Friday, May 28, 1971

Pouring rain today – we drove in to pick up Scotty who was standing outside with a bag of gifts from Leon. We drove out to Disneyland + thanks to the rain it was not at all crowded. We bought raincoats (Dick, Cassie + I) for $1.50 each + everything was great. We started with Pirates of the Carribbean + then went to the Haunted House. Just Great. Our first time. We really hit just about everything – Small World, the Submarine, The Matterhorn, Autopia, Peter Pan, the Mine train, the S + D train, the Jungle Cruise. [crossed out words] Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house, the carousel, the jets + the teacups. The jets were hysterical because Scotty + Cass couldn’t get in properly + couldn’t get out when it was over. The teacups with both Dick + Scott manning the wheel turned out to be the dizziest ride of all. We took the bucket ride too. Scotty bought us hot dogs + later lunch. It was a perfect sort of day. We all had fun + laughed alot and never had to wait in line. Left about 4 which was lucky as the ride in was endless traffic just terrible Got to the Hungry Tiger + had some drinks before Scotty had to leave us. (he had a date to take Dorothy Brisbois to a show) We opened Leon’s presents – a long peasant-type evening dress fro Cass, stationery for me and nuts for Dick. We ate dinner at the Hungry Tiger + I called Timmy. Told him I’d come up next week to see him.) We got back to Mary’s a little after 9. Brought them a box of bottles of wine + then proceeded to drink alot of it. Mary gave me a copy of her poems (the only one she’s given out)

Thursday, May 27, 1971

When we got up this morning with giant-size hangovers – a note from Mary who’d gone to work Dick + I told Cassie she’d won the Peacemaker’s Prize. [crossed out letters] Dick delighted with Mary + Les’ refrigerator (“they really know how to buy.”) ice cream bars, juices sherbets etc. We went to Leon’s office at 11:30 + drove out to Universal for lunch. At that stage I wasn’t too happy – felt touristy + out of things + hated it. After lunch we went on the Universal Studio tour – the beginning was a little tedious (except to Cassie) but the bulk of it in the tram was fascinating. Had never realized the extent of the property – drove through villages + saw a rain storm + passed “Prop Plaza” – alot of furniture from Land of the Giants. Took photos – Returned Leon to his office after about 4 hrs. All exhausted. took brief nap at Mary + Les’ + then drove in to Hollywood to the Magic Castle. Perfect sort of evening. Scotty waiting for us. Delicious dinner and then two good magic shows Alot of fun really. Went home about 10 o’clock. Thanks to last night’s debauchery we were all worn out

When the tour guide at Universal asked if there was anyone present from another country Leon volunteered that “there’s a lady here from Philadelphia.”

Wednesday, May 26, 1971

Awful day – really. Cassie wanted to come to court so off we all went, picking up Shirley – the Xerox machine stuck + several vital sheets of figures were chewed up. Got to court to find others had been left behind. Dick back to get them Delay in court. finally went in about 10:30. Dick put on the stand + I thought he was great. Even-tempered + well spoken. Rick Vandenberg was the first witness + came out in our favor I’d say. Judge O’Donnell said there had been no date for the books to be reviewed on the receivership order + asked to have the books brought in on June 16th. In the meantime in chambers, Dave told him I’d foreclosed on the note. Unfortunately Galane knows that now too. After Cassie + I went to Vegas Village to get copies made of my letter to Jo Rogers. Had lunch at the International + played a little 21 and a few machines. Left $5.00 ahead. Came home same time Dick did + had a letter from Jo Rogers saying she couldn’t do anything with the book + going into quite a bit of criticism. I felt very tearful. I called Sheldon Andelson’s office + felt even worse after that. We got our flight , had a drink + got to L.A. Picked up car + I couldn’t tell Dick how to get to Mary + Les’s. He got very surly + I got more upset When we did get there they poured us a drink + Mary gave me a really lovely evening skirt as a gift, The nicest birthday present I got. Called Sheldon who told me to bring in the lease-sale agreement. Les led us onto La Cienega + we went to 9000 Sunset where I dropped off the papers. On to Leon’s. Dick still surly + suddenly I’d had it + I got surly in spades. Dick took a nap after dinner + I went right on drinking. Cried for a bit – too many disappointments for one day – Court, the book + the house Hardly remember the ride home – Cassie the peacemaker all the way. Home at midnight.

Tuesday, May 25,*1971

Up early/couldn’t sleep too well – Washed hair, fixed face – put on suitable court outfit. Paid a few bills – Am. Express, telephone Timmy. Off to court (picked up Shirley at office) Rick Vandenberg there. Subpoenaed by Carpenter but on our side, Dave there. Saw Mort Galane + John Carpenter. Real hatred stirring in my innards Court postponed til tomorrow. Complete change of plans necessary. Dick + I went home via the Valley Bank. Stopped to talk with Jack Kiser + got a one month extension on the loan. Had to pay $325.00 interest. Note now due June 12th. Either Dick’s mortgage or the house should come through by then. Took Cassie down to the office Jett’s petting zoo is back in town + we went to see them. Then we went to the Landmark tower. Up the elevator but the Casino on top was closed. Came back down + had lunch. I had 50¢ which I put in a machine + won $10 + that started it – We came home $52 richer from those 2 quarters. Went + got groceries + came home. Then Shirley + I off to see Dave. Poor Shirley has her night’s work cut out for her going over the books. After Dinner I called Mary + Scotty [crossed out word] to change plans. We’re leaving now at 5 tomorrow afternoon. Didn’t call Leon as our plans with him still stand. Bed early but once again couldn’t sleep.

Monday, May 24,*1971

Nice quiet morning. Dick off to help George Hall. Cassie + I went out for groceries. Ana’s flowers arrived. Beautiful, long-stemmed roses I took Cassie to Circus-Circus. No admission because of construction. We went to a marvelous magic show (Dr Ralph Adams) watched all the acts. Played a little keno, the slot machines, and 21 and had a hot dog. Total cost for 3 hours was $5. We got home about 3:30 and then I went to the office + Dick + I + Shirley went over to see Dave. We have to go to court tomorrow at 9:00 am! Dave asked Shirley to get together what figures there are. What a pain in the ass Home dinner + plans for L.A. Called Leon Mary + Scotty. We’re going Weds am + coming back at 7 Friday morning. Bed early + sober for court! Such fun having Cassie

Sunday, May 23, 1971

My birthday (sob) was awakened by telegram from Newcomb + Anne followed shortly be call from Daddy Hil + Jim Nice talk Opened presents – slacks suit from Marlene which doesn’t fit because I’m too fat. Dick made us cheese omelets (alas didn’t eat one himself) We went by the office to show Cassie the store + then to the Showboat. Dick played the Keno ticket + we won a little but lost more. However except for the drinking (Dick’s) it could have been worse. We finally left + went over to Jack + Joyce’s. Both smashed. Carl there again. Joyce wrote a long birthday card about being 40. Then wanted me to read it aloud. Shit. Big cake with 40 written on it. Double shit. They gave me a Slack Suit. Then Shirley came with Linda and Shirley gave me a Slacks Suit – (size 5 because that’s what Jack said I wore) Triple Shit. Dick back + forth from our house to theirs because he was fixing our dinner as the afternoon wore on Dick was soberer than either Cassie or I. Joyce (who had given Linda’s horse alot of cut grass + it died) kept telling Linda she was going to get her a new horse. and also kept saying that Shirley wouldn’t taste my birthday cake until Joyce tasted it first in case it was poisoned! When we went home there were birthday messages from Leon, Norman Poser + Dick + Drue. Ana + Armando bought flowers which are coming tomorrow. Bed about 9:00 – Mary called + we made plans for L.A. Scotty called too.

Saturday, May 22, 1971

We slept late-ish. Dick left for the office around 11 o’clock. The winds still high. I unpacked with Ana. She has everything looking so nice. Talked with the Grayson’s who are in town for a week or so. Did a very small amount of desk work. Called Philadelphia to find out when Cassie was coming. (Had lost the paper with the data) Called Dave’s office to find out when we were supposed to go to court. Nobody there but Shirley said he wants to see us at 5 o’clock Monday afternoon. Cassie arrived at 4:45. How good to see her. We stopped at the Valley bar to pick up a bottle of bourbon. Saw Wendy + Denny. Home. Showed Cassie the house. Dick invited Jack + Joyce over after dinner to play poker. Stuffed peppers for dinner then Dick out for another bottle. [crossed out letters] Poker went in our favor. Cassie couldn’t lose. After J + J left Dick slept on the floor for awhile + Cassie + I drank + talked about everything (from drinking to sex, to psychiatry, to families etc. etc. etc.) Bed about midnight. I got some symbidium orchids today from Philadelphia. Tomorrow my birthday 40th – Good God.

Friday, May 21, 1971

Our last day in New York – cold + rainy. Called Shirley w/flight times. Called Daddy to say goodbye. He hasn’t gotten his pen from Mark Cross yet so Dick called them. Annie came by at noon with Mary McCarfy’s new book as a birthday present. We called Drue to say goodbye. So many people we haven’t called but it was too painful to visit this time. We had to pay cash (check) for the hotel bill as they’ve just changed hands and the American Express isn’t set up yet. Oh well we won’t have to pay it later. At 3:30 we got a cab for Kennedy and it was one wild ride taking an hour and a half. The cab driver yelling platitudes at us through his bullet proof shield. At the airport there was too long a wait + Dick had 3 drinks which bugged me. I went off + bought 2 dreary paperback books. We boarded on time + then had a 2 hour delay – Dick off for another drink + to call Shirley. The flight was smooth – or fairly so – Dinner tasty- drinks first + wine with. We played cards. Got in around 10:30 – Jack came to meet us. Home and an appalling table full of mail. But no escrow check. I couldn’t believe it + Dick angry at me because I couldn’t. We went over to Jack + Joyce’s. Carl there with a girlfriend. Said he’d come + finish our house next week. (?) We came home + went over some of our mail. Didn’t get to bed til 2 am. Winds up to 50 + 60 miles an hour today. Ana had the doors sealed with masking tape!!

Thursday, May 20, 1971

Dick angry with me this am. Said I’d been terrible and that Lester had “walked out” on us. (This later amended to Lester returning to his apartment via the connecting door from the restaurant.) Mary Jean called + couldn’t make our very tentative meeting this am. Dr, Richmans office called + said they could take me at 11 am (scheduled for 4:00 pm) I left a little before 11. He did a complete periodental treatment, said he was satisfied with the way things were healing + told me at noon that I was through until next Sept. 8th at 10:30. (he’s going to do an implant but it will take 3 months first to fully heal.) I was dizzy but happy + sat for a while in the waiting room. Dick came to get me + that made me very happy. We had some lunch at the café continental + went back + lay down for a long, long nap. At 7 we went to meet Drue + Dick at the [crossed out words] “Seafare of the Aegean” + we had a perfect evening. funny, a little drunk, friendly + happy. Returned Dick’s typewriter (after first telling him it had been stolen) + said a fond farewell at around 10:30. We bought a half pint + took it home with us for a nightcap.

Wednesday, May 19, 1971

My face was swollen + painful today. Felt horrible. but at least I wrote a long letter of background on “the Lion is Busy” for Josephine Rogers. It took hours but I felt it was well done. Dick + I took it and a copy of the book over to Collier-Knowlton + Wind. We walked back via F.A.O. Schwartz + went inside – then ambled past the Plaza + went to Dr. Richman’s office. He’d left early so no appt. today and I could have cried with relief. We called Philadelphia + I told Mom we couldn’t make it this trip + explained about the dentist. We called Jessie to wish her Happy Birthday + we made our reservations home Friday evening at 5:40, Las Vegas at 7:30. It will be good to get back. We went over to Lester Kurth’s apartment for drinks + ended up having dinner with him at the Proof of the Pudding enormous glass, tiny shoe shine boy with pimp (older brother on drugs?) deep conversation about family – Aunt Hope – Blah Blah Blah. Drunk. Me most of all. Convinced I had cancer of the jawbone.

Tuesday, May 18, 1971

Went to Dr. Richmans at 11 o’clock – Oh Lord – he told me the tooth had to come out – that the jawbone had been infected etc. (He’d tried to save it last week) So I told him just to put me way out. Completely out. I was crying in the beginning + when he asked (I was under gas) if it was a sense of loss I told him no it was just fear plain + simple. He gave me an injection + lots of gas + finally I was out + it was all over + I remember going to lie on his couch out in back. Dick came to get me – Thank God. I was wildly unsteady at first. We took a cab to the Bank of New York + cashed a check. Called Jim Fleming who was out to lunch. Back to the hotel for a nap then back to the Dentist. Dick came with me. Dr. Richman filed off + carved the upper left filling – Once he hit the lower left corner when I jumped + I almost fainted. Blah Blah Blah home + slept. Went to the “Folies” about 6:30 – in time to have supper next door. Our seats were 3 + 5th row on the far outside aisles + the sightlines were somewhere to our right. It was a disappointment to me in general although alot I really liked. After we went back + thanked Fritz + saw John McMartin who’s starring. He seemed so genuinely pleased to see me that it meant alot to me. After we stopped at a fish house + Dick had some chowder We picked up a pint after a drink at the Russian tea room + went home.

Monday, May 17, 1971

Both Dick + I went to Dr. Richman’s at 10:30. Dr. Richman worked on Dick first and cut away alot of calcium – etc. without anaesthesia (God). Dick then went off to see about some above ground pools. Evidently most of the big mfrs. are here in the East. I had a ghastly appt this morning. The gas (maybe on top of the alcohol reservoir) really hit me and I had weird visions of demolishing old Park Ave mansions + ripping out the chandeliers. (a la Louis Auchincloss). Dr. Richman gave me another kind of gas in addition + I was muttering things like “Bringing in the reserves, eh?” The new receptionist came in + said to Dr. Richman “they keep asking me where Mrs. Gordon is – what do I say?” I told her “Don’t let ’em bug you baby – just tell ’em who you are.” The worst of all this was the total recall. Dr. Richman put in a major filling in the upper [crossed out word] left hand side + told me I needed some more appointments. I went weaving back to the hotel + called the office + Marian the new receptionist scheduled me for 11 am tomorrow as well as 4 pm. Dick back around one – had had good + interesting + worthwhile trip to 200 5th Ave. a toy center like the L.A. Furniture Mart. Has made several contacts for the above ground pools. Annie called to say Fritz could get us into Follies + when I called him he said he had 2 seats for us for tomorrow night. Annie came over to visit + Dick went down + got us tea + coffee + himself several drinks. Annie + I called Cordelia – Nice but brief + interrupted chat. Later Dick + I went out + had some chinese food. I was sober + rather argumentative.

Sunday, May 16, 1971

Dick’s mouth bleeding alot. Outside alot of rain. Called Annie – no suggestions + Druscilla who had none either. Suddenly thought to try Mrs. Gordon in New Rochelle + got her. She’d been fired Friday. When I asked her why Dr. Richman didn’t have an answering service she said “Darling if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it. And I wouldn’t want you to think that just because I was fired after 18 years that I’m talking with any venom after all 3 hours traveling every day and now I can get 37 weeks of unemployment by which time I’ll be eligible for social security – who needs it? The reason Dr. Richman doesn’t have a service, Darling, is he’s too god damned cheap!” – Don’t know why it struck me so funny but it did. Any way she gave us his home number and we got him + [crossed out word] he told Dick to use salt to stop the bleeding it worked to some degree. (Hydrogen Peroxide, incidentally causes bleeding!) Called Drue back – She’d spoken to Johnny, who’d said blithely “if he’d lost too much blood he’d be in shock.”) We drove out to Colby + Russell’s in the rain. The house inside looked gorgeous + the flowers outside just beautiful. Jessie was home and Russell had made paiella for us We watched the Mets + the Pirates play and the Mets alas lost. Then we played Poker + started drinking. Ended up by losing $35.00 which we bought back with a check. Hardly remember coming home.

Saturday, May 15, 1971

Tried to place a bet on the Preakness but the OTB closed when we got there. Dick wanted to bet Canonero who would have won. We went to Bachrach’s + ordered Daddy’s picture. Called Harold. Had called him last night but didn’t remember. Things going all right still. They’d offered him a check for $1,000 – yesterday but he said he’d wait til Monday when the rest of the money was there. Called Joe + he was furious + understandably humiliated because after a blanket invitation from the Producer he couldn’t get the free tickets after all. Poor Joe. He suggested we try to see “1776” next door. Called + they had seats. Dick’s mouth bleeding badly today. Odd after 2 days. The sheets + pillow cases all bloody. Tried to get a hold of Dr. Richman + couldn’t. Dick swallowing blood. Pretty gruesome for him + grim to look at too. We went to the cafe continental for lunch – all soft things including old fashioneds. Went to pharmacist who suggested hydrogen peroxide to stop the bleeding. Didn’t do much good. We got to the theatre early + got 2 second row center seats for $15.00 each my God! However, happily, we really loved the show. Met Joe after with some difficulty (“he’s playing the Roxy”) + we traipsed up to the confucious where Annie, Moose + Fritz were waiting with Elaine Stritch, Mary Ann something + a very pleasant couple. Fritz is Co S. Mgr. for Follies + said he could get us seats. He left with Stritch early. We were the next to leave but only after drinks + birthday cake nice time. Dick’s mouth still bleeding

Friday, May 14, 1971

Called Josephine Rogers + finally talked to her. She wants me to drop the book off along with as much background as possible on it. Called Drue to see if I could borrow a typewriter and we decided to meet on 18th St for drinks, typewriter + Chinese food. Annie called to say Joe Lewis could get us into “70 girls 70” tomorrow. Called Joe + asked for tomorrow matinee if possible. Annie invited us to her Birthday party after the show tomorrow night. Called Colby + asked if we could come out on Sunday – fine. Dentist at 3:30. Gas as usual. My mouth feeling awful. Back to the hotel + lay down. Went to Drue + Dicks around 7 o’clock One good thing about increased cab fares is the general boycott which means you can get one at any time + the drivers are pleasant. The apt on 18th St looked great. Drue + Dick are planning to go to Europe for a month this summer. Drue’s dieting now+ I’m so glad. She’s on the low carbohydrate diet. Dick + Dick get along well + it’s such fun to be with them. Pleasant drunk evening and good chinese food. Left for the hotel at midnight. Dick alot soberer than I. Messages from Harold + Joe Lewis.


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