Friday, June 9, 1972

In morning fixed a hole I burnt in our nice rug. Not too bad a job but feel terrible it happened. I [crossed out letter] took Dick down to get his truck + then went to Nevada Floor Craftsmen Irv gave me a “cookie cutter” for nothing. Several other burns to get after Went to Desert Inn to meet Phoebe for fashion Show – Long long wait + she had to leave at three so we sneaked out to play 21. She did well + I did poorly until she left after which I ended up making about $200 Came home late almost 7 – but Dick had known where I was (+what I was doing so it was okay.) We went to the Flite Deck for nice pleasant dinner. Danny’s man poured the deck today and it looks great our pool is going to be the prettiest I’ve ever seen I gave Dick a $100 – half my winnings

Thursday, June 8, 1972

Caught up diary. Called Julia’s office to make sure she’d gotten my card. Spoke with Tina. Called Alice + Dave + Leon who sounds just horribly depressed. We took the truck in to get the air-conditioning fixed and I paid Alice back the $5.00 on the way back. Picked up Tina and spent most of the day cleaning house. She did dusting and vaccuuming + helped me change the beds. I did 3 loads of wash and cleaned + scrubbed the bathrooms. Denny came to pick her up which was nice – They’re going to pour the deck tomorrow. David called to say Jessie + Doug couldn’t make it this weekend which is too bad but 4 would be a bit much anyway Shirley called Armando’s boss for me while I was out shopping + evidently he’s very wiling to do all that must be done about the work certificate. Will go there tomorrow as soon as I can. Fashion Show tomorrow – I forgot.

Wednesday, June 7, 1972

No luck with the eardrops so I called Dr. Heides office + Miracle of miracles he could work me in this AM. Little misunderstanding about Shirley’s hours + pay and I talked it over with her. Evidently Dick had never even looked at the check he signed last week which was for $175.00 instead of $250!! He’d better learn bookkeeping! I wrote a very brief note to Ana +  told her it would take at least 3 weeks to get the papers she needs. Asked for date + place of her marriage in Calif. Also for Julia’s name + address Went to Dr. Heides. Long long wait + it finally developed there was no wax left but I’d irritated my ears with the drops which I’d left in overnight! Stopped to see Mr. Chan whose social security check had gotten lost so I loaned him $20.00 + gave him the vitamins. Went to the Post office My watch stopped (it will if you don’t wind it) went the the Blvd + bought 17.80 worth of groceries Put them in the car then went back in for some hamburger and came back to find everything gone!!! Came home in tears – late + tired + [crossed out letters] ears sore. Dick in lovely humor which helped funny letter from Cotton + pkge from Leon with socks, a tie + a blouse. Called Wendy to see if maybe Tina can help me in the a.m.

Tuesday, June 6, 1972

Left earlyish to go see Dr. Bentley – Went by the Tropicana just to cash a check as I had very little money. My physical went well as the x-ray and all the tests were good. Bill told me not to lose any more weight. I’m 13 lbs less than last year Weighed in at 111 on his scale with my clothes on. We talked a bit of this + that. He gave me another thyroid prescription and some ear drops. Told me to try them with a syringe and see what happened before going to an ear doctor. Went + got the stuff then went downtown. Went to the Federal bldg + got a stack of forms for Ana + Armando + a stack of forms for Shirley from the IRS Went to Dana McKays and got a thesaurus for Linda and a book on bookkeeping + one on drafting for Dick. Some mysteries for me and some cards + wrapping paper Weird stormy day. Came home to find a letter from Germany – Leuse’s son – Egon Wever – Leuse died in January. I pieced the letter together as best I could. Elizabeth had told me once that she thought Luese maybe had a son from something that had slipped out once. Strange – and especially so when it came to the part where he said he was 62 years old. Well of course that makes sense but that rocked me. Oh Lost + By the Wind Grieved Ghost come back again. Must get someone to read the letter for me. He sent back Leuse’s check.

Dick did alot today. I read late. Jen Goldsmith called to ask me to a fashion show + I invited Phoebe Bentley.

Monday, June 5, 1972

Was supposed to meet with Mary Carreno this a.m. early to write letter to Ana. Connections crossed up – She had to work. Rainy day. Stopped in Show boat + could do no good. Took the car to the Volks wagon place to get the windshield wiper fixed and it took about 30 seconds. Felt like an idiot but the guy was very nice. Went to laundry, drugstore + safeway Tried to get an ear syringe. Can hear less + less Dick + Jerry accomplished enormous amounts and the wall is beginning to look just beautiful. Shirley only here for about half an hour as she has the Republican conventions right now. Very nice letter from Winnie. Jess called + everything’s fine. They’ll be here Saturday A.M. Dick exhausted after long full day – bed early. More rain.

George Hall Jr. asked Jack if he’d plumb pools for him!!! he’s trying to get the Master pool franchise. He still owes Dick $430.00 Dick thinks it’s funny but it bugs the hell out of me.

Sunday, June 4, 1972

Slept + lolled around read Sunday papers Went down to Manor house around 12:30 or so. They had some very nice chairs and very reasonable but we don’t know what we’re going to do with the others yet. Went to the Golden Nugget for lunch and played Keno at 60¢ a ticket for a couple of hours [crossed out letters] Didn’t win anything. I played a few hands of 21 and ditto. Came back via a stop’n go for an icy and then watched TV. I made a trial place mat – Sort of odd looking and I’m not sure I like it. TV + early bed.

We called Colby to wish her happy Birthday and our staying in the house is fine this summer. She told us Jess was at Mary’s so we called + invited Jessie, Doug, David + Debbie this coming weekend. ‘Told Jessie we’d get her [crossed out letters] plane tickets out Sunday night (made reservations) She’ll call us Monday night after talking to D + D.

Marlene came by the house looking very grown up.

Saturday, June 3, 1972

In a snappish exchange this a.m. some of Thursday’s business was settled. I said something and then added dripping with sarcasm “If I’m allowed out of the house!” Dick said he didn’t care what I did as long as I came home when I said I was coming home. “You said you’d be home at 3 and you show up at 6!” Well I was home Thursday at 4:20 and the three figure had been mentioned by him but I let it go. Just said well then I’ll say every day that I’ll be home by six.” End of subject. I wrote Mom, Cassie + George and I wrote Julia and Anth who’s birthday is on the 6th. Dick went outside to work and I waited indoors for a call from Danny Henderson which never came. I put the runner in the dryer + then [crossed out letter] ironed it and put on fringe. It looks very nice. The mailman came with a letter from Ana. Hairy tale of their trip home. Shot at by guerillas in Guatemala, Jeffrey ill, no more money etc. They want to come back to the U.S. with all the children and there are alot of papers that are necessary. All of which they have to have within 30 days. It means alot of running around and some expense and alot of worry. They say they’ll be no problem when they come but remembering it was about a thousand for doctors’ bills Jeffrey + Ana’s operation 400 for the car, 400 for back income tax and all that not counting the $50 a week plus room + board + astronomical utility bills. How they’ll manage I do not know. I called Rudy Carreno + his wife is Mary so I talked with her + she’s going to help me Monday to write a letter. I worked outside a little with Dick who worked alot. We called Manor House + will go down there tomorrow. They’ve filed bankruptcy. [crossed out letter] We went to see the late show of the Godfather. I kept my eyes shut during the bloody scenes + thought the movie was well done. Home at 2:00 – bed at 2:30

Friday, June 2, 1972

I was in a really foul humor all day – furious with Dick because of yesterday and thoroughly depressed. If a 41 year old woman can’t spend her day as she fucking well pleases it’s pretty ridiculous. I spent the morning cleaning things up + out. Therapy and substitution. Made huge box for the Salvation Army Gave Shirley alot of things and got together a very nice assortment of Bingo prizes. Opened Leon’s package + it included (or consisted of) a purple velvet evening dress It’s too big and I am sending back but I would have anyway. I don’t need it, want it, or would ever have occasion to use it – Just because I’ve made an effort to accept things graciously, Leon’s gone too far. It’s like a child pushing to see how far you can be shoved. I cleaned out my dresser drawers, the back hall closet + our closet. I did laundry + went around all day swearing to myself and bursting into tears Crowning blow (of a ghastly day was when the chairs were delivered + they’re absolutely hideous. Couldn’t be worse. $393 and they’re terrible covered them with blankets and will give them back to George (if he’ll take them) next week. We’ll just have to get others I cried again – Never left the house all day long. Dick perfectly pleasant in the evening but I was too damn tired to care – I finished the bureau scarf, washed it and lay it out on the kitchen counter.

Thursday, June 1, 1972

They installed the other burglar alarm mat today.

Left the house early. Went by the Trop to cash a check and then played 21 for 20 minutes – bought back the check + had $50.00 Went shopping and then met Alice at Breakfast at the Blvd She looks marvelously well. I think she’d been doing too much before her trip Eddie + Ann greeted me like a long lost + loved relative and I enjoyed every minute of it. We sat with Ruth Hazard, Lucy Scott + another nice lady whose name I forget. I went over to the health food store + got some vitamins for Mr. Chan and then went out to the Desert Retreat. New nurse on the desk but most else unchanged. Ann wandering about – condition worse than before. Lucille delighted to get the Bingo prizes She + Pearl a nurse who’d been on leave when I was there before helped me pack Dick’s chess set and my mug which turned out very nicely. I went + got my chest x-ray and then after a hot dog went to Alice’s She’d left the key in the door! Called the house + Dick said to get my ass home (a little before 2 o’clock) + I said I hadn’t seen Alice + wanted to play a few games with her. She came + we played 3 games + I left + she called Dick but evidently it did no good. I was home a little after 4 and he was still working “because there’s nothing else to do around here.” It’s too bad he can’t read. He’s using his health as blackmail whether he recognizes it or not. Jim Daniels came for dinner – Dick wouldn’t eat. I ate in the livingroom so he + Jim could visit. Dick off to bed after + I knitted for a bit and read. Pkge from Leon at 10 PM

Wednesday, May 31, 1972

Called Alice + made date for tomorrow. Called Jack Wood’s office and complained about the Graysons being on our insurance policy. Nice guy [crossed out letters] Bob Taylor said he’d check it out. Called Dave’s office. Went to see Dave at noon He said he’d talk to O’Donnell + try to get this Carpenter thing finished for once + for all. I told him that the very least we can get out of all this mess and $150,000 is that Dick comes out of it clean. I was tired + tearful. Stopped at the Tropicana on my way home for a half hour or so. Bill Ray was very pleased with the note I’d sent. I guess people don’t bother to thank pit bosses. Leon had called to say I might have a job. Called back + Dorothy told me to call Virginia Martindale. Did + talked with her secretary. I’ve been submitted and now we just have to wait. It works the week of the 12th Leon called later I want the job so badly I can taste it. At the same time I know that Virginia’s position on a new show will not be as strong so I can only hope. Inman called + asked if I could work + I said no.

Tuesday, May 30, 1972

Almost overslept. Drank alot of water so much I almost wet my pants on the way to Bentley’s via the post office. Mailed the pkges + some 10 or 11 letters. Blood tests and cardiogram at the Doctor’s. Funny technician. Set up loose date for chest x-ray. Went downtown and bought some shoes for Mr. Chan got a new pair for myself and threw away the old evil-smelling ones. Went to see Mr. Chan – the shoes were just right and he was very happy with them. Went to the Desert Inn for a while + played 21 but couldn’t do anything. Alice Turner called several times while I was out. Called her back when I got home but the line was busy 3 or 4 times so let it go Dick worked harder than he was supposed to all day [crossed out words] very tired but I can’t stop him. He’s going to see Hartley one more time after today’s appt. Ran out  of gas at Rancho + Charleston + had to walk up to the Panorama mkt to get some. Had planned to get x-ray but then didn’t

Stormy night – lightening + thunder + rain.

Monday, May 29, 1972

We didn’t touch the pool today. Slept lateish. Dick went out + bought a trimmer (electric) for the yard. I wrote Timmy w/pictures and Bill Tregoe. Sent him the certification for Country Girl. I made pkges of Margie’s books (One with the encyclopedia must way 20 lbs at least) and Colby’s shirt I dusted in the office and [crossed out letters] swept and washed the kitchen floor We made love + later lay around. Mary called + had spoken with Margie. Evidently she was so happy about our proposed assistance that she almost cried. College has been on her mind and she wants to go with all her heart. That was wonderful news to me because I’d begun to fear she didn’t care right now. Dick + I played yahtzee – loser to vaccuum. Dick vaccuumed the living room + I cleaned up the dishes and dusted everything in the livingroom. Then he fixed chicken livers – not too great as he went wild with the wine vinegar I told him I thought he was grooming me to take over the chicken liver detail We had a very nice evening. Kept thinking we were going to have guests but we didn’t. Just a wrong hunch. TV + knitted. Couldn’t eat anything after midnite because of lab tests tomorrow – Didn’t really want to but the the thought I couldn’t set up a craving!

Sunday, May 28, 1972

Up fairly early (six) wrote Winnie + David – Called Hilary about how to arrange the book money – learned that David had only applied to Middlebury College where he didn’t make it. Has now applied to Dartmouth + UNH. Word from Mary (via James of course) was that David “didn’t get accepted anywhere.” Rather a different story. Sent a check to the Bookshelf to Hilary and a check to Mather. (wrote Winnie I was sending it – so feel fairly sure that will work out. We went out to work on the pool about 9 am. I carried bricks – made stacks of them inside the wall. Figured I moved about 150 which is quite a few. We worked very hard + were both knocked out by noon when we called it quits. Came in + lay down and ate a little, read a little + watched TV. I knitted on my runner and sewed pieces together and suddenly it was 5 o’clock and time to work again. I felt sick + dizzy and of course Dick is sick (tho not Dizzy) so we did not get too much done. What was done, Dick did. Little flareup of temper on my part. Ate piecemeal dinner. Leon called which was nice. Watched TV and read a mystery by George Bagley. Bed – exhausted.

Saturday, May 27, 1972

We slept a little late. I wrote Rae a note and I finished a very long letter to Margie. Told her I’d help her Mother with her college. Then called Mary + told her the same thing – it would be a pity to waste a brain like Margie’s. I also (quick second call to Mary) told her the only strings attached should be no word getting back to Allen – I could just see the twins’ education being thrust on our family. Blah Blah Blah. Sent Mary a twofer for Country Girl that I picked up at the Hallmark + forgot to give her. Dick mixed a batch of mud about 11:30 – Ed + Casey came over mid-way + we took time out + listened to one side of Peter Ustinov’s “Grand Prix du Rock” – then back to work until 3:30. I didn’t do too much but helped as best I could while Dick worked like a dog. Came in at 3:30 and lay down. I went for groceries an hour later. $42 worth and didn’t even get that much. Got a rug needle at Sprouse Reitz and vitamins + photos at Savon + some mysteries. Came home and put leg of lamb in the oven. Jim Daniels called to say he couldn’t come for dinner as his blood pressure was up. Sorry about the reason but just as glad to eat alone. Druscilla sent me a long (5″ too long) yellow Mexican embroidered dress – Very pretty and I’ll wear it alot. We called her + she was just as pleased with the blanket. Nice talk I worked on my bureau scarf (bureau rug I should call it) We watched TV and had a really good dinner. I finished Eleanor Duse by Jean Stubbs – loved it. Sad though – especially her death in Pittsburgh – weird love affair with Gabriel D’Annunzio – a Shitheel of a man.

Friday, May 26, 1972

Sort of a lost day for me. I took stuff to the Salvation Army early + then left the car at Earl’s auto at 8:30. They said to be back at 4:30. I walked to Pantry Pride and got some groceries and then took them to Mr. Chan. So unused to walking it was like being in a different city. Mr. Chan is, frail and lonely and not at all well. Still hasn’t heard from his sister whom I wrote two weeks ago. I stayed + visited maybe an hour. Said I’d come back next Tuesday after the lab work at Bentley’s Went walking about + window shopping. Looked for something nice to send Annie but came up with nothing Saw a lawyer’s sign named Grazia dei (Thank God) bought a pocket edition of Duse by Jean Stubbs and the new New Yorker. Had something to eat at Foxy’s. Finally wound up at the Sahara – had had some weird idea of writing notes while playing Keno. Not possible Couldn’t concentrate So played 21. Dick paged me and the car was ready. Went to get it and left my shopping bag in the Casino! So had to go back for it. New white roof looks very nice. All the office stuff moved in and looks fine. Dick cancelled Hartley today with an hours notice and is seeing him Tuesday for the last time as the insurance doesn’t cover any more. Of course it’s his decision and he’s alot better but I think it’s a worthwhile expense for a while. Dick a fixed dinner which was a treat and we watched TV – a couple of gruesome shows but fun. Dick gave me a ring – very daintily gold carved letters LOVE – the opposite side in similar lettering FUCK it’s a shocker but funny. We called Harold Stern + the board meeting in Boston is on Tuesday So fingers crossed