Wednesday, September 29, 1971

Mailed Daddy his new shirts

Paid P+C construction today $362.00 which seems alot but I guess it’s fair. Wrote James a birthday card with check + told him I’d treat him + Jean to tickets for Company if he’d just contact Annie. Wrote Daddy a fairly long letter catching him up with the major news items. Called Nevada Power about our bill + they agreed to look into it. Went to the International + played blackjack for a while when I was $60 ahead I left. Went by the office + then over to the Hospital to pay off Ana’s bill + to Panorama to buy some Lobster tails for tomorrow night. Came home to find my script and a note from Virginia saying the only wardrobe I needed was leotards + dance practice clothes (shorts etc) for “the dance routine”. Just about died + made appt for eleven tomorrow at the Golden Venus for a wrap – Quiet evening. Finished Sue’s stole

Dick weighed 194 today + he’s worried. Thank God. Jack + Joyce start their vacation tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 28, 1971

I took both dogs along with Ana + Jeffrey to Carol Whitmoyer in Border City – Took Little in first + Carol said she’s 5 1/2 months + could be spayed so I left her. Then she examined New Man + took a slide test on his skin sores. Suggest thyroid pills, cortizone to stop the itching and a new shampoo to be used every other day until it clears up. We got home about 11:30 – Mary called to give me Susan’s current address so I sent her a straight telegram asking her to call tonight or tomorrow night. called Alice, C.S.G + P+C construction. Worked on the stole all afternoon + read. Dick called at one point + had been drinking. I went out + got Little at 4:30. She had her dew claws removed + a tooth pulled as well as a hysterectomy so was drugged to the gills + very groggy. Came home + put her basket in the livingroom. Dick asleep in his chair. Sue called + I’ll see her in L.A. next week. Told her Mary had sounded very disappointed that she wasn’t staying with her. An hour later Mary called + said “What did you say to Sue? She is going to stay with me after all!” I’d said hardly nothing but it worked out just right. How nice. Finished Sue’s stole except for the fringe. Should be done tomorrow

Monday, September 27, 1971

Got started fairly early today. Called Pinecraft + told them to cancel the other 2 chairs. Called Carol Whitmoyer + made appt for Newman + Little. Mary called + when asked said she’d like 2 wedgewood “blue grape” teacups + saucers. Also suggested I send a nightliter to Sue to head her off. She + Les can lend me a car this next trip. Whee! I might actually make a little money this trip. Called a few places + may get the Wedgewood at Slavicks. Called Timmy + made date for next Tuesday. Called office + chatted with Shirley. Paid Hollywood Roosevelt, sent Authors’ Aid to Timmy and wrote a covering letter to Snix with his record. Helped Ana unpack, Laid out my blanket for The Michels’es (30 more squares – Good God!) Sent nightletter to Sue and flowers to Marge Sullivan who’s in the hospital. Went to the Post office, to the cleaners, to Bank of Nevada to deposit Rae’s check + residuals + to Valley Bank to withdraw cash for Ana’s salary + expenses. Also sent Leon’s commission. Back to the house around 4 – knitted on Sue’s stole and finished [crossed out letter] Scott Fitzgerald. Dick home drunk which bugged me as we’d talked so much about on “The Wagon time.” Jimmy Judge over for brief visit + we asked him for dinner on Thursday – I’m glad to be home.

Sunday, September 26, 1971

woke a little hungover but happy to be home. Lay around + made love and then had breakfast. I decided to try + make a dent in the bills. My wrist (or hand) better every passing day and I wrote out 10 checks + signed 3 other papers etc without too much trouble and not illegibly although it was alot slower than usual. We sent $500 to Harold for “Facade” money + paid exterminator, Hayes service, phone bill (only one overseas call registered!) American Express – (The [crossed out letters] last “Smith Family” Trip.) Bank Americard for my yarn, a couple of union dues + subscriptions. We spoke with Ed + Casey + when we’d got alot done, went over there around 5:30 or so. Drank alot of wine + then we all played pool. Really fun and I wish we did it more often – The Ashby’s evidently very upset about the big new house going up on their left. A Bud Yates (I think) is building. It’s going to be quite a place. Came home, had TV dinners, watched a little television + went to bed.