Dick’s birthday

Up early ish but left bed unmade for early return Dick worked on the pool – cleaning + sweeping the patio I gave him his painting + he liked it. Battery dead on the VW so he pushed me to get it started + we left it at the gas station on Russell + Pecos. the [crossed out word] brakes almost completely gone! Scared hell out of me when I slowed to turn in. Went with Dick to Wonder World. I bought him a pair of battery cables for his birthday + an upholstery needle to try + fix the hole in the truck seat. Talked with June about Daisy – they couldn’t find the hernia when she went in to the hospital so they operated on her nose! Met her husband Val who said she’d just come home + was hurting + unrecognizable at the moment. Played + lost $15 on the slot machine. It was raining as we drove home. Stopped at Ed’s to pick up our china packages. Clyde Schreiber came by to visit – Dick gave him two of Jims small beers. He was already pretty drunk, I think. I started the first eagle bedspread. Had to tear it out twice before I got going but I think I’m on the way now. It’s going to be one hell of a long job!! I did several loads of laundry. After Clyde left we played yahtzee and called Daddy who seemed very happy to hear from us. Then we went back to bed + made love with the rain pattering on the roof. After took a nap and slept until [crossed out letters] 5:30 Got up + put on the roast. Watched TV news. Over cooked the roast but it was still good. We watched the first installment of War + Peace – the Russian film – English version. Arthur Hill introduced it 4 nights! Very impressive so far + beautifully filmed. Cost 100 million! Jimmy Whelan called about 11 [crossed out letters] o’clock + told Dick to tell me he was “happy” – oh dear – and I was the only person who wrote him when he was in the hospital” – How sad – Just because Dotti made me write. Went to bed after midnight –