Heavenly day We had a nice breakfast, Dick went to the office and to J + J’s and then we drove out to the Valley of Fire. It was the most incredible place I’ve ever seen. The shapes and colors are fantastic. What it must have seemed to primitive man escapes imagining. Stopped at the Visitors Station + looked at the exhibits. Could have stayed alot longer. Daddy intrigued. On to Echo Bay for a late lunch and then home. A hairy drive as the tank registered empty for almost 20 minutes but we coughed into a gas station in Henderson just in time. Home about four/thirty after stopping at J + J’s to show Daddy their house. We called + made reservations for Tulsa (we’re both going) + then called Newcomb. Then Dick said he’d take us to Death Valley on Tuesday + to Scotty’s castle. He made reservations for us at the Furnace Creek Inn ($52.00)a room) But as he said – things are starting to get busy and it may be our last chance in a long time. Daddy so excited + so am I. We finished the beef burgundy + went to bed. Called Annie to say we’d be there on Friday – Whee! Everyone excited.