Monday, April 23, 1973

Dick off about 7:30. I called Young Electric + talked to Bill Blackard who said he’d put together some artwork for us + get back in touch. Called Bea Hayes + changed date to Friday Called Peggy + said I’d see [crossed out letter] her in the afternoon Called Brigid + suggested she call Leon more often. I washed hair, changed sheets, did laundry and picked up around the place as best I could. Called Shirley – She hasn’t been around or in touch or anything. Made date for Weds to start income tax. Janet Goldsmith called. Lyle came with Jerry Crawford (or rather was dropped by him) at 11:30 – He stayed for a couple of hours + we had a pot of coffee + a good visit. Decided against going to the laundromat as there just wasn’t time. Hated to see him leave + felt much set up by his coming. Am anxious to see his theatre Dawdled around for a while + then called Peggy + we went over to see the laundromat. Decided to go see Kleen Korner together tomorrow. Dick brought me home – hot dog dinner + early bed for us [crossed out letter] Dick really exhausted + took a therapy bath before dinner. The French bakery going to open on Thursday.


Sunday, April 22, 1973

Was in a pretty bad humor today despite Dick’s being pleasant, helpful etc. The old nostalgia of holidays? Plus the leg + the time of month. All added up to deep depression alot of the day. We went over to the laundromat + Dick was trying to place the dryers in a better position. Enormously heavy + I no help at all. Sat in back + stated to write a card to Sue + then tore it up (a 75¢ card) + improved upon the shining hour by crying. We came home + I took a nap. Mary called + was drunk + horribly upset because Margie had called + she + Ed were about to split up. Then evidently she called back an hour + a half later + they made up. Also Margie had charged calls to her (Mary’s) number last visit. About 50 – 60 dollars worth. All a little rough I admit but getting smashed + turning the situation around to where it was an act of “enormous cruelty” on Margie’s part towards Mary was hard to take. Certainly Mary called everyone so many times esp. Mother – Blah Blah Blah. We called Dad to wish him happy Easter + then suddenly Dick decided to take me to Sound of Music (pour changer les idées) very successful – dinner at the Jungle Club + call from Lyle!! Will see him tomorrow

Saturday, April 21, 1973

Up around 7 – coffee + lazed around a while. We went to the laundromat at 9 + sat + waited til 9:45 for McClinton’s son + the movers who didn’t come til alot later. I wrote notes to Mary Jean + Mrs. Sullivan while we waited – sitting in the sun on the front steps. Wished the French Bakery was open for business (they will be next week) We went + had breakfast at the Safeway and came back to let the guys in. Then to the P.O. where I bought stamps and sent the blanket to Doug + letters to Doug, Leon M.J. and Mrs. Sullivan. Also paid the phone bill + Bank Americard which included Leon’s TV. We went to George Krauer’s + left the check which was made out March 1st. Left note + asked Florine to call Then to Carey’s wallpaper. Found a vinyl which should be just perfect, really pleased with it. Came Home + watched the baseball game of the week Chicago + Pittsburgh delayed by rain after 1st inning (Chicago 6 – Pitts 2) so went to the Mets + Montreal instead. Mets won the Phillies too. Dick back to laundromat I swept pool + slept + read. took salad to J + J’s + had a wonderful rib dinner + good evening of poker – alot of fun.

Friday, April 20, 1973

Yahtzee Dick – 3074

Early a.m. Made out a check for Mr. McClinton for total ammount minus down payment. As it turned out it was acceptable, so at the moment we are even. What comes in we will pay for but he no longer has any of our money. (Dick asked him for the freight bills too) I wrote Leon + called Doug in the hospital. He leaves tomorrow and I asked him if he had a blanket for naps. No – so I decided to send him the afghan. I wrapped it. Paid Phone bill. Joyce over for a few minutes around 11. Alice came to get me at 11:30. Gave her “The Innocents” and the Spite n’ Malice pkge. We went to the bank and I transferred $14,500.00 to the Washboard acct. Went to the laundromat. All the stuff arriving. Mad confusion. Went to Alice’s (forgot the P.O.) and we chatted + played Spite ‘n Malice until Dick came at 3:45. Back to Laundromat. 10 washers also arrived so made out new check. Safeway + home. We’ve gotten 5 or 6 Easter cards + have sent none. Dick exhausted we played Yahtzee + he broke the record. Steaks TV beds

Thursday, April 19, 1973

Spent alot of the morning working on setting up laundromat files. I called Annie around 10 + we talked for almost an hour. She’s going to get us tickets to Gentlemen of Verona + will be staying at the Halifax + have her car too. I called Alice + have date tomorrow. Called Shirley – don’t know what her plans are – She’s being unusually vague + has not been around the laundromat hardly at all. I read a nice book, The Innocents by Margery Sharp (think I’d read parts of it before) Harold Chamberlain and Vern came over for 80% of the rough electric. (will be refunded by Tiberti) Took them through the house. Then Dick + I went to K-Mart for some supplies. I bought some detective stories + we had a tasteless snack there. Hot dogs for dinner + TV – finished border on Afghan. The fearless Phillies not doing too well – alas.

Wednesday, April 18, 1973

Ana never came today. Had been looking forward to it. Wonder now if they needed money + my being in a cast changed their minds? Dick home – called [crossed out letters] Dick Talmadge. Rose came over around 11 o’clock. Peggy came about noon. Talked for a while then took her over to the laundromat. The paneling is going up very fast. We paid off Ray’s helper today at $160 Came back to the house + talked about ways of doing the wash + fold bit. A little complicated. Peggy + Rose both left about 3 – Dick home at 3:45. We went down to Dave’s. Saw Shirley + Carl. Dave late so we went over to Lee’s office equipment + got legal file folders, some big expansive envelopes for Tax stuff and several mailers. Dave not overly helpful as far as I could see but then I wasn’t at all prepared either. Annie called from San Francisco just before dinner Got her number to call back tomorrow Went to bed early for us

Tuesday, April 17, 1973

Did ironing. Bed, dishes, diary. Wrote (with $) Annie + Timmy + paid rent. Called Drue and the Washington job is still alive Called Graysons to apologize for not having answered their letters. He’ll be in town for a month beginning May 15th so will see them then. I changed the light bulbs in the library – rather precarious with cast. Dick home at 11 and we went to L+H and chose contrasting paneling for lounge. Then Dick dropped me at Albertsons while he had his piano lesson. I got groceries + went next door to the pharmacy where I picked up some greeting cards + a faberge package for Casey. Home. Missed Linda who’d come at 12. (thought she’d said two!!) Spoke with Rose who might come tomorrow. Peggy called + I’m hoping she’s coming tomorrow at 2. (Was out when I called back) Called Joyce to see if she could take me to the P.O. + she has shingles!! Called Shirley. Dick took me to the P.O. at 5 too late to get stamps but mailed letters. Went to Casey’s with b’day gift. Home – ham + artichokes for dinner. Mary called + I called back – long talk She’d sent a hysterical card. Nice note from Doris Louie + daughter Joanne about book. Bed late worked on blanket.

Monday, April 16, 1973

2915 Yahtzee PCM!!

Up fairly early but Dick had already left. I did some laundry, made bed, finished sewing blanket together. Did the cashword (2 solutions altho there are several items I’m in doubt on) Tried to drive but only went out + around the circle again. Called Peggy + remembered as I dialed that she was in court today. Had long talk with her daughter Betty who makes drapes. liked her. Owen called + said again to be sure + get 1/2 the folding money and that everything had to be straight with the IRS He’s right really + I was glad he called when he did. Dick took me over to the laundromat – Honeywell wants $6 an hr now because Dick told his helper he could have $5 (Honeywell should have settled that in the beginning) so thats $11 for the paneling. Doubt if it will come out any cheaper than $600 as Dick’s working for nothing. Hartley sent me the completed forms and a check for $50. We cashed it + a hsehld check. I talked w/Peggy later + she’ll call tomorrow after court. Ana called + is coming to visit Weds. morning She’s at the Hilton now. Rose called at noon. Ed + Casey over C’s B’day tomorrow. I broke Dick’s yahtzee record – 2915 – Whee

Sunday, April 15, 1973

Made love with a cast on – a new first! The damn thing is driving me up the wall. Art came over at 9:30 Dick fixed a good breakfast + then they worked outside – mowed lawn. clipped bushes etc. Ed was over briefly. I lay around all day. Finished the “Boys of Summer” which I loved. After Art left we went outside by the pool for a while. The water (with heater on) just perfect. [crossed out letters] – Put one leg in. Then watched TV. The Phillies lost their 3rd game with the mets Alas. But it was a tight one. They’re not doing so badly really. Tied for 4th with Montreal whom they play next. St. Louis in the cellar so far I finished last square for blanket and sewed most of it together. Mary called + Doug is in the hospital. Didn’t know what was wrong. James has won a fellowship to Rochester and Mary was very happy because Hilary, Dad + Jim had telephoned. So glad. I called St. John’s after + Doug is there in room 653. He didn’t answer after several rings + I figured he was asleep so rang the desk – They said he’d improved but wouldn’t say what was wrong. Yantzee hamburgers bed

Saturday, April 14, 1973

Art came at 9:20 + he + Dick took off to fix a turbo clean and Linda came 15 minutes later. We returned the crutches to United Rent all Went to Healthville and bought alot of vitamins ($33). Then she left me at Vegas Valley Convalescent Hospital and went to the Blue chip stamp place for a card table + electric clock (total 8 books) Mr. Chan was on his way to mass so he just signed my cast + we visited very briefly. Next stop Sahara office Equipment for legal size files + mailers for my book. Closed as was SPD + Lee office Equip. Came back up the strip + went to Savon for mouthwash + Safeway for groceries $41.00!! Home at 12:15. Gave Linda six dollars. She’s good company but I hope I can manage the car pretty soon. Art up at 12:30. We watched the Nat’l league ball game. Oakland A’s + Minnesota Twins The A’s won but are still trailing their division. Futzed around the house. We went over + looked at the laundromat. The paneling is very dark. Goes up 7′ – Wild rainy windy day. Came home + made a cream cheese pie + veal parmiagian for dinner. Played yahtzee + watched TV. Eddie Kulick over in the early a.m. Just laughed when he saw the cast.

Friday, April 13, 1973

Grim frustrated day. I called Mary Parker + that was the only bright spot from which things went downhill. She’s living on Grant St + has her studio in the same bldg. + has a grant from the state of New York. She said to send her the stuff + she’d see if she could get in to it. I cleaned the dining room rug, the guestroom + our bathroom rug + towels. Dick home at 9:30 + in a bad mood again. I said I didn’t feel so great and he said not to take it out on him + left. I paid American Express and Bob Iverson Called Bank of Nevada + Lester Kurth. He wasn’t there + I told his secty to “forget it” after she told me he “hadn’t gotten around to returning” my call I felt so sorry for me. Terrible sand storm. Went out + skimmed some buds off the pool (solid blanket of them) tried to drive the car + couldn’t I felt totally trapped. Called Ann Hall to say I couldn’t make it + then thought she sounded not distressed enough. Flopped about the house + wept. Read Nero Wolfe Slept. Cried. Dick home at 5 Had worked hard I made a casserole + called Linda Crumpler to drive me tomorrow Thank God she can Bed early + then couldn’t sleep. Mary called – nice

Thursday, April 12, 1973

Went to the laundromat at 9 – Met Ray Honeywell friend of Tonys (a “brother”) who’s a carpenter. Dick went over things with him [crossed out letters] + he’s going to start paneling tomorrow. Dick all uptight + saying “everything has to be done at once.” Well he’s the one that’s pushing and I’d wanted to talk thing over with Charlotte first + get some ideas. I feel so damn helpless with my leg and miserable. We went to Owens + met Peggy whom I liked alot. She’s an older woman + nice as can be. I wanted to give her more than what she was getting before ($1.25 plus all the wash money) + that was another blowup Came home + just started crying Dick very sweet + contrite but what the hell good does that do. Got to Zivots at 3 – Eddie put a plastic cast on my leg (base of toes to just below the knee) Heavy awkward + painful Had coffee + came home. Dick had done shopping at Panorama [crossed out words] We had dinner + went to bed a little earlier for a change. Little crapped in the dining area, the guest room + office bath two days ago + its still there so I guess that will be my first task when the cast is hard tomorrow –

Wednesday, April 11, 1973

Had planned to go to meeting for gaming license this morning at 10 but it turned out its in Carson City.

Dick over tired and in foul humor. Went storming out because pool stuff had been thrown out But he’d said to get rid of it all before. I spent the morning going through papers in the library + feeling sorry for myself. I called Jim Parker + left message Called Master charge, Valley Bank, Janet Rosgen her check had shown up in my statement. I tried to start some new files. Everything seems insurmountably difficult at this stage. Wish Dick were going to A.A. meetings. It’s been 9 days and I don’t think he’s committed himself to it in the least. Dave Meno called + wanted him to go tonight but Dick said he couldn’t get away. Not true. He’s tired + just didn’t feel like it. An insurance refund came from Doug Forde + Dave Rymer’s bill $612 on $865. 100 deductible + then only 80%. They can’t consider the claims from the Desert Retreat til they hear form Hartley. Lay out by pool a little. Called Leon – He’s got an appt. for Bridget tomorrow with Virginia. We passed the application for a restricted gaming license Bill Smith said we didn’t need to go to the next meeting. Called Owen + we’re meeting Peggy at his office tomorrow. [crossed out words]

Tuesday, April 10, 1973

Bad day for me. Dick went out + got some crutches for me and I was utterly exhausted by mid day. Rose appeared at 9. She + her friend Ruth used to be tenants of Dick + Laura at Bell Drive She worked well + fast and the place looked nice afterward. Ruth came to get her about 2:30. I called Ann Hall + made [crossed out letters] lunch date for Friday. She said Charlotte could give us some decorating ideas + would ask her to join us. I read Nero Wolfe + worked on blanket – made 2 squares wrong so have more to do than I should have. Dick bought a little rump roast for dinner + asparagus. Very nice. Tired + sore (arms + hands from crutches. And foot sore too. Oh Hell. Scotty called.

Tony Carillo over in the afternoon

Monday, April 9, 1973

Dick broke his own yahtzee record 28.97!

Woke early – foot hurting Called Zivot’s office at 7 + left a message. We made love + then Dick went off to meet Hammerberg at the laundromat Tito there too so he got alot accomplished. Came home + fixed breakfast with bacon, eggs + hotcakes. I called Daddy who said it sounded like a ruptured blood vessel + to call him after Zivot. Dick put the slide on the truck – Bud Bartlett returned our papers – Carpenter’s license denied. All our certified + registered mail was: “The 2 silver dollars, a notice of a hearing for the gaming commission (one on the 11th one on the 18th) and a thing from Concord about Mother’s trust for the grandchildren. It said “PATIENCE CLEVELAND MICHELS HAS NO CHILDREN” on one page + the stark isolated sentence made me suddenly cry. Fortunately was by myself. Dick took me to Zivots + went + sold the slide + got some light bulbs Was there 2 hours. Zivot nice. Had exrays and I pulled a muscle off something. (avulsion brings repulsion”) They put an “unna plastic boot” on it + will put a cast on Thursday when the swelling goes down. elevation required – We [crossed out word] got groceries (I stayed in the car) + came home Filled Dad in Called Korchek + changed appt to May 16th Called Bob Iverson (appt June 4th) called Doug in bed with flu Called Bill + changed dinner to May 15th Called Leon. Called Wendy + someone named Rose coming tomorrow to clean Fox called Dick fixed dinner Late bed.