Monday, February 19, 1973

No entry.


Tuesday, February 13, 1973

Wrote Mr. Chan and Sue Glick Called Dick Picked up Dad. drove back to Vegas – lunch in Barstow. 2 men who asked us over to their table when we left. House clean (Wendy) messages + mail all orderly. Grace at dinner during which Dad prayed for Dick + then had another martini. We delivered the authorization to Boul- before coming home.

Called the Foxes – Evidently Dick had a deal with Mr. to share the caliche bill. Told him I’d settle. Also would call + get George for the deck. etc. etc. Went over to J + J’s after – asked them for dinner tomorrow night. Asked George Hall too (Irene couldn’t make it) had wanted Ed + Casey but he’s got flu.

Monday, February 12, 1973

Called Shirley. Boulware needs authorization from Dick. Bentley has sent the records. + Desert Retreat needed a call from me. Called Desert Retreat + everything okay – Hartley willing to talk to Dick’s doctor but I felt nothing would be served by that. However to be sure asked Doug who agreed. Sent money for academy directory to Leon’s office. Got copy of letter to gaming commission from him. beautiful. Wrote Jim Parker. Went to see Dick. Out for tests. Dad + Mary over to see him. Home in between + meditated. Cleaned apt + packed. back to hospital. Saw Timmy and went to bed.

Sunday, February 11, 1973

Spoke with Mary early. Made reservations for Carmel – finished Valentines for children. Saw Dick and went to Mary’s in between visiting hours. Dad having a good time. back to hospital. Late supper with Leon. Stopped in + saw Timmy on my way home. [crossed out words]

Saturday, February 10, 1973

Pouring rain. Went to see Doug at the beach. Familiar feeling driving thru the rain – déja vu. Went to Hosp. to give Dick change – to Van Nuys. Went to Union optical [crossed out word]. Had hair cut. Went to see Dick in hosp. Had late supper with Timmy.

Friday, February 9, 1973

Put Dick in St. John’s. Met Dr. Rimer. Talked with him a little He wants all Dick’s hospital records + medical records from L.V. Called Shirley. Asked her to do what ever is possible before Weds. Spoke with Magda from Leon’s.

Thursday, February 8, 1973

Drove to L.A. with Daddy + Dick Rain, rain, rain. Dropped Dad at Mary’s. Came to the apartment. Dick in Pain. Called S.A.G. health + welfare plan – Lillian – My insurance is still in force – last quarter of ’71. If I earn $1000 before Sept. I’m good for another year – Almost cried I was so relieved. Dick asked Timmy for a heating pad or hot water bottle. He didn’t have one so I went to Schwab’s – also got Titrilac on Doug’s suggestion. Called George + made hair appt. Called Bob + found he’d arranged for Dr. Thompson to see Dick. Asked if Dr. T knew “I am me” – No. Called Dr. T. plans to transfer Dick from medical ward after all tests to psychiatric Said I thought it would be a big mistake if avoidable. Bad night Dick saying between moans he wished everyone who drank could feel the way he did.