Had meant to go to Breakfast at the Blvd but didn’t Went to the Safeway + then to the Tropicana + played 21. Lost 40 dollars. Went to the Boulevard + took forever to find a parking space. Met Elaine + had lunch in the Sears basement with her + Reg. Got area rug, laundry bag 2 little washboards at Woolworths and a great pile of mysteries at B.Dalton’s for the Keenans + Henry Raymond. Went over to Wonderworld + put $10 in a slot machine. Saw Daisy but didn’t talk. Went to the Landmark + [crossed out word] lost another $40. All of it very unneccessary. Lee asked me what was wrong and I told her I’d been gambling + was disgusted with myself. Went to Dr. Hoops – my eyes are healthy as I knew but once again I need a stronger prescription. Tested my eyes with the contacts + she’s going to leave them be for a while was fitted by the optician in her office + was told my glasses would cost $57.00 Said I’d get them someplace else. Went out into the evening traffic + couldn’t see worth a damn. Was in tears + terrified but Danny Henderson + a girlfriend were coming for dinner + I didn’t want Dick to have to come + get me. Got to the Safeway + got some extra dinner things and came home. Dear Dick. At one point on the drive home had thought I might [crossed out letters] never see him again!! After meditation (which he told me to do despite the time element) felt alot better + my eyes cleared up thru the evening. Danny brought a girl named Jacqué Broadfoot ?? whom I liked a whole lot. Very pleasant evening with Triple Yahtzee, Steaks + cheese cake. Realize my period is a week away which accounts for the emotionalism. Still no word from Tom Turner