Tuesday, October 23, 1973

No entry.


Saturday, October 20, 1973

The A’s won

Up at 5 – meditated – took Dick coffee He opened up early today (6-every Saturday) I paid Mastercharge + our phone bill + started straightening up piles of papers in the office. Tried to call Anne Robinson Warner about the 25th M.P. S reunion next week but couldn’t get her. Went to work at 8. Place fairly crowded. Nice lady from the University told me how much it means to have a clean place to wash  5 or 6 big washes came in. We left when Mae came. Dick stopped + bought us a huge pumpkin + some apples. Etta finished up about 1:30 We napped + watched the game The A’s won as I’d thought they would I’m betting the Mets tomorrow. Lorraine called + I told her to come tomorrow at 7. I made some pie crust and an apple pie. We had lobster tails for dinner. I called Isabel – her son Sanford is getting married tomorrow. So good talking to her. She gave me Jack Donaldson’s number + address. I called Dorothy who was very helpful + I’ll see her when we get to town. RSVP’d on Sherry Towell’s evening of slides next Tuesday. Dick mad at the dogs + nailed their Doggy door!! Tried Anne Warner again No luck.