Dick called room service for coffee, English muffins + juice and I wrote Harriet a note to say we couldn’t take advantage of the lovely offer of her apartment We called Mather + Winifred to thank them for the nice time last night and I gave Winifred Margie’s address. Checked out about 10:15. Took the car back to Avis. Total $312.00 not bad. Had to pay an extra $19.00 on our ticket. I bought a couple of little candy goodies for Dick at the SS Pierce gift shop + we picked up “getaway guides” to Paris + London. Were checked at the airplane entrance by metal detector + they went through some had luggage. Thank goodness. Nice flight to Chicago despite several active small children behind us. I crocheted + [crossed out letter] read. Had good lunch. We changed seats at Chicago + went out + walked around. Another full meal served between Chi + L.V. but we just had dessert + coffee + I wrote in my diary. Got to L.V. at 3:25 – 105° at the airport but as usual much hotter. Got a cab home + Little barked at us + didn’t know me but Newman was all over us as soon as he could get under the gate. The house was alot better than I’d expected or hoped for. Jim had had Tina in Monday to vaccuum + it showed. Stacks + stacks of mail but nothing terrible or overly urgent. The mail sent to Maine came back today too so everything just fine! Leon’s book gorgeously (+ very expensively bound) came [crossed out word] too, also a residual. We went through the mail + got most of it sorted. Jim here about 4:20. Had had news of his Father’s death this a.m. (at 91) + seemed to want to be with us for awhile. He + Dick went out + got some fried chicken + though I wasn’t “hungry” I thought I ate 3 pieces. After Jim left we went over + saw Ed + Casey. All our pkges arrived and 1 pkge of yarn (5 doz. skeins) Should be another tomorrow. Thunder + lightening + rain! We played yahtzee + went to bed about 10:30.Tired!

Another pool scandal – Henry Hazard!