Up nineish – finished letter to Newcomb – changed towels under the crocheted stuff – it’s going to take forever to dry. Spoke with Dick Jennings + discovered They had the food (after we agreed yesterday, I’d thought) that we were bringing it! On the way over to the boat Dick said “I bet you 50 to 1 that they’re all coming – that they’ll take the other boat + we’ll meet them there. I didn’t bet but I honestly didn’t believe it could happen well – he called it exactly. Worse still little Jeffrey who is a very cute child was in the boat with us while they started the explanations. Dick + I agreed then + there that we’d leave tomorrow. No smoking on the boat – big deal. Got to Crow Island + headed into the landing place where the Olsons were all setting up + bashing around. An Outward Bound boy was on the island too + I remembered the outrage Winnie had felt when her island was “invaded” the island was lovely but the weather was a little chilly + the wind pretty high. I found an undamaged sea urchin shell + some pretty striped stones. Dick helped cook hot dogs + the boys steamed mussels in seaweed and the Outward Bound Boy showed everyone how to eat sea urchins. It was interesting but I didn’t taste the roe. Dick + I explored a little + then lay in the sun. The dinghy sprung a leak + the ride back was funny. Dick Jennings yelling Ho! all the time as we dragged the dinghy through the mounting waves. We announced on the island that we were leaving tomorrow so there couldn’t be 7 different versions. Got back + drove the picnic stuff + Nancy, Jock + Jeffrey to Red Gables. Unloaded + said goodbye Then went down for the others but met them on the road so said goodbye + kept going. Came home + finished vaccuuming + cleaning + then called Mary Jean. Talked for about 1/2 hour + explained the situation with our feelings but didn’t say one bad thing about anybody. I really felt the call was a good one. Tried Shirley but couldn’t get her. Leon called us. Worried about Dick’s cataract operation. Drue called + said “You’re angry at me” – I tried to say no but she insisted + I felt worse after the call than before