No cataract operation necessary.

Russell left early a.m. Had called Barn View at 12:30 last night. Major blowup after I left. Dick said he could cook the fish so plans went ahead. Dick + Daddy off to Claremont. Winifred + I went to the Weather Vane where I got the china, doorbell, bun warmer, lamps etc. Had forgotten my check book! Took some of the stuff with me + went back later to pay + get the rest plus packing material. Picked up stuff at Cricenti’s + went to college sportshop where I bought Winifred a sweater + sneakers for me + ordered some blouses. Saw Mary. Back for Mather who treated us to lunch at the Inn. Then had to pay an “old bill” at Walt Chadewick’s. Winifred said “it must be a very old bill” which struck me quite funny. Daddy + Dick back when we came home Dr. Oughton (?) felt an operation was unnecessary as the other eye is all right + he’ll be using the one good eye anyway. Great news Cotton brought the children over for a donkey ride + birthday party for one + good bye cake for Winna, her asst. The Lion books came + Cotton is pleased. Dick napped + Winifred + I played one game of spite + malice. Alaria at 5:30 for us + the others around 6. I cleaned + so did Winifred while Dick fixed the fish. Very nice evening although the fish had been frozen too long + weren’t too good. Dick cooked them as well as they could be. Dad home early. Anth off to a rehearsal. He + Kent got the job they auditioned for. We played a little poker – Co, Hil, Mather, Dick, Lide + I. Jimmy over about 9:15. Party broke up around 10 – Mather was sick at the end. Hadn’t felt well before + hadn’t eaten. I think he should see a Doctor as he doesn’t look well. I took the china out of the car + put it on the back porch. Bed about 11. Nice day. Started letter to Julia.