Thursday, August 27, 1970

George Hall called at 5 am – the weather forecast had said 50% chance of rain. I told him Dick wasn’t in + suggested he call Jack. I made coffee + at 6 I spoke to Jack. He stopped by an hour later on his way to the office. He made the rounds of several bars and found Dick at Frank’s. I went to get him at about 8 + brought him home. School starting today. Made a big breakfast + Dick ate all of it. He’d had several exedrin PMs + finally slept. It rained heavily. I spoke with Shirley but didn’t go into the office. It was a really stupid sort of day. We went to get Dick’s truck at Frank’s + went out to the Rockinghorse ranch. I’d wanted to swim but it was apparent that what Dick wanted was some more to drink + that upset me. We had a hamburger. The water seemed cold + they’d just put in acid so I didn’t swim. I’d had 3 drinks which depressed me + Dick told me to snap out of it. Home + looked at a little TV + went to bed.

Wednesday, August 26, 1970

Dick off about 6:15 or so. I slept in til almost 8. Up + finished ironing, sewed some buttons + did another batch of laundry. Called Annabel + made a date for Fri. morning (forgot Wendy + will have to change it) to go over our Children’s Service Guild material. Left the house about 11:30 – Went to Show boat. Got to store around 2:20 (about $100 poorer) Terrible downpour. Lights went out in the plaza several times. No word from Dick since 10:30 or so. Inspector (Jerry Hickman) in + said they were having great problems with the pool. The water was coming out a deep red. Jack called in from Hofert’s + said the same thing a while later Shirley called out there + there were 3 trucks so Dick was there. We had two calls about the swirl jet. A lady who’s coming in tomorrow around 10:30. And a man + his wife who came over around 6. (We kept the store open for him.) A Mr + Mrs. Hitower. They took it home with them. No word from Dick. Spoke with Jack who said he (Dick was coming in.) I drove Shirley home. Checked then with the service + a “Jerry Le May(?)” had called to say Dick would be home at 8. Got groceries + came back. here at 7:20 or so. George called – I called J + J at 8:15 + Dick had called to see if they’d heard from me!!! He never called here. I tried every bar I could think of + finally tried Franks. Jerry Thorne answered + Dick had been there. It was he who’d called. I put in our TV dinners. No word from Dick. Finally around midnight I lay down on the couch. It’s 5 am now + Dick is not home. Oh Lord help us.

Tuesday, August 25, 1970

Home all day _ but liked my day. Dick off at 6:30. Tony by a little later – Out to Hofert’s. I wrote diary + then put on my sauna belt + did the exercises. Kept it on for a while – over an hour after. Fixed stuffed peppers for dinner + made a chocolate pie. Bed + Dishes etc. Read “Long John” Nebel’s book + came to a part about experiments with plant’s feelings and was overcome with remorse for our little dying christmas tree. Went out + watered it + dug around it + put out some nice soil around the roots + talked to it. Then watered all the plants in back + filled bird bath + put out bird food. This place is really such an awful mess + needs so much work. Dick, Jack + Tony out in the desert grading all day. Gene + Tom left at lunch hour and didn’t return. Took truck back to the office + went home!!! Spoke with Shirley + those two pools of George’s aren’t any good at all. Total combined profit of $800.00 Oh Lord. However, Shirley seemed to think we could get by the next 10th of the month without dipping. Dick home about 4:20. Had a sandwich I did some ironing he showered + napped. Marlene + her brother brought out the truck + Maybe he’ll hire Bob as a laborer next week although not to likely. Went out to the Rockinghorse + had 3 drinks + I swam my 10 lengths back + forth. Met Jim + Vi Higgens. He’s a driver for Tri Delta + she’s a cook out there. Home at 9:30. Had stuffed peppers + watched TV + went to bed. I dropped off around 10:30 – Ordered flowers for Cassie tomorrow it’s her birthday

Monday, August 24, 1970

Up early. made love. had coffee. made love again. Gene Mayorga over + went to Plummer’s pool. Came back + Dick + he + a helper named Tom went out to Hofert’s pool. I fiddled about – paid phone bill + caught up on a few things. Went to cleaners + saw Vicki there. Whew! Drove out to Hofert’s pool about noon. God! but it was hot. Frank Mazer had stopped by. I took a few pictures + I wet down the pool for Dick. Went to Sloan to get them some coke + a pizza and won a $5.00 jackpot on the nickel machine which made it all free. Took it back to them – after only half an hour or so there I was drenched. Went + got some gas. Cashed a check – was home about 6 with groceries. Hot. Dick back – had stopped at Rockinghorse for a hamburger + a few drinks. We went back out there + tonight I swam the pool 10 times back + forth. Was a little tired but really felt good. I need exercise badly. Had a hamburger there + came home + went to bed + watched TV. Didn’t go near the shop today. Evidently George Jr. sold 2 pools to Mr. Robarts It would be nice to have some signed contracts. We watched a funnyish movie “What’s so bad about feeling good.” + had chop suey at 11 o’clock – then sleep.

Sunday, August 23,*1970

Left the house at 7:30 for J + J’s. Drove in pickup + hauled the boat. Stopped in Henderson for gas + “pop” – (turned out later to be vodka + bugged me) Got to Willow beach + had breakfast. Took off in boat. Motor beautiful + we were zipping along Reached the skiing zone + motor “siezed up” + that was that. Someone towed us in to Ralson’s landing The heat unbearable. Joyce had money + for $15 we were given a ride back up to Willow beach to pick up the truck. Went to the Goldstrike Saloon + J + J + Dick had alot more drinks + I had an ice tea + played a little 21 without luck. Was in a foul humor. I’m so goddamned sick of this booze bit I could scream. Drove to Nelson’s landing + had our fried chicken + a beer. Joyce drove us back. Left the boat + went to the Rocking horse ranch – Had a couple of drinks + went swimming + played a little poker. I swam the pool about 10 times + felt a little better. Came home + had a relax-o bath. Dick wanted to go out for more booze + I said I’d be in bed when he came back. He changed his mind but was in a horrible mood. Grand day all around.

Saturday, August 22, *1970

Dreary, stupid day. up around – 9:30. Didn’t feel too well. Went over to Lucille’s for a few minutes to say good bye. Was leaving when Alice Turner noticed large stain on seat of my pants. Good god – years since anything like that’s happened. Washed out slacks + had to wait to let them dry a little. Had crampy sort of feeling. Came home. Marty Lerit had taken Ford. Dick out with Ed Kulick to look at the job in the desert + get some electrical advice. I lay down + napped for about 4 hours. Dick home + fixed the coolers. Thank God + about time. We went out to the Rockinghorse ranch to go swimming + have a hamburger. I’d put in ham but we decided against it + I gave it to the dogs. Had a rotten headache at first but after they cut off the loudspeaker by the pool it was nice. Swam back + forth about 4 times. Dick + I talked a little + that was good too.- We’re going through a rather rocky time. Spoke with Leon today + I’m not going to do the “Adam-12.” He can’t get me the money + he doesn’t think the part is worth it. We came home around 10 o’clock, had a swirl bath + went to bed.

The frenchboy got a job at the Stardust –

Insurance adjustment statement arrived – we’ll be given $280.00. That won’t replace the stereo set by $130.00 Dick said he’ll handle it.

Friday, August 21,*1970

Crazy day. Special Delivery man brought an ADAM-12 Script – works Wednesday. So so part. “attractive, poised women in her middle years” (sob!) Wendy here at 9:45. Phone rang + after several tries + two dimes gone astray I had a young frenchman on the phone who was sent by Jimmy Parker with the assurance evidently that we’d put him up. I was + am furious with Jim + told the boy that it was not possible. He’s looking for work too. Dick home briefly I went for a few groceries and to both banks. Deposited $500 in savings, Dick’s check in household + The Brown’s check in my checking acct. Home, washed hair + took off for Annabel’s after calling to say I’d be late. Actually was the first there after Alice Lucille, Pat Moore, Prima + Stella all came shortly after. Very pleasant luncheon. Suddenly saw it was 3:40. I’d told Patrick (!) The frenchman to call me back at 3:30. Checked with the house + he hadn’t called. Told Wendy to say I’d gone out on business with Dick Left Annabel’s an hour later – Wendy still here. He’d called + had no place to stay. Oh Christ. Dick was out guniting on Hofert’s pool in the desert all day. He left the house at 5:30 + he + Jack got back at 8:30 after stopping for a few drinks at the Stagecoach where Joyce + I called them. We had dinner at J + J’s. Marty called + is going to borrow the ford tomorrow to take some customers out.

Thursday, August 20, 1970

Leon’s Birthday.

Dick slept late. wouldn’t get up. [crossed out letters] Asked me to call the health dept for an inspection on Hoferts pool (Jim Devozak.) We both left about 10. I went down to the store to finish the screen. Also returned the Marine catalogue which we hadn’t gone over. Put up construction steps on one panel + then the insides of the Master pool booklet. Finally got the whole thing finished by about 2:30 or three. Not too happy about it but it could look worse. Gene of the RJ. brought in a sign (cost $10) for the swirl jet and it’s great. Also he’s interested in a pool. [crossed out letters] An inspector – Jerry Hickman(?) was in + after alot of back + forth passed us. But he had some gripes + I guess they were founded. Bill Rehn wanted to talk to me about last night + I told him I just didn’t feel like talking about it. I guess it’s all his talk about “dealing with the problem” + all the alcoholics he’s known that really put the lid on it for me. Dick back before I’d finished the screen. I went by Alice’s house with the Rabbi books for the Dales. Hope Coleman + her little girl came while I was there. Went to Penney’s + exchanged Dick’s shirts. (got 4 for 3 plus a refund) also some bottom sheets, dish towels + dishrags. Groceries + home. Mailed form to Chem bank + sent loan info to Jim Brown. The pay off penalty is under a thousand. I bought our swirl jet today. Was tired + depressed. We went over to J + J’s for some drinks + then home. Our TV was returned yesterday. Seems to work. Jeff Dover called + has a job at Linwood (?) cabinets.

Wednesday, August 19, 1970

Called Alice who said she’d be by the office about noon. I spent the morning + whole day actually working on the display bathroom for the swirl jet. Put contac on the screen + put up the towel racks + mirror. Then made 2 shelves. Put bowl of flowers on top one and kleenex montage on bottom. It looks very gay. Gene of the R.J was by + Dick asked him to make us a sign. Getting the towels to hang right was almost the hardest part of the business. Now have to work on the back. Put up a tile brochure + will make up a collage from other pool pictures for the rest. Using the contac to frame it. Jerry Lee of Munson sporting goods by at 3:30 and Shirley + I + went over his catalogue. It took some time. We ordered $1100 worth of goods. Seems like a lot but it’s nothing really + we won’t be billed til Dec. 10th. Some of the stuff is returnable. Alice + Pat Turner came by around noon. I had to call Alice to say I couldn’t make it in the late afternoon as everything was piling up. It had been a pretty good day right up to the end + then Dick + Bill Rehn ended up in the bar + it just killed me. Dick angry that Shirley had suggested to Dick that he vacuum Plummer’s pool. I wonder if it’s the spending of $1100 that really sent him off. Or is just anything an excuse + is that going to be our life? He went over to J + J’s after telling me that maybe he ought to get out of the business + Shirley + I could run it. Oh Christ. Jimmy Judge called + so did Dale. I referred them both to J + J’s. He came back about 9:00. We had TV dinners in silence + went to bed.

Thursday, August 13, 1970

3 hrs

Made one more call in the early morning + got Walter Davis for an interview. Annabel called to say she felt terrible + would be late. Seconds later Dorothy called to say she couldn’t make it. All the kids showed + early. Annabel got their in time to interview Ken McGuinness – we were finished up about 11:45. I sent a very attractive girl named Amber Schraeder to Mr. Steiner. (told her not to mention my name.) Also a kid named John Prime who might fit the driving job (same provision) Hung around the shop. Had lunch with Pat + Shirley – they suggested calling Scotty’s plating about my brass lamp. We’d had a lead from him anyway. Marty had tried him twice yesterday + missed him. Hell – got him + he’d signed for an $8,400.00 pool last night. Marty stricken. Expensive lesson. Some people named Holiday on the verge of signing? Hofert’s pool dug – steeling saturday. Went over to see Alice for a while Hope Coleman and little girl Sharon came by + then some people named Gubler. I left at 5:30. Home + put Pork Roast in the oven. Dick home around 7. Had nice dinner + watched Ironsides + Dragnet. One cooler not working + house hot. We’re conferring with Frank Thompson tomorrow about winter stock for the store.

Casey called about Betty – She’s had surgery + can see people. I’d planned not to go though til Monday so can’t make it tomorrow.


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