A good day from almost every point of view. I spent the morning at the desk – Paid Timmy, American Express, College Sport shop, Fresh Air Fund – Wrote Harold Stern + sent papers, wrote Alys + Martin, + a note to Rae O’Dell asking about some money. I called Alice Turner to say good bye Called Dr. Reese who was out sick + got an appt. with Dr. Magdall for Dick at 1 o’clock. Called Childrens’ Service Guild. Called Eunola Edwards + turned in my hours. Caught up diary. Had a rather depressing talk with Shirley in the AM. By the time the day was over, we have four definite digs next week + Dick’s loan has been approved. Bill Rehn came in yesterday to the office (Nobody saw him) + left a note “good news about Phoenix!! See you Friday.” He didn’t call or come in today but Dick’s convinced he will tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be great. and Dick continues to be just about perfect. Ana fixed Joyce’s coveralls + she + Armando took them over. We got some wire from Jack + are going to build a play pen for Jeffrey. Went swimming too today. Never left the house. Quiet evening with a little too much wine for me.