Another bad day – weather wise but I was glad as we had our tickets for the show. Blueberries for breakfast – so good. Dad had a good visit yesterday with the Allisons. In the morning a former patient of his + also a former nurse at St. Lukes, Ruth Meineke stopped by the house with her friend Marjorie Swift. Daddy gave them the tour of the house and for the first time I noticed he was very short of breath. Dick who was out in the sun room told me later that he stopped there + sat down saying “this is where I always break the tour for a rest.” Not true of course – the first time. [crossed out word] Dick asked Ethel + she told him she’d only noticed it in the last two weeks or so. Oh dear. Oh dear. Barbara Stiles called from the college + the New president Dr. Vaccaro would like to meet Dad. He talked with her + Dr. V will come over tomorrow morning. Co called + asked us to poker after dinner – agreed happily. Grilled cheese sandwich for Dick who was happy + ground steak hot sandwiches for Daddy + me. Went to the Barn + saw with sinking hearts 2 huge busloads of camp children Brief glimpse of Norman as we went in + never saw him again. The show was marvelous. Absolutely without reservations. I cried through alot of the first act because it was so good and I was so touched + impressed + filled with “heimweh” [German for “homesickness”] and I cried through the second act because it was so sad! Dick loved it too + I’m so glad we missed it in New York! Afterwards went to the hardware store which was closed + the drug store for cigarettes and a couple of paperbacks. Hilary came with Susan for dinner. Called Jimmy from the house + I talked with him. He’d heard from his constituent in Berlin + sent me a copy. Hilary had had a horrible day in Hanover yesterday – 5 hours before Mrs. P. was admitted + it had all been arranged for weeks She’d had her hair done + was wearing the corsage + looked very nice as they came up to the hospital but by the time Hil left her she [crossed out word] looked like an old woman, (it’s her 81st tomorrow) + Hil said it was all too awful Susan was cute + friendly tonight + it was another good evening. We didn’t leave til 9 as Daddy had refrained from any extra drinks just to be with us. Good time with Co + Anth. Dick won again + I lost. We went home after midnite. began really thinking about Daddy + felt so badly.