Cast of Characters

Wondering who that person is in Patience’s life?  Here’s a quick guide to the frequent players.

The Clevelands

James Cleveland
Brother of Patience.  Member of the United States House of Representatives.  Married to Hilary Cleveland, professor at Colby Junior College (later called Colby-Sawyer College).  They reside in New London, NH although James spends much of his time in Washington, D.C.  James and Hilary have five children: Cotton, James, David, Lincoln, and Susan.

Mather and Susan Cleveland
Parents of Patience Cleveland.  Mather was an orthopedic surgeon and served in both World War I and World War II.  Originally living in New York, they now reside in New London, NH.  They have six children: Colby, James, Mary, Newcomb, Mather, and Patience.  See the children’s individual descriptions for more information.

Mather Cleveland, Jr.
Brother of Patience.  Married to Marilouise Cleveland.  They live in Boston and have two children: Winifred and James (died in infancy).

Newcomb Cleveland
Brother of Patience.  Married to Anne Cleveland.  They live in Tulsa and have four children: Larry, Susan, Elizabeth, and Mather.

Patience Cleveland
Protagonist.  Daughter of Susan and Mather.  Sister of Colby, James, Newcomb, Mary, and Mather.  Aspiring actress who splits her time between New York and Los Angeles.  Married Peter Hobbs in August of 1965.  See her full bio for more information.

Mary Enelow (Sholty)
Sister of Patience.  Married to (and then divorced from) Allen Enelow.  Mary and Alan live in Mandeville Canyon in Los Angeles, CA and have five children: Susan, James, David, Margaret, Abigail, and Patsy (Patience).  After their divorce, both stay in the Los Angeles area.  Mary would later marry Lester Sholty.

Colby Woeltz
Sister of Patience.  Married to Russell Woeltz.  Russell and Colby live in Riverdale, Bronx, NY with their two children, Jessie and Anthony.

The Hobbs

Jenny Hobbs
Daughter of Peter Hobbs from his marriage to Parker.

Nancy Hobbs
Daughter of Peter Hobbs from his marriage to Parker.

Ex-wife of Peter Hobbs.  Shares two children with Peter, Nancy and Jenny.  Divorce from Peter was a particularly difficult and nasty affair.

Peter Hobbs
Struggling Hollywood actor.  Married Patience Cleveland in August, 1965.  Has two daughters from a previous marriage, Jenny and Nancy.  Drinks heavily and often is fighting bouts of depression.  His relationship with Patience is volatile at times.

Friends and Acquaintances

Friend of Patience.

Reve Barskin
Works on finding acting jobs for Patience.

Jack Donaldson
Patience’s agent.

Lifelong friend of Patience.  Shares an apartment with Patience in New York.

Dick Kneeland
Friend of Patience and Peter.

Peter Panos
Artist and friend of Timmy’s.  Patience and Peter end up buying several pieces of his artwork.

Mary Parker
Upstairs neighbor at Burlington St. and friend of Patience.  An artist, she painted a portrait of Patience.

Friend of Patience from New York.

Harold Stern
Conducts interviews with celebrities.  Patience does some work for him.

Liza Stuart
Friend of Patience.  Illustrator on Cleveland’s book, “The Lion is Busy.”  Has a brief, abusive marriage to a man named Steve.

Friend of Patience and Peter.  A struggling writer and playwright, Timmy appears to be a bit moody and quirky.


Dog given to Patience by her sister, Mary, for Christmas, 1966.  He is often referred to affectionately as Hummy.

Dog originally belonging to their friend, Jane.  He is taken in by Patience and Peter when Jane threatens to put Jiggs down.  He is often referred to affectionately as Jiggsy or Jiggy.  He lives with Cleveland and Hobbs until September of 1966 when he passes away.

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