Saturday, March 11, 1972

Strange day. Clyde Schreiber over to help Dick with the brick work Jack over briefly. I did some house work. Spoke with Anabel + Alice. Then went to Child Haven + packed up more of the pamphlets Took them to the Blvd. Raelita + Barbara Gregory there around noon + I helped get them set up. I ate a large [crossed out letters] lunch at Woolworth’s – started an infuriating book in which a 46 yr old mother-in-law is obviously on the brink of senility. Then went to see Alice briefly – one game of Spite + malice. Francis Butterfield came before I left with some “hydrophonically” grown tomatos.

Called home + Dick told me Mary had called + Margaret’s gotten married. Came home + talked with her. She’d had a letter from Margie – she’s married an Ed Kerans (19 – M’s 17) Mary had called the boys + only got James – He knew there’d been a big dust up and Margie had run away from home. Later Mary called me to say James had called her + said Allen had said Margie was “not legally married”??? Because of her age? Does he plan to step in + annul it? I think poor Margie is in for stormy days Dick was exhausted + after a hot bath went to bed about 4:30 or 5. He’s not well. He told me that Bentley had told him his glucose tests were abnormal and that it was “not good” – Leon called and Dr. Sternlieb has still not received the result’s of Dick’s tests. I like Bill Bentley but I’m beginning to get very nervous. about the whole thing.

Friday, March 10, 1972

Busy morning. Made pie crusts and an apple pie. Did four loads of laundry, changed sheets + cleaned bedroom. Called 5th St Auto service to come get the oldsmobile. Called Colby + told her I seemed to have goofed in telling Mary about Jessie (Mary very tearful last night) Had nice chat. Newcomb not yet informed either. Had hoped to [crossed out letters] get to the store for poster board to make a sign but 5th St Auto didn’t come til after 11 o’clock. so I made a ticky tacky type thing on cardboard. Went to laundry Sprouse Reitz for poster + markers + Savon where I bought a ticket from Annie White and picked up my pictures. Bank where I deposited the immigration check. Got to the Blvd at 5 of 12 – Anabel about half an hour late but with some reason. We set up one table + were in business by 12:45. Interesting day really. We sold 77 tickets – mostly one at a time [crossed out letters] which is not bad. Nice man bought 5 + made them out to Child Haven. Old black man bought a ticket + gave us an extra 50¢ to “put in the kitty” – a policeman Bought 5 – a man stopped + said your name is Patience – I heard you on Eddie’s show + he bought 2. Kids – barefoot + long haired bought a ticket. It was interesting and fun. We left at 5:20. I went to the Blvd Market for groceries + was home by 6:30 – Dick not home til almost 8 – We had a good dinner steak in wine sauce. Letters from Cassie + Scotty Yahtzee + bed about 10. The people at Ronzones were just great. They made us a gorgeous sign + kept giving us encouragement – A Mr. Mason + Mr. Plotken.

Thursday, March 9, 1972

Up early. Dick had to leave at 7 – The tile guys came at 7:30 – gave them coffee + put out fresh water. Left for the Flamingo in plenty of time + got there early. Played a couple of hands of 21 + won $40. I called Marty Allen’s room + spoke with his wife Frenchy who said he’d be in the coffee shop. Met him there + had a cup of coffee with him + took him over to the Park Lane. Disaster. No TV Thanks to the unions (and so three union members deprived of their pay because they were insisting on 11 being hired) Ridiculous + petty as hell. The place crowded The show something of a shambles technically. Musak couldn’t be turned off. The lights went on + off but Eddie + Ann were magnificent. Bea Everidge (?) + the “swinging stoppers” were on but had changed their group to “the slanders,” did several hawaiian numbers which were pretty disappointing I sat with Elaine. Marty Allen was very good. I went to the International + lost my $265 plus $300. Went over to the Blvd + was on Eddie’s show he gave me 20 minutes which was pretty great of him. I went to the bank + cabled $300 to N.Y. to cover my checks + went to the tropicana where I lost another hundred. Thats the most I’ve ever lost (obviously) + I’ve got to be careful Just because I can afford it there’s no point in throwing it away. Came home + the damn car wouldn’t start again. The battery cable connections – pounded it + finally someone helped me + off I went. Home at 6 – the tile job beautiful. We had TV dinners (Dick not home til 7:30) Finally got our money back from the immigration dept. Plus letters from Annie + Russell. Talked with Harold – things very black there – Mary called – Late + high.

Wednesday, March 8, 1972

Uneventful day – watered lawn, watered down pool Pottered around the house, spoke with Alice. Went to safeway + sold a ticket and one at the drugstore. Like pulling teeth. Got the gambling urge and went to the tropicana where I stayed for hours. Went way down + then slowly came back up. Was leaving and on my way to the cage I put down $25.00 and won + in 2 or 3 minutes ran it way up + left $265.00 ahead Wow Came home via Safeway. Breaded pork chops for dinner. Ate early as Dick had a 7:30 appt. Leroy + Earnest – Danny’s men came by the house around nine Dick not home yet – Showed them the pool + then they went over to Bill McKelvey’s – Dick home minutes later + Leroy back shortly after. They got everything [crossed out words] squared away. We played a little yahtzee I’d called Ann Hall to see if we could have a mention of Operation Child Haven + she asked me if I’d pick up Marty Allen for them tomorrow at the Flamingo. I’d forgotten that it was their big deal at the Parkway Theatre – televised breakfast except there seems to be trouble with the union.

Tuesday, March 7, 1972

Desk work – paid bills + made contributions – Smith, Watts Towers – sent for Time Research patterns – returned papers to Chem Bank + Bank of N.Y. [crossed out letters] My portfolio has gone up again to over $[crossed out numbers] $700,000. The gunite crew showed up and went to work. Jerry Hookman came by. I called Scotty + we had a long chat. He’d called last night + there wasn’t much time to talk Mrs. Davis had been out there + isn’t happy with what Leon’s done for him. She doesn’t realize that it was a miracle to get Scotty anything with the situation the way it is and his lack of TV credits. Blah Blah Blah. Talked with Bill Fain + Annabel called + asked me to sell tickets with her at Ronsones on Friday afternoon. Evidently they’ve only sold about 2,000 tickets – barely enough to cover the prize money. Oh Lord. I vaccuumed the living room + some of the library and made some “surprise” meat loafs Left the house around noon. Went to the showboat and lost money. Went to Juvenile + turned in my money + ticket stubs and [crossed out letters] took 250 more tickets. Norma Laub there + she’s only sold 10. We’ve got to start trying. Saw Angie + Bill – Went to P.O. + got some stamps for Shirley and then went to the office. Left a few tickets there for Jerry Hickman. Came home via the Safeway. Had a blowout an eighth of a mile from home so walked. Ran into Mary Ashby on horseback Asked her over + then Jerry to look at our pool. It’s really gorgeous. Dick working hard on it. He came + changed the tire + I made dinner. Dick not hungry + when he was the surprises were all dried up! Ed over for a bit. I knitted + we went to bed. Dick exhausted


Monday, March 6, 1972

Tonys boy showed up at 6:30. But I gather promptness was his only virtue as a helper. I spent the morning in the library after getting the dishes, bed etc out of the way. Started clearing up the mess on my desk. Ordered checks from N.Y. Did the new cashword, wrote a long letter to Dr. Sternlieb and wrote Jimmy about Harriet’s brother. Jerry Hickman inspected + passed the pool. Dick home about 11:30 – waited for the gunite crew who never showed. Dick really upset + I must say I don’t blame him. It’s a slap in the face of a kind. Blah Blah Blah. Dick went back to the office at 1:30 and I went out soon after. Took a huge stack of mail to the Flamingo Post office + then had to go over to the Main P.O. to mail Ana + Armandos pkge + register the letter. Stopped at the Landmark and put $15 in the dime slot machine. It’s up to $7,647 now. Then I played 21 and lost consistently about $100 playing $2 a hand! Wow. Went to the Safeway and got groceries + came home. We played yahtzee, had dinner watched TV and went to bed early, early, early. Got alot accomplished however in the library today + the pool will be gunited tomorrow.

Sunday, March 5, 1972

Steel guys came about 7:30 – finished up at 9 – Dick in the john so I paid Jack Wolf – $125 – Dick not too happy with the price or the work in the therapy pool Back to bed + made love. Left the house around 11 – I went to the Showboat all day and played 21 – couldn’t do anything although at one point I was ahead $100 – then got down to around even – Sat next to nice girl who works at the Sands Dick came to pick me up around 5 o’clock + we played our keno ticket a couple of times – Won $50.00 + left maybe $10 ahead. Came home and I fixed scrambled eggs + bacon + toast for supper. Dick has someone coming in from San Diego tomorrow. We played yahtzee + I beat his record – 514!! He’s also got a guy coming that tony reccommended so maybe for once he’ll be able to choose a little We went to bed really early and I read “Gift Horse” Hildegarde Knef’s book until almost 10 o’clock. It’s extremely interesting + well written.

Saturday, March 4, 1972

The steel men here about 7:20 – Gave them coffee + later ice water. Dick left around 8:30 – Had 4 appts today. I paid bills – Heron books, service, Hayes, Nevada Floor craftsmen, Bentley + sent $150 to M.P.S. Made bed, cleaned kitchen and started cleaning out bathroom. Threw away alot of things + cleaned thoroughly. Took some perfume + cream + after shave lotion over to Casey. Two of her sisters there. Ann Hastings + Florence Pelletier (whom I’d met before) they were drinking and I joined them briefly. Sold 5 tickets + came home about one. Had a lot of coffee + finished up the bathroom – washed the rug + mat etc. Dick home around 4. [crossed out word] Casey + sisters + Ed + ? Hastings all came over carrying their drinks. Sister Ann alot the worse for wear + she + Casey only stayed a few minutes After they all left Dick + I played yahtzee The steel men there til 6 + have another couple of hours in the morning. We had roast beef for dinner + then a couple of joints did nothing for me except felt mildly ill. Watched All in the family + worked on bag – fringe + button loop. Bed about 10.

Friday, March 3, 1972

Up early. Timmy ready to leave for an hour and a half. Worried that someone had broken into his place. Mike Oldfield didn’t show. Called the office at 9:30 to say he had another job. I changed the sheets + cleaned up a little and then took Timmy to the airport. I think he had a good time but I can’t tell. Timmy is so negative + defeatist it’s horrible. We talked about his will on the way to the airport. Got him all checked in + saw him aboard then took the sheets to the laundry, got some gas, deposited the small check ($1593) in our househld acct (kept out the $293) and went to the Landmark to meet Daisy. She’d been there for a couple of hours already. We played + played on the dime machine and in 3 hrs never got a jackpot. So off we went to play 21. At one point we could have left even but I felt reckless (a reaction possibly to 5 days of Timmy) and we blew the whole thing. Went down to the office and had lunch at the newstand. Then went over to FNB and deposited the large check for $7,000 put in claim too for missing pass book. Our balance now $11,150 + we have the $2,000 coming back from the Immigration department. Went to the Safeway + got a few groceries played a slot machine + was home about 5. Pile of bills in the mail. Nice to have the house to ourselves again. (Sold 5 tickets to Shirley today) We had TV dinners + played yahtzee and watched the virginian and went to bed pretty early Dick has someone to steel the pool tomorrow. Jack Wolfe (?) and he came over to look at it about 6 o’clock.

Thursday, March 2, 1972

Up early. Bed, dishes. washed hair, watered lawn, called Daddy + thanked him for check – nice chat. The new guy, Michael Oldfield about 20 minutes late but seemed pleasant. Timmy + I off to the Boulevard a little before 9. Introduced him to Johnnie Swift who bought a ticket + Ann + Eddie Alice sat with us and we all had a nice time. The celebrity guests were the personal crisis Hot Line people and some 4H’ers. After I sold the 3 models each a ticket and then 10 to Marilyn Goble. [crossed out word] Elaine wasn’t in. We went to the vitamin store + then over to Garrett’s Sold Pat 5 tickets + went to the Sahara to pick up Timmy’s plane ticket for L.A. It was “too early to eat (yesterday too late) so we went to the Hacienda to see Joyce. Was not there but we had a pleasant buffet lunch and played a little keno. (about 9 tickets between us) I won $2.00 and said let’s do one more but Timmy wouldn’t “I haven’t got the hang of it I’m afraid.” Went to the Safeway for groceries and got into a minor thing about potatos It’s all so stupid. Came home. The steel guy (Alan Curtis) never showed. I did some laundry and took some pictures of the hole. Fixed dinner – Lamb, asparagus, peas, gravy, mashed potatos etc. We watched the Flip Wilson Show. Sammy Davis Jr. a guest and very good. Talked with Timmy while I cleaned up. “Too early to go to bed” and yet he’d been sleeping all through the show. Poor Dick has put on 5 lbs while Timmy’s been here. Thanks to the Strawberry Shortcake, chocolate cookies. peanut butter + all the crap we’ve had around. Timmy will not listen when I say its fattening + I don’t want it in the house.

Wednesday, March 1, 1972

I woke up at 5 am with the beginning of a cold. Made tea + took aspirin The work Day began with Eldon not showing up. Dick + Jack working alone. Dick had rented a jackhammer + was on it all day trying (+ succeeding) [crossed out letters] to get out the remaining caliche. I wrote Ana in the early a.m. cleaned up around and took off for the Valley of Fire with Timmy around 11:30. He wanted me to get a map and I stopped in North? L.V. at a service station but they had none and I got verbal directions which I followed. Long drive without many signs and Timmy fretting – “I think we made a wrong turn” etc. etc. We got there finally and the Ranger Station had nothing to eat. The post cards were unsuitable “It would be nice if we had a camera” etc. Drove around for a while and stopped to let him sketch. “If only I had some colors with me – some  pastels etc.” Well they’re at the house + have been untouched since his last visit. We went to Overton Beach for lunch – it was about 3 o’clock – “too late for lunch” and ate anyway Despite everything Timmy was impressed by the countryside and the colors. The ride back along the North Shore Drive to Henderson was one more continuous litany of wrong turn, wrong direction etc. By the time we got to Henderson I was a nervous wreck. I called Dick + we decided on Lobster tails. Had to go to Pantry Pride to get them. Timmy picked up a huge strawberry shortcake (frozen) as a present for Dick. As I’ve been telling him that Dick must watch his weight, it’s a little like bringing him some nice poison. Got home about 5:30 o’clock Dick on the Jack Hammer all day + worn out. Wanted to eat early but Timmy not hungry. We ate around 7:30. I did the lobster tails because Dick was soaking in a tub + I couldn’t cut them right and I went to pieces. Dick went to bed before dinner was over + I talked with Timmy as I cleaned up (Easier to talk when it’s a matter of cleaning + not cooking as there’s no interference in that department.) Oh dear – long, long, long, long day!!!


Tuesday, February 29, 1972

Up early. Made bed in the guestroom + vacuumed + dusted. Cleared up dishes, watered the lawn. The diggers here + working hard. Carl + Britt + Bob Chevras – Gave them coffee first + later ice water. They hit caliche but bulled their way through it, breaking the bucket in the process. Had to weld it back together. I washed Joyce’s rug as there was dog crap on it. (had planned to clean it.) Took Timmy to see Boulder [crossed out word] Dam. Stopped at the lookout point + then at the Ranger Station to see the relief map + the lightshow with commentary. Went on the tour inside. (“I suppose it would mean something to somebody who was interested in construction”) The sandwich stand jammed. The Gold strike saloon was too + Hayseed” so we went to the Marina for lunch “nobody seems to want to serve us” – however when we ate the food was good + he was “glad to have seen the dam. After all it seems very strange to come all the way to Las Vegas and then not see it.” We stopped in Henderson on the way back and I got a steak and some odds + ends. Home by 5 or so. The [crossed out letters] hole dug + it looks beautiful. I cooked the steak in wine + mushrooms etc. Wouldn’t let anyone in the kitchen so everything went comparatively smoothy Of course when Dick cut the meat Timmy got the only piece that was full of gristle. “I always find that with Safeway meats, they look all right but they’re just terrible.” We watched TV and I finished mending Timmy’s sweater. It turned out to be pretty well riddled with moth holes but I think I got it all sewn up. Watched a horror movie + then after cleaning up went to bed.

Monday, February 28, 1972

Very tired. Think I caught a cold today. Up early + started watering the lawn. Dick off with Jack about 7:30 Carpet Layer, Frank here at 8:30 or so. Wrote Daddy + paid some bills – Ellery Queen, Nevada Power, sent for slacks for Dick + returned signed forms to immigration department. Baked some apples. Called Harriett + got story straight on her brother “Benny.” She wants him in a V.A. Hospital instead of New Hampshire State + I’ll write Jimmy now that I have the details. Jack + Dick back at 10:30 + did more work on the pool Dick did some brick work up against the house and it looks just beautiful I called Druscilla + we had a good talk. Situation with her Father is really sad – from every point of view and as she + Dick can’t take him there isn’t anything she can say or do and he’s behaving badly so it’s not all one sided. Jerry the inspector was over and Eddie Kulick. Timmy + I left the house about 12 noon having made a very haphazard list. Went to the Blvd and bought vitamins + got a cardigan sweater for Timmy – Just right, fits like a glove and pretty. Stopped at Bank + deposited $50 in Ana acct. Went to Post office + mailed letters + picked up a returned letter to Armando. Know it contains a M.O. + will send it on tomorrow. Had lunch at the Landmark + gambled a little. Went to the Safeway + left film at the drugstore. Home around 4:45. Got dinner started about 5:20. Major production. Not ready til after 7 Kept cleaning up after Timmy so the mess wouldn’t be too god awful. Dinner good – watched TV. Had note from Daddy with check for $50.00 Whee. Washed Joyce’s poodle rug. Not finished yet. Did a little work on M.J.’s bag and Timmy gave me a sweater to mend which has to be stitched all around the bottom. Bed about 10 – President Nixon home + arriving endlessly on all TV channels. Norm didn’t dig today broke a drive line

Sunday, February 27, 1972

Timmy’s birthday (70th!) We slept in + made love + got up about 8:30 or so. Dick suddenly announced he was going to get Jack + set the forms on our pool as Norm might dig tomorrow. Dick + Jack worked like horses and didn’t lay off until 4 o’clock. Not finished + all sorts of complications like ground slopes etc + weird house angles. Timmy + I spread the 1620-0 pellets all over the lawn and watered the hell out of it. Discovered that Armando evidently had never watered the trees in back + the fig tree is dead + gone. I did some laundry. (Timmy came with some dirty underwear + a sweater to be mended) I got a bit frazzled. Worried about Dick working too hard etc + appalled at a sink full of dishes at 1 pm when I’d already cleaned up after breakfast! Norm came over to look at the forms + the plan. Clark Isom came over to pick up some logs + bought 2 tickets for Operation Child Haven. Dick decided we should go to the Alpine Village for dinner (I’d begun to think we couldn’t go out) and we bathed + dressed + I gave him a shave. Druscilla called – bad connection – Said among other things that Scotty had called her + said Peter Hobbs was in the hospital dying of cirrhosis I asked Drue if Scott had been drinking + she said yes. Checked with Timmy + the story isn’t true. Nice dinner – Home + Timmy opened his presents. The clock + the sweater + the handkerchiefs. We watched some of the Blue Max + then went to bed + watched the rest. Leon called + Johnnie Swift called + wants to give a benefit for Child Haven, the Boy Scouts + Needy Children.

Saturday, February 26, 1972

Woke tired + tearful – Dick said something about taking geretol + I burst into great racking sobs. Marvelous. Wrote Mom + sent 3 tickets + wrote Jess + sent her a silver dollar, a check for $20.00 and 7 lottery tickets. Called Evelyn MacArthur to tell her the books from Rich Ware had never arrived. I so hope they’re not forever lost. Called Isabel + had a long chat. Did some cleaning, dusted the rest of the livingroom, went to the cleaners and Sprouse Reitz and then to the Stardust. Played a little 21 + won $35 before picking up Timmy + Larry + Gene at the Greyhound bus terminal around the other end of the stardust. Dropped Larry + Gene at the Vagabond motel and then went with Timmy to the Tropicana after asking if he’d like to stop. Wish we hadn’t. Gave him $15 and took 20 to the 21 table. Timmy wandering around disembodied + Marcus- like. Kept coming to the table. I lost my $20 plus another 20 + left. Am not going to play 21 while he’s here it’s not possible. Went to the safeway for groceries after stopping to see if his throat spray had been left in the bus or was in his bag. (the latter) Came home + decided on the addition instead of the guestroom. Had a cup of tea + coffee + chatted. It’s going to be a difficult visit unless I make a real effort. And not really Timmy’s fault so much as the situation in general. Called Wendy this A.M. + she’s head stewardess now + hasn’t a moment – nor does she know anyone who does. Dick home at 5:30 utterly exhausted. We had thawed out Boeuf Bourgiononne for dinner + while I cleaned up they watched Sanford + Son. Then we all watched All in the Family (T + D dozed) + then went to bed about 8:40