Sen. Eagleton dropped out under pressure as V.P. candidate.

We were up early – Dad down about 9:15 or so. No hot water once again. We were sitting having breakfast when Ethel came in. Was so glad to see her. Had been worried. The Doctor told her to stop taking her pain medication + stick to Darvon. [crossed out letters] The furnace men came + Dick stayed at the house. I went over to the Cochrans. Had a good visit with Eleanor + was very impressed with the studio + Malcolm’s work. Most especially a friendly [crossed out letter] 2 faced head (identical) of himself as a sort of medusa with a large wink. Bought a lovely little woodscape as a birthday present for Dick -. “Homage” Eleanor told me the Merritts – Fran + Priscilla were are in Deer Isle. Haven’t seen them in 25 yrs. Eleanor’s  Father, Dr. Harkness, 87 is living with them his wife having been hit + killed by a car in January. Carl not home until tonight. Gave Ethel $10 + she whispered “Awli-vahr” as she hugged me – (Au-revoir). I think we’ll be back for the Hospital Day – I really hope. Had very gay letter from Timmy working on his book and finally a letter from Ana saying their papers were in order + they’d gotten the money + thank you. They’re only going to bring Jeffrey so maybe things will be all right – I hope. We said goodbye to Dad + then stopped off at Barn view. Gave Ann Merrill a $5 (thank you, I collect them) Saw Cotton’s quilt which is stunning + said goodbye. Stopped for lunch at Weeks outside Franklin. Very good. Pressed on for about 3 hrs or so + then decided to look for a place to stay. Wanted to try the ocean so went to Booth bay Harbor. Touristy beyond belief + a mad house. Back up 27 + then to Ocean point. Much nicer but no double room. We spent [crossed out letters] 2 hrs. on that little side trip. Back out + on to route 1 – no luck anywhere. Finally got to Rockland  (not very far from our destination!) Stopped at the Tradewinds who said there wasn’t a room in town. Found a lovely one 2 blocks down the street at the navigator motel. Back to the Tradewinds for dinner. long wait, out of alot of things, over priced + not very good. Went to the market after + it was closed! But little store had coffee + cookies so we were all right Back to the motel bathed, watched TV + made love. So nice to have a double bed for a change. Sen. Eagleton has withdrawn from the race after his “conference” with McGovern. I think McGovern looks like a crud in all this.