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Paid Carl + Herb + Dick – they’re off Deer hunting for a few days – Will this ever be done? Went to bank + store – played machines + cleaners. Home + bathed + Packed – Ana gave me a manicure but only a little as no time. Called Anabel. Dick took me + Shirley to airport. We got to Burbank at 2:45 – Got car + drove in to town. Took Shirley to Farmer’s Market where we had coffee + shopped. Then drove in to 20th + looked at Hello Dolly set. Drove by County Museum + got out at the tar pits. Got to hotel + saw dear Scotty. Had coffee with  him + then went to Leon’s for dinner. Nice, nice time. Hotel + Scotty + bar. Danced + drank + went up to some man’s room + had more to drink. He was some kind of engineer + what he made of Shirley + Scott + me I’ll never know.

Dick called from the office at 8 o’clock very drunk – hadn’t been home. I was very upset.