Friday, December 3, 1971

Set my hair last night + had a hideous curlered sleep. Woke finally about 5. Shaved Dick twice. Called Newcomb + had nice chat. He had a lovely time in Europe. I’m so glad. Called Frontier Roseland + ordered an azalia for Rich Ware and a poinsettia to go to Hilary on her birthday (“we’d rather remember you than Pearl Harbor”) Tranquilizers all the way around + down to the office to pick up Shirley. Court at 9:15. Put off til 10:30. Dick, Shirley + I went to the Golden Nugget + I won $12 on a keno ticket and a little at 21 so Dick came out even and I was $12 ahead when we left. Court was horrible. John Carpenter lied consistently under oath. Said Shirley was “given” an extra room on her house by the company and that Dick + I had used company funds to put the addition on our house. Also “Mrs. Michels is driving a company car.” I was on the stand only briefly but cleared up about the house. Shirley likewise except that she was on twice and at length. O’Donnell angry that the court had not been notified of my taking over the company (I’d asked Mel Close first + then Dave to tell the court) Dave has 15 days to prepare a brief. Galane 15 to answer and 10 days for a decision. Came home + Dick picked up his truck. I went to Valley Bank + deposited Dr. Richman’s refund. Bank of Nevada + deposited $1600 [crossed out word] “loan payment” from the company. Then Hickory Farms – gifts – Sullivans, Mrs. Davis, Aunt Hope, Millie. Harriet, Timmy, Henry + Alma. Home. Call from David – I can get 250 copies from Marlboro for $250.00 –

Thursday, December 2, 1971

Up early. Called Alice but she couldn’t make it to the Blvd. Left the house at 8:45 Sat with Elaine + a friendly girl named Joanne. Pleasant “Breakfast” – Mrs. Sawyer the guest of honor – discussed her book “Nomads of Nevada” (or something.) Bought stocking gifts at Hallmark. Went to Hickory Farms who don’t take credit cards. Bought health food + some marvelous books at B. Dalton’s. “The Parade’s Gone by” is on sale + I got 4 copies. A crochet book for Ethel Nast [?] for Daddy + some “smart set Anthology. At Penney’s  got a purse, gloves + scarf for Leuse, handerkerchiefs for Daddy and a car vaccuum for Newcomb. Had nice visit with Ann Hall. Got back my book with a dear letter from her son Gray Went to Skagg’s + got 2 busy boxes – one for Jeffrey and one for little Mather whose birthday is coming up soon. Went to the International + came out even was home by four o’clock. David Kitchen didn’t call so I assume he didn’t get the info yet. Sent in registration for V.W. Talked with Daddy in the A.M. + told him we were sending the stockings. Quiet evening – Roast beef + TV Spoke with Evelyn MacArthur about Rich Ware this morning.

Wednesday, December 1, 1971

Up early – Jack over – Dick left about 8:30 after a double shave. I had funny conversation with Mary – The ties a complete dud. She’s had all the problems + reactions I did – we’ve decided to write Family Circle + tell them the patterns a FLOP. Called David Kallman again + left message. Called David Kitchen talked to Gino. Went to Valley Bank + wired 300 to N.Y. and put 500 in Hsehld acct. Went to Alice’s + showed her blanket + bag + ties. We played 2 games of spite + malice + I lost 25 cents. Went by the office + had a little lunch with Dick Went to Bank of Nevada to deposit a residual and then to the Blvd Mart for groceries + to the Blvd. Saw Elaine. Got stockings for Newcomb, Larry, Bisy + Susan + Papa Doc + Ethel. Bought some little gifts at Hallmark. Home by four. David Kallman called + said the books had been “selling for not very much.” I said what? + he said Audrey had seen them. I told him to get hold of Hans + tell him he’s going to be sued + [crossed out word] to get back the books for me. He said he’d call next week. Then David Kitchen called + I learned the very worst. The whole lot of books had evidently been remaindered off to Malboro who had listed it in its Christmas Brochure at $1 each!!! David Kitchen promised to call Marlboro tomorrow + say we wanted them all. Rosenwald seems to feed on other people’s creative processes. I’m in a muddle all over again 8 yrs later.

Tuesday, November 30, 1971

Woke at 4 and couldn’t go back to sleep [crossed out letters] so went out + had some pumpkin pie + coffee. Wrote Scott + sent the plane tickets. Then wrote Leon with commission on a “Family Affair residual.” Dick + I made love – Whee – Things are looking up. I forwarded the Grayson’s insurance + after Dick left I wrote a note to Mrs. Auric [?] Douglas of Price/Stern Sloan + sent her the book along with picture + resume. Called Alice Turner, David Kallman again (still hasn’t returned the call) and Dr. Richman’s office. I designed several letters for Ana’s afghan. Went out + blew $300 at the Landmark (after being ahead almost $150) + was ready to take the pipe. [crossed out letters] Went to Golden Venus and fell asleep after a steam bath + could have been there still if someone hadn’t awakened me. Called home, picked up groceries + came home Ana + I made a low calorie apple pie. On the way home down Russell Rd I think I hit a puppy. It was pitch dark out + suddenly he was there. I went halfway over the divider in an attempt to miss him but I felt a bump. Cars behind me so I didn’t stop. Felt horrible about it and I’m trying to think maybe it didn’t happen but it did. We went to bed very early – both exhausted.

Monday, November 29, 1971

Up pretty early – Washed hair brushes and hair and rolled + set it. Dick off around 8:30 or 9. I called Scotty to tell him reservations had been made for Christmas. Tried to reach David Kallman + left call back message for the evening (he never did). Spoke with Alice + Ruth Scott. Sent picture to Jaymie Sholty Didn’t do anything about sending out “The Lion Is Busy” as I want to clear up the matter of the other copies. Went to see Ruth Scott + liked her a lot was interested in her whole outlook + purpose – mainly to get L.V. interested in having pictures shoot here on location. Left picture + resume. Went to Sahara to pick up Scott + Leon’s ticket. Won $70.00 Got wool for Ana and groceries. Dick stained the toggle button for Drue’s purse. I started Dorothy’s stole. Dick in a lovely mood tonight – The first time in ages. Maybe he’s beginning to feel better It was a pleasure Pleasant dinner + earlyish evening. Virginia O’Brien called + is going to mail me some information. I’ll try to see her in 10 days or so – She seemed delighted.

Sunday, November 28, 1971

Ana + Armando off for the day – They’d be leaving shortly after Jan. 1st. I hope their final days here are a bit happier. I made a low calorie pumpkin pie + froze another. I think they’re really good. Timmy called – Isn’t feeling well + sounded very forlorn – chatted a while. Dick fixed breakfast. After I’d asked him to try on one of the ties I made + he said they were too long and I flew off + said “I can’t live with you the way you are” – which was a bit out of proportion but God knows it’s been rocky lately. He slept + I worked in the library. Wrote Margie, Timmy + Rae early A.M. + paid bills in the afternoon. Called the Bottermans + Fred paid. I could have the negatives for $15.00 which I think is great. Tried to reach David Kitchem + Kaleman but no luck. Talked with Leon who’s excited about coming to Vegas. Must call Scott tomorrow + send off the book to Mrs. Douglas. Watched TV later + took 4 or 5 inches off all 3 ties. Bed about 8:30. Read a little. Everything okay again with Dick + me – my fault today but it’s difficult to keep my cool with everything so negative + down.

Saturday, November 27, 1971

We slept late. I finished Druscilla’s bag except for staining the button – Dick + I went to Home Lumber for sandpaper + paint for the fence + then to Sambo’s. Then to office where we left Shirley’s Dictionary + waited for the mail. Came back in a sudden windstorm. Dick discovered his sander was broken. Carl has had it for a year + only just returned it. Pretty cruddy. We went out again to the store + got some pie tins + a few odds + ends. Dick wouldn’t eat any of his supper + Ana was upset so I ate too much to make up. Pretty stupid. Spoke with Harold Stern + Issue number 7 is coming out this next week – After the first of the year they’ll have some advertising. Incredible is hardly the word for the fact they’re still going. I washed + blocked the three finished ties and started a 4th.

Friday, November 26, 1971

This morning I finished the blanket + I’m really delighted with it. Really pretty + cheerful + now Dick’s blanket looks gray by comparison. Everything closed today. Went to the Landmark tower and came out even after going down rather badly. Bought groceries + came home. Dick’s already here + sleeping. Nice card from Annie. I started making pockets for Druscilla’s crocheted bag. Not too happy with it yet. Turkey for dinner (not surprisingly)

Thursday, November 25, 1971

We lay around alot of the morning. Dick constantly tired. Must get it into my head that he’s not well. Otherwise I find myself getting very upset. Most of the day I worked on the blanket. Pressed it and got it all crocheted together. Put white edging + started on a scalloped blue for the outer edge. We went out for a ride in the afternoon + picked up a pumpkin pie at Mother Butlers. Home + took a nap. Jimmy Judge came at six. The turkey was done a bit faster than we’d thought + nothing was right. Dick really has it in for Ana + Armando right now + it’s putting me on a spot. Blah Blah Blah. Pleasant dinner not withstanding. Largely due to Jimmy’s ever dependable appetite + unflagging good cheer – He left after Flip Wilson Gave him turkey to take back to his roommate.

Wednesday, November 24, 1971

Had to roll hair again – up at 5 + packed. Left at 7 – Had really hoped to be out by noon but didn’t make it til after 4! However on the plus side had pleasant times with Jason [crossed out letter] Wingreen, Hall Smith, Paul Hartman – Margery Bennett. Told Jason about last night’s frosting on the already delicious cake – He thought it was very funny. Glad to leave. Went to Pickwick’s to pick up Shirley’s dictionary – God – 40 lbs! Went by Leon’s office + met a young man named Jack McCall who’d been working in Vegas he gave me the name of a casting woman in [crossed out letter] Vegas who puts people in location films. Handy to know + I’ll call her Friday Leon gave me some gifts of bread + a stuffed animal for Jeffrey. Drove out to Mary’s – traffic not too bad + I was there very close to six. Had a good time. The turkey good + not too much of anything – vegetable acorn squash with peas + onion filling – all topped off with low calorie pumpkin pie? As good as any I’d tasted. Left in plenty of time but barely made the plane! Had to go up in little cart. Last one on. Gene Clarke (Clarke expedition) + Jim Black young guy (“I’m a hardnose”) who’d come [crossed out letters] “to take them” in Vegas. Dick met me + looks great Good to be home.

Tuesday, November 23, 1971

Up at 5:00 – Discovered my hair had stayed so didn’t have to set it. [crossed out word] Caught up diary – Left house about 7. Windshield all frosted again + I almost backed into Leon’s neighbor. Luckily she found the windshield wipers for me so I drove off in some security. Got the car filled up with no lead gas. Long, long day. started + almost finished another necktie. If it weren’t for Jason Wingreen who’s a nice funny man I think this would have been almost unbearable as I was on camera possibly once all day + we had two hours of overtime! Rosalie Williams of the heavy scottish accent really made my day at the end when I said “Well, at least we’ve got a little overtime” – I don’t” she said, [crossed out word] “I’m on contract.” “of course,” I said “a three day contract, right?” “But I’m not an extra. You’re an extra aren’t you” “I beg your pardon,” I said. “I didn’t mean anything but,” she said “alot of extras get right in there in the middle.” Shit. And after the way she screwed up her little contribution to the show it rankled!! Back to Leon’s at 7:15. Called Dick. Jules Levine came up + gave me the name of a lady to send my book to. Nice to see him. One of his clients, Bobby Vinton is at the International – Will go see him Called Mary. We had nice roast beef for dinner went to bed early + finished “Only 3 die” I think it should make an excellent film. Really. If I’m off early enough tomorrow maybe I can see somebody with Leon.

Monday, November 22, 1971

Leon’s bon mot – “You can’t fight Brooklyn Bridge.”

Up about six – washed + set hair. None too easy after 5 yrs but managed Left Leon’s around 8:15 + drove to the Fremont Estates. Big old house the location. Must have been alot of fun once. Lee Phillips the director + it was really nice to see him. They didn’t start shooting til after 11. Lunch served around 1:30 and we didn’t break til 7:30 so there’s a little overtime I guess. My husband a very nice guy named Jason Wintergreen and alot of fine actors in the Show. John Qualen, Paul Hartman, Vivian Vance – all sort’s of nice character people, Margery Bennett, Charlotte Knight, Rosalie Williams (heavy scottish accent from Australia?) the four leads Barbara Feldon, E.J. Peaker, Gary Collins + Larry Hagman who’s a pain in the ass. Discovered some time in the afternoon that my two appearances outside the party have been cut so really + truly this is nothing but a glorified extra + I wish in some ways I’d stuck to my guns + said No. Still – the people are good people + I am getting paid – Blah, Blah Blah. Stopped at Carl’s Market. Couldn’t find the windshield wipers on the Mazda home at 8. Called Dick who sold the house today. Thank God! Nice chat. Fixed Liver + bacon for dinner. Bed early. Don’t think I’ll get to see any casting people while here.

Sunday, November 21, 1971

Woke before the coffee shop was open but the bellhop got us some from across the street. Watched TV + read + then went to the coffee shop for more coffee + a sweet roll for Dick. Back to bed + made love which was nice. Went to the Safeway + I bought some rollers + hair set stuff + Dick got some breakfast things. Leon’s next. Called Scotty + woke him said he couldn’t make it for breakfast but would come over soon. Dick fixed scrambled eggs + steaks + it was delicious. Leon talked about his new property. “Only 3 died” – Couldn’t understand what Dick’s function is to be but finally got it that agents aren’t supposed to be producers as such (or something.) The wardrobe lady, Betsy Cox called + I guess I have the right sort of thing. Scotty over + looking very well. Dick dozing + Leon too. Found myself giggling with Scott [crossed out letters] It’s been pretty dreary lately. Invited Scott + Leon to Las Vegas for [crossed out letters] Christmas. Scotty had to go to work at 2:30 so Dick, Leon + I all three napped. I read 50 pages of “Only 3 died” first possibilities. Dick + I left at 5. Stopped at a Thrifty Drug + got some shoes + a kerchief. Burbank airport + shades of other days. Made reservation back Weds. night (Had supper + saw Dick off. on the way home bought a hand hair dryer + some coffee. Leon’s by 8. Had been looking forward to a glass of wine but then squelched the urge. Started green necktie – interesting pattern. Watched TV. Pleasant, relaxed evening.

Saturday, November 20, 1971

one month

Up early – Dick off to the store – I left the house around nine. Went to the Safeway + cleaners + then to the Landmark for an hour. Won $90. Then went to about 3 thrift shops. Got 5 dresses for $2.15 (total) at the middle on – benefit of the Blind – can’t remember the name Home about 1 – headachey + tired – Dick made a cheese sandwich for me + I took an aspirin + short nap. The Asst. Director called – Monday call changed to 9 o’clock. Told him I still hadn’t heard from wardrobe + was leaving in a couple of hours. He said she planned to get in touch with me??? Hmm. Flurry of panic when Ana came in + said a man had stopped by the house + Little had been hit by a car. Not true evidently as Little came bouncing over the desert. Good God! Armando drove us to the airport. Cab to Mary’s. Dick closeted with Les and I visited with Mary + Jaymie (Les daughter) talked about cruise etc. Was glad to leave at 8 as I would have loved a glass of wine. Went to Hallmark Hotel + thence to Taxco mexican restaurant. Mediocre. Back to hotel and bed. L.A. cold. Called Leon + made date for tomorrow.

Friday, November 19, 1971

Stayed in all day – waiting for wardrobe call – finished as much of blanket as possible. Just waiting one square from Dick. [crossed out letter] knit on tie. Spoke with Leon + Dorothy. Mr. Fernandez came by with the fancy bath soap + the mailman brought a huge gift box from Leon. I did a very little desk work and lay around eating up detective stories. Finished Ruth Gordon’s book “Myself among others” – It’s rather cutesy and yet it’s interesting. Stella Arakelian called to invite me to a birthday party for Alice on Monday but I had to refuse. Called Angie Leverett to excuse myself from work this a.m. Dick home fairly early. Leon’s box contained vitamins + all sorts of health cookies etc and panti hose, perfume, neck tie etc. Got my call for Monday morning at 7:30 but never did speak to wardrobe woman – will go to a thrift shop tomorrow.