Up fairly early. Fixed coffee, wrote diary – wrote Leon + Timmy + postcard to “Pop” Casey. Ordered new checks. Called Mary Jean + had nice chat. Drue called + we called off dinner for tonight. Too hot. Called Harold + changed meeting time til late afternoon. We did some laundry and I washed my hair. Reid Handy Beyer called for Colby + we chatted a bit. She’s just had a cataract operation and I guess it’s going to keep me very close to home for a while as the patient is pretty helpless for at least a month. I had better start trying to write again because I’m not going to get a chance to act + I’d better start facing it and being agreeable about it. because that’s the way it is. But, It’s going to be rough on Dick + it won’t help if I make it rough on me too. Reid said she’d ask her Doctor about an opthamologist in L.V. as Dick has no confidence in Vidal. The Shnayersons called – first Dr. + then Mrs. for Russell + it was nice to say hello. We left about 3 + were downtown at 3:30. Parked on Thompson street + picked up our tickets for “The FANTASTICKS.” Went uptown to meet Harold at 7 E. 35th Street. He’s gained weight on his poverty diet + his dentist has his permanent plate in hock. We gave him a check for 200 and 30 cash. If the current (2 years current) enterprise doesn’t pan out he’s got something else lined up for the fall – a sort of agent-editor deal. Eventually he could help me with the Lion is Busy maybe but he was pretty taken aback by the Marlboro deal of last Christmas. Screwed again. We had a nice dinner together + then went to the theatre. Lore Noto the producer, playing one of the Fathers. Alice Connors a substitute played the girl. Excellent cast + the show still fresh + touching. $3.20 for parking!! Hairy [crossed out letters] ride home + I started nagging about going slower + Dick blew up. Mr. Theodore at the house. And 2 thousand mosquitos. Took a miltown. Dick watching TV as I write upstairs