Friday, July 30, 1971

Went to Detention at 9 for Placement Committee – Little or nothing accomplished as per usual. Next stop Golden Venus for another wrap treatment. Finished at 2:30 Went over to B. Dalton’s and bought copies of James Kavanaugh’s books. Had him autograph a “Crooked Angel” for Mary and one for Courtney Terry. Left about four (also had him sign my pig book along with Elaine + gave him a copy of “Soliloque”) Bought groceries and came home. Wrote Alice Turner a letter. Dick home about 5 – Has decided to get Francis Markley to come in from Palm Springs to do his decks. Supposedly arriving Monday night. Called Shirley but she wasn’t home.

Thursday, July 29, 1971

Up early – washed hair, paid a few bills Dick slept in this morning til 9 – I went to Breakfast at the Blvd + got Eddie + Ana Hall to sign my Pig Book Sat with Elaine + James Kavanaugh + had a good time. Jim read a children’s poem “the Crooked Angel” aloud + a lovely poem called “My sadness has no seasons” from his new book “Won’t you be my friend?” I really liked the feeling and the whole all-being-together. Went to Sears + bought Timmy some sheets + looked at daybed covers then went to W.O.W. Daisy back + good to see her. She has an operation at the end of August Lost money in the slot machines. Went to Valley Bank + gave Jack Kiser George + Pat’s check. We chatted a bit + I told him about McCoy’s having called Lester and the letter from Jerry Mandel. He said he thought they had their “gall” + I’m in total agreement. Told me about a stock called “Sierra Empire.” I went to the Tropicana and played some 21 + lost. Went + bought groceries + came home. Wrote Bizy at Camp, Winnie + Newcomb. Paid Bentley’s bill for Dick – he didn’t charge me again. made an appt. on Tuesday for Ana with Dr. Zivot. (Marlene will have to take her) + called Mary. Nice chat She’d had a rear end collision last week with the twins in the car but Thank God none of them were hurt. Dick worked until 8 o’clock so we couldn’t get to the library. I was very sad about that but it couldn’t be helped. Dick had a call on the service from Joplin (?)

Wednesday, July 28, 1971

Good sort of day really. Started off by calling + ordering more fire proofing for the roof. Made appt. at Golden Venus for a “wrap” treatment. Went to the Blvd + bought some cards at Hallmark, a gift pack at Hickory Farms for Sue and a couple of books at Dalton’s. Elaine gave Dick “The Bad Popes.” Wow. She’s in the current Reader’s Digest Re-wow! Went to the Golden Venus + was there about 2 hours. Sauna, whirlpool, wrap, sauna etc. Lost 10 1/2 inches + felt great. Went to the International + played some 21. Won $110.00 + left. Went to Home Lumber + bought some tile for Timmy’s kitchen and a new reading lamp. Will get the paint at Vegas Paints. Got groceries + came home after winning $5.00 on the slot machine. [crossed out words] Ana on the phone told me she had 140° temperature. I told her she couldn’t or she’d be dead. [crossed out letters] She didn’t have any actually. Dick fixed pork chops for dinner. I tried on my new bathing suit + it fits now. One more wrap treatment + it will fit well. We called Newcomb + I explained about his birthday + said how sorry I was. Will try to get him + Susan theatre tickets in N.Y. Also told him the Andrew Wyeth book is now worth $350.00! We watched TV + went to bed early-ish. George + Pat garrett paid off their loan today. Whee.

Tuesday, July 27, 1971

Went to Detention early after leaving instructions with service to pick up on first ring + say I’d be back here at 2:00 pm. – 10 o’clock French time + to call collect. Learned a little macrame today + had funny visit with Angie Leverett. Went to the office + saw Dick + then to Bank of Nevada to deposit money from N.Y. and Valley Bank to put my “Smith Family” Check in Savings acct. yesterday I put Dick’s entire paycheck in our hsehld acct. Bought groceries + was back by 1:30. Timmy had called + the service was afraid they hadn’t gotten the message across to the French operator but evidently they did as he called back at 3:30 Can’t change his ticket but said he’d stay away next week while I fix his place up. So that’s good. The only thing I wonder about is his saying he’d “go to England another time” – I wonder how. Dick home at 4:30 and in a stew about George Hall + the electricians raise etc. etc. Made some 8 or 10 calls + evidently got things sorted out. Nice Lamb dinner; finished Casey’s coasters – Bed early + very tired.

Monday, July 26, 1971

Got quite a bit done today Dick off early. Called France again + left message to call at 4. Spoke with Sheila Taylor + explained situation. Emptied dishwasher, cleaned kitchen + glasses, made bed, finished a square + washed + blocked 4 others. Paid phone bill, Grabage + sent money to Timmy’s acct. Went to Post office + got stamps. Won money on a slot machine, went to Lucy Foley’s for Placement Committee meeting. Jean Cohlan evidently at the seat of complaints about Bill Gang. Stopped by office, went + picked up picture of Humbug + went out to Hunsaker’s new place to get some bird feed. Bought wool + groceries + came home to find Timmy had called at 3 o’clock. Oh shit Seems as though nobody can get anything straight. Was in foul humor. Dick home around 4:30 and we sat around + watched TV + I started some crocheted coasters for Casey. [crossed out word] Went to bed early. Letter from Leon with a release he’d given Jules Levine – I was “costarring with Henry Fonda” + Dick is “President of Master Pools” – Oh God. [crossed out words] Used credit on Shirley’s Birthday present for a bathing suit and shirt.

Sunday, July 25, 1971

Put a call to Timmy in Cannes. Sheila Taylor (the famous “Button”) answered + I must say I felt a strong antipathy. Timmy was out + she treated the call like an imposition. Asked the operator if we could “call back tomorrow at 9 in the morning” (one am our time) Finally said grudgingly that she’d have Timmy call at midnight – (4:00) Waited in the house all day but no call. Burned me up. Accomplished nothing. Knit + read + watched bad TV + did some crossword puzzles. We went to bed early. Dick has had eleven pools so far this month with 3 more this week to dig. That’s really an improvement. Jerry Mandel wrote us a long letter about my moving my securities to his bank + I thoroughly resented it.

Saturday, July 24,*1971

Dick out to work pretty early I called Harold Stern “Applause” has been postponed til August 18th but he still thinks there’s a chance Spent the morning cleaning out the bathroom + then settled down to knit + read. Talked with Ana a little. She’s very upset about the money and about her children in Salvador etc. Had a letter yesterday from Armando’s Aunt telling them mot to come back as there is no work there. I told her that Dick + I had had second thoughts about the trailer set up as we’re not at all sure that we want the responsibility of 4 small children Told her it had nothing to do with her wrist or any of what she calls “The problems we give you.” She hadn’t been counting on it to begin with so that was a vast relief to me. She + Armando went out later to do some shopping. Dick + I watched a god-awful Japanese film with a Karate background Some of the worst acting (by occidentals) I’ve ever seen. Jim Daniels came over + we had a good visit he stayed for dinner (hot roast beef sandwiches) which Ana helped fix. Later Jack + Joyce came over with Danny + Marge + the baby which they left with Ana + Armando. Danny + Marge getting married tonight. I (+Dick too) thought Marge looked pretty grim. Jim left after they did + Dick + I went to bed.

Friday, July 23,*1971

Eyes better but none too gorgeous. Went to the Placement committee room. Bill Gang in soon after – Accomplished a little but not much. Martha Chase called + there’s a meeting on Monday at Lucy Foley’s about Bill Gang + “exactly what his duties are” – “we’re going to put Bill Fain on the Spot.” Sounds like a bunch of 2 year olds. Bill Fain out for the day so I told Bill Gang the exact situation + suggested he get Bill Fain to speak out loud + clear. Also told Angie. Maybe it’s talking out of turn but either this is a ‘volunteer organization or it’s a personal ego builder organization. Called the hospital + Ana would be out at noon Her bill (not counting Dr. Zivot or the anesthetist) was $311.00 Good Christ. Picked her up after paying it – Took wrong turn off F’way. Ana all upset + not feeling well. A little upset myself. Went to bank + deposited the money in our Savings acct. (2,000) and a N.Y. check for the hosp bill in our household acct. Went + got groceries Dick home + a little drunk. We went to bed + slept + then out by the pool. Betsy McTighe (now Limtiaco[?]) came by with her new husband to return the car. Left us a half gallon of scotch + some perfume but we didn’t know that til later. We had a baby roast beef for dinner + salad + french fries. Watched TV + went to bed early I had a letter from Timmy saying he was coming back on the 28th!!?? of this month. Thought he was going to London?

Thursday, July 22, 1971

Oh lord – Hideous day – I woke up Thinking my contact lenses were still in + in really ghastly pain. Kept trying to get them out + only an hour later discovered I must have taken them out when we got home this a.m. There really is no more awful feeling than the pain of having worn your lenses too long (about 24 hrs.) Stupid. I’m sure there is worse but I don’t want to know about it. Also the knowledge of the $2200 made everything a hell of alot better. Joyce came over around 2:30 to see what was happening about Ana. She’d had a terrible time getting her into the hospital yesterday. After a few hrs. of calling found that Ana would be in until tomorrow as she’d come out of the anesthesia very slowly. Dick home + a little drunk. Had a big grudge on at the moment against Ana + Armando but after I kept telling him in front of Joyce how lucky we’d been last night (he won all the money) and how great it was that he decided to leave his mood got quite sunny. Armando home about 6:30. We all had TV dinners + talked with Ana who was still very confused. Went to bed early.

Wednesday, July 21, 1971

Up at 4:30 – went over script + had coffee Left about 5:30 – Car wouldn’t start but finally did. Got out there to Makeup (Johnny + Vivienne Hair dresser) was done + then had an hour + a half to wait around. Didn’t start shooting til 8 o’clock. Out doors. Had to drive Good God. Short dress + low sports car. But scene went well + everyone pleasant esp. Janet Blair. Little girl Erin Moran played my daughter – had worked with her on Family affair Herschel Daugherty director. Leon came at lunch time w/Virginia + Jack Jones (now Barry Hamilton) Saw Ed Hartman in the commissary + told him how much I liked his “childrens’ crusade” piece in the S.A.G. magazine. We talked several times + he said he’d “bring you back soon” – Whee. I said Please do. After lunch did a few errands w/Leon + at his office I made a photo appt for [crossed out letters] Tuesday Aug. 3rd. Called the Fleming agency and found they’d only just sent some of Rita’s short stories to a contest in Iowa. Paid for new resumes + Leon + I went to see Bert – very brief but glad to see him. Back to office for a drink, to Leon’s for another + thence to the airport + home Dick met me + we went to Franks Bar Put a bundle in the slot machine + had markers on about $90.00. Hit $125 + several $25’s bought the place a drink, bought back our markers + left a few bucks ahead. Dick suggested we go to the Tropicana + we did. Cashed a N.Y. check for $100.– ($50 a piece) Saw Jim Daniels We bought back the check + left with $2200.00!!! That will more than pay for the trip back East. WOW! Very drunk.

Tuesday, July 20, 1971

Up at 5:00 – bathed + dressed + finished packing. Dick dropped me at the airport at 6:30 – Plane off at 7. Picked up car + went to Georges. Nice cut. Lots of traffic. Got to Leon’s at a little before noon. Went to Benesch’s + had a sandwich. He had to go to Tom Palmer’s but I didn’t want to get out. Bad mood still lingering. We picked up some stuffed cabbage + went to his place. Left the stuff + took him back to the office. I went shopping for a few odds and ends + then went over to Timmy’s. My God what a mess! It will take 4 or 5 days to fix up. Back to Leon’s – worked on the script + fell asleep. Slept several hours. Poor Leon had to come back for his car keys + then back to the office for the car! We had a pleasant evening although Dick called + there were big banking decisions to make that depressed me again. Leon gave me a very pretty dress. Bed about 10:00 –

Monday, July 19, 1971

Wrote Rich Ware (finally) and a nasty letter to Alan Whitehead. Called George + made appt for tomorrow. Called Clara Springer + Helen Willis to say I couldn’t make it tomorrow am. Called Scotty + said I’d stay at Leon’s. Paid McKinney + Nat’l Geographic. Went to Post office + over to the B’way and bought a dress. Made reservations. Ana + Armando did the shopping and spent more than I had expected so didn’t have much cash for L.A. Went to the office + then down to the bank with Dick to sign papers. A long wait + I was in my recent rotten mood. Dick very good. Home, dinner + watched TV. Funny movie – who’s minding the mint?” Bed about 10:30. Called Shirley + asked her to find out details on Ana + the hospital.

Sunday, July 18, 1971

Had hangover – not surprisingly. Went with Dick down to the store Pat there shortly after we got in. Two leads came in today and about $27.00 worth of business. We left a little before 2 o’clock. The mall really dead. Got outside and by God it rained. Real Honest to goodness rain. A sort of minor miracle. Went to Jack + Joyce’s + had several drinks. Mike + Debbie there. George – the 6 month old dog – has been killing chickens + has to go. Hope they find him a good home as I think potentially he’s a good dog. We came home + played around the pool for a bit then after supper went straight to bed. I dropped off about 7:30.

Saturday, July 17, 1971

Oh dear – Bad start to day. Shirley had ordered tile + coping on a pool that had not been plumbed + Dick + Jack had to go plumb. Dick furious + she shouldn’t have taken it upon herself – that’s true. Paid Ana, washed hair – shaved legs etc. Got all ready for the Dedication at Zinoff Hall. Dick had said he wasn’t going but came back in time + did go. Lucille invited me swimming but I asked for a raincheck. The dedication was sparsely attended + the open house not at all from what I could see. Judge Mendoza gave out certificates to the contributors. We left about 3 o’clock. Went to store. Marlene said Hash had called + apologized for being “unreasonable”!!! Store did over $300 today. Bought groceries + came home. I’ve been very depressed lately. Dick fixed chicken livers. I got drunk. Called Harold Stern and it looks as though something may be getting started. A throw-away entertainment weekly called “applause” Went out + got more wine + beer. Dick in bed. Sat + talked with Ana.

Friday, July 16, 1971

Off early today – went to Detention to work Placement committee + spent most of the A.M. Transferring info from one blackboard to another. Bill Gang very funny about the Open House + Dedication tomorrow. Said they’re going to get “one finger of the hand they could have had” as far as attendance is concerned. Back to office to sign papers but that’s been put off til Monday. A “Master Chem” Man there giving a “seminar” on water purification. Hash called + won’t pay for his decking. Dick angry as Hash had hired 2 contractors simultaneously – Hash hung up + Dick put in a call to Oscar Goodman who wasn’t there. I ate in the newsstand place Unbearably hot day. Took money to Valley Bank + picked up our old blank check (the one in case the acct was attached) Deposited $5,000 for the financing + $200 in our household acct. Bought some wine + came home. Dick already here. Called Zivot’s office to give “Background” information on Ana. Seemed very repetitive. Asked if Ana couldn’t go in on Weds. + the girl said she’d ask Zivot [crossed out word] Monday. Letter from Louise Parr that made me feel very badly. Will contact the Peter Fleming agency when I’m in L.A. Occurred to me I might stay at Timmy’s – Dick upset about the cheese enchiladas having meat in them – (all my fault as I’d asked Ana to put it in.) flounced off to bed. I watched Sunrise at Campobello + Name of the Game + knitted 2 sqs.


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