Thursday, August 26, 1971

Overslept – woke at 8:50 – Raced to meet Alice at the Blvd. Got there at 9:15. Nice visit. Liz Renet (?) the celebrity + some Indian artifact experts – interesting. Went to B. Daltons after and bought a few sale books and two paperback copies of “Hard Times – an oral history of the depression” by Studs Terkel. Got “The Honeycomb” + gave it to Alice. Went to interior Systems + spoke to Marilyn Goble about office – dealers in the Mart. Went to W.O.W. to See Daisy + lost some money in the machines. Went to the International + Lost some money. Went + picked up our tickets and deposited Jim Parker’s check + Paco’s in my checking acct. Groceries + home – Dick home about 5:30. Had thought Jimmy Judge might stop by but he didn’t. Ed Kubick over however to mention a whole pile of rubble that had been dumped in the desert with “Master Pool” boxes all over. Stayed + had some drinks with us + we all babbled on + got drunk. Dick went to bed + I followed shortly after “dismissing Ed” (according to Dick)

Wednesday, August 25, 1971

Made an appt. for Little at the vet’s. Called C.S.G. to say I couldn’t work. Friday. Called Alice + Maurine in L.A. and the Safety Dept about Armando’s driving lessons. Went to the Hacienda + won $60 – then came back + took Little over to Dr. Essex. He told me she was a “niggertown special.” Said it twice and thereby lost a customer. Which is too bad as he’s certainly handily located. Brought her home, having had her shots + got into long talk with Ana about a letter from her Mother to Paco that she’d opened by mistake. Full of bad things about her + she was very upset. Told me a pretty terrible tale about Paco (drunk) trying to kill Armando in the car. Oh Shit. Left the house pretty depressed + went over to the Tropicana + lost $100. Served me right for pressing luck and I knew the mood was past. Came home though to find a $100 check from Jim Parker – half repayment of old loan. I’d given Ana $227.00 this am to pay Dr. Zivot. Still we’re in very good shape.

Tuesday, August 24, 1971

wrote Daddy + went to the post office on Flamingo. Then over to Keno Lane to Mail Ana’s pkge. Went to International + won $200 – called the office. Went to B. Dalton’s + bought $50 worth of books + then went to the Landmark + won $50.00. Went to Dazey’s to pick up tickets for L.A. and to Safeway. Came home about 4:30. Dick + I called Mary + Les to say we’d be in tomorrow – then looked again at the pocket directory for the Furniture mart + realized the place was closed except for Fridays!! Changed reservations + called Mary back. Had wine + dinner + watched TV.

Monday, August 23, 1971

Slept in a little – I wrote check for Shirley and sent it with the candy + perfume via Dick Called Maurine + said I’d be in on Wednesday for my picture. Called Druscilla + her mother died a week ago yesterday without ever having regained consciousness – I feel so sorry. Drue + Mary Jean had a ghastly fight in Maine. Mrs. Taylor didn’t leave a will and Mary Jean took all the jewelry. Drue said that Johnny was great and an enormous help to Dr. Taylor. We talked at some length I went to the International hotel and played 21. In less than an hour I made a hundred dollars + I left + went to Commercial Center. Went to Toys for Men + bought a “Director” figure for Bill Tregoe, an auto bridge and a game “body talk.” Went to Basco’s and bought a radio for Daddy. Went + bought some cards at Savon, and groceries and came home. Started a letter to Daddy. Dick asleep + I wasn’t overjoyed but he woke up in good shape and ate a good dinner. We watched TV and I wrapped Bill’s presents + Dick signed cards. We sat up then + talked about Mary Jean + Drue + life + death – didn’t go to bed til 10. Told Dick I was going to try the Internat’l again tomorrow A.M.

Sunday, August 22,*1971

Lay around late – made love + slept + woke + lay around – Went in the pool again + had coffee. Went to Leon’s at noon. Dick made cheese omelets we talked about a script that Leon wants Dick to produce! He’s going to send us a copy. We left with wine + gifts about 2:00. Leon looking alot better than when we got here. Went to see Mary + Les + had a very nice visit They gave Dick two records for his Birthday (Bill Tregoe gave him a stunning rock + matches thing + Scotty gave us a night at the motel!) We found out that Les is furnishing his new office + Dick said he’d come up during the week + make Les a member of the furniture mart as out “L.A. representative.” I’m going to come with him + I can get my composite made We left at 4:15, turned in the car + got on the plane. Came straight home + glad to be home. Dick fixed dinner + we went to bed early. It was a pretty hectic weekend but thoroughly pleasant + fun.

Saturday, August 21,*1971

Wakened pretty bright + early Made love, made coffee + called Magda. I went out about 9:45 + drove to “The Big Party” – got all the party stuff glasses + decorations + plates etc. Went to the Safeway for a little more liquor coffee and odds + ends. Back to the motel + we called Timmy + made a date for lunch. Got over there + Dick couldn’t see the difference in his apt. except that it looked nice + clean. I could have wept as it’s true. New curtains + bedspreads look nice but he’s got that old rug back in the kitchen blah, blah, blah. We went to the magic pan for lunch (Which really is a heavenly place) and Timmy told us how terrible the flight to Europe was in the 747, (“like a biscuit box”), the visit was a disaster and he went on at great length about how his birthday had passed unnoticed (I sent him a check for $50 but it was late). and how “Mr. Lauce seems to have alot of friends.” – blah, blah, blah. He’s turning into a caricature of himself – And seems to have forgotten how to say thank you to boot We parted company at 2:30 + went to Leon’s where we put up the decorations + straightened things out a bit and then we went home + swam + made love again + got dressed + went to the party bringing ice. Magda came with all the food at 6:45. Scotty, Bill Tregoe, Virginia Martindale + Caro Jones were guests + it really was a good party from every point of view. We left at midnight (I protesting all the way) + once again left Magda to clean up which was terrible. next party I’m bringing the food myself in hot plates.

Friday, August 20,*1971

Up early. shaved legs. Suddenly discovered Newman has strange sores all over him so made appt for vets at 11. Paid a few bills + went to the office. Did grocery shopping and other while waiting for Dick We went over to FNB + opened a savings acct for $10,000. Dick put $500 in his checking acct and I put the balance of $887 in my acct. We’re going to give Shirley $500 as a bonus. Took Newman to Dr. Essex who told me to get rid of the flea collar + that the Hartz nit shampoo is “junk.” (“there are no fleas in the state of Nevada.”) He gave Newman a distemper booster and gave me some shampoo + ointment for his sores. Was back home by 11:20 + Ana + I bathed + salved Newman. I washed my hair + then went to pick up some handkerchiefs at Sprouse Reitz for Ana + Armando to give Leon. Dick bought some shirts. We left at 2:20 for L.A. Picked up our car + went by Maurine’s where I got my pictures. The Hallmark motel just perfect. Went to Leon’s office party – pretty stiff – about 5:30. Funny by play with Mrs. Waggonheimer – Scotty did all the work + wound up suddenly really drunk. He + Dick + Magda + I went back to Leon’s where we got Scotty partially sobered up + went under ourselves in the process. We saw Mort Thompson on the street outside Leon’s + he stopped + said hello Magda + I made plans for tomorrow eve.

Thursday, August 19, 1971

We slept rather late – Jack over at 5:30 as usual. I called Dazey travel service + switched our tickets again Called Martha Chase to say I couldn’t work tomorrow, called Alice + called Hilary but talked to David. He seemed to think a really good transistor would be a nice gift. Pottered about all [crossed out word] morning and didn’t accomplish much. Worked in library a little more. Went to the Landmark with Joyce and after going way down landed up ahead finally by quite a bit. Went + got groceries + came home around six o’clock. Jimmy Judge came by just in time for some dinner with us. Dick in good shape + we went to bed early. We got an IRS return check for almost $12,000 and there’s more to come!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 1971

A late starting day but got alot done Called New London about the table + nothing had been done. They said they’d send it right out. Spoke with Shirley who said the Doctor had said Linda might have a very mild form of epilepsy. Went to the P.O. + Mailed letters + Sue’s books. Went to Dazey and got our tickets to L.A. and to Boston on the 31st Valley Bank deposited $500 and Bank of Nevada deposited $171 Went to office + Dick + I took several papers to the bank to be notarized. I went to the Show Boat for an hour and played 21. Left $55 richer. Went to Basco’s + bought a really lovely radio for Leon and a blender for us. Went to the laundry, to Sprouse Reitz + to Safeway. Home by about 4:30. Dick drunk again and I was really pretty ticked off + told him so. The damned court appearance has been postponed again – Too much, too much too much Nice letter from Scotty. We watched TV, talked some + bed about 9:30 I had quite alot of wine in an effort to equalize the situation.

Tuesday, August 17, 1971

Dick off without speaking to me at 5:30. I stayed up and read for about 4 hours. Finished “I know why the caged Bird sings” by Maya Angelou + loved it. Then read a mediocre tale called “The Long Whip” by John Hicks – guess one of the Enelow children left it. The contractor came over early went to buy material + started fixing the siding out back. Nice man. I started work finally on my desk and got alot done. Took Ana to Dr. Zivot’s at 1:30. While she waited I went to Panorama Market + got Lobster tails and alot of goodies. Put $10 in the slot machine + lost it all. Ana’s wrist doing nicely + we were home by 3:15. Called office again – Linda had fainted at the wheel of Darrel’s car + run into a telephone pole. She wasn’t hurt but the car was totaled out. Shirley had taken Linda for tests. I talked with Dick + he was quite drunk + still angry with me. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the [crossed out word] library. Made pkge of books for Sue Glick + wrote notes to her, Rae O’Dell + Leon (w/commission) + Timmy (w/$300) Got files straightened out and alot cleared up + thrown away. Called Scotty + checked out arrangements for the weekend. Dick home about 6 o’clock + promptly passed out in chair. We ate about 7:15 + he ate a good dinner + went to bed. I joined him + at first he was very aloof. Then he suddenly said that he loved me too much to fight, that it was 20 minutes of four + he had to go to work in an hour I assured him it was 20 after 8 + he had a whole lovely night to sleep. Phil Sandoval called + after we listened to a few records, had a glass of wine + went to bed + made love.

Monday, August 16, 1971

Hard to get up today We stayed up last night til one o’clock but as Dick said it was nice that Jim was having enough fun to want to stay up. Paco was over early but used the time to mow the lawn so that was all to the good. Dick up + off about 9 or so. I made my final selection of poses and called Maurine’s to apologize for the delay. Said I’d send them out Special Delivery airmail this A.M. + Margery said they’d have the proofs ready by Friday + would leave them under the door for me. I took the envelope over to Keno Lane + then went to the Castaways + played 21. I was a hundred dollars ahead + should have stopped but didn’t. Instead wound up losing $50. Went to the Safeway for groceries, got Ana a money order + was home around 4:30 or 5. Dick home and pretty drunk. Was calling Philadelphia when I came in. I spoke to George + Cassie. Ana made cheese enchiladas for Dick + I had cold lamb + salad. – Wally Pinjuv[?] came over + we discussed the improvement in the guest bathroom Dick no help there. During dinner we watched the baseball game of the week – Cincinnatti against Detroit. Good game. The reds won in the 9th. Dick came out of a semi-coma to say something about making love + I was pretty cold to the project. We went to bed in stony silence. I read for a while.


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