Thursday, January 20, 1972

Woke at 4 am + couldn’t get back to sleep so got up + outlined speech (or at least culled major points from Bill Gang’s information. Wrote Diary + Rae O’Dell. Gave Dick a shave and then washed my hair. Called Alice no answer, Anabel who still hasn’t had her brain scan but said if it didn’t interrupt she’d listen Angie had stopped by yesterday + told [crossed out letters] her our woes) Called Ace bail bonds – the bail is $100. But Shirley said I could put up a property bond for no cash. Went to the Blvd at 8:30 Met Johnnie Swift who has a Jazz show on Klav-Radio at night, is willing to talk to the kids sometime at spring mountain Took name + number. Saw Alice + Elaine Sat with Roy Purcell of the new Museum at the celebrity table (liked him + his concept of a museum) I think my speech went well. Sold 5 (ugh) tickets after [crossed out word] and then Elaine bought 10. Came home + collected Ana + Jeffrey + went down to immigration. Met Mr. Parke who was one of the men who came to our house. However he was reasonable + I laid cards on the table etc. We got there in the nick of time to save Paco from being transferred to San Francisco. 1/2 hour later + he would have been gone! [crossed out word] Went to Passport office + was told we needed a birth certificate. Went to Dave’s (gave them a copy of “The Lion….”) + he said a cash bond if we didn’t want to go through a bondsman the house has a mortgage so can’t be put up. Went to Health Dept. for birth certificate + FNB for a $2,000 cashier’s check (to save A +A $200 – it’s a little nerve wracking!) Back to Fed Bldg. Jeffrey needed pictures so Ana took him across the street. I got a $12.00 money order at the Post office + went back to immigration. The check was made out to the wrong department + they had to have a new one. The bank now closed. Passport Pictures won’t be ready til tomorrow. What a day. Went to get car + found I’d left tickets for Operation Child haven in the immigration office. Went back to get them + sold one to a Mr. Rupert. Hope he wins. Stopped at the Safeway + came home. Exhausted but didn’t want Dick to know so made a real effort + we had a very gay pleasant evening but bed early + I fell asleep halfway through Flip Wilson.

Wednesday, January 19, 1972

Up early. First called Dave at home at 8 o’clock. Dick had gone out with Jack at 7 – Spent the morning waiting to get something definite from Dave I called there 4 times + each time he said he’d call back. Finally at two I took off for the Juvenile complex as Dave had gone out In the meantime I’d called the jail + was told there was no bail for aliens. I’d also called Armando’s boss. I wrote letters all the a.m. – Hilary, Mary + Saul, Mary Jean, the Michelses + Mary + Les (I spoke with her at 7 am) also returned approval to Chemical Bank for hike in investment mgemnt fee. Got to Juvenile at 2:30 to pick up information on Operation Child Haven Chat with Bill Fain + rather long visit with Angie. Called Mr. Parke’s of immigration while there + also called Dave again. He told me to call Mr. Parke’s + take Ana in tomorrow. He said he thought it would be allright for Armando + Paco + Ana to drive home (If so that’s an enormous concession as usually aliens are deported from prison.) (Gulp) Mailed letters at Huntridge Station, went to Safeway + came home. We had a postcard from Ethel in Dallas (So that’s accomplished) Dick home + very tired. But he’d had a good day at the office. Had started to run down around one o’clock but held out til almost 4. We went to bed right after dinner at 6 + watched TV. (I watched Svengali with John Barrymore) + then I read. Dick asleep by 7:30. Leon called to say his nephew had called + wanted to know where the tests were. I told him they’d be sent as soon as ready. Mr. Parke’s called me about 5:30 + I told him I’d be in with Ana tomorrow around 11:30. He also told me there [crossed out word] is $1,000 bail on both Paco + Armando. We’ll see tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 18, 1972

What a day! No fever in the morning but in the afternoon it came back. Dick slept most of the time. I paid bills – service, B. Dalton Leon’s commission. Sent in sweepstakes contests, sent for ovaltine slush makers and a book on the tower of London, wrote Millie + Jim Moore – both with checks Also wrote Annie at some length Called Alice + Ann Hall about the radio deal on Thurs. and she said she could have the thermometer in it’s last week count down in the Blvd. Called Bill Gang + he was very excited about it. Told Ann about Ruth Scott + Nevada Motion Picture Services + suggested her as a guest sometime Went to the P.O. + the safeway in record time Back by 12:40. Armando home at 1:30 with Paco. They’d sighted immigration people + run. They were followed for a while + Armando’s license was taken that was just the beginning. When Dick’s fever came back I called Dr. Bentley. He said it was the bug + that Dick would be out for another couple of days. Prescribed an antibiotic. Went out to ask Armando to get it + found he + Paco had taken the VW to go see his Boss. It had run out of gas – his own damn fault – + they’d started to walk to the gas station when the Immigration guys came down on them. There was a desert chase + Paco was caught but Armando got home + was throwing up in the [crossed out letters] john. I called J + J to come over + get me to put gas in the VW so I could get the RX + get the VW home. They came + Dick joined us – furious. Not only the VW out of gas but the battery dead. We pushed it to the gas station – bad for Dick + he was fuming. Joyce took me to get the RX + when we got back to Pecos Ana was dissolved + the Immigration people had come into our house without a warrant + taken Armando. Also his + Ana’s papers. Called Dave who made calls all over + then called back to say nothing could be done until tomorrow morning. Ana called the lawyer in L.A. who was reassuring. Oh Christ what a mess. Janet Goldsmith called this A.M. to thank us for the flowers + said the Doctors had said Jim wouldn’t make it. Annabel called about her flowers.

Monday, January 17, 1972

Dick + Jack off bright + early. I caught up diary + wrote Timmy with the Author’s Aid check Called the florist + had flowers sent to Annabel (she’ll be in thru tomorrow) + Jim Goldsmith. Spoke with Annabel on the telephone + she filled me in a bit on the lottery ticket situation. Went to Safeway + bought groceries and mailed letters. Then over to the Landmark where I played very conservatively – (The way I always ought to). Won $75 or so and left at 12:40. Went to Eunola Edwards house for the Guild meeting – not many there – Norma, Martha Chase, Chris Romero, Evelyn Johnson, Ann De Bruyn, Versie Ramirez, Alice and (when it was all over) Cathie Nellis. Bill Fain gave out some tickets (I took 250) and I got what details I could about the Lottery + the dinner from Norma. Left around 2:30. Deposited Rae O’Dell’s check and payment for My 3 sons at the Bank of Nevada. Stopped in at the office. Shirley told me she’d heard Sue Winn was thinking of [crossed out words] running for assemblywoman from the 4th district. Also little Laura had a horrid accident yesterday when playing. Dick came in just as I was leaving. Went over to Alices to play Spite + Malice + had [crossed out letters] just finished one game when Shirley called + said Dick had gone home very sick. Went home + found he had a fever + felt just terrible although no pain. He stayed in bed and only drank juice + water – no dinner or snacks. I read to him a very little but he went to sleep. I lay with him + read some detective stories. Had dinner + soon after went to bed myself. Dick’s fever worse at 10:30 –

Sunday, January 16, 1972

Gave Dick a shave this morning – He was off about 9:30. I shaved my legs + washed my hair + gave myself one of those protein facials (in final stages – a terrific horror effect) Anabel called + asked if I’d be willing to make a speech on Ann Hall’s show this Thursday about the Child Haven lottery. We had a very funny chat + I told her I hadn’t yet accepted 1972. Wrote diary + futzed about. Then went down to the store + over to the Show boat with Dick’s blessing. The place jammed with bowlers and rotten players I’ve figured out finally why I do better consistently in the early morning and that’s because there are fewer people to screw one up. You can’t beat bad cards but if the cards are reasonable you stand a chance unless the playing is bad. blah, blah, blah. Bought stuff at the Safeway + fixed stuffed hamrolls + yams + sprouts + a lovely fruit salad. Dick ate alot for him. He’s getting very anxious for A + A to leave. Annie called from Atlanta – got her pkge + loved it. Gave me [crossed out letters] an address in VA to write. Alice called + told me Anabel had passed out after talking to me + was in the hospital for tests. Good God. Had a message (yesterday’s) that Jim Goldsmith is in the hospital. I called Leon + was glad I did as he sounded very down.

Saturday, January 15, 1972

Slept a little later this am. I wrote Newcomb Dick had several appts. I went to laundry + then to the Health food store – where I got all sorts of things. Grocery store next + Post office where I picked up Ana’s letter. Left a stack of magazines at Sunset [crossed out letters] Hospital. Went to the Sahara + to the Silver Slipper to play 21. Accomplished zilch. Dick not home til almost 5:30. We had a letter from Alma + quite a long newsy one from Mary + Saul. Nice pork for dinner. Dick is making a small effort with his eating and is losing a few pounds. I think with about 20 more off he’ll feel a thousand times better. Phil Sandoval called + is back in town.

Friday, January 14, 1972

Stupid day. Or stupid me I spent almost 7 hours playing 21 at the Tropicana Up + down Cashed a check + bought it back + did the same again. Left maybe 20 dollars down but could have stopped ahead at more than one point. Looked all over for socks for Dick with loose tops but couldn’t find them anywhere. Went to pick up a letter for Ana but they couldn’t find it at the P.O. Told me if it wasn’t delivered to come back tomorrow. We ate early + then Dick went out on a 7 o’clock appt. He’s been getting so many leads lately it’s really marvelous. I adapted two prs. of elasticized socks – by pulling out all the elastic + threading the top onto a very loose double strand of white yarn. “The 7 faces of Dr. Lao” was on TV and I loved it. Dick not home til 9:00 or 9:30. Seemed to think it was a sale if they can get financing. Note from Jim + Janet saying they hoped to get together again with us soon (!)

Thursday, January 13, 1972

For a change, spent the day in good works (?) Went to Juvenile for Placement – nice to see Angie again. Typed files + cards + had funny talk on telephone with a Mrs. Holt who writes + is going to call me next week at home. Took magazines to Child Haven + detention + worked out my hours for Eunola Edwards. Next stop very brief at Showboat won a little – then Alice’s. Lucille there + she + I helped Alice address the guild letters, staple + stamp + sort them. We had souffle + salad for lunch. Pat Moore came over + we played 4 handed spite and malice. Dick had a [crossed out letter] 4:30 appt and a 7 o’clocker so after Pat + Lucille left I played 2 or 3 games with Alice then Safeway + home. Dick in a rather disgruntled humor so I went with him on his 7 appt. We couldn’t find the place so came home + called the guy + Dick put it off (He’s getting 6 or 7 estimates.) Had veal parmiagian for dinner, watched Flip Wilson + went to bed. Dick had his appt with Bentley today who told him he was an alcoholic + he said to Dick “I know it but do you really know it?” That’s about all I could get out of Dick but it was a half hour visit so there must have been a lot more. He’ll get the results of the test this week and has an appt next month.

Wednesday, January 12, 1972

Washed hair – puddled about _ threw things out. Went to the office + over to Dana McKays. Bought some good books including a copy of “elements of style” by William Strunk for Linda, Safeway – Home – read – Steaks for dinner. TV.

Tuesday, January 11, 1972

Called Daddy – line busy – seconds later the phone rang + it was Daddy – a little irate that our number had been changed (think I’d told him) + wanted to know if we still expected him. Said indeed we did + got everything straightened out (“around the 24th) He’s going to N.Y. first + I gave him Drue’s numbers Called Druscilla + M.J. wants a bag too! Nice chat this time. Called Alice + I’m going over on Thursday after the Placement committee Went to the Landmark + played 21 for a while then called Bentley’s office. Couldn’t get in there til about 2:30 or so. Took 6 bottles of wine in a very dressy box from the fancy liquor place – lavender foil + celephane + bows + grapes! Also the stole I’d made for Phoebe Nice if brief visit with Bentley – He understood about Leon’s nephew – no trouble Also he said the vitamins etc. were a good idea + that he wanted to give Dick new tests. He’s an alcoholic + Bentley says A.A. is the only known organizational cure that’s available. Psychiatrists not effective. But Bentley also said alot of people can’t swallow the A.A. program whole. Called Dick at the office + then went to cleaners + Drugstore + Safeway. Quiet evening. Dr. Gringrich committed suicide this weekend.

Monday, January 10, 1972

Went to bank and drew out some money from our savings for our various accounts. I’m not at all settled in 1972 yet. Feel oddly un-with it. Can’t sit down + work at my desk. Can’t seem to accomplish anything. The new store is shaping up beautifully and I think it looks like a winner this time. Dick asked me to call Dr. Bentley + try to see him tomorrow + explain about Leon’s nephew and set up an appt. for Dick. etc.

Sunday, January 9, 1972

Went to the store + got stuff for dinner. Fixed meat balls and got everything ready for dinner _ Got to the store at noon. Dick out on delivery. Sold one wrist rocket in his absence. When he came back I went down to the Weiner schnitzel + got us 2 free hot dogs with a coupon. Pretty Ghastly. Dick had an appt at two so we closed up after waiting in vain for a man who’d said he wanted the iron railing. I stopped at the Safeway and blew some money in a progressive slot machine. Ran into Shirley. Came home. Dick already back + on the phone to Leon who’d called + given him his nephew’s address in Riverdale + his office address. Wants Dick to send all the results of liver tests through Bentley to Dr. Sternlieb. I fixed two pies – froze one + baked the other. Jim + Janet came about 5 o’clock in a cab. Dick went out to get them a pint each of scotch + vodka While he was out Druscilla called + loved her purse. Jim looks terrible + it’s obviously going to get worse fast. We had dinner but he didn’t eat + then we played Risk + Janet wouldn’t play – at least not really. Called the game quits + were getting ready to take them home when Jim said he + Janet were in a bind + needed money – $400 to make it a round sum. I was stunned + then I began to think it was very funny We gave it to them, took them home + got hysterical after in the car.

Saturday, January 8, 1972

Up earlyish. Did a little desk work + called Timmy who’s going through one of his “Things”. At least that’s what he says, but it’s been so long since he’s been cheerful that the things seem to be it nowadays. Went to the International + lost. Went to the store – took letters etc but never did anything. The sale seems to be something of a fizzle but we did sell one set of patio furniture and the chairs to another. Also a wrist [rocketor] and one desk Came home around 3/30 or so. Napped ate dinner + went to bed + watched TV – (we’ve been turning out the lights alot later this year) Jim + Janet Goldsmith called + we invited them to dinner + Risk tomorrow evening. Also had rather a long talk with Ana this am [crossed out letter] they’ll stay another month through Daddy’s visit. Notice in the paper about Mr. Homewood death. I feel so badly about it as he was someone I would have really liked to know better.

Friday, January 7, 1972

Up pretty early. Spent all morning at my desk Paid mortgage, 4th installment taxes, garbage, channel 10. Wrote Aunt Hope + Dr. Richman + re-worked puzzle entry for Western Airlines ” Up Spokane, a usually Cheyenne: “JuneauCasper my Butte, if Utah HelenaVictoria Dakota hell, Yukon San Jose, the BillingsIdaho, that’s what Iowa say.” That’s 25 words with 14 names of states + cities in Western’s world. I put an asterisk by Hell + said not in Western’s world. Took all the mail to the P.O. + went to the Landmark where I didn’t do too well. Home at 5. We decided to go to the movies + ate early. Nice notes from Mary Jean, Edie + Drue and a letter from Ethel who was very happy with her 600. That’s good. We went to see “Straw Dogs” with Dustin Hoffman at the Park Lane. Good God – What a mess of blood at the end. Couldn’t look but it was well acted and a good film. Home in time for Love American Style and bed. Took the Christmas tree down before dinner. At least put away all the decorations + A + A took it down + out when we’d left.

Thursday, January 6, 1972

A little groggy this A.M. as I’d taken a PM last night. Went to Breakfast at the Blvd + sat with Elaine and then Alice. Elaine about to start a publishing company with several friends + I told her she could have the Lion Is Busy but she didn’t seem too excited. Eddie + Ann gave me a big splash about the “My 3 sons” program tonight. Interesting celebrity guest with her face lift equipment. had heard her on Muriel Stevens before. Went over to Wonder World after the bank to see Daisy. She told me about some guy who’d taken her for a hundred dollars – a roll of quarters at a time. Had left his “wallet at home” – would come right in. He was a regular + Daisy believed him. Good God – What a cruddy, shitty thing to do. Lost some money + won some back on the 21 machine before leaving. Went down to the office + had lunch with Dick. Then went to the Show Boat + ran into of all people Art Clarke from Philadelphia! He’d missed his plane and was going to stay a while with his friend Joe from North Vegas. Told him to call Dick. I left about 3:45 with about $30 profit. Went to the store and then came home. Tired and a little depressed. Dick had an appt at 6:30 and I paid a few bills while he was out. Letter from Newcomb + he + Anne are back together again. Mary called. Note from Timmy – fairly typical. cute note from Jessie. Read a good mystery. Dinner at 7:30 when Dick got home after a good appt. The show a disappointment (naturally, I guess) Ironsides + then bed.