Friday, October 6, 1972

No entry.


Friday, September 29, 1972

[Handwritten List]

Diary Thursday
iron suit

Caro Jones
Maxine Anderson

Take Leon’s
trousers –
invisible mending

Leon’s office
Shelves –
(shelves) ?

2 Mary + Les –
dinner –
Wall !!!!!!

Call N.H. Mazda

Thursday, September 28,*1972

Yowie! What a day. Dick off early to N. Hollywood Mazda Timmy called + wanted me to change the bandage on his thumb. I ironed my wash suit + laid out clothes Timmy came up for coffee + first aid for a half hour. Leon picked me up at 10:30. We went out to Universal. First stop Lane Allen – had a nice visit. He got married a year ago. We talked of Las Vegas etc. Saw Milt Hammerman but oh-so briefly. Saw Doug Benton who remembered me from Dr. Kildare (?) Saw the name Sonya Chernus on the plaque (Mr. Ed – Carson, “Here Today”?!) Next stop David O’Connel + David Victor who remembered me – episode cast etc from Kildare. D. Victor introduced me to David O’Connell who I felt a quick rapport with – hope I was right. His secretary Betty Brandes gave Leon a script called “The Working Heart” + told Leon she thought I was right for the part of Jan. We went over to see Jean Riley. Such a nice woman. I really like her I promised to send her a copy of The Lion is Busy While she was on the phone Leon gave me the Welby script to look at. The part of Jan is a jewel. Told him so + we went right back to O’Connell’s office. Both Davids out But Betty Brandes who’d typed the script last night put a note on my picture inside O’Connell’s script and wrote out a memo for Leon to give Lane. I’d also met Nina Laemmele Laemle (sp?) in the hall – She’s the story editor. Leon invited Betty Brandes to lunch at the commissary. Such a nice lady. Back problem which sounds too awful to be believed. Adores Leon! Saw Bill Fletcher in the commissary How lovely. Weird – the people I’ve been seeing this trip. After lunch saw Herm Saunders en passant. Leon got me another script and I waited for him in the car while he left the memo on Lane’s desk. He brought me home. Timmy here with flowers New car out front. So pretty. Costing us $3500. Les knocked off $100 which I don’t think is too much of a break. Dick + I went to the May Co. to look for a suit but no luck. Farmer’s market + bought some fruit. Then the hardware store + got stuff to fix Leon’s shelves. Called him + called Mary. napped after reading script. Dick fixed dinner Quiet evening at home. Looked at TV + crocheted.

Wednesday, September 27,*1972

Bob McKee Dick Carlson >Engineer Swim quip

clocks not working – Up at 8:25 No chance for more than a few sips of coffee. Off to Calabassis in the VW. Dick had turned up the idling but still stalled + sounded like a coffee grinder Nice haircut. Judy there too which was fun George called Willies foreign car service for me + I took the car over + was there til 1:30. They tuned it up + replaced things etc but still felt a valve job was necessary for $100 more + said to get it seen to as soon as we got to L.V. Tune up + parts cost 42.06 Got back to the apt at 2:20. Dick just back from El Monte where he’d had an excellent morning with the engineer at Swim quip. Told him he’d put him on to any large commercial pools up for bid in the area. We called Leon + said we’d see him at 7 o’clock. Went to Koontz hardware looking for shoebags – no luck. Went to the 5 + 10 – none. Stopped at the pet shop to look at the Parrots + dogs + my God – there was Trent Dolan!!! He owns the shop. How great. I told him I had an apt. up the road He filled me in on Di Anne Charlie, Sharon DuBorg etc. So nice to run into him. Back to Koontz to get some wrought iron fireplace match holders for Dad + Jim. Saw Peter Hobbs there (I think) Looked lots older + heavy. He disappeared as I moved behind some shelves so presume it was him + he saw me too. Came home + took a nap. Drue + Dick J. called Dick still not working and Drue anxious to move out to someplace different. Hope they do – nice chat + wiped out the last enduring trace of last summer. Went to Leon’s Dick called Les Has decided to get a Mazda + trade in the VW. Seeing him tomorrow at 9 o’clock. Leon had a steak for dinner Perfect surprise! Dick is gaining weight + we’ve got to watch it. But no swelling apparently thank God. We refused all gifts and left at 10:15. I’m going with Leon tomorrow on appts. Came home to find I’ve got my period.

Tuesday, September 26, 1972

This A.M. Dick changed his mind about Dallas + decided we should go to L.A. leaving around 3 o’clock that meant alot of readjusting. Fortunately Dazey hadn’t sent in our order so the charge didn’t go through. I wrapped the placemats + coasters + tagged the coasters Went to the Blvd + returned Ann’s book. Stopped by W.O.W. + saw Daisy. Went to the Bank + got my balance – $1900 but I’ll have to wait a while to be sure. [crossed out word] went to the Christian Supply center + bought a Bible dictionary. Took stuff to Alice’s and saw a few of the other things that are being sold. Came back by way of the Safeway on Desert Inn. Home by 12:30. Dick + George had been laying bricks + poured a pad for the back door stoop. I spent 2 hours in the kitchen sorting + clearing out papers + mail. Paid Master charge, telephone bill, TV guide, + Mystery club. took letters + appeals to L.A. to deal with. Packed Bill’s mss, reference books crocheting etc. Took typewriter We had sandwich lunch. I spoke with Wendy in the early a.m. Dick asked George + his wife + grandchild to stay in the house. Called Anti-Crime Association + told him they’d be in the house. We left at 3:15. I had to get gas and the left rear tire was way down. I followed Dick in the truck with the Queen size bed to Baker where we stopped for some food. Called Mary from there + pressed on. I driving the truck + Dick the VW. The VW driving very badly got into L.A. about 9:50. Unloaded the bed + set it up, swift hello to Timmy + off to Mary’s. Margie as dear as ever + as funny. What a character. Saw all her gifts + the things she was taking back to Ed – a jar of cashew butter, 3 bottles of wine, 2 cans of coors, a bag of oranges, a papaya, a pomegranate + a belt. We left at midnite – Dick gave Mary a 20 to give Margie So glad. Got to the apt at 12:30. exhausted but unable to sleep! too tired.