Monday, September 25, 1972

No entry.


Tuesday, September 19, 1972

In the early a.m. I retyped parts of Night Before Christmas and the 3 carols (Poe’s Crypts – [crossed out letter] if you far mill your Carols) called the entire “A Crisp Moss Garland.” In the morning did a 100 pages of Bill’s mss. Have now finished the first half Got out the 2nd set of boxes + laid them out. Called Ann Hall – evidently Helen’s attitude is a longstanding headache Wants it very clear that she is not Ann’s secretary (which she is in part!) Ann made our reservations for tonight at Caesar’s Palace. I went to the bank and had my last quarterly statement copied for Leavitt Insurance (it’s getting ridiculous) Then went over to see Ann. She looked at Knight Beef or Crisp Moss and asked me if it was old English! (She’s going to the Doctor’s today.) Eddie came up + he too was bemused but said none of that was in a good Jewish background. Hope Harold’s background wasn’t so good. Took it all over to the Printer’s + asked for 10 copies. Ready tomorrow. Went to W.O.W. + put some money in Lil Lightening with no return at all! Bought some folders for the Garland Home about 4. No mail of interest. Napped. Alice came by after having Mitzi spayed and I gave her Eddie’s records for Child Haven. We dressed + went to Caesar’s Palace. Good show. Andy Williams + the Lennon Sisters. Really fun. And the food was delicious. After we gambled Dick was ahead at first on his Keno ticket but after a little flurry in the beginning I lost at 21. We left at 11:30 Came home to “Fall of the house of Usher” Vincent Price Supreme. I called Sue Glick this afternoon + she was well + so pleased to hear me Had just gotten the Hickory Farms Box – Her 85th Birthday is Sunday!

Monday, September 18, 1972

Wild stormy day. Began after I’d finished watering the lawn natch. We wrote Birthday cards to Mary and then I wrote Leon with $300 + a list of people I’d like to see. Sent Timmy $200.00 and sent the rent to Mrs. Velma Henning. Worked on Bill’s mss. and got 75 pages done before I went out. Went to the post office and got some stamps and then went to Janet’s. Had been planning to see her in the hospital but fortunately she called so I knew she was home. We sat + talked for about an hour – she hadn’t really meant to commit suicide – was lonely + “wanted to see Sherry” – she wasn’t very happy about Betty Wilson calling everyone. Not happy in her job + beginning to look for another one. Thinking of going to [crossed out word] New York and I think it would do her a world of good to get away for a bit. I took Janet over to the Mayfair to shop and we played the slots a little. After taking Janet home there was a bad accident at the corner of Audris + Flamingo – Police, fire truck + ambulance Home at 4 – nice note from James + postcard from Mary + Penny. (Penny says they’re building a house + a guest house + we’re welcome!) I did another 25 pages of Bill’s mss. wrote Jimmy Judge. Had planned to take my version of “The Night before Christmas” to the Printers but it’s messy and should be [crossed out word] retyped. Fixed pork chops for dinner. Called Ann Hall + was told she’d gone home ill asked Helen if she could make our reservations at Caesar’s Palace tomorrow. “Oh no, dear. I never interfere in Ann’s work.” [crossed out letter] I think Ann might have put herself out for Helen + plan to tell her. Watched a little TV + went to bed early.

Sunday, September 17, 1972

Made long list of things to do today and didn’t get to any of them except Bill’s Mss. Went over 150 pages and I guess that’s an accomplishment His switching of tenses is disconcerting but as the book goes on I begin to see its effectiveness. I didn’t leave the house today – Dick went out for a few things at the stop’n go and got the Sunday Sun. After we made love he fixed a gorgeous breakfast + mowed part of the lawn. Very hot today. Went swimming before the storm. Threatening sky all eve with rolls of thunder + lightning flashes. Watched TV crocheted, called Mary who’d had a great trip to Hawaii + had had lunch with Penny James on Oahu. Told her we might be coming down this weekend + she said Margie would be there Can’t wait to see her Quiet day. If I could do 150 pages every day I’d be finished this week. Something to aim at.

Saturday, September 16, 1972

Sent for Jr. Nat’l geographic books for Susan + Courtney –

Pleasant day. watered lawn, trees, made bed. Dick working outside – We had breakfast. I called Leon + said we’d be down in 10 days or so. Called Ann + she + Ed said they’d come to dinner. Called Ken Zinck + said we’d been to the show, enjoyed his performance + had been unable to come back afterwards. Made a cream cheese pie for dinner. Watched the Baseball game of the week – Baltimore + New York. New York, alas. lost by 4 runs but the Red Sox beat Cleveland 10-0 so they’re still on top. Detroit next 1 game out. Baltimore 1 1/2 + the Yanks in 4th. I finished the 3rd placemat + started the 4th for the CSG Bazaar. Was in cranky humor after the game so took a nap. Wakened by phone call from a Betty Wilson (?) who works with Janet Goldsmith. Told me Janet was in the hospital + had taken an overdose of sleeping pills Thursday night. Oh Christ – when she’d called us. Evidently she’d swallowed 2 1/2 bottles (?) and then called the operator who’d traced the call + sent an ambulance Now they won’t release her from Sunset without psychiatric examination + Betty Wilson was contacting her sister in Winetka. I didn’t really care too much for Betty Wilson over the phone – couldn’t tell what she wanted from me. After I called Frontier Roseland + sent flowers with note saying I’d be over on Monday. Dick called two of his pool leads + they’re both as hot as ever so that was good news. He vaccuumed the living room while I dusted thoroughly + it looks nice. Ann + Eddie over about 6:15. Had a very pleasant time with them. He + Dick alot alike in some ways. I finally found Ruth Scott’s name + suggested they get in touch with her. Ann for the program + Eddie for work. We had a good dinner, a lot of funny stories + laughing Watched All in the Family. They left at 10 + we watched second half of “Streets of San Francisco” debut. I’d read it so no trouble catching on – good show

Friday, September 15, 1972

Finally this a.m. started on Bill’s mss. It’s going to take a lot longer than I thought I’m afraid it took an average of a little more than an hour per 25 pages. I did 75. Have hit a large question mark on Samuel’s age. Shirley called has had horrible time with her sister having lung surgery in Sacremento + came home to Margaret with gangreen!! I washed the front windows inside + out – I lost at yahtzee last night and I must say they look beautiful. Jimmy Whelan called again. God I wish he’d stop. I got a little snappy this time. Ann Hall made reservations (they’d cancelled ours) for Play it Again Sam and I went over to pick up the tickets. Terrible seats but complimentary. A highly inefficient box office. Went to Valley Bank + made a deposit for Dick + checked on the money from New York which hasn’t come in yet. Went to the Safeway + came home. Dick exhausted from Mario’s pool; the Whites and stopped by Mrs. Brown’s for chlorinator. Called Ann. We started to take a nap + Ed came over. When he left we did take one for about an hour. Then dressed + went to the Jungle Club for dinner. Saw the Dazeys + said hello. They hadn’t recognized Dick – “had heard he [crossed out letter] was sick” – thought he looked great. We went over to the Judy Bayley Theatre + met Ann + Eddie outside along with the Plotkins. He’s a manager at Ramones. I spotted Gertrude’s accent immediately for Boston + it turned out we all knew Herbert Margoles!!!! The play unfortunately a great disappointment especially as we were sitting in front of a bunch kids who had evidently been in on rehearsals + laughed deafeningly at every word. I liked the girl + thought Ed Boraski had an appealing quality but not the technique to support the role. We left at the end of the 2nd act as Dick was going nuts.

Thursday, September 14, 1972

Dick’s appt w/ Bentley went well.

Made love first thing and then I washed my hair. Nice morning – we took off about 8:45 after an about we call – 3 rings – Dick had been expecting Bartlett + wanted to tape it. Got to Breakfast at the Blvd about 9 + both Ann and Eddie pleased to see us. Ann had lost her cards which was very funny + while Eddie was out in the parking lot she decided to give me a chance at the tongue twister. I didn’t get a cnace to see it til we were on the air but I did it in 9 seconds (ho ho) + got free tickets to the Parkway Theatre. Ken Zinc and Ed ? guests today from the cast of Play it Again Sam. Talked with them after + decided to see the show tomorrow night To top it all off Dick won the drawing – dinner show for two at Caesar’s Palace! Wow! Agreed with Ann they’d come with us tomorrow I went went to Sears + exchanged my bras. The saleslady a big help. Bought a card table + went to Hickory Farms + sent a huge box to Sue Glick. Next stop Dixie Chicken – closed. Went to a little place in Maryland Sq + they used rolled chicken. Looked like shoe heels. Awful. But Mr Chan pleased Had a good visit with him about an hour + a half. He told me about his dreams + the 36 hours lost while he was coming to in Southern Nevada. Compared it to the movie “3 Faces East” + a “splitting image” and told me I could write it actually if somebody could it would be wild. Went to Safeway at Desert Inn + got some meat + vegetables + got home around 1:30. After Dick left I went to sleep + stayed that way for about 3 hours. I’ve talked a little about it – just touching the subject. Dick said he thought I was bored and that it was mental. He said it without censure. We ate chicken for dinner + watched TV and played yahtzee Janet Goldsmith called drunk + depressed + I invited her over for Monday morning to go swimming

Wednesday, September 13, 1972

Caught up diary in the morning – cleaned up kitchen a little. Had all sorts of good plans but didn’t do much with them. Went to the Safeway in the morning + got groceries. Went to the Safeway in the morning + got groceries. Went to the Valley bank and sent enough money to N.Y. to cover my checks. Stopped at Sprouse Reitz and Savon to look for phone index but didn’t find one. Home at 12:45. Dick shortly after, fixed lunch. Tony came by + stayed a couple of hours. We did get around to the Jehovah’s witnesses but also laughed alot too. He’s a very humorous guy. I took a nap after + read a detective story. Dick may have a pool to start on Monday. I hope so. I shaved my legs. Mr. Chan called and asked me to bring some clothes for him as he’s starting to walk again and doesn’t like to walk in his pajamas I asked if I could bring anything else + he said “a couple of pieces of fried chicken.” Put his clothes aside and the bras I want to return to Sears tomorrow morning. Bartlett of the contractor’s board called + asked if Dick had gotten his notice of the hearing for Heberth yet I said I didn’t know + he said it might be October 6th. I said airily I didn’t know if we’d be in town. He did get it today. He also called the office of the interior (?) + got the evaporation figures for each individual day. I think he’s got them coming + going. I hope so. Liver for dinner + TV. A sidewinder in the garage Dick used the torch on him Arrghh

Tuesday, September 12, 1972

Depressing day – had decided to go shopping for some new clothes – underwear, shoes + some nice new dresses or suits. Something to go around in looking for work. Took some money out of the bank + went to the Boulevard with $300.00 Got Dick’s socks, workpants + exchanged the size 42 shorts I’d gotten “and then the trouble began” (Mom’s favorite phrase) I tried on what seems like hundreds of things and nothing looked right. Either too young or too old. I don’t seem to know who or what I am anymore – or even what I want to be. There’s no idea of me. I’m 41 years old seem to vary in feelings from about 17 to 72. I bought a few books at Dalton’s – several very standard shoes at Penney’s – and finally some underwear at Sears. I dropped my wallet in a dressing room at Harris + Franks (presumably when fishing for a comb) and discovered its loss about 3:30. As I’d been all over the goddamned mall + in + out of every store there I had no idea of where to begin looking. Finally found it about 5:45. Called Dick who was angry. Paid for my stuff at Sears + came home. The bras didn’t fit. I’m changing shape. “some puckers + some swells” said Cousin Eliza – I guess I’m puckering We had steaks for dinner too much gristle. Dick not speaking to me. I’m going though an identity crisis I guess. The only bright spot of the day was talking my way out of a ticket on the way home. That’s a first for me. And a nice conversation w/Harold Stern. Not that anything nice is happening for him, but he made me feel better.

Monday, September 11, 1972

Spent the morning writing letters – wrote long letter to Annie, one to Jessie with the requested recipe for bitke, and Mom enclosing her soc. security card. filled out the questionaire Frederick Lewis sent. Called Scott and had fairly long conversation with him. He’s still in touch at least with Leon which is good but is anxious to do legitimate work. I think he should go to some regional theatre if possible. He has a very unrealistic picture of the Hollywood scene. I’m afraid. Blah Blah Blah I bore me. watered the lawn and changed the sheets and then like a goddamn homing pigeon I went over to the Tropicana to gamble + lost. Stayed about 4 hours and couldn’t even get ahead. Beautiful. Looking back I guess this all really began when Dick was out at the Desert Retreat. Before that I gambled + won or lost but seemed to have some control. I think I crossed some sort of line last spring. Went to the laundry, the Safeway + came home. We had thawed out Bitke for dinner. Dick went + measured Shirley’s yard for a pool. Evidently, they have termites too and it’s going to cost them over 600.00 to get rid of them. Ed Kulick borrowed Dick’s truck this A.M. His car broke a hose (?) or something + he had to get it replaced.