too damp + foggy for the White Mountains.

Up about 9 or so Dick slept in. I wrote a few cards and futzed about. Took Jimmy’s card + contribution over to Barn View at 11 – he’d forgotten it yesterday. Visited with Ann Merrill – Hilary back at 11:30 + we chatted for a while. I suggested the possibility of low thyroid for Cotton It turned out so in Winnie’s case – I have it – Mother did and I think its worth checking out. Came home for lunch + made our beds. Dick took us to the Inn for lunch on [crossed out letters] last night’s winnings. Daddy called his opthamologist in Claremont + has an appt for Dick at 11:30 on Thursday. Dick went + got Susans Kyack blown up and we took Dad’s footrest downtown to pinecraft. Stuart Andrews now working at the Hardware store Dick got some epoxy to fix the footrest + will try to make one when we get home. Sudden horrendous downpour. Couldn’t see through the windshields Sat in front of the yarn shop until it let up enough to go in. Got some rug yarn and a crochet hook to make a few coasters for the dining room table. Dick in a surly mood again. We’d “blown” 2 hours! Went over to Alaria + I took the kyack out + then we went out in the motor boat. Tried to [crossed out word] haul the kyak but it didn’t work. I’d never run the motor boat + Dick wanted me to learn right away “You never want to learn anything” Pretty unfair! I tried + I guess got a very vague idea of how to do it. Started to go swimming but too chilly Russell goes down to N.Y. for another skin cancer operation on Friday – Date for poker Weds. I guess. Home + took a miltown – Jim + Hilary here [crossed out letters] pool pictures. dinner. + TV – went through china downstairs.