Sunday, December 17,*1972

have been meditating for 1 month

Slept lateish. (up early + meditated + then back to bed) Answered all the cards we’d received plus written about 20 or so others. A few long ones to Ben Wright, Bob Iverson, Gertrude etc. Sent money to Gertrude, Ann Merrill, Jim Moore + Jaymie Sholty. We called Scotty no answer. Cassie no answer + Leon no answer. Leon later called Is seeing Bill Walsh on Tuesday. Sent flowers to Aunt Hope, Rich Ware and Sue Glick. Ed + Casey over a little before 5. Just barely got my meditation in before. Ed brought back the book on TM and wanted to talk about it but its not that easy to talk about really. Casey played the piano. We had beef for dinner and a very pleasant time followed by yahtzee. Played 2 games. They left at 9:20 and we played a game of triple yahtzee before going to bed.


Saturday, December 16,*1972

We invited Ed + Casey for dinner tomorrow night I went to the P.O. with pkges only to find the place closed. Ran out of gas + was too late for the Flamingo P.O. Mailed letters with checks to David Enelow, Timmy, Leon, Margret + rent for Larrabee Called Mary to get some addresses. Dick had late apt with an airlines pilot (comps) for a pool. Thought it went well – is going to take him around on Thursday to show him some Turbos Worked on cards.

Friday, December 15, 1972

Meditation made bed + discovered huge cigarette burn in the spread – another flower! Worked on cards. Called Wendy to change from Monday to Tues. Spoke with Bill Tregoe about his story. think it should be rewritten. Called Tom Turner’s office – Did seven loads of laundry. Went to the bank and got some new money. Dick went to Hartley’s. Tom couldn’t do anything about the Showboat – they had to tear out 70 bedrooms for the new high-rise and are oversold for the holiday! We called Colby + Russell. Dick talked with Russell + they’re going to be staying here – at least until they can get a room at the Showboat! [crossed out letters] wrote alot of the nephews + nieces cards with $10 each.

Thursday, December 14, 1972

Had meant to go to Breakfast at the Blvd but didn’t Went to the Safeway + then to the Tropicana + played 21. Lost 40 dollars. Went to the Boulevard + took forever to find a parking space. Met Elaine + had lunch in the Sears basement with her + Reg. Got area rug, laundry bag 2 little washboards at Woolworths and a great pile of mysteries at B.Dalton’s for the Keenans + Henry Raymond. Went over to Wonderworld + put $10 in a slot machine. Saw Daisy but didn’t talk. Went to the Landmark + [crossed out word] lost another $40. All of it very unneccessary. Lee asked me what was wrong and I told her I’d been gambling + was disgusted with myself. Went to Dr. Hoops – my eyes are healthy as I knew but once again I need a stronger prescription. Tested my eyes with the contacts + she’s going to leave them be for a while was fitted by the optician in her office + was told my glasses would cost $57.00 Said I’d get them someplace else. Went out into the evening traffic + couldn’t see worth a damn. Was in tears + terrified but Danny Henderson + a girlfriend were coming for dinner + I didn’t want Dick to have to come + get me. Got to the Safeway + got some extra dinner things and came home. Dear Dick. At one point on the drive home had thought I might [crossed out letters] never see him again!! After meditation (which he told me to do despite the time element) felt alot better + my eyes cleared up thru the evening. Danny brought a girl named Jacqué Broadfoot ?? whom I liked a whole lot. Very pleasant evening with Triple Yahtzee, Steaks + cheese cake. Realize my period is a week away which accounts for the emotionalism. Still no word from Tom Turner

Wednesday, December 13, 1972

The Washboard

Meditated. Washed hair Dressed + went with Dick to pick up Shirley. Met McClinton downtown on 3rd St at Don Fair’s office. Liked him alot and am very enthusiastic about the possibilities of the new set up. We’re talking now of renting 4 store fronts – (15′ wide) + the rent will be $1800 a month but the difference is made up by insurance, maintenance, lighting etc. These people are alot more flexible than Molasky + crew. Meeting scheduled for Monday at our house. Thought of calling the place “The Washboard” Laundromat + Dry cleaners. Then the lounge area could be the “Boardroom.” Shirley enthusiastic now too. Dick left me at the hospital to see Mr. Chan while he took her home. Mr. Chan talking of dying + not too welll. Seemed frail. Told him I’d be back to help him with cards Fri. or Sat. Went to Fox, George, Sanitation Dept. + bank Air conditioning man came They delivered the piano about 3:30. It looks great. Went to So. Nevada music Co around 4:30 bought some beginner’s things + introduced Dick to Don. Ran into Eddie Hall in the parking lot. Home pkge of cheese from Newcomb + Anne. After meditating had dinner and started some more Christmas cards did about 10 or 12 Long one to Lyle. Watched TV + Dick practiced a little on the piano. Called Co + Russell but had no news.

Tuesday, December 12, 1972

Fox pool came through.

Wrapped books for Drue + Dick after meditating. Wrote diary. Called Elaine, Shirley + Drue. (Mysteries for the Keenans – can send Clue to the children) Went to Garretts + got Shirleys signature on the signature cards. Went to Sahara + gambled + lost Went to Dr. Hoops + the girl had forgotten to put my appt. down was very apologetic but I didn’t care as I had goofed up the last time Now I have a definite appt Thursday aft. at 3:30 Danny Henderson’s Mother-in-law came by to pick up the check. We asked Danny to dinner on Thurs. The divorce has thoroughly shaken him. Saw Daisy + lost on the recommended slot machine! Went to the bank + got copy made of Bill’s mss. Mailed off the original and The Jennings pkge. Had lunch with Alice + played Spite ‘n Malice – 3 games – Won 2. Good time as always – Home – Wendy almost finished Dick had given her the Bourbon. I took her home. Gave her the big heater for the winter – She’d burned her knees by falling asleep near her old one (metal units in her slacks) Colby called. She + Russell can’t get rooms at the Showboat + wondered if we could Dick called Tom Turner who’ll let us know by tomorrow. If they can’t get the showboat they don’t want anything. Dick cleared the space for the slot machine  We had pork chops for dinner ate out in the kitchen + then played Yahtzee + this time I won. Went to bed around 9:30, read + watched TV. Fox pool now definite – Whee!

Monday, December 11, 1972

Oh dear – couldn’t meditate this a.m. either + felt mildly disoriented. Slept til 7 when Julia Mullen called. Asked for a chance to get some coffee + she didn’t call back for almost 46 [crossed out word] minutes but we had a good talk. Then Bill + Leon were up + Dick was leaving + Danny Henderson was supposed to come by for a check but never did. I took a Miltown for no very good reason. Gave Leon $20 and loaded the pkges and letter to Harold including 2 new songs + new telephone. Deposited Dad’s check and then went to the Sahara and lost at 21. Went to see Dr. Hartley at 1:00 – very good + rapid 50 minutes. He’s pleased with Dick We talked about my feelings about my money + he didn’t seem to quibble. Went to So. Nevada Music Co. and paid off the piano. So pleased. + like Don Kemp alot Was late getting to the Blvd + missed Elaine Bought 2 copies of Janet Flanners book and the Luce empire for Dick Jennings. Groceries and home Fox had called but didn’t call back Our plaque arrived (coat of arms) and a gift from Lyle. (a dear little wall plaque) We wrapped it back up to open at Christmas. I meditated at long last! It felt great. Made nice dinner. Called Eddie Hall to thank him for his very substantial aid in the piano deal. We went to bed early and I read Bill’s article on the theatre dolls. I found it confusing. The facts had to be hauled bodily out of the atmosphere writing. think he trapped himself. Have to return it tomorrow + it will be difficult to comment constructively in so little time.

Sunday, December 10, 1972

Slept til about 9 or so. Meditated, fixed coffee etc. wrote Diary – Wrote Harold Stern, asking for a few details – suggestions etc. He’s never written anything and we’re putting quite a bit of work into something that may or may not be without a market. I meant to read Bill’s article today but it was impossible – asked him to leave a copy + made a promise to mail it back immediately. Dick made a really great breakfast. (Leon ate 4 eggs!) I fixed the roast and potatos + we left about 1:30. Dick stayed home We went to the Sahara + first played the slots and then went to the 21 tables [crossed out letters] I tried to find Leon when I was leaving. Did + he was losing. Had no money to give him. Could not find Bill. Had him paged 3 times. Finally answered – told him I’d pick them up at 6 o’clock. By the time I got away I was late. Drove to Exposition Dr. and there was no parking for a block or two and I felt I was too late (it was already 5) Went + got string beans + went to the Showboat to cash a check. Played 20 minutes and won $30 so bought back the check. Went to the Sahara. Bill there but had to go back in for Leon. Leon had ended up only $12.50 down instead of almost $35. Bill was ahead a total of $21.00 We were home by 6:30. Ate almost immediately – Leon gave his gifts – lighters, stockings etc. and then another dress suit (I’ve told him no more clothes) it looked terrible on me anyway. I put on the one he gave me in September to mellow him. We watched FBI with Ben Frank Bill gave us [crossed out letters] a beautiful ashtray + we gave our gifts. Then played monopoly til midnight. Dick the big winner. Wendy called + can come on Tuesday. Great.

Saturday, December 9, 1972

26° at night

Up early – meditated, made coffee + went back to bed, made love + slept another couple of hours. Wrote Daddy a short note enclosing Maie Pigott’s last letter and also wrote Doug Menville an acknowledgement of his letter about Rita with markets for her stories Can’t do any follow up until after the 1st of the year. Finished wrapping pkges – 6 to go, when I realized the P.O. closed at noon. Took them out of car. Went to meet Bill + Leon’s plane – 1 hour late so we went to the Mayfair + bought groceries – back to airport another half hour late but plane had left. We brought the groceries home + returned to the airport at 2:03 Plane came in but no Leon + Bill. Had Bill paged after 20 minutes came home. Starving. Called Western – the tickets had been picked up. Paged Bill again. Finally got an answer, they’d been playing the machines + both were a little plastered from champagne. Back to the airport (our 4th trip) Bill’s bag had been torn + he’d made a fuss + been given another. We took them to the Macayo Vegas + had lunch finished at 3:30! Home All improvements new to Bill – hadn’t been here since ’70. Visited a little. Then gave Bill the gamblers’ Digest, turned on the radio for Leon who went to sleep Dick made shortcake + I washed my hair + meditated. Dick interrupted me unwittingly and its a scary experience – heart pounding etc. I was just at the end so that was okay Bill + Leon had a couple of drinks and I made a casserole which we didn’t eat (froze it) as no one was hungry. We went to the El Cortez + all had a good time. Dick + Leon ate around 10. Bill + I didn’t. Played 21 – up + down. Finally left at midnite Bill $14 ahead, Dick + Leon + I lost but had fun. Home + a sandwich + soup + strawberry shortcake. bed about one/thirty Letter from Dad with xmas check and notice from bank that the money came

Friday, December 8, 1972


Meditated. Dick off at 7. I wrapped Annie’s pkge + Harriets. Dick brought me some tissue paper. I wrote a brief note to Maie Pigott and cleared the dining room table as best I could. Paid mortgage + got together a few things as Bingo prizes for the Desert Retreat including a copy of “tranquility without Pills” for Lucille. Took 5 pkges to airport p.o. very fast. bought stamps for Mr. Chan. Went to Desert Retreat, Bea + Lucille both so nice + pleased to see me. Heard horrid stories of Dr. Russell Miller (beware) Went to see Mr. Chan. Good visit and made him actually laugh! Rushed into Hickory Farms and got a few extra things for the Pigott’s and Gertrude + Dorothy. [crossed out word] Elaine asked me to have coffee with her Monday around two/thirty was home at 12:30. Dick gave me soup + a toasted muffin. I wrapped Gertrude’s pkge + the Pigotts Shirley + MacClinton here at one. He’d done a very good looking layout. alot of work. By 2:30 we knew definitely that the Lucky center was out so we went to look at a new one. going up on Flamingo + Maryland. Possibility. I picked up our laundry, cashed a check for the weekend, went to the Safeway + mailed the pkges. 14 have gone out so far. Only a few left to go. Came home + meditated early while Dick was at Hartley’s [crossed out words] The phone was near where I was + though I’d put it on answer the ring was a bad experience. I think maybe I transcended a little. Wild , third dimensional. Don’t know if that was it or not. Message from the bank + the money had come in. Message from Shirley who’d seen the Flamingo people. Only single parking in [crossed out word] front. We talked with her later + evidently Molaski hadn’t much liked McClinton. Wanted us to find someone with “More experience with laundromats.”  Doubt if there is anybody + both Dick + I are very impressed with him. Largely because he didn’t push the alternate location at all after all the work he’d done + despite the commission involved. Dick’s in such good spirits we’ve had a lovely week. Mary called + had had a good call from [crossed out words] Susan. We called Bill (couldn’t get Leon) told him how cold Dog can’t come. Glad. Made beds in guest room. Played yahtzee + Lost 3rd night in a row!

Thursday, December 7, 1972

Hil’s Birthday + Ed Hartman’s play opened in Chicago Pearl Harbor day

Full Day but I guess I’ll be writing that from now til Xmas! Meditated, wrote diary, answered Bank audit form on Coll acct + loaded the car. Went to Breakfast at Blvd + gave Ann a copy of Tranquility without Pills + Cotton’s quilt. Sat with Ruth Hazard. then went out + got pkges to mail. Jim + Hil, Newcomb + Anne, Mary + Les, Scotty, Mrs. Davis, Sullivans + Mary + Saul. Saw quilt + it’s lovely. Ann sent Cotton a check for $60.00 [crossed out letters] She expected back the unused remnants but I “shamed” her out of it! Cotton will be thrilled. Went to the Landmark to the exhibition + ended up buying a small painting by Evelyn Carpenter – “Wooded Lane.” Joyce + Carl Pinkston gave me a discount because I’m friends with Joyce Rean. Had nice lunch with Ann + Charlotte + Rudy + later Marilyn! Funny story of Ralph Plotkin “you’ll go places” – Bought shirts for Daddy + Mather, slippers for Leon, blanket for Annie. Cat stockings for Sue, Xmas cards for Mr. Chan, guest towels for Harriet + the Gamblers’ Digest for Russell – Also more wrapping paper + twine. Went to So. Nevada Music Co + Thanks to Eddie Hall’s friendship with Don Kemp I got an enormous discount on a brand new piano with bench – all for $575 with tax + 1 month music lesson a little over $600.00. Put down $50.00 + will pay the balance on Tuesday. Terribly excited. Decided to tell Dick. Went to Safeway + came home. Dick upset first but when I told him the price really delighted + just as excited as me! [crossed out letters] Another hangup with Lucky shopping center Shirley said “either that location or none at all” – a bluff but will it work? No word. Wrapped pkges for Van Kirks + Liza + Sue Glick. Meditated + had dinner – liver + cauliflower + asparagus. Watched a little TV and went to bed early. Dick worked all day in a high wind + was beat. He asked me in bed “Where do you get all your energy?” And I honestly think it’s a direct result of TM. Bought some more vitamins

Wednesday, December 6, 1972

Apollo 17 well + truly launched after a 2 hour or more hitch with some ground control equipment. impressive sight.

Letter Doug Menville re Rita

Busy day. Meditated + got to work Called Julia + talked instead to Mr. Sam. Asked him to send $10,000 to Valley Bank and $1200 to my own. I’ve decided to go ahead + get the piano. Julia will be in Monday + will call. Did alot of ironing + wrote Newcomb. Told him I was sorry I’d been brief but Shirley was here discussing laundromat figures Said we’d be happy to see him anytime but even more after Christmas. Called Lucille at Desert Retreat to see if she wanted old cards (No) Bingo prizes (yes) Talked about TM + said I’d bring out the book. Went to Boulevard + shopped 5 copies (the last) of TM, batteries at Woolworth, robes for Mary, Sue Glick, Gertrude at B’way. Toys for Mat, Susan, Courtney + the Twins at Penney’s, shirts for Les + Dick – pajamas for Leon + a robe for Mom + lounging pajamas for Cassie at Penney’s Doesn’t sound like much now but it took alot of time + several trips to the car. Funny incident at Penney’s when I realized I’d written the check for the toys to the Broadway Thought I’d be extra good + save Penney’s trouble + went back to the register. checks had been picked up. Was sent to Cash + Layway – stood behind people waiting to open charge accts. Then got sent over to the switchboard where they were training xmas help. Over half an hour involved when finally I’d written new check I asked what would have happened if I hadn’t been so noble + she said, “Oh, I would just have crossed out “Broadway” + written “Penney’s” – went to Woolworth for a sandwich + ran into Anne who’s lunch had been cancelled out. 2:20 + her day had been rough. Eating with a Woolworth guy named Tom, funny talk of a lady who’d stalled in an intersection at 11 p.m. Turned off her lights to start the car! (crash!) Took chicken to Mr. Chan who gave me back the $180.00 Had had note from Doris Louie that said nothing at all. Wonder if she got my letter. Went to my Bank + got papers to sign. Gave Dick a fashion show of the gifts after hearing that Molasky was trying to change the agreed upon location of the laundromat. Doesn’t seem fair + we’ll stand firm (it would mean Shirley wouldn’t have an office either) Wrapped presents and got 7 pkges ready to mail. A call from Mary re letter from Patsy Yesterday it was one from Abby. Awful Allen type letters but she handled them both beautifully – quilt from Cotton arrived Called Ann – funny – Bed at 11:00 after shave

Tuesday, December 5, 1972

Dick went to see the Foxes – possible go ahead on Monday – we’ll know Thurs. or Fri.

Newcomb called to say he couldn’t come. Bally may have had a minor heart attack

Very full day. After meditating, made bed, cleaned up dishes, called Clark County Electric, paid Terminex + wrote cards to Hilary + Ed Hartman. Put $100 in checking acct, got groceries. Made a copy of Liza’s letter to send Harold + went to Dr. Hoops for eye appt. A wait + Dick called to tell me to stop at George + Pat’s + pick another fabric. I was crowded feeling + near tears. Cancelled Eye appt + asked to pay but they wouldn’t accept any money just made another appt. for Tuesday. While this was going on I saw Dr. Hoops + liked her (had not liked the waiting room) so will definitely go. Went over to Georges + picked another fabric that I hope we’ll like I really can’t tell but it’s a textured solid. Then went to Main p.o. + mailed the cards. Stopped at Circus Circus but this time left all but $20 in the car. Left when I’d lost it + came home. Shirley over at one and a very interesting 3 or 4 hours ensued. I hadn’t realized yesterday that they’d been to a real meeting about the shopping center. We went over all the figures very carefully and I found myself beginning to get very enthusiastic at the whole prospect. Realistically all we can hope for in the first year is to start paying back the money. Which in 5 yrs will be totally paid ($85,000) We will not take any money until after the first 90 days at which time we’ll see if it is warranted. Tried to call Julia but just missed her. As we sat discussing thousands The Clark County guy was fixing our burner + the bill came out $65.00 I didn’t dare protest. (We set up a new acct at Valley Bank + I’ll call Julia tomorrow). Called Bentley + got my thyroid Rx. I think that’s why I felt so badly this A.M. (it’s been a week) Dick had an appt with Fox – I did some laundry, sorted what presents I have. Called Bill Tregoe + made gift list with Dick when he got home.

Monday, December 4, 1972

Evidently John Carpenter intends to appeal O’Donnell’s decision to the Supreme Court!

Woke early. Typed (after meditation) new title page”MERRY CHARISMAS! A CRISP MOSS GARLAND in JABBERWOCK” Also typed up Doctor Hull’s – and Jaw Tooth A-Whirl. Wild storm outside – mostly a southwest wind though and not too cold at first. George + Judy took off about 11 – I took laundry + cleaning, bought some cards and a gift for Leon + salt tablets + pens. Then got Bill + Leon’s tickets squared away for this coming weekend – Went to the Tropicana and lost $40 – Went to see Dr. Hartley. He’s not very optimistic about Dick and said he’s given himself a serious setback with the drinking. Also said it is very important that I stay as close to him as possible. I said I did + would but that if work comes up I’ll take it. It’s unhealthy not to and unhealthy not to try either. I said I thought it alot more important that at least one of us is well than for us both to be sick + frustrated. I’m seeing Hartley again next Monday. Went to the Showboat + lost more money Came home at 5 – Can see why TM and psychiatry aren’t always the greatest mixture. Dick had plans out of the Lucky Shopping center etc. Had been supposed to see Irwin Molasky today but Dr. H’s wife hadn’t gotten me the message. We’re talking now of 3,000 feet $1500 a month rent and my first thought is that that’s starting out too big again. I felt depressed + it communicated itself to Dick who said “forget it.” – I went + meditated + came back. He’d thrown the stuff in the waste basket. I hauled it out + said I’d felt pressured + we’d think about it. I do not want to find myself tied to a laundromat. The idea is that it’s to free us. Not bind us. We had soup + muffins for dinner, watched a little TV and went to bed. We meet tomorrow with Shirley, McClinton called to say he wouldn’t be ready tomorrow. Molasky wants a decision Weds.

Sunday, December 3, 1972

We woke earlyish. I was in + out of  Kitchen as Bryan had awakened even earlier Gave him a roll of nickels to play the machine with + went back to our bedroom. We were starting to make love when the sound of Bryan talking to himself came through loud + clear + after a bit not to be ignored. So Dick dressed + I went out again. We went through nickles for our [crossed out letters] book + I gave Bryan some old duplicate pennies. Bought back all the nickles from him for 2 dollar bills so everyone happy. George + Judy up + Dick + I fixed breakfast. Dick took a ride in the citroen. When they went out I finished Doctor Hall’s Wet bars a folly and later in the day wrote “Jaw Tooth A Whirl.” I wrapped + packed Cass’s house gift in the paper George + Judy wrapped their gift to us in. A wonderful Friar Tuck type person that Judy’s sister made. Newcomb called + he’s coming out for 2 days this week (Weds + Thurs.) I went for my meditation check at 4:30. About 16 people there + an interesting diversified group. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Stopped at the Safeway for wrapping paper + milk + was home by 6:15. Dick had put on the pot roast. We ate about 7 and watched “House without a Christmas tree” Beautiful George + Judy came in. Dick went to the bedroom to see [crossed out words] McCloud which cut in. G + J + I played a partial game of Risk for almost two hours. They went out after + Bryan + we went to bed. Dick said he wasn’t going to see Hartley again after tomorrow. I murmured something but didn’t press the issue tonight. Geo + Judy very enthusiastic over the Crisp Moss Stuff