Drue + Dick’s 5th Anniversary

Up about 8 or so. Made coffee from the tap. Wrote Daddy to thank him + told him I’d set aside some china + marked it as “belonging” to me. Asked him to check it over. About 9:20 – we called Little Deer. One of the Olsen boys answered first and then Dick Olsen. Drue + Dick still asleep. Said I’d call back in an hour. Dick M. not too happy about the Olsons + 3 boys + I feel the same. We fortified ourselves with miltowns an hour later after talking with Drue + took off. Stopped the other side of Camden at Betty’s Diner for a very good breakfast + then drove on. Asked directions at Buxport + were sent a shorter route. Pulled up at the house around 1:30 or so. Love the house – it’s layout and it’s view. It reminds me alot of Mrs. Taylor – especially the kitchen. On the other hand the living set up as far as alot of people is a bit thick. Dick unhappy + I was too. However when he said he didn’t want to go back to New London I realized my only choice unless I want to be back in Las Vegas in the next two or 3 days is to make the best of a bad situation. The crap about the Olsens not drinking is just that – crap! And it makes things difficult – blah blah blah. We took long naps which helped a little. Had drinks (tab) out on the front porch. Cold + had to bundle up. The boys steamed mussels up + Drue made [crossed out letters] crab meat dip. Nancy had made a very good spaghetti sauce + we ate later in front of the fire. Dick + Drue’s 5th anniversary. I called Priscilla Merrittt at the Haystack School + we’re going to see her Thursday morning. A picnic on a nearby island planned for tomorrow 9 of us plus the dog (Jock – a very nice retriever) in the boat. Dick told me he won’t go so neither will I – don’t care much at all. We came up to bed about 9:45