Sunday, February 4, 1973

No entry.


Saturday, February 3, 1973

Lois Stratemeier called – Bill Fielding called to make arrangements for tomorrow. “Dinty” Moore called Message for party too late. [crossed out word] Will come tomorrow. We went to Bonnie Springs ranch for lunch. Pleasant + I thought Dick might be trying to sweat it out. Home to watch golf. Dick out to garage + back drinking. I emptied a bottle + he told me later if I ever did it again he’d break it over my fucking head. Asked him how I could empty a bottle when he’d told me there were none.

Dick absent from dinner so I told Dad who’d guessed already He said “You’re going to lose him” I said I knew. Dad to bed. Dick out later to the Hacienda after wine bottles all over the house Home at 4 am. I called A.A. but didn’t know what to ask them.

Friday, February 2, 1973

Party for Dad – Ramsey + Mary Straub, Ed + Norma Winant, Hud + Marilyn Wilson, Carter + Mary Rowe, Bill Fielding, Margaret Patterson, Dr. Al Shands, Hugh Smith, Bob Zickel The Bentley’s, Aaron + Terry Zivot (A. said when he left – “You had all the greats. TheseĀ are the men who wrote the books.”) Tom Aitkin, the Waldhausens, Shirley + Carl – Dr. Lohman 4:30 – 6:30 – last guests left at 7:30. Dick late at Hartley’s – home at 5:30 – Discovered when it was all over he was smashed. Dad in bed. Couldn’t believe it. Dumb. I had to.

From Dad + the Doctor’s point of view the party was extremely successful. From mine it was a disaster.

Monday, January 29, 1973

Went + got Dick 10 am. Mailed note to Mr. Chan. Paid additional $167 to Desert Retreat. Total hospital [crossed out numbers] $417.00. Came home. Dick edgy, tired + depressed. Took him on tour of cleanups: garage tool shed, pool side kitchen, library etc. Went to Hartleys at 1. Ed over first with electrical plans. Putting in the 3 phase would be costly plus $20-25 a month more. I saw Hartley first. Told him I’d decided to give up any acting aspirations for a couple of years. Also the apartment + attendant expenses. To concentrate on the laundromat + try to learn to run + operate it. No point in looking to the past – the future is all that counts. Dick in after. He drove home + we stopped at the laundromat. Nothing right. Called Mac + gave him a hard time. Gave me a hard time but we got through the day. Had dinner + went to bed early. Geo. called + Dick said no for tomorrow. Made love, watched some Lawrence of Arabia – lights out about 10:30