hot, hot weather – Wow!

What a dreary day! Ugh. All morning spent trying to get a car with no luck at all. Real run around and evidently it’s impossible to drop a monthly rate car off in another city. Went to Hertz twice and Avis once + called every other car rental agency in town. Seems as though we can’t get away under $500 + I think that’s too much for a rental. Dick in agreement. We went to a VW place and put a $400.00 deposit on a Type III. One of the owners dealt with us – a Stan Slotnick. Wrote “refundable” after the deposit on the contract as we’re really not sure. It means calling Jack Kiser on Monday to wire us the cash. And the total cost is $3,500 which would leave 3,500 in the savings instead of a comfortable 7,000. Still it’s a nice car + we both liked it. We’ll just have to mull it over. Back to the motel for very brief nap + Wimpy + June came + we met at the bar. They were on their way to a wedding reception. Good to see them. They’re about to become Grandparents! Wimpy will be 45 on Monday. I guess Dick + I are never going to have children or adopt them – it’s a whole area we’ll never know. odd feeling. I remember Patsy Enelow at 5 bursting into a wail + saying “But I haven’t even been young yet” – and I guess that’s how I feel. We went over to Van Kirk street for dinner. Steak sandwiches + coleslaw + french fries. After we played “The Game of Life” – We all ended up in Millionaire acres but George was the big winner, then Cass, then Dick + then me. We drove home around eleven. All tired. We stopped at Walt’s tavern in the afternoon + saw Frannie Hackett + Jimmy Rogers – Walt not there – nor Bill Hurley.