Up about 7:30 or so. Ethel helped me pack 5 cartons of china + lamps etc – we really did an awfully good job of them. When Dick got up he went downtown + bought heavy wrapping paper + twine. Some time spent deciding what to use the gold bond stamp books for. I’d suggested a new lounge for the sun porch but Ethel fixed the old one. I suggested a new rug for the back hall but she raced up to the attic + came down with a good one. Potholders for Alaria – she said she’d pick some up. Later, leafing through the catalogue, she said (as though seeing it for the first time) – “You know what I’d get if it was me? – I’d get a sewing machine table” as absolutely nothing else seemed needed. I agreed but later I realized she must have had it in mind for some time + it struck me very funny. I drove to Manchester to Leavitts. We picked up the electric canopener + ordered the table + front [crossed out letters] vestibule rug which will take 3 weeks. Lovely lunch at the Sheraton Wayfarer. I ran over to Jordan Marsh to check a footrest but no luck. Went to the Yarn barn in Milford + ordered 11 doz skeins of rug yarn to be sent to L.V. for $44.00 complete. About $10 less with freight than anyplace else I could get it. Home + napped. Mather + Winifred had left at 3 this afternoon. Cotton’s odd friend Alison had driven them down + will camp there for a while! Hilary + Jim over for cocktails – Hil suggested I mark the china I need or want as there would be no way of knowing otherwise and everything would be frozen by the estate. Told her about Ethel’s gold bond table + we laughed. She + Jim going away over the weekend so won’t see them til Hospital day. After dinner I finished packing the last carton + then Dick helped me wrap + tie all six boxes – he put them out on the back porch. I’d called Ann Hall but she never came back to her office. I guess. Called Casey who said she’d accept our pkges. Dick + Dad watched the football game + I learned a new crochet stitch + looked over Dad’s first edition of “roughing it” – checked Mother’s safe to see if there was any jewelry left + finally settled down to re-reading “Susan + Mather” – the game over at 12:30. I finished at 1:30. Thought it much improved + was deeply moved by acct of Co + Mary.