Oh dear – couldn’t meditate this a.m. either + felt mildly disoriented. Slept til 7 when Julia Mullen called. Asked for a chance to get some coffee + she didn’t call back for almost 46 [crossed out word] minutes but we had a good talk. Then Bill + Leon were up + Dick was leaving + Danny Henderson was supposed to come by for a check but never did. I took a Miltown for no very good reason. Gave Leon $20 and loaded the pkges and letter to Harold including 2 new songs + new telephone. Deposited Dad’s check and then went to the Sahara and lost at 21. Went to see Dr. Hartley at 1:00 – very good + rapid 50 minutes. He’s pleased with Dick We talked about my feelings about my money + he didn’t seem to quibble. Went to So. Nevada Music Co. and paid off the piano. So pleased. + like Don Kemp alot Was late getting to the Blvd + missed Elaine Bought 2 copies of Janet Flanners book and the Luce empire for Dick Jennings. Groceries and home Fox had called but didn’t call back Our plaque arrived (coat of arms) and a gift from Lyle. (a dear little wall plaque) We wrapped it back up to open at Christmas. I meditated at long last! It felt great. Made nice dinner. Called Eddie Hall to thank him for his very substantial aid in the piano deal. We went to bed early and I read Bill’s article on the theatre dolls. I found it confusing. The facts had to be hauled bodily out of the atmosphere writing. think he trapped himself. Have to return it tomorrow + it will be difficult to comment constructively in so little time.