Slept til after 9. I’d left my stole at Alaria so Dick went + picked it up and also some more yarn. Had a letter from Timmy. Now he’s afraid that the pills (Ritalin) are not for him. They’ve had a terrible heat wave in L.A. Scott is back evidently – no work in S.F. although he loved it. Don’t know if he’s back in touch with Leon or not I hope he is. Ann Merrill left us a nice note. Dr. Louis Vaccaro came over a little after 10. I really liked him + liked his attitudes. think Newcomb would be favorably impressed + will write him so. Louis has a friend in L.V. Kelly Naples whom Dick has met + they also own some land there. I’m going to send his daughter a copy of my book + [crossed out word] our address so they can stop + say hello next winter. We packed in turns so as not to make a big thing of it. Grilled cheese again for lunch (Ethel so anxious to please Dick) After we had everything in the car we sat + talked a little. Made plans for a cocktail party next winter when the American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons meets in Las Vegas. Told Daddy to let us know the date as soon as he does and to make a list of the people he’d like to ask. It was a happy subject and helped take our minds off leaving. But as I watched him from the car walking back into the house I began to cry. Stopped by Barn View but nobody there except Cotton + her school. Hil + Joan Kerr had gone up to the Hospital (the operation today). It was 56° as we left New London. Dick drove to Boston + I crocheted. Finished a second place mat. We got lost somehow but had plenty of time so it didn’t make any difference. Got to the airport + Dick put our 2 big bags + the garment bag in a locker. – Then we checked in at the Hilton Inn and called Mather + Winifred. Took a cab over to their place. It’s such a nice apartment. They’re becoming a condominium + the apartments are for sale theirs is up for $54,000 but because they’ve lived there for several years they can have it for $49,000. It seems a horrendous sum but I know nothing about Boston values or condominiums for that matter – Their rent is $420 a month or a little over $5,000 a year. Mather heard today from his doctor that he has an ulcer. no more drinking, smoking etc. I’m glad he went + got checked over. I played one game of spite + malice with Winifred. We went to a rather expensive Hungarian restaurant for dinner. Winifred very international right now. After went back + chatted + visited until about eleven. Then back to the hotel + made love. Didn’t even read I was so tired!