Up about 9 – breakfast – finished packing Called Shirley + found she’d sent out our mail to Little Deer either Friday or Saturday. She was in bed all last week. [crossed out letters] I called Dick Jennings + said we were expecting some mail. In case the post office screwed up I gave him our L.V. address. Told him I thought we’d make things worse by coming over + to say goodbye to Drue for us. We put all our garbage in the back of the car + went over to the post office. Envelope hadn’t come so left our address + off we went. Had lunch in Augusta and called Daddy after. Told him we’d be in New London some time tonight + not to wait up. He was going over to Hil’s + was overjoyed at our return. I drove from Augusta – through terrible rain + really dark skies + snatches of fog. Dick took over again at Alton. Despite the weather + slowed up driving we were in New London by 6 o’clock!! Went to the New London Inn + then found that to get what each of us had in mind meant me sitting in the sandwich shop + Dick in the dining room. A crowd of several adults and 6 very noisy small children clinched it for us + we went down to the Gray House Closed on Mondays! Went to the other end of town to Sugar ‘n spice – closed Mondays. Wound up at McKenna’s! Back to the house – Ethel + Daddy both out. Took our things upstairs + settled in front of the TV. Daddy back at 8:40 and so pleased to see us that it made us both very happy. We watched the Cincinnati Reds blast the Braves and then all went to bed about eleven. Called Colby earlier + asked her for dinner tomorrow night. As I went to sleep I began to feel very sorry about the whole Maine episode in a detached sort of way But especially for Drue and her whole life these days. The wind howling outside