With electric stimulation                                                                                            Meprobamate medication                                                                                              A thomar splint + vitamins to aid,                                                                              It’s exciting + surprising.                                                                                          But the fallen wrist is rising                                                                                      And panic in proportion is allayed.

I am grateful Dr. Bentley                                                                                         Both physically + ment’lly                                                                                         But my Daddy says I have to pay my way                                                                   So although my eyes were filmy                                                                            When I found you did not bill me                                                                          Please accept my check + buy a chevrolet.

from a grateful Patience

I went to the bank to deposit the company money. Took Ana to her friend Julie’s + went to the hospital for their apu. Still no strength in hand. Went to office. Went to the Castaways + won $25 + went to Dr. Bentley’s office + left the above poem w/check for office visit. Went to hospital to pick up Ana. She’d been waiting since 12:00 + didn’t get in until 3:15. She + I + Julia had coffee + then came home via the drugstore for prescriptions. John Carpenter (it had to be him) took the head off the pool sweep we installed for Mr. Wolf! Mr. Wolf called the sheriff – Hope something comes of it all.