Wrote a rather dreary letter to Van Kirk St saying we were back + that Dick didn’t have to have the cataract operation and thank you for the visit – Blah, Blah. We went to the gas station, picked up the VW and took it to be fixed. Then went to Foxys for brunch Dick’s truck wouldn’t start afterwards + Two separate people – a lady + man immediately offered to help. Went to Bank of Nevada + Dick gave me a check for $250 for Jimmy’s campaign and I deposited Cotton’s check for $30 and $52 for a 6th run residual. Dick stopped at the Nifty Nickel + put in an ad for the red truck + the cash register. We saw George Hall’s truck on the street + said hello to him, Rich + Tony. I was glad we stopped. Then Valley Bank [crossed out letters] where we deposited $300 in travelers checks. Mailed bills etc. Stopped with the truck at the Enco station + were there almost an hour getting it fixed – “That okay Richard?” “Yes, Frank, That’s fine” Dick got his name off his shirt + he got Dick’s name off his credit card + they kept using them every third word – Home a little after one – Shirley right after – She went over things with Dick + I went + took a long nap. More rain Paid our insurance, Hayes, and sent off for membership in the Unity Buying Service. It sounds like a good deal. Called Frontier Roseland + sent some flowers to Mrs. Paterson “Late Birthday and an Early Recovery” Called Mary Jean + Dick had left his sweater (as I had) at Joy House. Also talked with Drue who had stayed on an extra week and I’m glad for her that she did. The Olsens didn’t leave until the very last minute on Saturday + then evidently talked about coming back!!! I learned how to vaccuum the pool – it’s hard work but I think I could do it alone. I called Alice + am invited to a lunch party tomorrow at one – cards after. TV dinners + more War + Peace So glad we have this set to see it on. More mistakes on bed spread. More ripping out. Dick had a call about a pool – a Mr. Raspberry!