Up early, fixed breakfast. Daddy down in his bathrobe – no hot water. Dick went down + turned it on but something wrong with the furnace – a short or something. After Daddy had eaten + the beds were made I went over for a visit with Joan – Had coffee + sat + talked for about half an hour. Running that place must be the most tremendous amt. of work. I came home with a cinnamon bun for Dick. Put some laundry in the washing machine before we went to Church. Co joined us + she brought Gen back for Sherry. Stayed this time to tell Bob Thurston how much we’d enjoyed the sermons. Daddy, Co + Dick + I went to the Inn for Sunday dinner. I think Co’s carrying dissection of the church service hastened the meal of a cleric at a neighboring table. Then some connections named Park came in + Daddy told us sotto voce after the amenities had been observed that Mrs. Park had done Dr. Parks taxes + he had NARROWLY ESCAPED JAIL. Was glad when lunch was over. We stopped at the cemetary on the way to Alaria. Marilou’s stone looks very well. The pink by Mother’s stone is growing. It was chilly at Alaria + we didn’t stay too long. Came back + took naps here I got up when Cotton came over around 6:15 or so We had a nice visit out in the kitchen. The first chance we’ve had to talk this trip. At 7:30 I fixed Dad a plate + myself a sandwich. Dick down around 8:30. Saw the Red Sox lose the 2nd game of a double header to Detroit. They’d won the first. Ethel’s daughter Irene called to say Ethel was sick + wouldn’t be back tonight. She’ll call in the a.m. Daddy upset + afraid of losing Ethel. We called Druscilla to say we’d be up there Tuesday and called Shirley who will forward another batch to Maine. She’s been overdoing + is going to see the Dr. tomorrow. We packed some bed at midnight