Heat god-awful. Called V.W. place + no trouble about our deposit. Had good breakfast + went by cab to get our money back. From there by bus to the elevated + thence to “center city.” Got nice box of cigars for Wimpy (cigarillos for June) and bought postcards + note paper in Wanamakers. Went to 3 or 4 second hand bookstores looking for anything by Timmy + “Only 3 died” by Piers Powell. No luck but got a book on Augustine Daly and the name of a man who collects regimental histories in Northport, Conn. Took a cab to the club for lunch with Cassie + Bill (her boss) and some other nice people – a Dr. of psychology etc. Pleasant meal + the club cool. Cass lent us the pinto + we drove out to Levitt town. June had to meet us + lead us in. Gave Wimpy the cigars + a bottle. Their house very nice and loved the bar Wimpy made. Betty + Art Clark over + I liked her alot this time We left a little after 6 + were home at Van Kirk around 7. Stayed for an hour or so and then Cassie [Crossed out words] took us to the motel. She’s coming out to Las Vegas to live next Spring. Whatever happens. Mom + George are coming for 1 week on the 2nd of September. We had dinner + then looked at a little TV + went to sleep by 11 o’clock. Long day – no nap – awful heat + Dick tired but [crossed out letters] he ate well today + not so much sweet stuff.