Up about 9 or so for breakfast – wrote more cards – Jack + Joyce, Timmy, Ann + Eddie Hall, Mr. Chan Made beds. Went to church. Excellent sermon on Mary + Martha and cast a different light on my old feeling of sympathy for Martha (a generally widespread sympathy) Jimmy joined us in church – Saw lots of people but came home fairly rapidly afterwards. Had expected to have Judge + Mrs. Chauvan (sp?) for sherry with Russell but they couldn’t come. Co + Russell + Jim + Hilary + Dave Nixon + wife Dick + I gave Jim a $500 campaign contribution. We had a good Sunday dinner Daddy watched the Red Sox baseball game (they lost again) and Dick + I napped. We went over to Alaria for dinner – Paiella + delicious. Anth took Dad home after and we started to play Poker. Set a time limit for midnight + stuck to it. John over again to play + Anth was in + out Dick ended up $16 ahead and I was $2.50 down. Raining again as we came home but not as bad as yesterday. Dick + I spoke to Shirley today + Dick called Jim at the house. Not much mail evidently and I’ll talk to him tomorrow or the next day. Mather + Winnie are coming up on Tuesday – Will stay at Barn View of course. Hilary has the most tremendous amount of work to do and I think she’s under alot of strain.