R. Sargent Shriver was asked to be the VP candidate + has accepted. McGovern spoke and we listened.

Up about 9 – Dick brought me coffee – Pretty day. I brought out the vaccuum + tried it – Heavy but very affective. Called Red gables at 10 Spoke with Jeffrey who called me “Aunt Patience” + asked him to wake Drue. He came back + said she’d call me in a little while. Dick suggested we go out for Breakfast + over to the Haystack school. Finally called Drue again at 10:45. Evidently Dick Jennings was supposed to show “Joy House” (named after previous owners) at 11 o’clock! I said to Drue “My God! Why didn’t you tell us – I’ll make the bed + clean up.” Drue said she thought Nancy had told us but she didn’t think it was necessary to make the bed! Said She didn’t believe in cleaning up a house just to show it! I asked Dick what he thought about that + he said she had to be crazy! Oh well. We put the bed away + did alot of superficial straightening + left the place looking at least as well as when we came in Went to Blue Hill to the Cranberry house for a very good breakfast – blueberries for me + eggs + bacon + then some of Dick’s blueberry hot cakes! There was a fire in town as we sat there + we saw all the volunteers race up to the firehouse + take off. Impressive + rather touching Dick bought me a great Denim hat after lunch then we went to the Country Store + got stuff for the picnic tomorrow. The girl clerk jammed it all in one bag with all the breakables at the bottom! Came home + watched TV. Watched Boston beat the Orioles 6-3. All six runs hit in by Rico Petrocelli who hit a grandslam homer. After the game Dick who’d been napping was in foul humor + seemed to think I was too so maybe I was I gave him a shave + we skirted a fight narrowly. Dick said something about being invited up to go fishing + boating + never being within 2 feet of the water. Well – he’s right. We both took a miltown + watched TV + then had a good dinner of ham + franks + beans. I finished the “runner” + made a hot pad – bed at midnight – vaccuumed the sitting room + TV room.