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C.H. 4 [crossed out number] hrs.

Up early. Coffee + juice for Dick then off to go over drafting details w/John + Murray before exam. I set up the pattern on 1st Dice sock + paid Florist bill for M.J. + Drue. Went to Gloria Marshall’s. Stiff as a board but managed the full 15 minutes today on the bike. Went to cleaners + they [crossed out letters] found my blue sweater along with the black open knit. Went to Sprouse Reitz + bought more wool more needles + looked for the jumbo needles but they didn’t have anymore. Bought groceries + came home Made little balls of wool. Called B’way to ask for jumbo needles. Called Dick at 11:15 to wish him luck but he’d already gone. Called Pat Robeson to chat. She’s teaching an exercise class now! And going to start doing photographic work. Ate yogurt + off to Child Haven. Stopped at B’way for size 50 needles!! Only a few kids worked with me today + very half heartedly. Eartha + Vanessa both started squares which I finished and a little girl named Laurie the same. Barbara managed a square in return for the needles. We talked quite a bit. She’s going to Caliente and is scared. Gave her my address + asked her to write if she needs any yarn or anything. Her caseworker in while I was there. Left at 3:50 + went to All star. Dick just back + exhausted from test – 3 1/2 hours. Felt he’d passed but won’t know til tomorrow. Came home. I fixed cold dinner. Worked on sock “messed it up” + had to undo it. Knitted final sq. for blanket + crocheted around all 5 remaining. Finished Vanessa’s scarf for her. (We decided to make it a dresser scarf.) Put fringe on it + think it will be quite nice. Silk purse dept! Watched the air pollution program – depressing beyond words. And the awards – Gig Young, Goldie Hawn – supporting. John Wayne + Maggie Smith the big ones and Midnight Cowboy the best picture.