Spent the morning working on letter to Marie Wilkerson. Also typed up a sort of literary resume. Went out with Daddy about 12:30 – Went to bank + to Sahara Nevada Country club for lunch. then to the office where I copied my letter. Took it + a report for Shirley + letter with $ to Leuse to Post office. Safeway + home. Note from Rae O’Dell (Sadhama Bhakti) and a letter from Mona Althans in pieces with covering apology from Post office. Lovely letter holder arrived from Harriet. Eva + Walt Jenkins came about 6:30 – Dick made the strongest drinks imaginable + we all got drunk but a nice evening while it lasted. Death Valley – here we come.

Jeffrey has a tooth. Made Dr’s appt with Dr. Zivot[?] for Ana next Tuesday.