Wrote diary + made a Gold star for Jimmy in his belated birthday card. Dick left the house around [crossed out number] 10 + Ana + Jeffrey + I went shortly after went to Wonder World + played the slots + lost. Took Ana to the Blvd + went to the Landmark to cash a check + then to the shopping bag where I got ribs + beans. Picked up Ana + went to Tropicana shopping center. I found bathing suits for her + Jeffrey. Got home around two o’clock. Dick called to say Pat had sold two more pools. Later Pat came over + had sold a third. I wish there wasn’t the conflict between Pat + Shirley that there is. After swimming + eating Dick + I were both worn out + didn’t want to go over to Pats but we took 3 no-doz each + went. Jerry + Kate Mandel there. We’re digging their pool on Monday. We ended up staying too late + drinking too much. Bourbon after 10 days of wine. Went to Franks + lost money + came home. Had a fight. Armando not home + Dick furious – “no trailer – forget it etc.” I went + told Ana that something has to be done.