Meditated. Dick off at 7. I wrapped Annie’s pkge + Harriets. Dick brought me some tissue paper. I wrote a brief note to Maie Pigott and cleared the dining room table as best I could. Paid mortgage + got together a few things as Bingo prizes for the Desert Retreat including a copy of “tranquility without Pills” for Lucille. Took 5 pkges to airport p.o. very fast. bought stamps for Mr. Chan. Went to Desert Retreat, Bea + Lucille both so nice + pleased to see me. Heard horrid stories of Dr. Russell Miller (beware) Went to see Mr. Chan. Good visit and made him actually laugh! Rushed into Hickory Farms and got a few extra things for the Pigott’s and Gertrude + Dorothy. [crossed out word] Elaine asked me to have coffee with her Monday around two/thirty was home at 12:30. Dick gave me soup + a toasted muffin. I wrapped Gertrude’s pkge + the Pigotts Shirley + MacClinton here at one. He’d done a very good looking layout. alot of work. By 2:30 we knew definitely that the Lucky center was out so we went to look at a new one. going up on Flamingo + Maryland. Possibility. I picked up our laundry, cashed a check for the weekend, went to the Safeway + mailed the pkges. 14 have gone out so far. Only a few left to go. Came home + meditated early while Dick was at Hartley’s [crossed out words] The phone was near where I was + though I’d put it on answer the ring was a bad experience. I think maybe I transcended a little. Wild , third dimensional. Don’t know if that was it or not. Message from the bank + the money had come in. Message from Shirley who’d seen the Flamingo people. Only single parking in [crossed out word] front. We talked with her later + evidently Molaski hadn’t much liked McClinton. Wanted us to find someone with “More experience with laundromats.”  Doubt if there is anybody + both Dick + I are very impressed with him. Largely because he didn’t push the alternate location at all after all the work he’d done + despite the commission involved. Dick’s in such good spirits we’ve had a lovely week. Mary called + had had a good call from [crossed out words] Susan. We called Bill (couldn’t get Leon) told him how cold Dog can’t come. Glad. Made beds in guest room. Played yahtzee + Lost 3rd night in a row!