lolled around a bit this morning – I looked over my Masterpool Sales Manual – Driving Dick nuts – we made love, we ate waffles. Dick poured a new threshold for back door. Went to the office after I gave him a shave + Lo! + Behold Marty had just gotten an $8,000 pool. Cash deal. We must do the electric. Dick said okay + he dashed out to sign the contract. The cash is coming from New York so there will be a small delay but it looks golden. A commercial pool for a trailer park. Also Marty has another for Leone – Already approved will be signed tomorrow. We didn’t sell one pool in all July. But we’re starting August off with two. Dick seemed so negative I got upset but we evened it out. He kept saying he hadn’t been worried. Well I had been. We went to see “Cotton Comes to Harlem” – funny film. Back to the office. The contract there + $300 deposit which will cover the engineers’ plans + the permits. The store did $959.00 gross profit last month. A Hundred less than last month. We bought a steak + came home + cooked it. Annabel called this morning to say Clesse was in the hospital with pneumonia. We stopped by their house + left a note + card for Alice + him. I spoke with Peter this am about the quit claim to Alaria. Then mailed it to him. He’s working in a mail order business which I find incredibly depressing. How oddly life works out for us all.

Saturday, August 1, 1970

Leisurely type morning – Dick was going to do some work around the house but no tools and Jack had taken his truck on which there were some. We had waffles for breakfast – Special Delivery man brought letter from Mona with receipts from Cedars of Lebanon for Bill Muir – strange as there was no record of any difficulties with Sheldon’s birth. Annabel called to see if I’d heard from Alice – She’d called with no answer. We went to the office + passed the Turner’s house but the garage door was closed so figured they were out. Went to the office. Saw the copy for tomorrow’s ad + the tear sheets. Looks good. I called Mrs. Ballard to say I didn’t think we could make the kind of pool she wants (she seems to want a pre-fab) Went to lunch + saw Bill Muir + his wife Elda. We went to see Patton at the Fox and really liked it. Had planned on coming home to a Roast beef sandwich but instead ate cold cuts. I pored over the Masterpool Construction manual until I knew enough for Dick to answer questions. I’d like to try selling but My God – it’s complicated. Looked at the Sales Manual + it’s full of crappy ways to sell. I tried to draw up a pool plan in the afternoon + just mucked it all up.

Friday, July 24, 1970

Bill’s funeral today.

Dick was off at 6. Back at 8 having tried to find Jack all over the place. Finally ran him down + they left from here for Henderson. I did two loads of laundry + changed our sheet. Called Mona in L.A. + she said she couldn’t get the receipt of Bill Muir’s Cedars of Lebanon Bill. It was nice talking to her. All morning I kept thinking of Bill Wellborne’s funeral. Went to Bank of Las Vegas + paid our loan. Went to the cleaners Drug store + Safeway Back at noon + Wendy still not here. Came about 12:10 + I was mad + said so. (She had called while I was out but still that was around eleven) Called Mr. Oliver + said I thought things were in order. He asked about the checking acct + I said only if there were enough to justify the expense. I washed my hair + got dressed up + went to the Shop. Got the stuff [crossed out word] for the Better Business Bureau + took it to them So they now have a good file on us at least. I said I thought Mr. DiMartini should be reported to the Better People Bureau. Went to see Dave + [crossed out word] had good visit with Marcia. [crossed out word] Dave feels the status quo is best at the time. Back to the shop – the bid went in for the big pool $10,000 high. Marty came back with it + it was reduced – “typing error” – Will take revised bid for $22,000 in tomorrow. George got a call from the man at Chisholm homes + it looks as though the Dr is going to buy. 3 more leads came in yesterday. Dick let Ritchie take one more draw. We came home at 6:20. Dick lay down for a nap. Jimmy Judge came by + we asked him to dinner. Light meal but adequate. He left at 9:30 + we went to bed + watched a little TV. Very tired out. George Garrett’s birthday tomorrow.

Thursday, July 23, 1970


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Up early to the phone again. Called Mr. Farrar who is elderly + was muddled when I brought up James Brown’s name. I don’t know how he called me but it must have been via Henry via Ed Fancho Anyway I explained about the will which means nothing + he said it was sufficient for him + he would send the MSS to me first class. Also remarked that there seemed to be “a great many peculiar people in the case.” How true. He said “of course the book is unpublishable” I wonder. Called James Brown + said that was it + thanked him + to bill me. Out of relief I think he said no bill. Called Russell who wasn’t home but spoke with Colby. Mary’s been calling all over the country again. Daddy not there I’m glad. Co told me to send Jessie’s letter to New London. Dick left about 9 to meet an inspector + then after a bit I called Timmy + had a pleasant chat. I took Humbug to the Vets in Boulder City and he was pronounced “Healthy + Happy.” May have a touch of arthritis but otherwise in great shape. Took brief nap + then went to the Show boat + played 21 + Keno. I won $50 which was nice after playing all afternoon. I have the crazy idea that “Bill’s Keno ticket” will come in in a big way – to repay the money + maybe do something with the book – weird? Went to the Shop. Marty may have another pool – Rich – has sold nothing + neither has George Jr. One because he’s sluffing + should be let go – George because so far he hasn’t gotten the knack. Maybe Bill Rehn will help. Huge care pkge from Leon. We ate sandwiches out + came home + lights out by 9:30

Wednesday, July 22, 1970



Up at 7 + made alot of calls. Called Louis Auchinchloss Who’s on vacation, alas spoke with a Mr. Oliver at the office + didn’t know what I wanted really. Gave him Henry’s number. Then called James Brown who was really quite helpful although depressing in the extreme. Both said “will” doesn’t mean anything in N.Y. beside aside from being a statement of intent 2 witnesses are necessary. Brown knows Mr. Farrar + he suggested I get Mr. Oliver to call him (Mr. Brown) Called Oliver back + it was a little smoother. Minutes later, Henry Avery called hysterical + said he’d had it right up to the fucking ears. Oliver had insulted him. It took some soothing to make it right but I think I did. Henry has decided to have Bill’s coffin left open as a lesson to all the drunks who are going to the funeral. I don’t know. Maybe Bill would like it maybe he wouldn’t. I sent copies of Bill’s invalid will to James Brown + Mr. Oliver with covering letters. Spoke with Shirley who suggested I try to get the book published under another name as Brown had said “a first book by a dead man or anyone over 35 is unpublishable.” Christ. Then went over to Lucille Brown’s + had a nice visit Thence to the Castaways where I gambled + lost. I’ve decided to make a Keno ticket of Bill’s dates + never to play another. Bought some [crossed out letters] peppers + stuffed them + Dick + I had a good + a quiet dinner. Went to bed early + watched TV. Mary called collect + was off again + it got to be too much listening to all that crap. I told her a friend of mine had died + I was depressed enough. She got angry + hung up – Good. It’s all too much too. much too much. Had a call from John Farrar on the service


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