Apollo 17 well + truly launched after a 2 hour or more hitch with some ground control equipment. impressive sight.

Letter Doug Menville re Rita

Busy day. Meditated + got to work Called Julia + talked instead to Mr. Sam. Asked him to send $10,000 to Valley Bank and $1200 to my own. I’ve decided to go ahead + get the piano. Julia will be in Monday + will call. Did alot of ironing + wrote Newcomb. Told him I was sorry I’d been brief but Shirley was here discussing laundromat figures Said we’d be happy to see him anytime but even more after Christmas. Called Lucille at Desert Retreat to see if she wanted old cards (No) Bingo prizes (yes) Talked about TM + said I’d bring out the book. Went to Boulevard + shopped 5 copies (the last) of TM, batteries at Woolworth, robes for Mary, Sue Glick, Gertrude at B’way. Toys for Mat, Susan, Courtney + the Twins at Penney’s, shirts for Les + Dick – pajamas for Leon + a robe for Mom + lounging pajamas for Cassie at Penney’s Doesn’t sound like much now but it took alot of time + several trips to the car. Funny incident at Penney’s when I realized I’d written the check for the toys to the Broadway Thought I’d be extra good + save Penney’s trouble + went back to the register. checks had been picked up. Was sent to Cash + Layway – stood behind people waiting to open charge accts. Then got sent over to the switchboard where they were training xmas help. Over half an hour involved when finally I’d written new check I asked what would have happened if I hadn’t been so noble + she said, “Oh, I would just have crossed out “Broadway” + written “Penney’s” – went to Woolworth for a sandwich + ran into Anne who’s lunch had been cancelled out. 2:20 + her day had been rough. Eating with a Woolworth guy named Tom, funny talk of a lady who’d stalled in an intersection at 11 p.m. Turned off her lights to start the car! (crash!) Took chicken to Mr. Chan who gave me back the $180.00 Had had note from Doris Louie that said nothing at all. Wonder if she got my letter. Went to my Bank + got papers to sign. Gave Dick a fashion show of the gifts after hearing that Molasky was trying to change the agreed upon location of the laundromat. Doesn’t seem fair + we’ll stand firm (it would mean Shirley wouldn’t have an office either) Wrapped presents and got 7 pkges ready to mail. A call from Mary re letter from Patsy Yesterday it was one from Abby. Awful Allen type letters but she handled them both beautifully – quilt from Cotton arrived Called Ann – funny – Bed at 11:00 after shave