Tuesday, August 1, 1972

Drue + Dick’s 5th Anniversary

Up about 8 or so. Made coffee from the tap. Wrote Daddy to thank him + told him I’d set aside some china + marked it as “belonging” to me. Asked him to check it over. About 9:20 – we called Little Deer. One of the Olsen boys answered first and then Dick Olsen. Drue + Dick still asleep. Said I’d call back in an hour. Dick M. not too happy about the Olsons + 3 boys + I feel the same. We fortified ourselves with miltowns an hour later after talking with Drue + took off. Stopped the other side of Camden at Betty’s Diner for a very good breakfast + then drove on. Asked directions at Buxport + were sent a shorter route. Pulled up at the house around 1:30 or so. Love the house – it’s layout and it’s view. It reminds me alot of Mrs. Taylor – especially the kitchen. On the other hand the living set up as far as alot of people is a bit thick. Dick unhappy + I was too. However when he said he didn’t want to go back to New London I realized my only choice unless I want to be back in Las Vegas in the next two or 3 days is to make the best of a bad situation. The crap about the Olsens not drinking is just that – crap! And it makes things difficult – blah blah blah. We took long naps which helped a little. Had drinks (tab) out on the front porch. Cold + had to bundle up. The boys steamed mussels up + Drue made [crossed out letters] crab meat dip. Nancy had made a very good spaghetti sauce + we ate later in front of the fire. Dick + Drue’s 5th anniversary. I called Priscilla Merrittt at the Haystack School + we’re going to see her Thursday morning. A picnic on a nearby island planned for tomorrow 9 of us plus the dog (Jock – a very nice retriever) in the boat. Dick told me he won’t go so neither will I – don’t care much at all. We came up to bed about 9:45

Monday, July 31, 1972

Sen. Eagleton dropped out under pressure as V.P. candidate.

We were up early – Dad down about 9:15 or so. No hot water once again. We were sitting having breakfast when Ethel came in. Was so glad to see her. Had been worried. The Doctor told her to stop taking her pain medication + stick to Darvon. [crossed out letters] The furnace men came + Dick stayed at the house. I went over to the Cochrans. Had a good visit with Eleanor + was very impressed with the studio + Malcolm’s work. Most especially a friendly [crossed out letter] 2 faced head (identical) of himself as a sort of medusa with a large wink. Bought a lovely little woodscape as a birthday present for Dick -. “Homage” Eleanor told me the Merritts – Fran + Priscilla were are in Deer Isle. Haven’t seen them in 25 yrs. Eleanor’s  Father, Dr. Harkness, 87 is living with them his wife having been hit + killed by a car in January. Carl not home until tonight. Gave Ethel $10 + she whispered “Awli-vahr” as she hugged me – (Au-revoir). I think we’ll be back for the Hospital Day – I really hope. Had very gay letter from Timmy working on his book and finally a letter from Ana saying their papers were in order + they’d gotten the money + thank you. They’re only going to bring Jeffrey so maybe things will be all right – I hope. We said goodbye to Dad + then stopped off at Barn view. Gave Ann Merrill a $5 (thank you, I collect them) Saw Cotton’s quilt which is stunning + said goodbye. Stopped for lunch at Weeks outside Franklin. Very good. Pressed on for about 3 hrs or so + then decided to look for a place to stay. Wanted to try the ocean so went to Booth bay Harbor. Touristy beyond belief + a mad house. Back up 27 + then to Ocean point. Much nicer but no double room. We spent [crossed out letters] 2 hrs. on that little side trip. Back out + on to route 1 – no luck anywhere. Finally got to Rockland  (not very far from our destination!) Stopped at the Tradewinds who said there wasn’t a room in town. Found a lovely one 2 blocks down the street at the navigator motel. Back to the Tradewinds for dinner. long wait, out of alot of things, over priced + not very good. Went to the market after + it was closed! But little store had coffee + cookies so we were all right Back to the motel bathed, watched TV + made love. So nice to have a double bed for a change. Sen. Eagleton has withdrawn from the race after his “conference” with McGovern. I think McGovern looks like a crud in all this.

Sunday, July 30, 1972

Up early, fixed breakfast. Daddy down in his bathrobe – no hot water. Dick went down + turned it on but something wrong with the furnace – a short or something. After Daddy had eaten + the beds were made I went over for a visit with Joan – Had coffee + sat + talked for about half an hour. Running that place must be the most tremendous amt. of work. I came home with a cinnamon bun for Dick. Put some laundry in the washing machine before we went to Church. Co joined us + she brought Gen back for Sherry. Stayed this time to tell Bob Thurston how much we’d enjoyed the sermons. Daddy, Co + Dick + I went to the Inn for Sunday dinner. I think Co’s carrying dissection of the church service hastened the meal of a cleric at a neighboring table. Then some connections named Park came in + Daddy told us sotto voce after the amenities had been observed that Mrs. Park had done Dr. Parks taxes + he had NARROWLY ESCAPED JAIL. Was glad when lunch was over. We stopped at the cemetary on the way to Alaria. Marilou’s stone looks very well. The pink by Mother’s stone is growing. It was chilly at Alaria + we didn’t stay too long. Came back + took naps here I got up when Cotton came over around 6:15 or so We had a nice visit out in the kitchen. The first chance we’ve had to talk this trip. At 7:30 I fixed Dad a plate + myself a sandwich. Dick down around 8:30. Saw the Red Sox lose the 2nd game of a double header to Detroit. They’d won the first. Ethel’s daughter Irene called to say Ethel was sick + wouldn’t be back tonight. She’ll call in the a.m. Daddy upset + afraid of losing Ethel. We called Druscilla to say we’d be up there Tuesday and called Shirley who will forward another batch to Maine. She’s been overdoing + is going to see the Dr. tomorrow. We packed some bed at midnight

Saturday, July 29, 1972

Woke early despite late night. Got quite alot accomplished despite late night. Dick stayed at the house + worked on the flagstone step. I took the pkges downtown stopped at the bank + cashed a check. Billy Kidder the Manager now! Met a Mrs. Delafield. The pkges cost 25 to send – insured. Not bad, saw Dr. Squires, Mr. Sampson. Vic not there. Went + saw Betty Nichols + Mary Wright. Yarn shop for some blue rug yarn to fool with Don Bernstein Mgr. Talked about Las Vegas. Stopped at Kidders + saw Bill + Mary Haddad. College sport shop bought 25 chances (5$) on a $100 gift certificate. Saw Gen + Mary + picked up the blouses. Back by 11:30. Dick did a really lovely job on the flagstone step. Soup + grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Invited Co for dinner. Ethel not here Went to Cricenti’s + then over to Alaria. Cotton just leaving in the jeep + huge rain drops spattering down. Black sky She gave me $30.00 for the copies of the book + went bucketing down the road. We came home + napped. Not one good day yet for swimming or boating I finished letter to Julia Mullen + wrote cards to Harriet + Mr. Chan. Got dinner started. Co here at 6:15 + we played a game of spite ‘n malice.  The dinner all right although the meat a little over done + the creamed onions (pkgd) odd. After dinner Co left + Daddy (rather the worse for wear) went to bed. We watched TV – the Miss Universe [crossed out word] Pageant. Such pretty girls. I folded a little after 11 + went upstairs to bed + read. Dick up by midnight. Miss Australia won. Not too sure now whether we’ll come back for Hospital Day Dick anxious to get back + work. Cleaned out the refrigerator a little. Still want to see Joan Lyons and the Cochrans

Friday, July 28, 1972

Up about 7:30 or so. Ethel helped me pack 5 cartons of china + lamps etc – we really did an awfully good job of them. When Dick got up he went downtown + bought heavy wrapping paper + twine. Some time spent deciding what to use the gold bond stamp books for. I’d suggested a new lounge for the sun porch but Ethel fixed the old one. I suggested a new rug for the back hall but she raced up to the attic + came down with a good one. Potholders for Alaria – she said she’d pick some up. Later, leafing through the catalogue, she said (as though seeing it for the first time) – “You know what I’d get if it was me? – I’d get a sewing machine table” as absolutely nothing else seemed needed. I agreed but later I realized she must have had it in mind for some time + it struck me very funny. I drove to Manchester to Leavitts. We picked up the electric canopener + ordered the table + front [crossed out letters] vestibule rug which will take 3 weeks. Lovely lunch at the Sheraton Wayfarer. I ran over to Jordan Marsh to check a footrest but no luck. Went to the Yarn barn in Milford + ordered 11 doz skeins of rug yarn to be sent to L.V. for $44.00 complete. About $10 less with freight than anyplace else I could get it. Home + napped. Mather + Winifred had left at 3 this afternoon. Cotton’s odd friend Alison had driven them down + will camp there for a while! Hilary + Jim over for cocktails – Hil suggested I mark the china I need or want as there would be no way of knowing otherwise and everything would be frozen by the estate. Told her about Ethel’s gold bond table + we laughed. She + Jim going away over the weekend so won’t see them til Hospital day. After dinner I finished packing the last carton + then Dick helped me wrap + tie all six boxes – he put them out on the back porch. I’d called Ann Hall but she never came back to her office. I guess. Called Casey who said she’d accept our pkges. Dick + Dad watched the football game + I learned a new crochet stitch + looked over Dad’s first edition of “roughing it” – checked Mother’s safe to see if there was any jewelry left + finally settled down to re-reading “Susan + Mather” – the game over at 12:30. I finished at 1:30. Thought it much improved + was deeply moved by acct of Co + Mary.

Thursday, July 27, 1972

No cataract operation necessary.

Russell left early a.m. Had called Barn View at 12:30 last night. Major blowup after I left. Dick said he could cook the fish so plans went ahead. Dick + Daddy off to Claremont. Winifred + I went to the Weather Vane where I got the china, doorbell, bun warmer, lamps etc. Had forgotten my check book! Took some of the stuff with me + went back later to pay + get the rest plus packing material. Picked up stuff at Cricenti’s + went to college sportshop where I bought Winifred a sweater + sneakers for me + ordered some blouses. Saw Mary. Back for Mather who treated us to lunch at the Inn. Then had to pay an “old bill” at Walt Chadewick’s. Winifred said “it must be a very old bill” which struck me quite funny. Daddy + Dick back when we came home Dr. Oughton (?) felt an operation was unnecessary as the other eye is all right + he’ll be using the one good eye anyway. Great news Cotton brought the children over for a donkey ride + birthday party for one + good bye cake for Winna, her asst. The Lion books came + Cotton is pleased. Dick napped + Winifred + I played one game of spite + malice. Alaria at 5:30 for us + the others around 6. I cleaned + so did Winifred while Dick fixed the fish. Very nice evening although the fish had been frozen too long + weren’t too good. Dick cooked them as well as they could be. Dad home early. Anth off to a rehearsal. He + Kent got the job they auditioned for. We played a little poker – Co, Hil, Mather, Dick, Lide + I. Jimmy over about 9:15. Party broke up around 10 – Mather was sick at the end. Hadn’t felt well before + hadn’t eaten. I think he should see a Doctor as he doesn’t look well. I took the china out of the car + put it on the back porch. Bed about 11. Nice day. Started letter to Julia.

Wednesday, July 26, 1972

Up around 9 or so. Dick stayed in bed most of the morning. I did several loads of laundry and read + helped Ethel a bit. She had a Doctor’s appt at 2:30 in Claremont. After lunch ironed + peeled mushrooms (!) – Dick + I went to Criceniti’s + bought soft drinks + 2 cartons of cigarettes for Co + Russell + a card for Russell. The Weather Vane gift shop can’t ship the china. We may get it anyway + pack it ourselves. Bought a birthday card for Winnie. Mather by in the afternoon. Had bought booze for Co + Russell. We warned him about the poker climate. Ethel back + all right. Neuritis – but nothing worse napped. Helped set up dinner. Russell over + still in a foul humor. Nice dinner with Hil + Mather. Hil decided to join us for poker. Russell called + asked Dick to buy some new cards. We got the last 2 deck at the Jiffy Mart. Poker started about 8:30. It began very gaily (I thought) with Hilary + Mather winning + Hilary terribly funny. Then after about the 5th hand in a 3 1/2 hour eve things began to go downhill. Russell unbearably awful + Dick angry with me at one point (or so I thought) + from that point on I loathed the evening. At the end (12) Hilary asked Colby about tomorrow night’s fish fry + Russell said Why don’t you ask me? I’m doing all the cooking. Told me I could bring a cauliflower casserole + Hilary said Ethel loves to make them + Russell said to me “You can do it – you can do it over here” + I blew my top. Can’t even remember exactly what I said + then he said “Why get angry at me?” I said “it rubs off!” + stormed out. Dick angry at Russell too + it was an awful evening.

Tuesday, July 25, 1972

Today dawned bright + fair. We took off a little before 9. Dick at the wheel. I took over past Danbury as the sun + shade + dappled road was difficult on his eyes. Drove up the Kancamagus (sp?) highway. Stopped + saw David at the Appalachian Trail club. He looks so well + was delighted to see us + very enthusiastic over his job. Dick drove up the carriage road. Scary ride! Dick’s eyes suddenly watering + he complained about the smog. I told him not to be ridiculous + took over the wheel as he couldn’t see. Came up over two more rises and there was the cog railway car belching black clouds of smoke to the point all three of us thought a car was on fire. Neither Dad nor I had sensed it til we could see it. Dick’s eyes extraordinarily sensitive and it was a horribly vivid demonstration. We ate at the summit not bad at all + then came crawling down with a huge lollipop for Susan and a cap for Winifred. Cloudy now and drops of rain. We went around the presidential range + stopped at Franconia notch for a stunning view of the Old Man. I drove back from Route 3 junction. It was a 260 mile trip which was a bit long but a good trip all in all. Came back + took a brief nap 5-6. Winifred + Susan woke us up at 6:15. Mather here too. Winifred looks marvelous Cocktails + tab and then a nice dinner for the 3 of us. Dad had 3 ice coffees + was in good shape for the All star game. Co, Mather + Tom Myslik over to watch + Dick + I went over + played Poker with Russell. Co + Anth entered the game about 11 + the mood deteriorated. Once again Dick the big winner $14.00 I won a dime. We left at 2:10 – I had a headache from the bickering. Russell not well + horribly unlucky to boot.

Monday, July 24, 1972

too damp + foggy for the White Mountains.

Up about 9 or so Dick slept in. I wrote a few cards and futzed about. Took Jimmy’s card + contribution over to Barn View at 11 – he’d forgotten it yesterday. Visited with Ann Merrill – Hilary back at 11:30 + we chatted for a while. I suggested the possibility of low thyroid for Cotton It turned out so in Winnie’s case – I have it – Mother did and I think its worth checking out. Came home for lunch + made our beds. Dick took us to the Inn for lunch on [crossed out letters] last night’s winnings. Daddy called his opthamologist in Claremont + has an appt for Dick at 11:30 on Thursday. Dick went + got Susans Kyack blown up and we took Dad’s footrest downtown to pinecraft. Stuart Andrews now working at the Hardware store Dick got some epoxy to fix the footrest + will try to make one when we get home. Sudden horrendous downpour. Couldn’t see through the windshields Sat in front of the yarn shop until it let up enough to go in. Got some rug yarn and a crochet hook to make a few coasters for the dining room table. Dick in a surly mood again. We’d “blown” 2 hours! Went over to Alaria + I took the kyack out + then we went out in the motor boat. Tried to [crossed out word] haul the kyak but it didn’t work. I’d never run the motor boat + Dick wanted me to learn right away “You never want to learn anything” Pretty unfair! I tried + I guess got a very vague idea of how to do it. Started to go swimming but too chilly Russell goes down to N.Y. for another skin cancer operation on Friday – Date for poker Weds. I guess. Home + took a miltown – Jim + Hilary here [crossed out letters] pool pictures. dinner. + TV – went through china downstairs.

Sunday, July 23, 1972

Up about 9 or so for breakfast – wrote more cards – Jack + Joyce, Timmy, Ann + Eddie Hall, Mr. Chan Made beds. Went to church. Excellent sermon on Mary + Martha and cast a different light on my old feeling of sympathy for Martha (a generally widespread sympathy) Jimmy joined us in church – Saw lots of people but came home fairly rapidly afterwards. Had expected to have Judge + Mrs. Chauvan (sp?) for sherry with Russell but they couldn’t come. Co + Russell + Jim + Hilary + Dave Nixon + wife Dick + I gave Jim a $500 campaign contribution. We had a good Sunday dinner Daddy watched the Red Sox baseball game (they lost again) and Dick + I napped. We went over to Alaria for dinner – Paiella + delicious. Anth took Dad home after and we started to play Poker. Set a time limit for midnight + stuck to it. John over again to play + Anth was in + out Dick ended up $16 ahead and I was $2.50 down. Raining again as we came home but not as bad as yesterday. Dick + I spoke to Shirley today + Dick called Jim at the house. Not much mail evidently and I’ll talk to him tomorrow or the next day. Mather + Winnie are coming up on Tuesday – Will stay at Barn View of course. Hilary has the most tremendous amount of work to do and I think she’s under alot of strain.

Saturday, July 22, 1972

Gorgeous day.

Up around 7:30 for coffee (Dick brought it up) he slept a little more and I wrote diary and a few postcards Scott, Shirley, Annie, Mary, Jim Daniels + Pigotts. Breakfast with Daddy. Ann Merrill here (“nicotine withdrawal symptoms”) We went down town for a gold Bond catalgue and then to a new yarn shop past Homan’s corner + back to the Handcraft place to see Colby’s blankets Got the address + number of the girl who works there – she’s a handweaver. Sarah Haskell. Home Dick napped + I looked around the house for ideas to use the stamps New rug in the entry hall a must a new canopener for the kitchen etc. Dick napped Lunch at 12:30 Dick had only cookies + milk. Went over to Alaria and lay in the sun. Went swimming a little. The lake rough. Went out very briefly in the canoe. Colby + I played spite + malice. I won handily which Dick said was a bad omen for our poker prowess. Daddy over around 5:30 the Red Sox lost this game (making 3 out of 4 with Oakland so far) another game tonight + one tomorrow. Came home + had a good dinner. Afterwards Daddy said he didn’t want to go out + see Mary – Evidently Hilary in a rare moment of indiscretion told him [crossed out word] Mary had said “Daddy hates me” when all that jewelry hassle had come up. Later in the same conversation I found that Newcomb had told Daddy Mary had lost the jewelry at Phoenix. That really upset me – I thought it was frankly unfair of Newcomb. Dick no help in the discussion. Stayed determinedly out of it. Went over to Alaria – hilarious evening Colby the big winner. Dick ahead $2 and I was down $6.00 when we left at one. Pouring rain + mist rising eerily from the ground all the way home – Hairy drive – bed at 2 –

Friday, July 21, 1972

Slept like a rock. up about 7:30 or so. Dick brought me coffee. Wrote diary + thought a little about Liza’s game Don’t see any way of making it too workable. Liza + the children down about 8:30 and we all had breakfast together. Susie over to watch the kids. Liza going over to New London, Conn. this a.m. to register for classes this fall. She’s going to try for a B.A. + then on thru the Masters to a doctorate to become a primal therapist – plans on it taking 15 years. but at the moment is set on it and I wish her every success. We parted company on route 95 – What a good time + lovely visit. Left Liza’s at 10:25 and were on the other side of Boston a little after noon. We stopped for lunch at Nashua and by blind good luck landed at the Green Ridge Turkey farm. [crossed out letters] The parking lot was crowded + I was sure we’d have to wait but it was a huge place, good service excellent food and very reasonable Sold postcards in the lobby. And we got a carton of cigarettes across the street. I drove the rest of the way. [crossed out word] Very overcast + spatters of rain around Concord turning into a down pour further along. Headlights on got to New London about 3 o’clock. Ethel had flowers in our room and Daddy was delighted to see us. We sat + talked for an hour after taking our things upstairs and then went over to Alaria. Co + Russell napping but we woke them up (alas for them) Colby delighted with her raft. She’s selling 2 blankets at the handicraft place for $50 each (total price $68.50) My God – I’d charge 4 or 5 hundred. Cotten over + Anth + a friend Kent Allen. We looked at pictures of Jess’s wedding. beautiful. Gave Cotten a ride home: She’s running a play school this summer. Hilary + Jim + Little Susan over for a drink before dinner. Dick gave Susan her boat and I gave Jim his campaign button. They were having a party after but we couldn’t make it. Great dinner + then to bed at 8:30.

Thursday, July 20, 1972

Courtney Elizabeth

John McConihay

Logan Middleton

Called Newcomb + talked with Larry – Newcomb’s birthday

Up at 7 – Heard Dick + Mr. Theodore in the kitchen Dick brought me coffee + then went back to bed. I got up + [crossed out letters] caught up a few more days diary (Still missing a week or so 10 days ago.) Took Mr. Theodore to Horace Mann at 8:15 – He told me about an excellent eye doctor here named Dr. Pererra (?) Got maps at a gas station + filled up. Went to get postcards but the place closed. Came home + made a bacon + eggs breakfast. Called Mary Jean and felt alot better about Maine afterwards – Blue Hill + Castene etc. And we’ll be glad of the car she said. She’ll be up on the 9th so we’ll see each other then. Dick came downstairs in fairly foul humor. I called a few other people – David Kitchen (he’s in 6 Flags texas) + talked with Gino, Peggy Pope left a message on the service (just like ours) Norman Paser – no answer, Mary Haas – her service! Did however have a nice talk with Harriet. Drue called – they were off to a late start. [crossed out letters] I almost decided against going to see Liza as Dick was being surly + I felt the same but then called + she sounded so pleased I already felt better. I drove + Dick complained as much as he reasonably could. We stopped on the other side of New Haven for lunch on 95 [circled]. Got to Liza’s about 4 o’clock. Marvelous old house 1710! Dog [crossed out letters] (Martha, my dear) with 6 fat puppies. Courtney Elizabeth up + took a shine to Dick. The twins up a little later very cute children We went to the Stonington Art gallery to see Liza’s paintings and I was very impressed with the whole place. We bought a painting called “Woods” for $60 – it will be lovely in our bedroom Liza’s on a new kind of painting + I like it. Drove through Stonington after a glimpse of the ocean. Sitter later for the children. We sat outside. Lovely visit. Weather cool almost chilly. Nice dinner Tour of house. Played a new game Liza + Hugh have been working on – Liza looks + is great! So glad we came

Wednesday, July 19, 1972

Up fairly early. Fixed coffee, wrote diary – wrote Leon + Timmy + postcard to “Pop” Casey. Ordered new checks. Called Mary Jean + had nice chat. Drue called + we called off dinner for tonight. Too hot. Called Harold + changed meeting time til late afternoon. We did some laundry and I washed my hair. Reid Handy Beyer called for Colby + we chatted a bit. She’s just had a cataract operation and I guess it’s going to keep me very close to home for a while as the patient is pretty helpless for at least a month. I had better start trying to write again because I’m not going to get a chance to act + I’d better start facing it and being agreeable about it. because that’s the way it is. But, It’s going to be rough on Dick + it won’t help if I make it rough on me too. Reid said she’d ask her Doctor about an opthamologist in L.V. as Dick has no confidence in Vidal. The Shnayersons called – first Dr. + then Mrs. for Russell + it was nice to say hello. We left about 3 + were downtown at 3:30. Parked on Thompson street + picked up our tickets for “The FANTASTICKS.” Went uptown to meet Harold at 7 E. 35th Street. He’s gained weight on his poverty diet + his dentist has his permanent plate in hock. We gave him a check for 200 and 30 cash. If the current (2 years current) enterprise doesn’t pan out he’s got something else lined up for the fall – a sort of agent-editor deal. Eventually he could help me with the Lion is Busy maybe but he was pretty taken aback by the Marlboro deal of last Christmas. Screwed again. We had a nice dinner together + then went to the theatre. Lore Noto the producer, playing one of the Fathers. Alice Connors a substitute played the girl. Excellent cast + the show still fresh + touching. $3.20 for parking!! Hairy [crossed out letters] ride home + I started nagging about going slower + Dick blew up. Mr. Theodore at the house. And 2 thousand mosquitos. Took a miltown. Dick watching TV as I write upstairs

Tuesday, July 18, 1972

Our car. A Dodge Monaco with only 728 miles!

Wrote postcards – Mr. Chan, Rich Ware, Janet Goldsmith, Sue Glick, Kulicks, Leon + Alice. Called Harold in N.Y. + said we’d talk to him tonight. Got the car + left at 11 – were in N.Y. by 1:00 – traffic awful. Tried a few 2nd hand bookshops around Astor place with no luck. Parking impossible. Had sandwiches at a deli on 16th and Irving Place “no public washrooms” + called Drue + Dick. The apt a mess so we couldn’t go up – had to meet at Pete’s Dick annoyed + I guess I was too. Called from Pete’s to say forget it + we’d see them in Maine but Dick Jennings came racing out + caught Dick. We sat for a while at Pete’s . Dick Michels sunny + pleasant but I was a little uptight. The Olsens, Nancy + Dick are going to be in Maine too and someone else and frankly I’m not looking forward to it at all any more. Don’t want to go. Drove out to Riverdale + got some groceries at the  market. not much at all + it cost $18.00! Got to the house + Dick flipped open the garage door + almost had a heart attack. A prostrate figure hands outstretched reached towards him – “Young Moses” – a work in progress of Mr. Theodore. The house has been closed and it’s hot as hell. We lay around gasping after opening a few windows. Watched TV and napped. Drue called + invited us to dinner tomorrow. We’re going to see the Fantasticks (in it’s 14th year!) no tickets for Man from La Mancha. Harold Stern said he’d try + get us some. We’re going to [crossed out word] see him tomorrow afternoon. We talked with Daddy + Russell + Theodore called both to bid us welcome. Went upstairs about 12. HOT, HOT, HOT –