Friday, June 23, 1972

Shirley in today. Dick had a one o’clock appt. with Dave. Cassie + I had 1:30 appt for wrap treatments at the Golden Venus. We went by Wonder World first + played the slot machines a little. Saw Joyce. Went to buy some paper backs + she’d left by the time I got back so never said goodbye. Felt a little badly. New set up at the Golden Venus and alot nicer. Maureen the new wrapper – nice girl. She told me I was “tiny” – very nice girl! I lost 11 inches – all flab of course. Cass lost 9 1/2″ which is very good We were home after stopping at the bank by 5 o’clock. I got my affidavit of support notarized + copies of my portfolio made and a letter in duplicate from Jack Kiser for Ana + Armando. The L.A. papers from Scott came this afternoon so now I have everything that I can do. They have to take care of the L.A. Police letters themselves and Armando must sign, fill out, + return the work papers to C+S. We came home + swam. Dick feeling badly again + back in bed, Scotty + Leon come tomorrow + we’ve got to to clean the house. Were too tired to start tonight despite brave plans!

Thursday, June 22, 1972

deathly ill today – Confessed to Dick that we’d hit the cooking wine + he was much relieved. ironed out disagreement with Cass. We didn’t go to Breakfast at the Blvd this a.m. but I called Ann after to confirm dinner. We went to the Mayfair to get more wine + some boiling onions. Came home to find Dick up + dressed + looking pretty god awful. Acted same when I suggested he go back to bed. Dr. Bentley called to [crossed out word] ask how he was + Dick told him “great.” Shortly after he relasped back into bed. I fixed the boeuf bourgignonne with Cassie’s help + we swam + lay out in the sun. Ann + Eddie came about 7 – flipped over the pool + told Dick so in very convincing terms. We had a pleasant dinner + Cassie enjoyed them enormously – impossible not to. They left about 10:00 or a little after. Dick up then for some soup + back to bed.

Wednesday, June 21, 1972

Up early + for some reason went out to do the shopping at 7 a.m. while Jerry cut the lawn. Dick decided to sleep in. After I got back with all the ingredients for tomorrow’s boeuf bourgignonne discovered Dick had a temperature. Pain in his chest too. Jerry went to work on Mario’s pool. Cassie + I stayed home Dick’s temperature went from 102 to 104° – I was convinced he had pneumonia. Called Bentley who said it sounded like flu + to give him aspirin + of course I thought he was wrong. I went to the Drugstore + got some A.S.A (10 mg) and the pharmacist suggested an alcohol rub. Got home. Dick very feverish + I was sick with worry. Haunted by Bennie O’Bannion’s death – pneumonia treated as flu! Dick said at one point that he couldn’t have Boeuf Bourgignonne – Couldn’t have anything cooked with wine – Doctor’s orders. I decided Cassie + I ought to drink it then. One half gallon of cheap red cooking wine. Christ. Poor Dick was a little delerious but he knew something was wrong + asked me if I’d [crossed out letters] been drinking. Categorical denial on my part “Where the hell would I get anything to drink?” – Poor Dick thought I’d slipped my rocker + had me lined up for Hartley Cass + I had a fight when I said the 6th time that I thought 2 weeks was too long a visit from George + Mom. Gala evening!

Tuesday, June 20, 1972

Went to Janet’s – not ready – so went to the Police Department + got the letters for Ana + Armando. Picked up Janet + went to the Bonanza – Big – Giveaway + Cassie won a “fun pack” – 2 free dinners, 2 free breakfasts, 2 free drinks etc. Played Keno + 21. I lost again fairly steadily. Janet suddenly had to go to the Doctor. (Hadn’t wanted to tell me before because she didn’t want to “change my luck” – crap! it could have used a change). Had “so wanted to give Dick the check for a thousand” – I assured her I’d take it to him but that wasn’t good enough. So I found myself having to go pick her up after the Doctor’s to bring her back out here! Pain in the ass really but we got the money back so what can I say. Janet very on edge + highstrung – little bout of tears in the kitchen. Dick fixed the therapy pool + we all sat in it for a while then we all four went to the Jungle Club for dinner. Janet talking non-stop. Came home about 7:30 or so. Early evening. Dick achey – “I ache all over” –

Monday, June 19, 1972

Called Scott. gave him the number of A+A’s wedding certificate + names for Police letters. Cassie + I went to the Police Department + then to the Federal bldg to get information to fill them out. Then to C+S Body Shop for the work papers from Armando’s boss. This is all such a mess + I dread their coming back. We went to the Post office + got a registered letter (certified rather) for Dick from the State Contractor’s board. We went to the Sands + I lost. Cassie won on slot machines but put it all back in. Next stop Castaways where I have the reputation of being a counter! Wish I had the game as well. We got back some. Had the oil changed in the car + a lube job Went to Safeway + I suddenly knew Cassie was going to hit the quarter progressive. Told her to play while I shopped + I’d go partners with her. She did hit it for $388- + I wasn’t even surprised! Weird? Left her to wait for the money + came home to tell Dick. He was very upset by the letter – The Herberths again. Damn their eyes. Went back for Cassie who gave the change girl $38 and split $150 [crossed out word] for me + $50 for Dick. Went swimming – Pleasant evening despite the Herberths

Sunday, June 18, 1972

Up about 6:30 first go around. no paper again + Dick cancelled the Sun too! Went to the Stop’n’go for both papers – then back to bed + made love. Up for good about 9. We went over to the Hacienda for brunch + then gambled. I lost consistently + Dick didn’t do too well. Cassie only down about 3 dollars which isn’t too bad. We came home at 1 because we were expecting Art Clark III but he didn’t show He called later but Dick told him we were going out. We swam + tanned + I got nice color today. Lazed around. Nobody hungry for dinner so will give it to the dogs tomorrow. Watched good movie “Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol” + then played yahtzee Cassie + I had talk about Mom + George + life in general – interesting. We tried to call Scott but no luck Talked with Harold + the deal fell through with much manipulation in high places

Saturday, June 17, 1972

Up at the crack of dawn Watered the lawn + did the ironing. Paid Power Co + American Heritage + finally got the kitchen table cleared off. Dick decided to make deliveries today and do a couple of service calls. Dennis brought Tina a half hour late which started me off a little annoyed. Christy came too. She was good as gold and stayed by the pool all morning. Tina did not do much of a job. I made her do places again but that gets to be as much of a chore as doing it myself. Went to the Stop+ go for cigarettes. They were out so went to the Safeway – Put $60 in the progressive slot machine + that’s where it still sits. Came home Janet Goldsmith called + was going to change her phone number. More rotton calls. Told her to use a police whistle She didn’t have one + I said I’d get one to her. Tina finished + waiting for Denny (who had to [crossed out word] finish his pitcher of beer) I drove over to the D.I. + gave Janet the whistle. Asked her to cash a $50 check at the store but no one to approve it Only had $10 on me. Went in + played 21 for 45 minutes + left with $90!! Wild. Straight home. Changed to go meet the plane with Dick who had rotton morning Cassie arrived on the dot Looks great + it’s lovely to have her. We spent a very quiet afternoon talking + swimming + lying by the pool Had lobster tails for dinner – Then yahtzee + bed by 10 – Letter in Spanish from Ana.

Friday, June 16, 1972

Day began with Tina calling to say she couldn’t make it. Called Mary to wish her a nice last day of School Called Daddy for an early Father’s day + Jimmy for a late birthday. Did alot of cleaning myself – the sort of temporary office that had piled up on the kitchen table. Made jello wrote diary, changed sheets – watered lawn. Went to the bank + made deposits for the business went to cleaners + tried to get Mr. Steiner to read Egon Wever’s letter for me but he told me to get his daughter on Monday. Lines everywhere – the Safeway jammed too. Janet Goldsmith had said something to Dick about a surprise being in the mail + [crossed out letters] we hoped it was going to be the check but no such luck Did get a nice residual though from My 3 Sons. Hot Hot day – Danny Henderson over to pick up his check for the deck. We didn’t go swimming today. ate + went to bed at 8 o’clock. I took a geritol before bed as I’m feeling run down and 2 pms to go straight to sleep.

Thursday, June 15, 1972

Went to Breakfast at the Blvd today – Invited [crossed out letters] Ann + Eddie to dinner next Thursday night Ann had never left me a message about Indian Dancing!! But she had called! Went to the International + lost $225 which I had with me. Went to the Landmark + cashed a check+ took Janet Goldsmith to lunch. We went to the Copa Lounge (Stella’s husband’s place) Some mention of us getting the money we loaned Janet + Jim back which I said would be great at this time especially. we made a date to play keno on Tuesday when Cassie’s here Janet told me about Jim’s death and his saying “We’re both going to Hell Janet” almost the last time she saw him. I mailed the income tax papers – this year I’m going to get back the money withheld from my acting checks Back to the Landmark Could not get a hand. Lost in all $475 today which means I’m ahead $125 for the week. Should have been satisfied with the [crossed out letters] 600 + laid off today. Shirley had to go early today – She’s gone to San Francisco to see her sister who’s in the hospital – fear of cancer – 29 years old. Scott sent copies of wedding certificates but for the wrong Armando Salozar. Called Tina to see if she could come tomorrow + clean. Quiet pleasant evening – swam the pool back + forth 6 times –

Wednesday, June 14, 1972

It’s 3 4 days later and I can’t find my list for Wednesday so don’t remember much about it. Played 21 again. Went to Trop + won $100 + then to the Flamingo + lost it plus $200 and then to the Sands + won it all back so wound up $100 ahead for the day – actually $85. When I got that far back I decided to quit. Took the income tax paper to the Heers Roeder Bldg to Copy it on the machine + ran into every difficulty imagineable – not enough dimes, machine ran out of paper and when I got there there were 3 people ahead of me. It took almost 2 hrs for a 10 minute job! Thought of seeing Dave but then decided after calling Dick [crossed out word] it was too late. Came home + went swimming went back + forth 5 times today.

Tuesday, June 13,*1972

In the morning worked on income tax with Shirley – the odds + ends I hadn’t known how to classify before and some of Dick’s stuff. As before it got to the point of “Please Patience – no more deductions!” We called Dick Rund and he’s coming out here this summer while we’re gone!! What bad timing. I paid the mortgage and went to the post office + mailed letters and a pkge to Jessie – several dresses that should look very cute on her and a check for $25.00 Stopped at the Tropicana and won $100 and then went to the Sands and won $300!!! That was a fluke. I put the money back in the acct and deposited $100 in our savings acct + came home + gave Dick $50 this time. Though I told him I’d won it on a slot machine. I have a feeling about 21 now and that is that if one would stop at a given point in being ahead one could do fairly well. (given also a certain amount of luck.) Was very tired and think maybe we’re not eating well enough. Or at least the right things. The pool is all filled up now and I’m so happy with it. Some trouble with the mechanics of it – the turbos and the heater. I’m afraid Jack goofed pretty badly. Called Ed + Casey to come over + see it. Just a little too cold to swim. Skimmed the leaves off it – Such a lovely pool + Dicks done such lovely work Picked up Leon + Scotty tickets for the weekend after next. Called Leon – will call Scott in the morning (no answer)

Monday, June 12,*1972

Jessie called

Paul Grube here to plaster bright + early David made the mistake of coming out + telling Dick they were waking Debbie! They (D + D) went off to the International at 8:30. I went off to North Las Vegas to C+S Body Shop Had one hell of time finding N Commerce – took me an hour + a half but finally made it. Dale Stevens very nice + very willing to do anything he can for Armando. Has been unable to replace him. Nice to hear something good about poor Armando for a change. Next stop the Police Department on North Main only I couldn’t find that at all. it’s all somewhere in the Bonanza + Freeway off ramp maze. Circled about for an hour + then called it quits. Went to the Castaways + played 21 for an hour. Won $100 and left. Funny thing was they were watching me like a hawk + shuffling after only 2 or 3 hands (I was playing alone) For a change I got good hands and could alternate with 2 hands when they turned bad. Went + got groceries + was home by two. David + Debbie were here but then went off for one final bout. I fixed a meatloaf for dinner. The kids came back at 6:00 to get their things + say goodbye. They were leaving $200 ahead which is nice. Mary called just as Dick + I were eating at 8:30. I guess there is no way to time a call right. She’s upset about the jewelry from Mother for the grand daughters. The pool is plastered + filling + it looks gorgeous. Sad letter from Daddy enclosing note from “Uncle T.” (that part was funny)

Sunday, June 11,*1972

What a grim day really (or at least the results) Dick did more work on the pool in the a.m. Set the rail[crossed out letter] etc. We all left the house at noon + went to the Frontier (scene of my former triumph.) Lost steadily If one of us was ahead the others were losing. Actually only Dick did consistently well at both keno and 21. We were there til 5 and I cashed two checks but just as we left won a little. Went to the Landmark Tower for a very nice dinner + then right off the bat I wound up losing $300 but Dick left with just about what he’d come with After giving me money over + over again. We played 21 [crossed out letters] together several times + it was the only time I won at all. We finally took a cab home at 8 o’clock + left the kids to play Too much, too much, too much. David has been reading Thorpe who is very good (Beat the Dealer) but you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse + if you get one rotten hand after another that’s just tough. Also if nobody else at the table knows how to play that’s tough too! Yammer, yammer, yammer. It was too much casino, that’s all.

Saturday, June 10,*1972

I went out early to do some shopping. Dick off to get lumber for the gates. Got back with the groceries minutes before David + Debbie arrived at 10:30. Had expected them later. We sat around + talked until Dick got back at noon. Helped him unload + then D + D + I went to the Alladin Mostly because there are free chances on “a ton of money” – Did well + then lost. David out of everything. We went to the International + I cashed a check and brought him back to where he started. Then we played + David won + I lost but ended up even. Next stop the Landmark which was best of all because we all won including Debbie who had “The best time” there. Came home about 6:15 + gave Dick $50 which was nice. We had a big thick steak for dinner + the kids went back out to gamble Dick + I played Yahtzee here at home. Dick worked himself too hard today. Cleaned out the pool which is now immaculate in the hope that Paul Grube could plaster tomorrow. Unfortunately he called at 6 to say he couldn’t but it had to be done anyway. Bed early – both tired. Letter from Hilary – Uncle Alston + Aunt Edith Chase both died – I feel so badly that I never wrote Aunt Edith or even sent that dumb letter I started back on Cactus Lane.

Friday, June 9, 1972

In morning fixed a hole I burnt in our nice rug. Not too bad a job but feel terrible it happened. I [crossed out letter] took Dick down to get his truck + then went to Nevada Floor Craftsmen Irv gave me a “cookie cutter” for nothing. Several other burns to get after Went to Desert Inn to meet Phoebe for fashion Show – Long long wait + she had to leave at three so we sneaked out to play 21. She did well + I did poorly until she left after which I ended up making about $200 Came home late almost 7 – but Dick had known where I was (+what I was doing so it was okay.) We went to the Flite Deck for nice pleasant dinner. Danny’s man poured the deck today and it looks great our pool is going to be the prettiest I’ve ever seen I gave Dick a $100 – half my winnings