A tornado in Longwood, Mass the second tornado in Mass in 3 weeks!

Good to be here – breakfast with Dad – Dick slept late – I called Hilary but she was out playing tennis – overcast day. Sun in + out briefly. Daddy off to see Hop + Ruth Allison in Keene. Shortly after he left Hilary called + told us she was taking her Mother up to Hanover for her operation. Daddy called later from Barn View – (had taken Mrs. P. a corsage but noone was home + he was late for Keene. Asked me to call Mrs. P in andover which I did + she said she’d stop + pick up the corsage. Then she said how nice it was that Dick + I were here as “I’m afraid your Daddy gets very lonely.” I said something a little dumb like “he must be lonely to be so happy to see us back!” and she said “Exactly!” Served me right! We went to the Inn for lunch and to the yarn shop for some very pretty yarn (I’m going to make some place mats) and then to the Barn + made reservations for the matinee tomorrow – “Man from La Mancha.” Brooks Russell left last week, Dede is in New York, Charlie, Bruce + Norman all not around. Felt sorry I hadn’t stopped before. We went over to Alaria + visited a bit with Anth + then when Colby came back we played Poker. Went home about 5 – Took very brief naps. I dressed for dinner. Daddy so grateful that I’d gotten in touch with Mrs. P. that I felt silly about it. Co over for dinner – Steak + fresh corn – everything delicious nice evening. After Co had gone to listen to the Mets + Daddy had gone to bed we watched TV. Most of the channels devoted to the Democratic “Mini convention to approve Sargent Shriver’s nomination. Annoying to watch as it was really stolen TV time and campaigning for free hot + heavy. We watched the end of the 1st episode of an oriental western called Kung-fu – or something! Very dear letter from Harriet today offering us her apartment in New York! But we’ve gotten our reservations + go back on Friday at 11:45 – Called Jim Daniels + told him

Colby very funny tonight about the fire (we couldn’t have one) etc.