Tuesday, April 11, 1972

175 1/2    Wind wind wind

Made Dick a high protein milk shake + gave him the vitamins I have here. Put in a call to Dr. Hartley but we had to leave before he answered. Took Dick to the office + then I went to the FNB to get out the five thousand. Ran into Bill Morris + asked him please to come get the pool. It took some time there as I had to have a new account number. Then went to Siemens for honey, cookies + protein bars. Next stop Safeway where I ran into Virginia. She told me what had happened last night + how concerned etc they all were Blah Blah Blah. Bought meat, vegetables, fruit etc. Went to pick up Dick at the office it was then after one o’clock. We went home via Art Bennick’s – His Saint Bernard dog knocked Dick over which was Dick’s own damn fault. Then we went by Stenger’s pool Dick had to get out again. He doesn’t know what he looks + sounds like – actually he’s so weak + unsteady + confused that he just plain looks + acts drunk. Got him home + was fixing lunch when Clyde came by with his helper + they stood + talked to Dick all through lunch. I was so furious I was very rude. There was a message from Virginia Martindale + Leon on the service. We set up Dick’s drawing board in the addition + napped all afternoon. I fixed lamb for dinner + he ate some. Finally got hold of Hartley whom I thought a trifle chilly but later he called back + I was a little reassured. I’m going out to the hospital tomorrow to get Dick’s things. (medicine etc.) We have an appt with Hartley on Friday at 4 o’clock. I cleaned up the kitchen a little. Everything is such a mess

Monday, April 10, 1972

Dick home.

Up at 6:30  Somebody stole Bob’s dog Petie. all he has I watered the lawn, spoke to Jack. Dick called + wanted me to pick up some [crossed out word] paper at Mercury blue print. I called Shirley Wild windy day. I took a milkshake out to Dick along with the paper. He was in a horrid mood + I got very tearful Left the hospital at 11:30 am as I didn’t seem to be serving any purpose there. Sat in the car + cried for a while. Went to the Golden Nuggett + played 21 for a couple of hours. Left even. Went to the office + paid Shirley the money for Jim Daniels. We’re going to need $5,000 to get thru this 10th of the month. It’s all so depressing. Came home + took a miltown + a very brief nap. Put together some sort of book for the teachers group. Bathed + washed my hair Called the hospital, but couldn’t talk to Dick. I left at 5:10 for Alice’s. We played 3 games of spite and malice, had a weight watcher’s lunch + watched the academy awards. I had to leave at 8:30 to go to talk to the teachers group on Rassabian Very pleasant bunch + I guess things went smoothly. They all seemed interested at any rate + Clara proud of her discovery. Came home at eleven looking forward to a drink + bed. big pile of stuff outside the front door + just as I was beginning to recognize bits + pieces of it Dick came around from the garage. Had left the hospital in a huff. I told him after we got inside the house that unless he cooperated + took his medicine + ate the proper things + rested I just couldn’t cope with the situation. I think I got through – at least at the moment. We didn’t go to bed until 2 o’clock. These last weeks have been a continuous nightmare.

Sunday, April 9, 1972

Cleaned last night til almost 1 am – did some laundry etc. Slept til 9. Watered the lawn + paid bills – exterminator, garbage, mortgage, Sun + sent contributions to Channel 10 + care. Called Clyde who said he’d be out tomorrow. (He didn’t sound too well) Called Mary + left a message + called Norma Trenkle at whose house I’m supposed to talk tomorrow night to see if I could be a little late because of the Academy awards – She couldn’t have been nicer. Dick called – wanted me to go to Von Tobel’s + get a carborundum blade + a measuring tape. Also to water down the pool. Got out there about noon. Dr. Hartley there. I had permission to take Dick out on his appt + out to lunch. It developed immediately that he intended to go into the office + set about suing Grey Gagnon as evidently the pool had already been dug for Casale despite the signed contract. I got upset as he hadn’t told Dr. Hartley the truth + he told me he’d take a cab. I knew he couldn’t but didn’t want him to have to find out so I took him to the office to meet Shirley. We jumped Gagnon’s claim on Montgomery so our position isn’t too great but she’s going to talk to Goodman in the morning. We went to the Macayo Vegas for lunch. Judy there + Dick wanted to write her a note but I talked him out of it. Next stopped to see a pool Dick didn’t get near the Blvd. Then home. I was so uptight it was terrible. Dick took a librium at the office + was falling asleep. Then we had to go look at Art Bennick’s pool which we couldn’t find. Yelled at each other in the car. He went to the office to look up the address. Bennick outside + Dick wanted to stop but I put my foot down. back to the hospital where he started work on the kiln. I went out for a putty knife + came back – Dick knocked out. He’s so weak he just doesn’t know. Stopped at the Trop to give Jim a message. Played a little 21 + lost.

Saturday, April 8, 1972

Woke at 7, 8, 9 + finally got up about 10 – for the first time in ages felt really rested. Dr. Hartley called about 11 o’clock + said he’d given Dick permission to go out on an interview with Casale but I was to stay with him at all times. Joyce called + asked me to take out the skil saw + then I called the O.R. again to ask about [crossed out letters] clothes + Dick asked me to bring out his laced shoes + a pr. of clean socks. I called Cassie + told her Dick was in the hospital. She wants to come out for her 2 week vacation at the end of June + I said we’d love to have her. Little Andy had wanted to come too but it wouldn’t be a good time at all + she agreed. I gave her the hospital address + she said she’d write. Told her to tell Mom + Alma it was hepotitis. I called Annabel who’s on the wagon at the moment + has lost 6 lbs in 3 days! There’s something on either the paper or my pens but they won’t get together! Watered the lawn which is getting dry + neglected + washed my hair + put on some nice clothes. The speedometer is off on the car now. Stays at 0 – odd feeling. Dick asleep when I got out there woke him around 2:30 – He was pitifully tired Didn’t eat lunch + the only thing good he ate while I was there was 1/3 roast beef sandwich We didn’t go on the appt as we couldn’t reach anyone. Dick worked on his chess set + exhausted himself, the hospital hopping. Dewayne having fits + Kitty beside herself + a new inmate Ann a chronic alcoholic with a blood clot on her brain raising hell. I was a little frantic with Dick about eating protein + he told he to get off his back but then said he’d call me in the am Was home by 9:30 + did a little cleaning.

Friday, April 7, 1972

Said hello to Jack as I was going to bed very briefly! Up at 10 when Russell called. Took the car over to have the frion (sp?) put in + a by-pass valve or something blew up! Herb got me out though in half an hour. I got some groceries was back home just as Co + Russell got there. They came in + called Dick to say goodbye. He was very edgy + irritable (Shirley had asked me earlier if he was “at all pleased” about the talk with Pouchard. I told her he’d been happier than he’s been in months + felt it was all her doing. If only he could tell her himself. I gathered up a few things + took Co + Russell to the airport We stopped + had a bloody Mary at the Goldfield bar in the terminal. Hated to see them go + wish the circumstances had been different + their visit had been longer Went to Foxies + got a lb of roast beef I had eggs + bacon. Then went over to Danny Henderson’s + picked up the tape recorders next stop Allied bldg supplies a 25 minute wait at the R.R. crossing. Got 20 firebricks, some fireclay + a carborundum blade as per request. Stopped + got cigarettes + came out to the hospital. Angel, one of the maintenance men helped Lucille + me in with the bricks etc. Shirley came by + things were pretty pleasant. Dick weighed 181 1/2 today – He’s started on a chess set I took a long nap after supper + then we talked some. I love Dick so much and I want us to have a good life with what time we have. His eyes are getting worse which bothers me. I was home by eleven o’clock. Wedding announcement from Jessie – Check from Rae O’dell saying “I love you” messages from Cassie + Annabel. I was asleep by 12:30 Dick called at one – there’d been some excitement out there.

Thursday, April 6, 1972

(Called Leon back + talked with Dorothy who told me there had been nothing definite to start with + it wasn’t much of a part anyway – She made me feel alot better)

Leon called – Had a job on “Ironsides” – I told him I’d call him back as I was still asleep Spoke with the O.R. Called Mary back – she’d called earlier + had a long talk with her Then spoke with Colby + called Mary again to tell her Dick was in the hospital. I was so glad I did – She was great. went to the Showboat + saw Colby out at the pool. then went with Russell, Hugh + Evelyn to the silver slipper for lunch we played a little + lost (I did) then back to the office to pick up the tape recorders not there nor was Shirley who’d gone to Boulder City. I called Dick who said not to wait. He was all excited because after a 2 hr session with Pouchard of the health Dept. this a.m. Shirley had sold him on the acceptability of the Turbo cleans on commercial pools Wow! She’d gone to Boulder City to sign the contract on the commercial out there. When I got to the hospital Dick was in the O.T. room with Harriet + Lucille + had told everyone the good news. They were also very excited at the thought of Dick building up the kiln. They’d bought the chess set molds for him – Certainly everyone there loves Dick + takes extra good care of him. I gather Kitty had been after him every chance + they had finally restrained her. I had supper with Dick + he had 2 roast beef sandwiches – that seems to be the one form of protein he can eat + I’m to bring more tomorrow. Left to go join Russell + Co + stopped at the Golden Nugget to cash a check. Had promised Dick I’d play the ticket 3 times there + 3 times at the Showboat. It never came up. Had a shrimp cocktail with Colby + then we played 21. At one point was up almost 200 + then lost it all little by little But had a good time – home at 6 a.m. Fed the dogs + looked at our mail –

Wednesday, April 5, 1972

Clara Springer came by at 9 o’clock. Wants me to talk to an honorary teacher’s sorority on Monday evening – informal chat about my background etc. Told her I was flattered + would try not to disappoint her Russell called + I gave him directions on how to get out to the hospital. I called Mr. Fernandez to thank him for his prayers + told him that Dick seemed to have started a major improvement Alice called + we had a nice talk. She asked about Dick + I told her he was still in Philly etc. She’s going back West at the end of the month. I’m going to try to see her Monday. I went to the market for some [crossed out letter] nonfat milk + cottage cheese – then to the pajama counter at Penney’s – got two nice pair for Dick. Shirley’s house for the computer + Foxy’s for roastbeef. I had a pastrami sandwich there. Office next for lessons on how how to multiply with the calculator Got out to the hospital + after 2 trips in with things Dicks one remark was “I don’t suppose you brought a nail file.” It was very depressing. Russell + Colby came around 3:30 + we sat in the O.T. room + had Tab. They didn’t stay very long but it was nice while they did + Dick was happy to see them. Later he was cranky again + wouldn’t eat although he did finally get some roast beef down. I left about 10 o’clock and instead of going home went to the golden nugget. I didn’t leave until 3 am with a profit if $25. hardly worth it when I need my sleep etc. I’m on some kind of a binge + it’s crazy. A sort of punishment or what? I didn’t drink but I should have been home in bed. it’s that simple – [crossed out words] why I wasn’t isn’t so simple – or at least I don’t have it figured out yet

Wednesday, March 29, 1972

Up at 6:30. Saw Jack only briefly – gave him Dick’s plan to take to the office but he seems to be very busy (my handwriting is having difficulties with the rapid rite fighting it every word I write!) I called the Retreat + talked with Mike. I wrote a letter to Dick and a note to Sue Glick. Paid VW insurance, crime assoc. Nevada power (our bill only $24.11) + the florist. Sent in another Cashword attempt. Tried to call Annabel but not home Cleaned a little in the livingroom. [crossed out letters] Spoke with Janet Goldsmith – Jim’s been in + out of the hospital again. Left the house about 11. Took laundry to cleaners, bought dog food. Went to bank of Nevada and [crossed out letters] deposited $100 in Ana savings and $250 in my acct ($150 from Felix Munso) Deposited 300 in Valley Bank. Went to Penney’s to see if they had those little car vaccuums. (I want to keep the dogs clean – but they were out) went to the P.O. + mailed bills + letters + big pkge of books for Sue. Bought stamps + went down to the office. Gathered up drawing equipment for Dick. Shirley came in + Norm of Action was there for a bit. After he left Shirley told me that as soon as Dick was back + things were a little settled she was going to leave. I didn’t mean to but just started to cry. it’s all getting to be too much and I’m getting myself over tired + I guess she gave me some plans to take out for Dick to do – two that she needs by tomorrow, the commercial that needs to be engineered in [crossed out letter] two days and one that there’s some time on. Went to Dana McKay’s, it was difficult today and the tapes hard to understand got out to the retreat at 3:45. Dick on the phone. I told him about Harrold’s call. He worked + I practiced my rpdrl – He drew both plans – finished by 10:30. Dr. Hartley in + I’m going to see him on Fri afternoon. I’ve got a sty in one eye. Was very tired when I got home. Only a few messages from those kids tonight – Had a beer + went to bed.

Tuesday, March 28, 1972

Called the hospital in the morning and Dick was up to 198! but he was up and I talked with him + we had a good chat. I asked the nurse to have Dr. Bentley call if he came before 12:30. He didn’t. The question mark messages from Mario a headache for Jack. Spoke with Shirley. Called Lucille to say I couldn’t stop by. Washed dishes + towels + did a little straightening up, cleaned out the refrigerator and took out the garbage. Left the house about 12:45. Went to the office and gave Shirley the polaroid. Carl + Jim Daniels there. Dick Shaw came in. Got a pool to take out to Dick to draw. Went to school. The tapes we listen to aren’t all that easy to understand but the hour and 15 minutes went pretty fast. Then out to the retreat. When I got there at 3:45 both Bentley and Hartley had been there. Decision not to move Dick. Evidently Bill Bentley said that Dick’s liver is no worse than it was in October?? That really doesn’t seem possible. But if it was that bad then, I feel Bill should have prescribed more specifically and more urgently. Dick sensed a slight clash between Bentley + Hartley + if there was + is I’m on Hartley’s team in this one. Dick went straight to work on the pool and I practiced my rapidwrite. Then after eating a little of my dinner I took a nap. I took two miltowns today and I guess they made me tired along with everything else. Shirley told me Pat Garret had told her that Alice Turner had gone over at the dinner + told her Dick was very sick with Diabetes. with friends like that – who needs an etc? I stayed til 9:45 and then came home. The kids on the service again + also a message from Harold Stern. Called him + that crazy editor or publisher is now going to be selling stocks. He’s sending Dick + me $250 shares which when the issue goes public will be $5,000.00 on paper! I made some bacon + eggs + went to bed after a little dusting.