Woke early despite late night. Got quite alot accomplished despite late night. Dick stayed at the house + worked on the flagstone step. I took the pkges downtown stopped at the bank + cashed a check. Billy Kidder the Manager now! Met a Mrs. Delafield. The pkges cost 25 to send – insured. Not bad, saw Dr. Squires, Mr. Sampson. Vic not there. Went + saw Betty Nichols + Mary Wright. Yarn shop for some blue rug yarn to fool with Don Bernstein Mgr. Talked about Las Vegas. Stopped at Kidders + saw Bill + Mary Haddad. College sport shop bought 25 chances (5$) on a $100 gift certificate. Saw Gen + Mary + picked up the blouses. Back by 11:30. Dick did a really lovely job on the flagstone step. Soup + grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Invited Co for dinner. Ethel not here Went to Cricenti’s + then over to Alaria. Cotton just leaving in the jeep + huge rain drops spattering down. Black sky She gave me $30.00 for the copies of the book + went bucketing down the road. We came home + napped. Not one good day yet for swimming or boating I finished letter to Julia Mullen + wrote cards to Harriet + Mr. Chan. Got dinner started. Co here at 6:15 + we played a game of spite ‘n malice.  The dinner all right although the meat a little over done + the creamed onions (pkgd) odd. After dinner Co left + Daddy (rather the worse for wear) went to bed. We watched TV – the Miss Universe [crossed out word] Pageant. Such pretty girls. I folded a little after 11 + went upstairs to bed + read. Dick up by midnight. Miss Australia won. Not too sure now whether we’ll come back for Hospital Day Dick anxious to get back + work. Cleaned out the refrigerator a little. Still want to see Joan Lyons and the Cochrans