More rain + thunder + lightening. In a way it’s nice here because it’s so desperately needed. I was up early + paid some bills, Heron books, Mystery guild, American Express and Bruce – Terminix. Sent in another Reader’s Digest sweepstake too! Dick went out + got the Sunday papers at 7 + then after reading them we dozed off again. Jim Daniels called at 9:30 + we got up + had breakfast. We took turns ironing + then opened all our boxes + put away the china – 2 salad plates broken and 1 bowl and a glass chimney for [crossed out word] a bedside lamp After Jim left Dick went to the store for some watermelon and liverwurst. I cleaned a few more feet of counter space in the kitchen and spent a good part of the day working on the bedspread. I’m into the pattern now and had to rip out several times. I hope the next one will be better and easier! While Dick was out I called the Halls + spoke to Eddie. Ann is in a religious retreat for several days and will be back Tuesday night. We went back to bed in the afternoon + napped. Our timing is still off and we’re going to have to get back on a routine. Called Leon + he said Virginia had been asking for me. I hope it’s true + something comes up. Dick is anxious to get to work on “Only 3 died” Also to go to L.A. (I don’t want to move for a little while unless it’s for something definite) Dick called the Macayo Vegas this a.m. for Judy Rehn + found she hasn’t been working there for 2 months! I guess that clinches it – Goodbye 15 thou! We watched the 2nd installment of War + Peace and then watched a TV movie called Brotherhood of the Bell – Lights out at one am.