Today dawned bright + fair. We took off a little before 9. Dick at the wheel. I took over past Danbury as the sun + shade + dappled road was difficult on his eyes. Drove up the Kancamagus (sp?) highway. Stopped + saw David at the Appalachian Trail club. He looks so well + was delighted to see us + very enthusiastic over his job. Dick drove up the carriage road. Scary ride! Dick’s eyes suddenly watering + he complained about the smog. I told him not to be ridiculous + took over the wheel as he couldn’t see. Came up over two more rises and there was the cog railway car belching black clouds of smoke to the point all three of us thought a car was on fire. Neither Dad nor I had sensed it til we could see it. Dick’s eyes extraordinarily sensitive and it was a horribly vivid demonstration. We ate at the summit not bad at all + then came crawling down with a huge lollipop for Susan and a cap for Winifred. Cloudy now and drops of rain. We went around the presidential range + stopped at Franconia notch for a stunning view of the Old Man. I drove back from Route 3 junction. It was a 260 mile trip which was a bit long but a good trip all in all. Came back + took a brief nap 5-6. Winifred + Susan woke us up at 6:15. Mather here too. Winifred looks marvelous Cocktails + tab and then a nice dinner for the 3 of us. Dad had 3 ice coffees + was in good shape for the All star game. Co, Mather + Tom Myslik over to watch + Dick + I went over + played Poker with Russell. Co + Anth entered the game about 11 + the mood deteriorated. Once again Dick the big winner $14.00 I won a dime. We left at 2:10 – I had a headache from the bickering. Russell not well + horribly unlucky to boot.