Slept til about 9 or so. Meditated, fixed coffee etc. wrote Diary – Wrote Harold Stern, asking for a few details – suggestions etc. He’s never written anything and we’re putting quite a bit of work into something that may or may not be without a market. I meant to read Bill’s article today but it was impossible – asked him to leave a copy + made a promise to mail it back immediately. Dick made a really great breakfast. (Leon ate 4 eggs!) I fixed the roast and potatos + we left about 1:30. Dick stayed home We went to the Sahara + first played the slots and then went to the 21 tables [crossed out letters] I tried to find Leon when I was leaving. Did + he was losing. Had no money to give him. Could not find Bill. Had him paged 3 times. Finally answered – told him I’d pick them up at 6 o’clock. By the time I got away I was late. Drove to Exposition Dr. and there was no parking for a block or two and I felt I was too late (it was already 5) Went + got string beans + went to the Showboat to cash a check. Played 20 minutes and won $30 so bought back the check. Went to the Sahara. Bill there but had to go back in for Leon. Leon had ended up only $12.50 down instead of almost $35. Bill was ahead a total of $21.00 We were home by 6:30. Ate almost immediately – Leon gave his gifts – lighters, stockings etc. and then another dress suit (I’ve told him no more clothes) it looked terrible on me anyway. I put on the one he gave me in September to mellow him. We watched FBI with Ben Frank Bill gave us [crossed out letters] a beautiful ashtray + we gave our gifts. Then played monopoly til midnight. Dick the big winner. Wendy called + can come on Tuesday. Great.