The picnic party didn’t get off til about 10:45 – Dick lying in bed upstairs. Told the Jennings we weren’t going. Drue is in a difficult situation but I’m afraid it’s one of her own making. When everyone had gone Dick got up + we had bacon + eggs for breakfast. Then we went out back + I lay in the sun while Dick worked on the pump. He tightened the belt. About two we went over to Big Deer + he bought a new rubber ball for the toilet + I bought some paperbacks, some postcards + saw a lovely double bed quilt for $40 (just reduced from $65) can’t believe it. Didn’t quite dare pick it up though as I’m not sure it’s what Ann had in mind + anyway Cotton said she’d make one for $50. We picked up some groceries + then went by the Haystack gallery. The Merritts live next door so that’s where we’re to see Priscilla tomorrow. Back to the house around 4. [crossed out word] Dick fixed the toilet and I took a nap. Didn’t wake til after 6. The group all back + having clam chowder for dinner as we hadn’t had much lunch we decided to eat out. Went to Bridge End + I had a lobster + Drue Dick had a steak. Went back + sat around the fire. Drue said we could go to Sedgewick to “Joy House” if we’d like some privacy. Dick very pleased at the idea. We went to bed about 10 o’clock + I read some of “Madame” story of Helena Rubenstein. funny + fascinating.