Sunday, November 29, 1970



Master Pool convention began tonight with a “get acquainted” party at the Stardust. Shirley + John Fratilla + John Painter + Dick + I all there. John Fratilla got a little carried away + made a welcoming speech which burned my ass. He went around introducing Shirley as “my secretary” + that burned hers! The party moved over into another room where there was supposed to be an airline convention + only a few had shown so they asked us to join them.

Dick had been angry with me in the beginning of the day. I tried to write a sort of welcoming speech for him to make tomorrow and I framed gold leafed the “minutes of the last meeting” cartoon for his office. We got together again around two in the after room which helped for the convention + we had a good time despite John Fratilla

Friday, November 27, 1970


Went to the Furniture Mart around ten o’clock after calling Leon + Scotty + Timmy. Went through about five floors. Our Patio furniture dealer was closed. We got some gold leaf type stuff from a lampshop man. Had our pictures taken + had lunch. Drove back to Schwab’s to pick up a thyroid Rx from Doug (whom I didn’t get a chance to speak to) and then out to Burbank. Were in about 5:30 –

Thursday, November 26, 1970



Had Brunch with Timmy at “The Garden District” on La Cienega. Then went to Carl’s for groceries + took them to Leon’s We had Thanksgiving dinner with Leon + watched my “Family Affair” which was very good. Then we watched Oklahoma + went home to the hotel. I was sort of depressed. Not too sure why.

We called Daddy at Co + Russell’s today to wish them all a happy Thanksgiving + tell them about the show.

Wednesday, November 25, 1970


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Worked on “The Smith Family” today. Stupid part but no sweat. Finished early. Leon came out + we ate at the commissary [crossed out letter] with a very pretty little girl he was taking around. We all left about two/thirty + I went back to the hotel Decided to nap + discovered the Thanksgiving Christmas parade was tonight. [crossed out word] Put my car in the parking lot. Dick’s plane went to Ontario + he had to rent a car + drive in in pouring rain. The Parade starting + he couldn’t get near the hotel. Was fit to be tied. He came in around 8:00 exhausted. Had a drink. Saw Benito Prezia in front of the Roosevelt – all smiles. Drove to Leon’s + collapsed there. Nice evening – home + bed _ just missed Scotty but probably just as well.


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