Up around 9 or so. Dick stayed in bed most of the morning. I did several loads of laundry and read + helped Ethel a bit. She had a Doctor’s appt at 2:30 in Claremont. After lunch ironed + peeled mushrooms (!) – Dick + I went to Criceniti’s + bought soft drinks + 2 cartons of cigarettes for Co + Russell + a card for Russell. The Weather Vane gift shop can’t ship the china. We may get it anyway + pack it ourselves. Bought a birthday card for Winnie. Mather by in the afternoon. Had bought booze for Co + Russell. We warned him about the poker climate. Ethel back + all right. Neuritis – but nothing worse napped. Helped set up dinner. Russell over + still in a foul humor. Nice dinner with Hil + Mather. Hil decided to join us for poker. Russell called + asked Dick to buy some new cards. We got the last 2 deck at the Jiffy Mart. Poker started about 8:30. It began very gaily (I thought) with Hilary + Mather winning + Hilary terribly funny. Then after about the 5th hand in a 3 1/2 hour eve things began to go downhill. Russell unbearably awful + Dick angry with me at one point (or so I thought) + from that point on I loathed the evening. At the end (12) Hilary asked Colby about tomorrow night’s fish fry + Russell said Why don’t you ask me? I’m doing all the cooking. Told me I could bring a cauliflower casserole + Hilary said Ethel loves to make them + Russell said to me “You can do it – you can do it over here” + I blew my top. Can’t even remember exactly what I said + then he said “Why get angry at me?” I said “it rubs off!” + stormed out. Dick angry at Russell too + it was an awful evening.