Muskie under consideration for V.P. Will answer tomorrow. Humphrey + 4 others have already said NO.

Today was a good day. Up pretty early. I wrote diary + finally wrote Al Grosberg Told him I’d get the manuscripts of Horsemen off as soon as we get back to L.V. wrote cards to Leon + Timmy. Dick went to Dave’s + got some pledge, joy + ajax. Drue + Dick [crossed out words] came to pick us up about noon. We stopped off with 2 chairs at a Mr. Hanscom’s (“a lonely man” – “But his wife seems quite alert” – ) The Hanscoms tottering on the brink of ninety, I’d guess. Mr. Hanscom told Dick Jennings he couldn’t “fix” the chairs. Then as the two Dicks were putting the chairs back in the car Mr Hanscom allowed as how he could “repair” them? We had a very silly ride + lots of fun all the way to Bangor where Dick Michels treated us to lunch. After I went to Grants + got some rug yarn + mailed my letter + cards. Next off to the Bangor International airport to pick up Lorna Livingston. What a nice girl. Nice ride back too. They stopped briefly at Joy house. We watched the news after they left + then around 7 drove over to Red Gables –  the sun in our eyes the whole time. Fortunately Dick took a miltown just before we left. Sat out on the porch + watched the sun set. Dick looked at the toilet tank + the pump. Dick Olson fixed the barbecued chicken we all ate in the dining room – the kids in the living room by the fire. At one point Druscilla + I got the giggles for no good reason – Hysterical unable to control type, Drue wet her pants + I just cried in the kitchen. Meanwhile Dick Olson was talking on geology – his subject + Dick Michels was fascinated by certain aspects – Water tables – caleche formation etc. So it was a pleasant dinner.  After there was a display of Northern Lights – Wildly beautiful although Dick Jennings refused to accept them as such because they weren’t in his North! Dick Olson had been talking of Northern Lights before so it was a beautifully illustrated lecture Home at 11:30 bed at midnight