Our car. A Dodge Monaco with only 728 miles!

Wrote postcards – Mr. Chan, Rich Ware, Janet Goldsmith, Sue Glick, Kulicks, Leon + Alice. Called Harold in N.Y. + said we’d talk to him tonight. Got the car + left at 11 – were in N.Y. by 1:00 – traffic awful. Tried a few 2nd hand bookshops around Astor place with no luck. Parking impossible. Had sandwiches at a deli on 16th and Irving Place “no public washrooms” + called Drue + Dick. The apt a mess so we couldn’t go up – had to meet at Pete’s Dick annoyed + I guess I was too. Called from Pete’s to say forget it + we’d see them in Maine but Dick Jennings came racing out + caught Dick. We sat for a while at Pete’s . Dick Michels sunny + pleasant but I was a little uptight. The Olsens, Nancy + Dick are going to be in Maine too and someone else and frankly I’m not looking forward to it at all any more. Don’t want to go. Drove out to Riverdale + got some groceries at the  market. not much at all + it cost $18.00! Got to the house + Dick flipped open the garage door + almost had a heart attack. A prostrate figure hands outstretched reached towards him – “Young Moses” – a work in progress of Mr. Theodore. The house has been closed and it’s hot as hell. We lay around gasping after opening a few windows. Watched TV and napped. Drue called + invited us to dinner tomorrow. We’re going to see the Fantasticks (in it’s 14th year!) no tickets for Man from La Mancha. Harold Stern said he’d try + get us some. We’re going to [crossed out word] see him tomorrow afternoon. We talked with Daddy + Russell + Theodore called both to bid us welcome. Went upstairs about 12. HOT, HOT, HOT –