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124 lbs –

Meeting 1 hr.

Commissioner’s 1 hr.

Good, good day – up early. Dick off about 7:30. I caught up 5 days of diary. Then off to Gloria Marshall’s. Good to see Judy again who’s looking great. And actually good to start working on myself again. I weighed in at 124 lbs – (7 lbs more than when I left) Could only take 12 1/2 minutes on the bicycle before I dropped. Went to bank, cashed check, went to P.O. only to discover my pkge for Carl + Sue was coming unstuck. Went to cleaners + laundry – asked about missing sweater. Went shopping + bought a roast + fresh asparagras + fruit. Home did laundry – made bed did dishes – steamed blanket etc. Left at 12:25 for Alice Turner’s. Lucille Brown there to sit with Clesse. LaVerne Brown left little girl Bryce there too. Cathleen Cochran came as a guest. All went in LaVerne’s car. Jim Carmany gave a plea for moral + any other sort of support at the budget hearing this afternoon before the county commissioner’s. Lot of talk then about luncheon on the 22nd and I volunteered 4 apple crumb pies. Also a pair of hand knitted men’s socks for raffle. Lucy Foley showed our C.H. Blanket. Such as it is. Took 10 tickets for luncheon to sell. Stopped at C.H. and picked up one sq. Took Alice + Cathleen by Allstar shop and then we went down to County Commissioner’s hearing at City Hall. Postponed til the 10th after a talk by Judge Mendoza + Jim Carmany. Back to Alice’s for car. Picked up yarn for dice socks at Kustom Knits then to All Star. Dick driving a fancy little AMX while the truck’s being fixed. Went to P.O. Mailed books + bought stamps. Home – put away laundry, fixed dinner, crocheted around sq. + started the dice sox. Such fine knitting after C.H. it’s blinding. Read to Dick from his handbook after TV movie over. He takes exam tomorrow.