Got up around 9 + went to the dining room for coffee + breakfast to go. Big dam hassle. Helped myself to coffee + sat down. Nice girl named Ann Lindemulder (husband William an architect – they live in cambridge) came in + did the same + we sat + waited after both getting [crossed out letters] bawled out. Pleasant conversation and a real highspot thus far. By the time I got the breakfast back to the room it was all cold. We went swimming + that was nice + then over to Van Kirks + out to Alma’s. 100° + the humidity 87% weird visit. Alma all hopped up but funny + much more relaxed about life in general. Mom went off on a tangent about hospitals + family etc. (I’d asked some questions that must have triggered some old nutty responses. Hard to get her back to reality + hard to sort out what might be true. Dick was aware of all this (which I didn’t know) + it really upset him. I kept hoping Cassie would break in but she didn’t. After cakes + coffee + a guitar concert from Andy that everyone talked thru we left. Dick exhausted so Cass took us back to the motel. Terrific rain storm, thunder + lightening. We watched + then napped + then walked to Dugan’s for dinner. Closed so we came back. Stopped at Avis again for the hell of it and lo! + behold we got a good deal. A car for $235 a month and 5¢ a mile. Wow! Dick really could not make the trip back. His legs are spongy again and I told him he has to help out + try to eat right. We had a very good dinner at the motel + read + watched TV – we called Jim Daniels + had to call Ed Kulick to get him but everything’s fine. Also called Dick + Drue.