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122 3/4 lb

Dick passed his exam!

Day devoted to knitting. In A.M. finished fringe on Vanessa’s scarf + washed + blocked it. Quite pretty. Put together child Haven blanket. Went to Gloria M’s + had lost 1 1/4 lbs. Bought groceries + came home. Took a nap like a dead thing and then crocheted double border around blanket. Dick home at 2:30 as John is sick + they’ve got to replan the display pool before cutting. Bill from Dr. Gelfand in N.Y. for Bill Wellborne $75.00 which seems very reasonable. Washed + blocked baby blanket. Dick called the contractor’s board at 3:45 + Glory to God – he passed the exam. So pleased + proud of him. Phone rang minutes later + it was Co + Russell to say they’d had a good time (!!) and are dying to come back. Also – Russell just got a $2,000.00 raise. Oh Boy! What a good day all around. I worked on my dice sock – Marion Ryder truly a diamond in the rough – arrived about 5:30 with the pump – a white vision (looks like a mobile Fannie Farmer’s candy kitchen). He had about 6 drinks at the house. Dick since he’d come home was about even + then we went to the Holiday Inn for dinner before dropping him off at the Sahara. We were home a little before 10 o’clock. Had a nightcap (I had 4 drinks over the evening) + went to bed. Tomorrow Dick + Denny learn the pump.