Courtney Elizabeth

John McConihay

Logan Middleton

Called Newcomb + talked with Larry – Newcomb’s birthday

Up at 7 – Heard Dick + Mr. Theodore in the kitchen Dick brought me coffee + then went back to bed. I got up + [crossed out letters] caught up a few more days diary (Still missing a week or so 10 days ago.) Took Mr. Theodore to Horace Mann at 8:15 – He told me about an excellent eye doctor here named Dr. Pererra (?) Got maps at a gas station + filled up. Went to get postcards but the place closed. Came home + made a bacon + eggs breakfast. Called Mary Jean and felt alot better about Maine afterwards – Blue Hill + Castene etc. And we’ll be glad of the car she said. She’ll be up on the 9th so we’ll see each other then. Dick came downstairs in fairly foul humor. I called a few other people – David Kitchen (he’s in 6 Flags texas) + talked with Gino, Peggy Pope left a message on the service (just like ours) Norman Paser – no answer, Mary Haas – her service! Did however have a nice talk with Harriet. Drue called – they were off to a late start. [crossed out letters] I almost decided against going to see Liza as Dick was being surly + I felt the same but then called + she sounded so pleased I already felt better. I drove + Dick complained as much as he reasonably could. We stopped on the other side of New Haven for lunch on 95 [circled]. Got to Liza’s about 4 o’clock. Marvelous old house 1710! Dog [crossed out letters] (Martha, my dear) with 6 fat puppies. Courtney Elizabeth up + took a shine to Dick. The twins up a little later very cute children We went to the Stonington Art gallery to see Liza’s paintings and I was very impressed with the whole place. We bought a painting called “Woods” for $60 – it will be lovely in our bedroom Liza’s on a new kind of painting + I like it. Drove through Stonington after a glimpse of the ocean. Sitter later for the children. We sat outside. Lovely visit. Weather cool almost chilly. Nice dinner Tour of house. Played a new game Liza + Hugh have been working on – Liza looks + is great! So glad we came