Dick went to see the Foxes – possible go ahead on Monday – we’ll know Thurs. or Fri.

Newcomb called to say he couldn’t come. Bally may have had a minor heart attack

Very full day. After meditating, made bed, cleaned up dishes, called Clark County Electric, paid Terminex + wrote cards to Hilary + Ed Hartman. Put $100 in checking acct, got groceries. Made a copy of Liza’s letter to send Harold + went to Dr. Hoops for eye appt. A wait + Dick called to tell me to stop at George + Pat’s + pick another fabric. I was crowded feeling + near tears. Cancelled Eye appt + asked to pay but they wouldn’t accept any money just made another appt. for Tuesday. While this was going on I saw Dr. Hoops + liked her (had not liked the waiting room) so will definitely go. Went over to Georges + picked another fabric that I hope we’ll like I really can’t tell but it’s a textured solid. Then went to Main p.o. + mailed the cards. Stopped at Circus Circus but this time left all but $20 in the car. Left when I’d lost it + came home. Shirley over at one and a very interesting 3 or 4 hours ensued. I hadn’t realized yesterday that they’d been to a real meeting about the shopping center. We went over all the figures very carefully and I found myself beginning to get very enthusiastic at the whole prospect. Realistically all we can hope for in the first year is to start paying back the money. Which in 5 yrs will be totally paid ($85,000) We will not take any money until after the first 90 days at which time we’ll see if it is warranted. Tried to call Julia but just missed her. As we sat discussing thousands The Clark County guy was fixing our burner + the bill came out $65.00 I didn’t dare protest. (We set up a new acct at Valley Bank + I’ll call Julia tomorrow). Called Bentley + got my thyroid Rx. I think that’s why I felt so badly this A.M. (it’s been a week) Dick had an appt with Fox – I did some laundry, sorted what presents I have. Called Bill Tregoe + made gift list with Dick when he got home.