Saturday, March 17, 1973

1/2 M.

Lovely day, sun pouring in. I got up at 8:30 + meditated – then wrote diary + wrote letter to Sue Glick + note to Lyle. Dick sleeping. Woke about 11:30 and was furious with me for not coming back to bed. Or waking him. I didn’t want to make love any more etc. etc. etc. Yelling fight on his side + He took a TV knob to Leon I called Mary + got dressed. Dick back still angry. We drove in silence to Griffy’s + got a new knob and a color antenna. I got a note book at the drugstore + then we went to the bowling alley near Mary’s to have lunch. Got to her house about 3. Les upstairs asleep altho we didn’t know it. Leslie was married today + a piece of wedding cake was on the counter. We did laundry – sheets, night clothes, underwear etc. Mary was back at 4. In none too good a humor at first as Les greeted her with “the kids were sorry you couldn’t make it” When she hadn’t gone because of him! We worked on the puzzle + I borrowed 2 robes for the show My catfish is beautiful. Also left with soup + a sweater. Came home. Went to the hamburger habit and then to Leon’s where we got every station locked in pretty well. Home + bathed. Watched TV + knitted + made love.


Friday, March 16, 1973


Up about 8 meditated, wrote diary. We called Doug at 9:30. Left our schedule with Beverly. Went to the furniture mart at 11:00. Dick didn’t have his card so we went to the registrar + their records showed we’d moved so they took my card! It was nice while we lasted. Drove to Griffy’s in Lawndale + bought 2 TV sets at $219.00 each. One for the laundromat + one for Leon. Bought Con-tac paper to cover at a near buy “Save n’ build” – Saw wonderful screen house. Ate at the Red balloon coffee shop. Home by 3. Carried the sets into the apt. I kept getting the giggles because Dick was so weak. Not really funny but we were both off ingals I covered Leon’s set top + sides + it looked great. Only did the top of ours so far. I then worked on our accts for the laundromat. With what we’ve spent + what we owe we’re up to $70,500.00. I meditated. Dick was sleeping + woke a little cranky. Wanted a fruit salad for dinner. Went to the Shermart + got melon, pineapple, cottage cheese, avocado, etc. Lovely dinner. Put the TV back in the car and went to the Rodeo A.A. meeting Met John + Carol who was leading the meeting discovered John’s wife was just out of the hospital + in a halfway house. The speakers as always interesting – a girl (22 most emotional + moving and older man 65 yrs) very glib + funny but also moving. Took TV to Leon’s and got it set up + couldn’t get the damn thing to work!!!

Thursday, March 15, 1973


Up early. Dick took check to the cabinet shop and all is in order. We have to call before we come with the paneling. We had breakfast + Scotty came at 10 with orange juice + bananas. We had a good visit. Timmy came up [crossed out word] for a cup of coffee before going out. Called Jimmy Judge + everythings okay there except for his daughter. We played yahtzee until 1:15 when Scotty left. Dick called Iverson + we’re to call him next Thurs. eve. Dick went + got us hamburgers + we took a nap. Timmy woke us at 3:30 with a weird gift book (all about smoking pot) Went out to 11600 Wilshire to see Korchek. He didn’t do any work today. Just showed me the x-rays + told me I had bone- damage and alot of gum infection. It’s all really a mess from the x-rays He’s not sure about the implant as he doesn’t know what the bone was like. Said he’d need me for 3 weeks. I told him not possible at the moment but that we’d be back here the week of April 2 – 7th. He said they’d mail me appts (2 or 3) for scaling then + we’d discuss the next steps later. I left like a reprieved prisoner which is dumb as nothing has changed. Actually is worse than I’d thought but I was in great humor. Went to Leon’s for dinner – delicious goulash Went home with bread, cookies, a blouse + some meat Bed at 11:00

Wednesday, March 14, 1973


Up around 9 – Shirley called Another estimate on the counter $500.00 + we furnish materials. Dick called around here + found a place on Santa Monica. Dressed, made up + put on lenses. Went to the Palisades had breakfast at Poole’s. Saw Doug, got thyroid + a note to the jury + learned a little about heart attacks Dick “is doing very well”. Has an enlarged liver + spleen but these are reversible. Went back to town. Stopped at Bosna cabinet shop + left plans Went to Family Films read script met Arden Allbrecht. I have the part. Alot of crying. Went back to Bosna’s. He does nice work + asked $700 – Said we couldn’t. He said how much did you plan + I said not more than $600 + he said okay. That includes all the materials + 4 drawers plus sliding doors. We have to provide the paneling. Came home + wondered if we’d been wise after all – confusion. I meditated + Dick napped John Keith-Harvey came at 5:45. Sat for an hour with coffee I like him. He + Dick took off + I went for dinner with Timmy. Chili Good time He’d been to Sierra Madre today with Hans Fehling + had had a good time. I do think that may be the answer but I can’t tell any more. Dick home at 10:30. Had had interesting meeting. One of the group dead of a heart attack. Another 5 yr member had slipped + blown his brains out. Send not to see for whom the bell tolls. Bed at 11:30.

Tuesday, March 13, 1973


Up around 9. We had a good breakfast – Called Mary Jean + Drue to wish them a Happy Birthday. John Keenan is on Jury duty. Which reminded me I must get that note from Doug. Dick Jennings has a second job with Voice of America on Friday. Fingers crossed. We called Shirley + all has been quiet. They’re going to start framing the end of this week. I called Korchek’s office. Leon came by with a note from Alice Turner + another from Jimmy Judge with our messages. One from Dad whom we called + brought up to date. He was very pleased with the news of A.A. Dick told him he’d been starting to get varicose veins of the esophagus + asked him if he’d ever heard of it – of course he had as that’s what Marylou + Aunt Marjorie Turner died of. I wrote Gertrude + Dick wrote Edith Warner + Bill Gardner. I left at 1:30 Mailed our letters + went to the bank to deposit $150. They’d closed out my account – it had been “eaten up by service charges” – it only takes a year for an account to be “dormant” I threw out my checkbooks + left – went to Van Nuys to get my glasses. They bumbled around + I left + went to the Wilshire office to get my 2nd pair + have the first run coated Got a card for Jimmy J. Home – Dick on the phone to John K.H. Virginia has possible job for me next week. Called J + J. Appt. with Virginia 2:30 tomorrow. Dick got hair cut. We ate in Westwood + went to see “Slither” – funny. Called Scotty. Date Thurs. Dentist appt 5 p.m. Thurs. Mary called.

Monday, March 12, 1973

1/2 M

Bob Iverson called early changing our appt. to 3 this afternoon. Then Joe Doyle called to say good bye – he’s going to the desert with Eve. And Ruth Conforte called – She’s pretty busy all this week but will try to connect for coffee. I finished an early Ross MacDonald. We made love and lolly gagged around. Timmy called to confirm our date for Weds. We called John Keith-Harvey (he’s a retired Brig. Gen! + was badly shot up in Vietnam) to get the address for tonight. We both bathed + I washed my hair + we went out to the Palisades to see Bob. Bought some cards + checked out the location of tonight’s meeting. We each had 25 minutes with Bob. I told him I was depressed + had taken a miltown. I am afraid about my mouth + filled with worries about our return to Las Vegas. The need for setting up and reinforcing a whole new series of habits. Etc. Etc. He said he thought it would be a very good thing if we continued to see him and Doug every 2 weeks. He talked it over with Dick + we both think it’s a good idea. I felt alot better after leaving him. Stopped at Hamburger Habit on the way home + had supper, bought a few groceries + came back to the apt. + napped for a couple of hours. Drove out to the Palisades at 7:30 – Got there in good time. A lady named Kitty found us + told us John had the flu Saw Patty + her friend Edna liked them. Interesting speakers – a lawyer named Jim and a woman named Mary – almost 9 years old [crossed out letters] “A price tag on everything” – She had a whole different viewpoint that was very interesting

Sunday, March 11, 1973

M.    Snow in Glendale!

We slept late – Raining again. Called Scotty no answer. Called Bill + said we’d be there at 1:30. Had brunch at the Copper Skillet and went to Tuxedo Terrace Bought a sawed off bureau and 2 chairs for $17.50. Bill had found what sounds like a great apt. So pleased for him. Put our stuff on Larrabee and went out to Mary + Les. Alternate Sun + Rain. Gorgeously clear weather + everything beautiful. I meditated + Dick napped. Mary helped me plot out my blanket because I’d really goofed We had a great dinner + worked on a Norman Rockwell puzzle. Mary gave me a nightgown and left me one of their waterpiks. She’s properly sympathetic about the teeth having been that route. We had a thoroughly good time and didn’t leave til after nine. Think Les enjoyed himself too. Stopped for milk + juice + I bought a couple of books. Came home + looked at TV and I knitted. Watched a “Name of the Game” til 1 a.m. It snowed in Glendale tonight! Many minor accidents on Freeway. We went over finances + have spent $200 in the 10 days we’ve been here. A couple of big things at Lowrys, $20 at Akron, $10 for x-rays $12 for prescription, $12 for wool, $10 for gas, $10 for Mr. Chan The rest groceries + food out – or about $10 a day between us.

Saturday, March 10, 1973

1/2 M

Odd day – Dick cranky throughout. Leon called at 10 o’clock. I went to the P.O. at 11:15. Mailed letters to Alice + Mr. Chan and pkge to Mr. C. Stopped + had cup of coffee with Timmy. Explained that we’re very dated up this coming week. Made date with him for Wednesday night – (Dick has a stag meeting then) We called Scotty + Bill Tregoe – neither answered. Called Magda and had long depressing talk. She’s having gum trouble too and has just been through the scaling. Told me how much it hurt which alas I know and Korchek has already said ‘no anesthesia”. We went to Leon’s just before one. Paul + Liz Lukather came shortly after We followed them to the Academy. Saw two movies “Deliverance” and “The Poseidon adventure.” I cried all through the second. Saw Jack Weston and said hello. After Dick + I + Leon went back to Leons and had hamburgers. Dick tired + still cranky and I was tired + feeling sorry for myself. Hadn’t meditated in the afternoon + really can tell the difference. Came home + was tearful. Took a miltown + straightened out a bit. Am just plain scared shitless of the mouth problem. Cowards die a thousand deaths. Bed about 10 o’clock.


Friday, March 9, 1973


Up around 8:30 – Called Lab + got 11:00 appt for x-rays. We called Doug – Dick has an appt at 12 on Wednesday. We took laundry + things in the car. Had the x-ray at Lende Medical Plaza – Wilshire Oral x-ray. Very complete for $10 (20 x-rays) the girl said “good luck with your teeth” which got me upset. We went out to Marina del Rey. Had good brunch in a bowling alley + went on to Mary’s. So tired these days. Dick went straight to work on scraping the wall. I did our laundry + slept. Wrote Alice Turner + Mr. Chan (whom I’ve sadly neglected) and started a letter to Gertrude. Knitted several squares. Mary home just as I was meditating (got in 10 minutes) Nice visit with her. We left with a big container of soup. Came home via Hamburger Habit where we had supper. Washed up and made pkge for Mr. Chan – batteries, after shave lotion, diet candy + dry roasted nuts. We went to the Rodeo meeting at 8 o’clock. Saved a seat for John Keith-Harvey, seems like a nice man – ret. col. Has been on the program 9 mos. The speakers were good The second (Bill Moen) outstanding. A minister 14 years without a drink “If you can’t believe in God, try to accept the idea of a ‘higher power’ if you can’t do that, try jumping straight up in the air + staying there.” We came home + played yahtzee – 3 meetings next week – Mon. Weds + Friday.

Thursday, March 8, 1973


Dick home about 11:30 – Had a good time. We played yahtzee + then went to bed – 12:30. Up around 8:00 – meditated. Eggs + bacon for breakfast. Korchek’s office called at 9:45 appt. at 5:15. We went to Leon’s office + got our mail. Statement from Chemical Bank, letter for each of us from Daddy. Nice note from Newcomb a few reassuring lines from Jimmy Judge and some pamphlets from the library of Congress. Paul Lukather there + funny. Leon took me quickly over to Maxine Anderson’s. We came back to the apartment and then went out to Westwood for Dick to take some more tests from Dr. Caldwell. Raining heavily. I sat in the office + knit + chatted with the very nice receptionist. Dick finished at 3:15 – we went out to 116000 Wilshire then + napped in the car + meditated. Went up to Korchek at 5 – Had to wait til almost 6. My gums are infected. Just how badly not known but possibly with a vigorous + faithful regimen of care I can bring them back enough. I’m going to have to have “scaling” done (and without anaesthetic) and then some periodental treatments. If it is a question of surgery he said he’d put me in St. John’s for 3 days Please God – help me to avoid that. Went to Timmy’s for dinner after. Have started with antibiotics, dental floss, listerine + massage. Stayed at Timmy’s til [crossed out letter] ten – He has a new bird “Keats” – nice evening – long day. Bought batteries for Mr. Chan + called Bill Tregoe.

Wednesday, March 7, 1973


Slept lateish – made love – left about 11:45 for the Palisades. I drove out Sunset – Pretty drive – everything washed + sparkly. Got to Doug’s a little before 12:30. Nurse Beverly. Doug pleased with Dick’s progress. We talked fleetingly about Dentist we ate at Art Pooles restaurant, very good. Went to Hobby Shop + got glue + fixative. Went to Iverson’s. He gave me the name of his dentist. Dave Korcheck. I called + left message. Knit while he saw Dick. Appt for both of us next Tuesday at 5:40. Stopped at Hughes market + got TV dinners. Dick drove home. Ears ringing a little. Meditated + napped + fixed dinner. Spoke with Mary – long talk + then Leon. Cleaned + vaccuumed the apt. Dr. Korchek called + I liked him immensely over the phone. He’ll call tomorrow before 10:30 is very familiar with Vegas having spent childhood summers there. There is the possibility the implant has been rejected but he said let us consider instead the possibility of a gum infection that can be curtailed + controlled. I’d much prefer that! I wrote a note to Owen Goodwin asking him to find out about Peggy (the woman who’s so good at the laundromat in the shopping bag [crossed out letters] center). Went through some papers + wrote Janet Goldsmith. It’s eleven o’clock + Dick isn’t home yet – Hope it means he’s met some people he likes at this A.A. meeting (stag) Joe was planning to introduce him to some people who have connections in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, March 6,*1973


We called Bill Smith in the a.m. He wanted the lease amended to read that Tiffany Square would receive no revenue from the machines, also a rough plan of the lay out + names + ages of all attendants. Asked him if it looked as though we’d get our license + he said after mentioning the arrests that things were going along well. We called Shirley + asked her to get in touch with Tiffany Sq. Dick drew up a floor plan and I wrote Fred + Diane Papert + mentioned Ruth Conforte. Called Ruth + read her what I’d written We’ll get together next week. Shirley got an estimate on the counter $400 + paneling $600.00 Seems very high. We walked to the P.O. and then to Hamburger Hamlet. Walked home Saw Timmy. I knitted + Dick worked on his car. Washed my hair + meditated + went down + had tea with Timmy. Dick pounded on the floor when I got a phone call from Nancy Clark. She + her boyfriend here in L.A. Explained circumstances to Dick we went to Leon’s at 6:30 – Pot roast. Virginia came about 7:30. Very pleasant but very long evening. We were both very tired back at 11:00. Bed soon after. No ringing in his ears all day.

Monday, March 5,*1973


Slept fairly late. My cold seems a little better I’ve dried up at least. My jaw hurts and I looked + saw that where the implant is the gum is black. Panic but I’m trying to keep it under control. Did mention to Doug though I’m going to need a dentist. Oh God. We called Jimmy Judge + he’s going to send the stuff from Library of Congress to Leon’s. (fast service!) We went to Akron at noon. bought pillows, cases, socks, belt, hangers etc. Ate lunch at a mexican place then I bought a facial masque cream at Thrifty’s and yarn at Woolworth’s. Came home + bought milk + juice. Back by four. Dick called Jack + M + S hasn’t been back to the pool. Damn. Was depressed but meditated + went to sleep + felt a little better. Spoke with Mary. After we’d left yesterday – Les had burst into tears. It kills me I wish there were something we could do to help. Talked with Mary (about dentists too. Leon called and a Bill Smith from the gaming commission had called + wants to talk to us in the a.m. We’re having dinner with Leon + Virginia tomorrow night I wrote Margie today + we mailed letter + books to Sue Glick We went to Lawrey’s Prime rib house for dinner at 9 o’clock. Really good + we had a nice time although I felt a little sick after. Came home + watched TV + I knitted a square Bed at 12:30. Dick not as tired today (although we slept alot)

Sunday, March 4,*1973

Cold a little better. We went + had breakfast at Gale’s + then went out to Mary’s with all our laundry. Did two loads, had a nice time really. Talked about different business possibilities that Les had looked into. I borrowed needles + [crossed out letters] wool and made a square. Should have some knitting or something to occupy my time. Margie had called + Ed had an accident + totaled their new truck. Oh dear. Dick did the driving. We came back via the Hamburger Habit and Dick had a burger and I had a cup of bouillon. Home next and a brief visit with Timmy. Made date for Thurs. nite. Slept like rocks til 8 o’clock then I fixed – eggs + bacon + toast for dinner. Watched some TV and I covered one coffee can with contac to use as a butt can in the laundromat Lights out around 11 o’clock

Saturday, March 3,*1973

Slept late. I’ve developed a rotten cold. Light breakfast. Then about noon went to the Farmer’s market. The place jammed + the food more expensive than good. Went to the store for groceries + were home about 3 – Leon called + asked us for dinner tonight. Dick saw Timmy. We both slept. I got some con-tac before Leon’s Pleasant evening except I felt pretty grim. My jaw hurting too. Has for a month now. We signed papers for the Garretts + called Bob Iverson this a.m. Dick has an appt Weds at 2:50. Is supposed to call Dr. Caldwell + Doug on Monday. Leon wanted to make plans for this week + we made a tentative date with Virginia for Tues. lunch. We came home at 9:30 + I went straight to bed. I talked with Bob too + mentioned the jaw. May try to see a dentist while here. (Oh Lord!)