Ho Ho – came down about 8 – Drue + Dick in a flap in the kitchen. Trouble with the hot water heater + almost no water. Also Drue had asked the Olsens yesterday to go to Joy House + Nancy had refused! Dick J. took coffee + the heater instructions to Dick in bed. I think Nancy is extremely selfish (as well as exceedingly boring) and I was delighted to get out of the house for those reasons. Dick who likes his comforts was happy for that reason! We went over to Big Deer + had a very nice visit with Priscilla who is just as I remembered + Dick enjoyed her as much as I did. We sat in their kitchen + had coffee while several of the students helped in the kitchen making cakes + preparing the “limited fare” luncheons. We left about noon. Fran out of town but will be back late tonight. We may go over to the school on Saturday. Back to Red Gables. The Olsons had already taken our groceries over to Joy House (That bugged me!) Drue very upset. She + Dick led the way to Sedgewick in the peugot after we’d packed. It’s a 20 minute drive or so. It’s a nice house and has everything except the ocean! Dick Jennings went carefully over all the liquor closet with Dick Michels which infuriated Druscilla – I didn’t think it was any too bright either, frankly. Then he took us to “Dave’s grocery,” where we bought some supplies + met Dave who’s a caretaker. Came back + Drue was on the phone to M.J. who was also furious with the Olsons. Evidently before we’d come up Drue had asked Nancy if she + Dick could have 2 days at the end of their 2 weeks to themselves. Nancy had said it wasn’t possible as she was already “committed”_ to take the boys back to camp. I think her gall is unmitigated. But Drue lets it happen. She + Dick stayed til almost 5. When they left I took a bath + washed my hair – Whee! Watched TV + saw that channel 5 in Bangor is looking for a newsman so we called Dick J. Dick took a bath + we had dinner + then went upstairs to bed. He took the TV set up + rigged an antenna out of knitting needles + copper wire. Lights out around 10 o’clock.