Saturday, May 26, 1973

Up early


Friday, May 25, 1973

Also – Bright spot #3 – a birthday card from Jessie with $5.00 in it!

Went to laundromat to meet Mrs. Pitoniak but she’d called – couldn’t work nights. Lynn next door cut Dick’s hair for him. It looked nice. I went to P.O. on Boulder Highway to get certified letter – from Herman Grayson saying he was going to sell the property behind us for $11,000 an acre. Very nice letter really. I got us some hamburgers at Burger King + Dick wouldn’t eat his. He’s over tired + very short of temper + so am I. I called Anne Cleveland this a.m. + I told her I didn’t think it was a good time for Susan to come but asked her to have Newcomb call in the evening. (He didn’t.) Dick feels we should have her. The Gas Co. screwed up with our bond + now we won’t get the meter til Tuesday. Dick Talmadge over + called Goss Jewett for us + they’ll be here Tuesday McClinton + Co set the conveyor belt. 2 bright spots – Went to Ann Hall for Ms Pisateon for “Help Keep Things Clean” posters + got it “Happiness is a Tidy Toilet” with another john + the Smile face on the lid. We laughed til we cried But it was all her doing. Took it + “Help us Keep Things Looking Nice – we’re expecting company” to Mr. Carnelli – We can have them in the a.m. The other bright spot the Tallahassee script from Dick K. complete with game sketch. pix + resumé.

Thursday, May 24,*1973

Towell going to stop by the laundromat on Saturday after the Heldorado Parade.

Went over to Joyce’s early – Had coffee + nice visit. She gave me a lovely shirt and the Elvis Presley “Hawaiian Special” record. I called Rose – told her I was going to look for someone else for relief shift – She had more boils removed on Monday (but she could have called) + Ruth is being operated on next week. Called Janet Pitoniak recommended by Ruth Glinski + made an appt. for tomorrow. We moved the office stuff into the laundromat. Did alot of cleaning. I started with the posters and they look really pretty marvelous. Hung two little washboards. Dick + I ate at Foxy’s + went to Home lumber where he got material to make a bulletin board which he promptly did + it looks very nice. Ed + Casey over at 5 to see the place. Casey not as enthusiastic as I would have hoped. B’day card at home from Newcomb repeating suggestion we invite Susan – Its just such a bad time for us [crossed out letter] Peggy has court tomorrow, Dick got some curtains for office window – too long. Mike Moody of Towells . Alice called.

Wednesday, May 23, 1973

3921 Yahtzee!!

42 years old today and not very much to show for it. Had a very nice day however somehow. Called Dad + had good brief chat. Had started a letter to him + then finished it. 2 typed pages on our flyers. Dick picked up a laborer named Dick to help him. I went to Jack Slote’s about 10 o’clock. Ended up buying another dress + exchanging the first two all very nice. Only trouble – when will I ever wear them. Pretty blouse from Annie + cute shift. Flowers from Ana + from Timmy and Casey brought some over + Ed gave me a washboard Wire from Leon + cards from Scotty, Drue, Annie, Gertrude Lyle, Mrs. Sullivan etc. Daisy gave me a darling night set little shift + panties. Shirley gave me a barbecue apron saying Bitch, Bitch. Bitch! [crossed out word] I wrote Susan Enelow Also called Phoebe for name of our cousin (Barbara Rydell) Annie + Scott called. Sung Happy B’day on the answer phone – After dinner we played Yahtzee + I got 10 in one game -triple) Called Leon to thank him for his wire. Joyce called – their house has pneumonia so she couldn’t get away but I said I’d come over in the a.m. Dick got bond to gas co.

Tuesday, May 22, 1973

That same pack of dogs out back + Newman hobbled out to bark at them with Little egging him on

Went out early + bought some peroxide. Cleaned out Newman’s wound. A little scary. Called Dick Kneeland after racing thru the library looking for a copy of “Tallahassee” I think that could go very well (enlarged) on Love American Style. Nice chat Asked him also to send a picture + resume Told Dick who thought it was a good idea – Peggy + I went shopping. Went to Janitor supply which is expensive Spent $28 for a very few items. Then to K-Mart + bought large trash barrells for $4.00 each + liners + cleaning stuff. Next stop Wonder World – Bought a trash [crossed out word] thing for the bathroom + played the slots a little Peggy won the progressive Jackpot on the nickel machine + is going to get her car fixed. Had hamburgers + then I went back to Janitor supply + got 6 standing ashtrays – 4 more on order. Dick made me open my birthday present tonight 2- dresses from Jack – Slate – very pretty but too big. Letter from Newcomb asking us to have Susan for a short visit

Monday, May 21, 1973

Expected Rose today but she didn’t show + didn’t call. I changed the sheets and [crossed out words] did several lg loads of wash. The phone was on answer so I missed another call from Russell. Finally got him back at Calhoun. Went over to the laundromat about 10:30 – Had called Mr. Carnelli but it turned out that he’d called Dick who’d already gone + gotten the posters. He’d put “Sorry” instead of “soily” and “Try it instead of Dry it. Took them to Ann who got hysterical + told me it would be no trouble for him to fix them. And it wasn’t. I went out to see Mr. Chan who was so happy he almost wept over his St. Martin. Then picked up the corrected posters. Dick + I went to pick up Newman this evening Dr. Huentch prepared us for the sight by saying “Pink is beautiful” He’d cut away alot of dead + infected tissue. Newman pretty gory but so glad to be home. Got a birthday check today from Daddy for $500.00 almost flipped. I called Julia this a.m. + asked Mr. Burke – Interest payments on loan are due every month!

Sunday, May 20, 1973

Didn’t do much of anything today – Wrote Jessie with check for $100 graduation and $25 for 21st birthday. Got card from Ethel yesterday. The vet not in so couldn’t check Newman’s progress. Tried Scott + again no answer. Called Mr. Carnelli who said I could come in right away I copied down the wrong address (320 instead of 230) + found sign saying back at 1:30 – So went + played 21 at the Showboat for a while. Came out even. Went back + it was the wrong house. Found the right place + he’d called the laundromat. Dick beside himself with anger. Gave him the flyer + he said it would cost $10. I’d told the girls $5.00 so made up the difference. Dick not speaking to me. Wouldn’t eat either. Message from Russell looking for Colby Ann Hall, Scotty + Alice Bought Gas.

Saturday, May 19, 1973

Jessie’s B’day + Joyce’s –

We tried to call Jessie early but no answer. Then called Joyce + asked her to meet us at the laundromat – when she came we gave her an 1883 silver dollar and a bottle of perfume. I spent most of the day futzing around with an exit sign It looked pretty bad – We called Dr. Huentch + he said Newman’s temperature is back to normal and he seems to be doing all right. Tried to call Scott to tell him but couldn’t reach him. We came home earlyish and sat in the therapy pool. Called Jess and spoke to Colby also. They’d thought of coming out but didn’t. I helped the girls at the beauty salon with a flyer and [crossed out words] and made up some copy for window signs for Mr Fred Carnelli. [crossed out words]

Friday, May 18, 1973

Oh dear – awful day. Dick + Scott up early + took the counter to the store. Then I took Newman to Dr. Huentsch He was bleeding + evidently had been all this time. The poor thing just stood in the waiting room dripping blood. By the time I got him in I was beside myself The Doctor said he was in very bad shape + he didn’t know what he could do. He’s full of pus + infection + the outlook isn’t very good. I was so upset with Dick + Scotty as well as myself – Cried all the way to the laundromat – very helpful. Went to see Ann + missed her. Got 1,000 [crossed out letter] of the flyers printed up however with Peggy. We took a couple over to the paperback book store Got hamburgers + brought them back to the shop Peggy came over to the house after + sat in the therapy pool Left about 7:30. Little at loose ends. Dr. Huentch told Dick when he called that he’d know more tomorrow. I prayed tonight.

Dick gave Scotty $100 for his fare home + his help.

Thursday, May 17, 1973

Caught up diary – tried to call Doug but it was a teaching day. Called Western Airlines + changed flight. Called Dick – went + had breakfast with Timmy. Called a religious store in Westwood + located a statue of St. Martin El Negro (of Porres) Timmy went out with me and we bought the statue + a rosary for Mr. Chan. On the way back bought some flowers for Dorothy (her b’day yesterday) and some lilacs for Timmy. Went to Leon’s office + had lunch with him + Paul Lukather Went to Dr. Korchek’s. Painful but he was pleased with the progress. However the hospital stint is inevitable. I have 3 more appts in early July at which point he’ll be able to see how much needs to be done. Went to Mary’s + had coffee + then some wine. Les is supposed to join us but didn’t. We ate at the Hungry Tiger + I got on the plane a little drunk. Plenty more coffee but it didn’t do the job + Dick was annoyed at me. He + Scott met me. We played yahtzee + I won. Newman looks awful They didn’t take him to the vets.

Wednesday, May 16, 1973

Up at 5 – threw a few things in suitcase, puttered about a little laid out vitamins etc. Called Annie to say I’d be in at noon. Dick took me to the airport at 6:30. Nice flight with very pleasant Japanese couple. Made up another slogan “Sour Drapes?” – arrived at 8 – Jane Harley at Hertz counter/ nice visit – got a Capri. Drove first to Flair Cleaners + introduced myself + admitted I’d stolen their motto + gave them a list of mine. Don Fazio the creator. He + his Dad very nice. I bought a Caftan for Annie + then went to Korchek’s. The Scaling pretty painful. Got to the Halifax at noon. Annie loved her gift. Saw Moose. Good time. Took nap while Annie went to do taxes – Home + saw Timmy. Went to Leon’s at 7 – long talk about money, property etc. Delicious dinner – Saw Timmy again after + then fell asleep like a rock about 11 o’clock Had called Dick + also Mary

Tuesday, May 15, 1973

Had thought I was supposed to go to L.A. today but appt is for tomorrow. Called Julia Mullen’s office – not there. Called Peggy. Went to Select Coiffures for a Manicure Lynn did it. Very good. Scotty had started with the wall paper + I was hypercritical. Hated myself. Len Curtis said I was too close to it. Peggy came + I left her helping Scott. I went off + went to the bank to see Jack Kiser. Went shopping and then played the slots. Just to keep from going back to the shop + being picky. When I did get back it looked great + I later apologized to Scott. We had a good evening + ate veal parmigiano in front of the TV. Leon called – had thought I was coming tonight Bob Graeritch was there when I’d called last night + poor Leon didn’t hear anything Newman still very bad + Dick said he’d take him to the vet’s tomorrow. Bed at 10:30 Set alarm for 5:00

Monday, May 14, 1973

Early A.M. Made calls – Julia about the Custodian fee [crossed out letter] – Said she’d call back. Was surprised to learn we’d built the place for about 76,000 – had thought it would be nearer $100,00 Called Mrs. Henning + asked her to clean out the fridge. called AVCO + the Phone Co. for income tax deductions – typed up whole list for Shirley over 5,000 – . Rose came at 9 – She’ll be able to do swing shift for us. Left the house around 10 – Took Shirley the deductions – Harold + Vern hooked up our outside lights. I went + played the slots a little Not successfully but not badly either. Down a little. Showed Daisy our flyer So proud of it. Called Doris Louie + explained all Mr. Chan’s plight. Called Leon to say I’d be in Weds. Newman was mauled by that pack of dogs that roams around + was all chewed up. Couldn’t move. Washed him a little, put on bactene + gave him a pain pill – yahtzee Steaks, pool –

Sunday, May 13, 1973

Scotty woke very early + called both his mother + Mrs. Davis. We had a good breakfast with eggs + bacon and then all went over to the laundromat. Later I went out to see Mr. Chan, took him nuts + cheese + fruit. I got the impression he was sent to D.R. as a punishment which is pretty annoying + not fair to the D.R. either. I told him I’d call Doris + let her know where he is. We had a good visit + then I left and lo + behold ran out of gas [crossed out letters] a third of the way back into town. The gauge still registered under a quarter. A long hot walk + nobody stopped Actually I might have been uneasy if they had. But an odd feeling. My foot swollen + sore Just missed
Dick + Scotty at the shop. Called + left message + came home. They’d hung a couple of machines + the clock + discovered the plumbing units don’t fit – The trough is too wide!! Awful day – Mom, Cassie + George called

Saturday, May 12, 1973

Ordered flowers sent to Mom for tomorrow – Made shopping lists – Went hither + yon. Called Ann from Steiners’ found she hadn’t realized they were coming for dinner! Can’t make it. Also Gray hadn’t explained that I couldn’t help her clean today! I picked up laundry + groceries + stopped by laundromat. Dick exhausted. I’m glad Scotty’s coming. I cleaned his room + tidied up alot – did several loads of laundry While Dick went to get Scot the Desert Retreat called + Mr. Chan has been transferred out there. I told the orderly to tell him I’d come + see him very soon. Dick took Scotty by the laundromat. I picked up the flyer today + it’s just wonderful! Called Mr. Carnelli + he did it for nothing because I’m a friend of Annes – We swam, had roast beef dinner, played yahtzee + had a good time So nice to have Scott.