Up about 5 – Jim in the kitchen – fixed coffee + finished packing little odds + ends. Jim off about 6:30. The sun already hot. We called a cab + then shut [crossed out letters] newman + little up in the pool enclosure Almost no shade but lots of water + we didn’t want them running after the cab. Almost forgot the “coat of arms” business for Mom + Alma and Simply John for Liza (when + if) as it was I only got a few pages of the latter. Rereading it in the plane I don’t think too much of it either. Smooth flight. Delicious breakfast served en route to Chicago. Only 25 min in Chicago as we were late – then on to Philly. No more to eat. Just drinks which we didn’t have + roasted peanuts. Got in at 5:10. George there to meet us in a lovely company car. The weather here very hot but we didn’t really notice until much later in the motel. So much green everywhere – drove through parks on the way to Van Kirk. Cassie + Mom delighted to see us. The first news we got in the car was that they’re all pulling up stakes + moving to Las Vegas! Then at home Mom got off on her cataract operation and I found myself getting uptight. I guess it’s going to take me time to unwind. Dick called Hertz and we’re supposed to call them in the morning. [crossed out letters] George dropped us at the motel where we left our bags (Treadway Roosevelt) and then took us all out to a very nice restaurant for a very good dinner. I had delicious trout + Dick ate an enormous meal. Went back to Van Kirk + played Risk until almost 2 AM. Cassie was the winner – clear + undisputed. She’s lent us her [crossed out word] pinto for the weekend + we drove back to the motel. Couldn’t find the cooler + the room was very muggy.